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But, soon after, the admitted killer is himself murdered in prison--poisoned. So, Wattling appoints himself a some sort of avenging angel and spends the rest of the film trying to figure out who was behind all this--as well as to figure out what the man was REALLY planning before he died.

While the plot has some nice twists, the characters are just all wrong, the acting is terrible and I wouldn't even recommend this to Falcon freaks--as he's just a shadow of the originals at best. Dreadful on many levels. The plot in Devil's Cargo not sure why they went with that title - it has nothing to do with the movie is easily the best thing the movie has going for it.

There are a few nice twists and turns along the way. I'm not sure why I didn't see the end coming, but part of it really surprised me. He says he killed a man named Conroy who was cheating with his wife, Margo Rochelle Hudson. Delgado claims he warned the man twice before shooting him during a struggle. He has a key he wants Watling to hold for him. He's convinced that once his story comes out, he'll be acquitted and he'll then come by to collect his key. But almost as soon as Delgado is in police custody, two things happen that rouse the Falcon's suspicion.

First, there are a couple of hoods that desperately want that key. Second, Delgado is found poisoned to death in his cell. What's so important about the key and why did someone murder Delgado? But once you get past the plot, there's very little here I liked. First, and most obviously, what happened to the Falcon? This isn't the suave character played by George Sanders and Tom Conway.

Calvert's Falcon is the kind of guy who I wanted to punch in the face for acting like an idiot one minute and overly cocky and smug the next. And his ever present and unwanted magic tricks serve no purpose - well, no purpose other than to annoy me. Calvert's attempts at humor are almost as bad as the magic bits. Again, it's just annoying. With a plot I enjoyed, a different actor in the lead might have made this a much better movie.

The rest of the acting is generally abysmal. I'm not exaggerating when I say I cringed a few times at the poor delivery of some of the lines. And I was really disappointed in the way Rochelle Hudson was used. She's barely in the movie. Finally, I couldn't help but notice at times how bad the music was and generally inappropriate for the action on screen. As much as I enjoy the earlier Falcon movies, Devil's Cargo is a huge disappointment. JohnHowardReid 4 September Admittedly, it's not a total waste of time. Aside from its curiosity value, this fourteenth entry does boast an interesting support cast including comedians Roscoe Karns and Tom Kennedy in straight roles as a police lieutenant and a gangster, respectively.

In the title role, John Calvert, a professional magician in real life, does attempt a few tricks, but in at least one of them he is obviously helped out by some clumsy special effects work.

Although second-billed, the lovely Rochelle Hudson, not seen in movies since , has not much of a role here. Blink, two or three times, and you'll miss her. The movie was directed with a bit more punch than his usual half-steam by slow-paced John F. Link, Sr. By "elongated editing", I mean editing that purposely allows scenes to run far too long and well past their interest value, in order to spin out an otherwise too-short film to support feature length of around 60 minutes.

This was Link's first film as a director. He followed up with Call of the Forest in , then returned very briefly to the editor's bench in Devil's Cargo the screenplay has absolutely nothing to do with either devils or cargoes is available on a very good Alpha DVD. Rated "5" for its curiosity value!

A man called 'Lucky' is murdered, proving that nicknames are often misleading. Complications ensue. Calvert plays the Falcon with a pencil-thin mustache, a Ronald Colman imitation that comes and goes, and sleight of hand magic tricks.

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He entered the movies as a magician, doing hand doubles for actors like Gable, and here was his shot at a lead, albeit in an independent movie. The script is a pretty good one, but Calvert demonstrates that it takes more than a pencil-thin mustache to be a movie star. He made two more Falcon movies within a year, then a couple more supporting roles. By , he was gone from the movies, back to being a stage magician.

