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You will find the box in our shop at Hobo Hotel. So besides the Popcorn Sunday offer, we would like to share a list of our top 5 movies to watch this summer while staying in bed.

Grandson, Did You Wash Your Hands?

At Hobo the most important thing that we strive for and breath is providing exceptional service to anybody that steps through our front door. We believe that playfulness is what makes you put that pretty smile on your face. When you enter Hobo, we want you to feel welcome, inspired and happy.

That is our main goal. The first thing you will see when you enter Hobo is our awesome flip dot-wall, you will smell the fresh mint growing in the lobby, and you will hear some great music pumping from our 5th floor. If you are tired of waiting in line at the check-in counter, you can always check in automatically through our digital self-check-in stations.

Then you can use your time for more important things, like asking our front desk-staff where to get the best burgers in town or try out a couple of our delicious drinks at the bar. Even though we are super proud to be a young, sustainable , local, co-creative lifestyle design-hotel. There is one thing we are even more proud and humble about: Our friendly staff. At Hobo with the help of Identity works , we created our own designed city guide.

We have lifted out all the hot spots of interest that we found will be interesting for our guests and we have drawn them on a map of Stockholm. How cool is that? The best of all is that you can take our map home and show it off to all of your friends. Hobo is situated in Brunkebergstorg. What used to be an old bank has now been transformed into the hottest hotspot in Stockholm. I believe every Swede has been foraging and eating sorrel from a forest as a child. We take a lot of sorrels, mix it whole, and make a sorbet out of it. We put some flat matcha-tea meringues on the sorbet, to enhance the grassiness, and add cold double cream from a newly opened package of cream.

At Hobo we love and embrace our Swedish food and heritage, we always aim to keep a local and sustainable approach to what we serve. The evening menu consists of 7 medium sized dishes, in which we focus on vegetables from our fantastic surroundings.

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Welcome to us at Hobo. In , a small group of people started to think about what their dream hotel would be like. In short, we seem to like smart things that look good and to hang out with inspiring people. Hobo blog - 25 Apr.

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Hobo blog - 4 Apr. Hobo blog - 27 Feb. Hobo blog - 22 Feb. To Earth. The little shop on the wall Behind our reception is another battle with the norms. Torn stockings deserve more. Hobo blog - 16 Jan. Hobo blog - 17 Sep. Hobo blog - 13 Sep. Hobo blog - 21 Mar. Hobo blog - 6 Feb. Hobo blog - 31 Jan. We always make sure to connect our friends from all over the world with our locals via music, food, culture and fashion. So to make sure that we create as many opportunities for the meeting between people this summer we have a summer offer for you to take part of while planning your stay in Stockholm and Hobo!

Also, meet the whole team at Hobo and find out more about their favourite spots in the city over here. Hobo blog - 30 Jan.

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Hobo blog - 23 Jan. Hobo blog - 18 Jan. Check out their art here , book it or just drop by and do not be a no show on our ink party on Friday 19th February and attend the event here! Hobo blog - 15 Jan. Back to reality, and back to surprising that special one with an amazing dinner out! Hobo blog - 5 Jan. Hobo blog - 12 Oct. Hobo blog - 25 Aug. Hobo blog - 28 Jun. But now its time to get to know the mastermind behind Sniph!

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H: So, tell me how your passion for perfumes and Sniph began? EK: Wow. Already as a kid, I had this obsession with the detergent bottles at the local supermarket. I just love the reaction of someone sniffing something — and falling for it. Two years ago, I left my full-time job as a marketing manager and started a discovery service for perfume — Sniph — in order to let more people experience more perfume.

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Our mission is to make it easier, less expensive and less time consuming to sniff around and find new favourites. I see Sniph as my duty, in a way. H: What city would you say could be best described with scents. Do I happen to know that you have a thing for Paris? I spent a lot of time in Paris as a teenager and, yeah, my nose seems to have played the role of memory machine.

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Of course, each city has its individual scent identity, depending on who you ask. Even the greyish Haussmann facade seem to smell something, in the capital of perfumery — Paris.

Daring to smell different, has only been for the true avant-garde. But during the past ten years, mainly thanks to local perfume brands such as Byredo and Agonist, perfume has started to be commonly used just like any other accessory. Walking on the streets of Stockholm, the notes that often hit my nose are powdery iris, sultry sandalwood and clean laundry. And of course, freshly baked cinnamon buns both from all vanilla based perfumes out there and the pastry reproduced scent by 7 Eleven.

H: We are, of course, super happy to announce that Hobo and Sniph are doing this collaboration. How did the process look like to find the final scents? EK: I was super flattered to get the request to curate an exclusive Hobo x Sniph box. The study showed remarkable results in terms of an improvement in hand hygiene compliance improvement and HCAI reduction. Given its very solid evidence base, this model has been adopted by the First Global Patient Safety Challenge to develop the WHO Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategy aimed at translating into practice the recommendations included in the present guidelines.

In this final version of the guidelines, evidence generated from the pilot testing of the strategy during — is included see also Part I, Section All rights reserved. Turn recording back on. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Show details Geneva: World Health Organization ; Search term.

Other titles in this collection. Granddad, however, takes an instant dislike to his new neighbor. Thugnificent spots Granddad and calls for him to come over, to which Granddad icily walks away and mutters insults. Thugnificent is offended by the slight, but quickly turns his attention back to his more welcoming neighbors, and a party on the street ensues.

Later, Thugnificent has the mansion upgraded with lavish and a bit tacky narcissistic architecture. Granddad, Tom Dubois, and Uncle Ruckus share a rare moment of solidarity when they all agree that Thugnificent needs to go. Huey suggests that Granddad invite his new neighbor to dinner to get to know him. Granddad dismisses the idea, believing that Thugnificent will act like a disrespectful hood upon arrival.

Riley, humbly but self-confidently, introducing himself to Thugnificent.

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Granddad's dislike is intensified that night when Thugnificent throws a loud party, blasting music and drawing dozens of attendees. The noise wakes Granddad up, who futilely yells for them to keep it down. Meanwhile, Riley sneaks over to the party, and gets to meet Thugnificent.

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He expresses his admiration for Thugnificent but remains insistent that he isn't "dick ridin'". Meanwhile, Huey, perceptive of his brother, arrives to bring Riley home. Upon meeting Thugnificent, Huey is less than impressed with the man when he congratulates Huey for reading. The brothers leave the party and return home.

The next morning, Granddad finds that his yard has been wrecked by several partygoers' cars that were parked on his lawn.