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Galahad would be the knight who restored the kingdom, which had been laid waste through powerful enchantment. The story also indicated that Elaine had also slept with Lancelot, not only because she was inspired by love for the hero, but in the hope she would conceive a son who would save her people and her father's kingdom. It is strange that the son born from a union of unmarried couple would win the supposedly holy Christian vessel. Normally, Christians would see that the union between of Lancelot and Elaine as a sin of fornication, and that Galahad had being the result of sinful birth: illegitimacy and bastardy.

So it was no different from adultery, which Lancelot had committed with Queen Guinevere, and that Elaine would have been condemned along with Guinevere. Yet the author indicate that this was special union. Elaine was virgin and chaste, the bearer of the Grail. Though, Elaine would lose her maidenhood to the best knight in the world, her virginity would be pass onto her son. One of the reasons why Galahad would succeed in his quest is that he had remained pure: he had retained his virginity and chastity.

See Elaine and Galahad in Lancelot du Lac. The sister of Perceval. Often in the Grail romances, Perceval's sister doesn't appear to have any name, nor does she appear in every tale with her brother. In the Italian romance, Tavola ritonda , her name was Agrestizia. In the beginning of pre-cycle Prose Lancelot non-Vulgate, c.

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In this romance, Perceval was still identified as the Grail hero. This is mostly likely an error, because as Helizabel and Amite the former being her real name in the Vulgate version of the Prose Lancelot , or as Elaine in Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur , she was the daughter of Fisher King Pelles and the mother of Galahad by Lancelot. See Elaine.

Or maybe, Dindrane and Helizabel Amite were original the same woman, where she was linked with Perceval. But, by the time of Vulgate Cycle, she became two separate person: one became the sister of Perceval and the other became the mother of Galahad. She would probably be a half-sister of Perceval and this sister had died long before the Grail began.

This Elaine had killed herself in grief over lover death. Since there are confusion over her name, I shall call her Dindraine, mostly for the sake of convenience, rather than always call her "Perceval's sister" all the time. Dindraine did not appeared in Chretien de Troyes' Conte du Graal. Perveval's sister had first appeared in the Second Grail Continuation , which is often called Wauchier de Denain Continuation or just Perceval's Continuation , c.

Perceval met her when he returned to his mother's castle and found her there. She informed Perceval how their mother die when he left. After this, Perceval continued on the quest, leaving his sister with their hermit uncle that he had met in the Conte du Graal. In the Gerbert de Montreuil Continuation which follows on the Second Continuation , Perceval returned to his uncle, taking his sister to the Castle of Maidens, leaving her behind. Though she told Perceval that she was his sister, she had never given them her name. Dindraine could board the ship because she was an innocent virgin.

She had made the sword-belt for Galahad with her own hairs and the strands of gold. Though, she seemed to have never met Pelles the Fisher King nor Elaine, Galahad's mother, Perceval's sister seemed to know more about the history of their family better than Galahad. She seemed to know the outcome of quest and her own destiny. When they left the ship, she and her companions encountered a castle with strange custom.

Each virgin maiden travelled through the land must fill a dish with her blood. The people of the castle had wished to heal their Countess of leposy. Her brother and his companions would have defend her, but Perceval's sister agreed to the condition impose on them. Her life was sacrificed in ordered to save the Countess, thereby ending the horrible custom. Perceval and his friends placed her body in a boat and let it drift. By the time, Galahad and his companions reached the Holy City of Sarras with grail, her body arrived.

They buried her body in the city as she had foretold. Two years later, Galahad died after the mystery of Grail was revealed to him. Galahad was buried with her. Perceval became a hermit and died a year after Galahad. Bors had Perceval buried with his sister and Galahad, before he returned to Arthur in Logre Britain , with the news of the end of the Quest.

In Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur , the story followed along the same line as that of Queste del Saint Graal , where she met her brother and his companions on the ship and her death by giving blood to cure the Countess. Elaine the Fair was also known as the Lady of Astolat.

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She was often called the Fair Maid of Astolat. She should not be confused with another Elaine, who was the daughter of King Pelles and mother of Galahad. Elaine fell in love with Lancelot , and tried to win his love. However, Lancelot was still in love with Guinevere. Elaine died from a broken heart. Her body arrived in Camelot, where Arthur had her buried in a great tomb.

The Lady of the Fountain appeared in several different versions of romance, with the hero Yvain Owain , the son of Urien. The Lady of the Fountain was named Laudine. Some version of Chretien de Troyes' Knight of the Lion does not give her name. In the one of the Welsh poems, called the Lady of the Fountain , belonged to Mabinogion , she was just known as the Lady of the Fountain or Countess of the Fountain.