If Calvert's career in the movies didn't last, Calvert himself did. He died in at the age of If you're thinking that there is another Falcon brother after Tom Conway and George Sanders before watching Devil's Cargo you'd be wrong. He's got a line of chatter that never gives out, a cute dog, and some magic tricks. Calvert's services are retained by Paul Marton who says he killed a known gambler for fooling around with his wife Rochelle Hudson. Then Marton is killed in custody and a third man is killed in an explosion. An interesting murder plot is revealed, but the production values are dreadful and Calvert just ain't up to either George Sanders or Tom Conway.

The Falcon returns Not really. Gone is the comic relief sidekick. Here the Falcon has a dog he talks to. Also gone are charm, wit, adventure, and everything else that worked in the previous series. This is just a generic detective tale, made on cheap sets with a forgettable lead backed up by a cast of actors who had seen better days.

The RKO series was great. Even if the plots weren't always riveting, you could always rely on Sanders and Conway to deliver and the production values were usually very nice. This is just a big nothing burger. Sadly there are two more 'fake Falcon' films after this. It's "The Falcon" who together with his sidekick pooch "Brain-trust" are out to solve the murder of mob bookmaker Bruce "Lucky" Conroy whom the not so on the ball Ramon Delgardo, Paul Merion, confessed to murdering.

Right form the start Delgardo'd confession smelled to high heaven in him claiming he did it, kill Conroy, because he was fooling around with his wife Margo, Rochelle Hudson,whom he caught in the act. It soon turns out that high priced shyster Thomas Mallon,Theodore Von Eltz, jumps to Delgardo'd defense without asking a cent, very unusual for the ambulance chasing lawyer, in fees.

This has "The Falcon" check out Delgardo'd belongings at a local Salvation Army clothing store that, hidden in a shoe of his, names the person who murdered Conroy and the reason why. That had to do with a long string of losing bets he had booked with Conroy that he didn't have the money to pay back. Share this page:. Free Classic Movies. Falcon Movies. Series - The Falcon. Classic Noir Films. Clear your history. I never felt that I was "lost" Words that came to mind while reading BLOND CARGO: excitement, non-stop action, adrenaline pumping, page turning adventure, heart pounding pace, and sometime My Thoughts and Opinion: When I first read the synopsis of this book, like you might just have done, the word sequel stood out to me.

But it's not your average "missing person" case. This was the first time I read anything by this author and I was hooked by the first chapter. By the third chapter, because of his amazing ability with the written word, my visual creation and the adrenaline that was pumping faster than my eyes could absorb, until the final page, Mr. Lansing was added to my "authors to read" list. If you like action?

Then the answer is absolutely!! I received a digital copy via the Publisher in exchange for my honest opinion Jack, a former cop, is now a private detective. Vincent Cardona, a mafia boss, helped Jack out when his son, Chris, was hit by a car and now Vincent is calling in the debt. His daughter, Angelica, has disappeared and Vincent wants Jack to find her.

Two other women who resemble Angelica have turned up dead and Jack hopes he can find Angelica before she ends up with the same fate. As Jack investigates, he suspects she may have been been kidnapped to be sold as a sex slave and everyone from the may Jack, a former cop, is now a private detective.

As Jack investigates, he suspects she may have been been kidnapped to be sold as a sex slave and everyone from the mayor, a cardinal, a land developer and a shah may be involved. In the meantime in his personal life, he is having problems with his girlfriend, Leslie, and he is concerned about his son, Chris. This is the second book I've read by this author You don't have to have read the first one to read this one as it works well as a standalone.

It was an interesting story. Though I liked the the writing style, I thought it could have been a bit tighter. There was lots of action and never a dull moment. It is written in third person, with the focus shifting depending on what was going on. As a head's up, there is swearing and adult situations. I liked Jack I found that there were a lot of characters, though.

I had a hard time keeping them straight sometimes. I was not wrong when I figured this book was going to be captivating. From the beginning of the story, you are sucked into the crime and drama that seems to follow PI Jack Bertolino around. A retired narcotics police officer, Jack knows the streets and knows that a favor given to him will come back to be repaid and Blond Cargo is that favor. While I have never read a book by John Lansing before, including the prequel to this new book, I did not feel lost in the least.

