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Many fundamentalist Christians believe the Antichrist , prophesied in the Book of Revelation , plans to present himself as descended from the Davidic line to bolster his false claim that he is the Jewish Messiah. An increasing number of fringe Christian eschatologists believe the Antichrist may also present himself as descended from the Jesus bloodline to capitalize on growing adherence to the hypothesis in the general public.

Jesus bloodline hypotheses parallel other legends about the flight of disciples to distant lands, such as the one depicting Joseph of Arimathea traveling to England after the death of Jesus, taking with him a piece of thorn from the Crown of Thorns , which he later planted in Glastonbury.

Historians generally regard these legends as " pious fraud " produced during the Middle Ages. The Jesus bloodline hypothesis from the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail is not contained in any of the " Priory of Sion documents" and was dismissed as fiction by Pierre Plantard in in a French radio interview, as well as by Philippe de Cherisey in a magazine article. Ehrman , [47] [59] along with journalists and investigators such as Jean-Luc Chaumeil, who has an extensive archive on this subject matter.

Evidence supporting the hypothesis was supposedly lost, and therefore cannot be independently verified, because Michael claimed that it was contained in his late father's bureau, which was sold by his brother unaware of its contents. Robert Lockwood, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh 's director for communications, sees the notion of the Church conspiring to cover-up the truth about a Jesus bloodline as a deliberate piece of anti-Catholic propaganda. He sees it as part of a long tradition of anti-Catholic sentiment with deep roots in the American Protestant imagination but going back to the very start of the Reformation of Although Jesus bloodline hypotheses were not submitted to the judgment of the Jesus Seminar , a group of scholars involved in the quest for the historical Jesus from a liberal Christian perspective, they were unable to determine whether Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a matrimonial relationship due to the dearth of historical evidence.

They concluded that the historical Mary Magdalene was not a repentant prostitute but a prominent disciple of Jesus and a leader in the early Christian movement.

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Ehrman , who chairs the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, commented that, although there are some historical scholars who claim that it is likely that Jesus was married, the vast majority of New Testament and early Christianity scholars find such a claim to be historically unreliable. Ultimately, the notion that a person living millennia ago has a small number of descendants living today is statistically improbable.

If anyone living today is descended from Jesus, so are most of us on the planet. Historian Ken Mondschein ridiculed the notion that the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene could have been preserved:. Infant mortality in pre-modern times was ridiculously high, and you'd only need one childhood accident or disease in 2, years to wipe out the bloodline … keep the children of Christ marrying each other, on the other hand, and eventually they'd be so inbred that the sons of God would have flippers for feet.

Chris Lovegrove, who reviewed The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail when first published in , dismissed the significance of a Jesus bloodline, even if it were proven to exist despite all evidence to the contrary:. If there really is a Jesus dynasty — so what? This, I fear, will be the reaction of many of those prepared to accept the authors' thesis as possible, and the book does not really satisfy one's curiosity in this crucial area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about claims to a genealogical descent from the historical Jesus. For the biblical genealogy of Jesus, see Genealogy of Jesus. Main article: The Da Vinci Code. Main article: Bloodline documentary.

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Main article: Joseph and Aseneth. Sibly, M. I have used the term 'the earthly and visible Bethlehem' because the heretics believed there is a different and invisible earth in which — according to some of them — the 'good' Christ was born and crucified. Farkas, David A. Oneworld Publications.

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The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. Element Books. Dutton Adult.

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The documentary was originally released in cinemas on 9 May The Lost Gospel. New York: Pegasus, In Schuller, Eileen M. Early Jewish Writings. SBL Press. Retrieved 14 November Book Review, The Lost Gospel. Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus. Volume 14, issue 3: page Retrieved Retrieved on The Messianic Legacy. Ehrman Oxford University Press. Jerry Falwell and the Jews first ed. Jonathan David Pub. A collaborative history. Clarendon Press, Oxford, How can you prove a lineage of four centuries from Jesus to the Merovingians?

Every scene preaches the truth that either sin destroys or Jesus saves.

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Jesus saves. Jesus saves , but why do we need to be saved? Yes, the Pope repeated, " Jesus saves! Jesus saves!

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Your Word says Jesus saves all souls of whom to You will call. Jesus saves all souls of whom to You will call. GB: Suffering accepted and offered in union with the suffering of Jesus saves souls. Jesus saves souls. Jesus saves , but who is Jesus? He is the true Saviour: Jesus saves , Jesus cures, Jesus heals. Jesus saves , Jesus cures, Jesus heals. What does it mean that Jesus saves?

Jesus saves? And while those things are most definitely true of Jesus, they do not capture who Jesus truly is, nor do they explain how or why Jesus saves.

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Jesus is God in human form John , Note how Jesus saves people. Jesus saves people. Jesus saves all who will receive His gift of salvation. Jesus saves all those who fully trust in His sacrifice alone as the payment for sin John ; Acts The encounter with Jesus truly saves man. Jesus truly saves man. When he died on the Cross, Jesus delivered from violence, the men and women of all times who turn to Him in faith.