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For convenient sakes, I will use the name Laudine. See Yvain and the Lady of the Fountain for the full story. Laudine was the Countess of the castle and the magical forest around the magical fountain or spring Otherworld. By pouring water from a silver bowl on to a great stone, a sudden and fierce storm, causing destruction through the forest and castle. A strong and brave knight was needed to defend the fountain. When her husband was killed by Yvain Owain , her companion, Lunete Luned in the Welsh Mabinogion convinced the countess to take Yvain as her new husband and champion of the magical spring.

After they were happily married for some years, Yvain wanted to attend a tournament held by his uncle, King Arthur. Reluctantly, the Lady allowed her husband to attend the tournament, but must return within a year, or else he should never return at all. She also gave a ring to Yvain, not only to remind him of her, but also to return to her at the date she set. Yvain failure to return to his wife and his duties to protect the fountain caused a separation between them.

A damsel who was servant and messenger of the lady, removed the ring from his finger. Fill with remorse and shame, Yvain lost his wit and dwelled in the woods for a number of years as a wild man. After some years of exile and adventure, Lunete helped the hero to reconcile with Lady Laudine. The heronine of the French romance called Knight of the Lion. Lunete was the companion and confidant of the Lady of the Fountain Laudine. In the Welsh and English version of the tale, her name was Luned. When Arthur and his retinue stayed at the castle of the Lady, Chretien de Troyes described Lunete as " When Yvain Owain mortally wounded the Laudine's first husband Esclados the Red, Yvain found himself trapped in his enemy's castle.

Only Lunete offered counsel and aid to Yvain. While the mob in the castle sought to avenge their lord, only Lunete helped Yvain to escape their notice by giving the hero a magic ring to make him invisible. While Yvain was invisible, he saw and fell in love with Esclados' beautiful widow. With Lunete's help, Yvain won the Laudine's hand and married the Lady. Lunete became the Lady's closest friend and adviser. However, when Yvain over-extended his absence at Arthur's court, the Lady asked her husband to never return to her.

This separation with her husband also caused Lunete to lose favour with her Lady, since she advised Laudine to marry the hero. In the lady's court, the seneschal was jealous that Lunete was her favourite adviser. Now the seneschal managed to have her accused of treason. She was due to be burnt at the stake, when Yvain fought and defeated the seneschal and his brother in combat. Lunete not only won her freedom, but also was able to renew her friendship with Laudine. With resource and cunning, Lunete later helped Yvain to win his wife's love back, by tricking Laudine into reconciling with her husband.

Enide was the beautiful wife of the hero Erec or Gereint in Welsh and English literature. She was known as Enid in the Welsh legend. Enide was the niece of count of Laluth. Enide was one of the most typical "Damsel in distresses"; often finding herself in trouble because of her beauty. Villains lusting after her; they would abduct her and try to marry or rape her.

Her lover, in this case, her husband, inspired by his love for her, would come to her rescue, performing great heroic deeds for sake. Erec won her hand in marriage, when he challenged and defeated the Knight of the Kestrel, also known as Yder, son of Nut. Enide became distressed when she heard her father-in-law's subjects blaming her for Erec lack of participation in heroic deeds, such as hunting, tournaments and warfare.

Erec was spending so much time with her that the people were saying that she had bewitched him. When Erec heard this from his wife, the hero misunderstood her concerns and thought she had low esteem for his prowess and his skills as a knight. Erec set them on a journey with Enide through the forest, beset with bandits, giants and lecherous counts. The purpose of making this journey was to test Enide's love for him. Count Oringle of Limors prevented Enide from committing suicide, when she thought her husband had died, after he had returned, killing two giants.

However, Oringle had his own agenda for saving Enide. Oringle lusted after the distraught wife of Erec. Oringle tried to force her to marry him, until Erec regained conscious and killed the lecherous count. The whole adventure had put considerable stress and anxiety to Enide, who regretted telling her husband the truth.

Enide was really blameless, for she was concern about what other people were saying about her and Erec. In the end, Enide proved her love and loyalty to Erec, Erec apologised to Enide for putting her through the taxing ordeals, while he proved had lose none of his prowess as he defeated enemy after enemy. See Erec and Enide for the full story of Enide's adventure with Erec. Enide Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale Illustration.

This page belongs to Timeless Myths. See Copyright Notices for permitted use. For feedback, questions, or just to say "hello", contact can made through the Contact page. No mailing list or spamming, please. What's New? All Rights Reserved. Here we have articles concerning the Arthurian women. The second Gwenhwyfach struck upon Gwenhwyfar: and for that cause there took place afterwards the Action of the Battle of Camlan Related Information. Guinevere, Guenever, Guenevere, Guennuvar. Guanhamara, Gwendolena, Gwendolin Latin. Gwenhwyfar, Gwenhwyvar — "White Phantom" Welsh.