There was plenty of explanat I was not wrong when I figured this book was going to be captivating. There was plenty of explanation about prior events and people that were encountered in the book to make sense and keep me engaged in this fast paced storyline. The story is realistic and reads from today's headlines.

Cargo of Coffins

It tells the story of money, drugs, and the sex slave trade; from the top floor of a large corporation, to the seedy underworld of the streets of LA, and all the way across multiple continents. It is a great combination of thriller and suspense for those that love crime and drama genre of fiction books.

I loved the face paced storyline that kept me engrossed in this book, page after page. Jack is a likable guy and he knows is craft well. This book will not disappoint, especially the ending! I cannot wait to read another of John Lansing's books! John Lansing's Blond Cargo has me hooked as one of his fans. This is an outstanding fast-passed, suspenseful, realistic, crime thriller. Private investigator Jack Bertolini knew that the favor he owed mob boss, Vincent Cardona would come due one day. That day came and Jack had no idea he'd be tangling with the rich and powerful plus the seedy underbelly of society who mix in the sex slave and drug trades.

If it isn't difficult enough for Jack locating and releasing Angelica, he has relationship p John Lansing's Blond Cargo has me hooked as one of his fans. If it isn't difficult enough for Jack locating and releasing Angelica, he has relationship problems to deal with and finds out a contract has been taken out on his life. None of it stops Jack and that is only one of the reasons I fell in love with this character. I thought this would be my night-stand read - read a bit each night before you sleep.

The twists and turns kept me guessing and staying up well beyond my bedtime. This is a captivating story that has wet my appetite for the remainder of this series. This is a must read series! I was provided a copy for an honest review. Blond Cargo By John Lansing The book speaks about every new immigrant group bringing in the good and the bad to the country. Looking at this story those lines could not have been drawn clearer. Blond Cargo follows the highly controversial sex trade, where young women are enticed or kidnapped and forced into the sex trade.

A young aspiring actress, Angelina Curtis has been missing for three weeks. Her father a crime boss and local mafia head is desperate. Calling in a favor from a PI, Jack Bertolino, to find and recover his daughter. The case turns to the dark side of the Sex trade, drugs and outright theft. Jack has bitten off more than he could chew.

Will he survive numerous attempts on his life, his career and his mission? This book is a successfully drawn out adventure that could make movie watchers and critics unable to predict the outcome. A master piece of intricate design and a chess masters moves on plot and situation. Blond Cargo is a fast paced action filled thriller that pits Jack Bertolino former cop now a private investigator against ruthless men in the sex trade in the hopes to free the daughter of a local mafia boss so that he can pay back the debt owed to him.

Meanwhile, he is also dealing with his son who is away at college but dealing with the after effects of being hit by an car because of his dad. I believe this has to do with incidents that happened in the first novel. This is these second Bert Blond Cargo is a fast paced action filled thriller that pits Jack Bertolino former cop now a private investigator against ruthless men in the sex trade in the hopes to free the daughter of a local mafia boss so that he can pay back the debt owed to him. This is these second Bertolino and Associates story. I have to say that I enjoyed all aspects of the story; the characters, the mafia crew, the criminal real estate developers, the Middle East sheik and even the gin drinking woman sitting on her deck.

Adding Bertonlino's personal life into the mix makes all the more realistic. I have to go back to and read the first novel. Very enjoyable indeed! Another excellent thriller from John Lansing! I re-read Lansing's first book, The Devil's Necktie, before starting this one and was surprised at how well it held up a second time.

While it isn't necessary to read the first book to enjoy this one, I would recommend doing so just so you can have a good understanding of the character's backgrounds and some of the events referred to in this one. Blond Cargo didn't disappoint! It is every bit a page-turner as the first story. Fans of crime drama shou Another excellent thriller from John Lansing! Fans of crime drama should really give this series a try; Jack Bertolino is a terrific hero, well developed and completely likeable yet human and allowed to have faults.

The suspense is well paced and had me on the edge of my seat. These books really need to be made into movies as they're just screaming for adaptation! Looking forward to the next entry and I hope this series will last a long, long time! Bertolino is a take-charge, no-holds-barred PI who devastates criminals with his unruffled perseverance and excites women with his rugged good looks and charm. The man has his flaws which only add to his persona. Blond Cargo is an exciting thriller with wonderfully crafted characters — from the beautiful blond Mafioso princess of the title to the smarmy pervert who is about to sell her in the high-end sex trade to the ancillary characters who bring humor and suspense to a stunning conclusion.

Lansing is an intelligent writer, and Blond Cargo is his finest work to date. Blond Cargo is every bit as intense as Devil's Necktie was - the ending is a page turning race to the finish. Loved the characters, loved the pace, loved the story lines. I don't know when the next one is due out but there better be another in this series - I've not yet had enough of Jack and his "rogue's gallery I loved Lansing's book Devil's Necktie, and when I read Blond Cargo I was happy to hang out with Jack Bertolino again and to find that Devil's Necktie was very definitely NOT a one off.

I don't know when the next one is due out but there better be another in this series - I've not yet had enough of Jack and his "rogue's gallery" of accomplices. Definitely read it - you'll love the ride! Great writing, great characters great story. Page turner with can't-put-it-down plot that keeps you guessing at every turn. Jack Bertolino, former police officer turned PI, is tough, smart and also compassionate.

I read the first in series, Devil's Necktie and was equally pleased. Can't wait for the next book. Kudos Mr. Lansing thanks for the great entertainment. This is a sizzling mystery with a few twists, and plenty of action.

See a Problem?

Jun 12, Duffy Pearce rated it really liked it. I liked this enough to look for other Lansing books at the library because I'm too cheap to pay for summer reading. If it were a Kindle special or on Kindle Prime, I'd immediately download another book. Better than the last one! Full review coming later! This book kept me turning the pages with enthusiasm. It was well written, and full of good characters.

Loved it!! I am ending the year with a thriller. Jack Bertolino is an ex-cop turned PI who has taken on the job of finding a mob boss's kidnapped daughter. Readers find her right away, in the hands of an Iraqi mobster who is planning to export her to an Iraqi sheik. She's blond and statuesque, apparent just what Iraqi sheiks want as sex slaves. Bertolino figures out quickly who has her as well, but it takes the whole book to actually free her from her captors.

There apparently are a lot of loose ends to tie up from the first book in the series, The Devil's Necktie, because it takes a long time for the action to begin, but once the plot gets rolling, it is non-stop raids, shootings and killings until the young woman is rescued. In typical form, the best is saved for last, and the final chase scene is absolutely riveting.

The characters in Blond Cargo are well drawn. Jack Bertolino is very appealing, a Bruce Willis type. He's full of the aches and pains of being a middle-aged man doing a young man's job. He has a college-aged son who causes him worries and an on- and off-again girlfriend who doesn't approve of his current gig. His years as a narcotics detective make him a good hire as a PI, but they also put him in danger a good deal of the time.

I also really enjoyed the kidnap victim, Angelica, who is feisty and inventive and is not about to be coerced by her Iraqi captors. Blond Cargo is a great diversion. You can read along a little at a time until you reach the last third of the book. Then you better set aside a block of time because there is no stopping until the shoot-it-out conclusion. Loved every nail-biting moment. Dec 11, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: net-galley-arc. You can find more reviews Mademoisellesnow Blog I can safely say that all of the books in this series can be read as a standalone book.

I really enjoyed reading this instalment. The writing style was amazing to read and it just flowed off the pages. I did find it hard to keep all the characters straight, there were just too many You can find more reviews Mademoisellesnow Blog I can safely say that all of the books in this series can be read as a standalone book. I did find it hard to keep all the characters straight, there were just too many to keep track.

Good, quick read. Can't really connect with the characters so I won't be reading any more of this series. Jackie Kraft rated it really liked it Aug 02,