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Winlogee Breton. Wenhaver; Wenore, Guenore, Gwerore, Gaynor.

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Ginover German. Lancelot of the Lake. Genealogy: House of King Arthur. Igraine, Igerne, Ygerne, Ygaerne. Eigyr, Eigr Welsh. Arnive German. Gwyar Welsh. Sangive German. Morgawse, Morgause? Morgan le Fay? Morgan le Fay was the popular sorceress or fairy witch in the Arthurian legend.

Morgan, Morgain. Morgan le Fay. Fata Morgana. Morgana Italian. Modron Welsh. Morrigan Irish. See also Modron. Ganieda Gwenddydd. Niniane would meet Merlin again, as an adult. Lady of the Lake. Ganieda according to Geoffrey of Monmouth. Gwenddydd Welsh. Merlin , Niniane , Lady of the Lake , Taliesin. Isolde the Fair. Isolde of the White Hands.

Wife of Merlin Merlinus or Myrddin. Gwendoloena, Gwendolen according to Geoffrey of Monmouth. Gwendolyn Welsh. Merlin , Ganieda Gwenddydd. Essyllt Welsh. Isolde of Ireland; the Irish Isolde. Isolde La Beale "Isolde the Fair". Isolde de Blonde "Isolde the Blonde". Tristan and Isolde. Genealogy: House of Cornwall. Isolde the Fair , Tristan , King Mark. Nothing more was known about Isolde of the White Hands. Her role and appearance in the Prose Tristan was even smaller than the earlier tradition. Isolde of Brittany; the Breton Isolde. Tristan , Isolde the Fair.

Elaine, Helaine. Helizabel, Heliabel, Amite. Elaine of Corbin. Grail Bearer, Grail Maiden. Pelles , Lancelot , Galahad , Guinevere. Elaine and Galahad. Genealogy: House of Lancelot and the Fisher King. Usually unnamed. Dindraine, Dindrane in Parzival. Heliabel pre-cycle prose Lancelot. Agrestizia Italian. Second Continuation , Fourth Continuation.

Queste del Saint Graal Vulgate Cycle. See the Death of King Arthur for the full story. Elaine le Blank Elaine the Fair. Lady of Astolat. The Lady of Shalott. Lancelot , Gawain , Guinevere. Death of King Arthur.

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Laudine was known also by her title as the Lady of Landuc and was the daughter of Duke Landunet. Laudine, Alundyne. Lady of Landuc. Lady of the Fountain. Countess of the Fountain. Browse our magazines Submit your novel for review.

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By his arts, he calls a herd of deer to come and graze around him. Or Morgue may appear as an ambitious and unscrupulous bitch ready to seduce an old tottering Merlin in order to gain the wisdom he alone can dispense. She is about to depart from Arthur's court following her initial episode but, with some encouragement from Merlin, Arthur asks her to stay in his castle with the queen. During her stay, Merlin falls in love with her and desires her.

Viviane, frightened that Merlin might take advantage of her with his spells, swears that she will never love him unless he swears to teach her all of his magic. Merlin consents, unaware that throughout the course of her lessons, Viviane will use Merlin's own powers against him, forcing him to do her bidding. When Viviane finally goes back to her country, Merlin escorts her. However, along the way, Merlin receives a vision that Arthur is in need of assistance. Viviane and Merlin rush back to Arthur's castle, but have to stop for the night in a stone chamber, once inhabited by two lovers.

Merlin relates that when the lovers died, they were placed in a magic tomb within a room in the chamber. That night, while Merlin is asleep, Viviane, still disgusted with Merlin's desire for her, as well as his demonic heritage, casts a spell over him and places him in the magic tomb so that he can never escape, thus causing his death. He than gives the story's eponymous great cry in a demonic voice, calling for his father to come and take him, and dies amidst a terrific supernatural event. Retrieved New York: Pantheon Books. Lewis Thorpe ed.

The History of the Kings of Britain. Penguin Classics. Penguin Books. Oxford English Dictionary. Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved June 7, The Discovery of Arthur , Owl Books, LIX The Rose, or Affection's Gift. Boston Public Library. New York, N.

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The Quest for Merlin. Hamish Hamilton. The Heroic Age , Issue 15 October Celtic Myth and Arthurian Romance. Columbia University Press. A Companion to the Lancelot-Grail Cycle. DS Brewer.

Heroes and Anti-heroes in Medieval Romance. Victoria Stanford University Press. Lancelot-Grail: The Story of Merlin. Gender in Medieval Culture. Bloomsbury Publishing. Archived from the original on 19 November Retrieved 1 May Graduate Theses. Oxford University Press. Manchester University Press. Lancelot-Grail: Lancelot, pt.