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Letter, missive. C'est un plat exquis, vous vous en lecherez les babouines, it's a capital dish, you'll simply love it, you'll Hck your gills. Great noise, tumult, disturbance. Se mettre dans les bdches, to get between the sheets. To go to bed, to get between the sheets. II va passer son bachot, he is going up for the B. Boiie d bachot, special school where they cram students for the B.

To prepare a pupil rapidly for an exam. To grind for an exam. Soldier from an African regiment. The regiment itself. Old crock, fogy. Lips, chops, cheeks. Se coller quelque chose dans les badigoinces, to eat, to feed, to get some grub. Blow, slap in the face. Donne-lui une bdfre! To gorge oneself, to stuff and swill. To eat greedily. Carriage, horse-box. Faire des bagots, to carry burdens, handle luggage.

To walk, to go about. II est toujours d bagoter par Id, he is always knocking about that way. To get on. Comment vont vos affaires? To drudge, toil. II va falloir bagoter maintenant, now we'll have to work hard. One who handles bagots. Avoir du bagou, to have the gift of the gab. To fiddle-faddle, to mooch about, to go about aimlessly.

Andrée Poulin

II n'a rien d faire qu'd se baguenauder toute la journee, he has nothing to do but to knock about all the day. Legs, drumsticks. School, lycde. Of articles of uniform, at Polytechnique and Saint-Cyr. Of a fancy shape or cut. To rag. Envoyer quelqu'un au bain, to send some- thing to the right-about. Prendre un bain de pieds, to be conveyed to a penal colony. Overflow of coffee into the saucer.

Compulsory walk of punished soldiers round the barracks yard. Faire le bal, to be subjected to that punishment. Sometimes capital punishment in the army. Donner le bal d quelqu'un, to give somebody a good talking to. Stroll, walk. Faire une balade, to go out for a walk, stroll, excursion, etc. To take out for a walk.

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Se balader, to take a walk, a stroll, to knock about, to mooch round. Envoyer balader, to send to the right-about. One who is fond of going out for strolls. II est d'hiimeur baladeuse, he is fond of knock- ing about. Faire rotir le halai, to lead a fast life. Peau de halle et balai de crin, absolutely nothing. Un gargon bien balance, a lad strongly built, a well-set-up fellow. Mai balance, ill-shaped.

To cast off, to get rid of. Balance- le si tu n'en veux plus, chuck it away if yovi don't want it any more. II se fera balancer s'il ne travaille pas, they'll kick him out, he'll get the sack, if he does not work. To throw. Humbug, nonsense, rubbish. Tout ga c'est de la balangoire, des balangoires, that's all hum- bug, rot, skittles. Envoyer d la balangoire, to send to the right-about. Bundle of goods carried by pedlars. Fanciful derivation from balancer i. II y a du monde au balcon, stock phrase meaning that a woman has a plump breast.

Se tordre comme une baleine, to split one's sides with laughter. Not used under Face, nut, mug. Une bonne balle, une drole de balle, a genial face, a funny face. Never a pejorative. Trou de balle anus.

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C'est un vieux trou de balle, he is an old crock, duffer, etc. Peau de balle, nothing at all. Qa lui rapportera peau de balle, that'll bring him nothing at all. One sometimes adds et balai de crin, the additional sentence being merely intensifying, but without any definite meaning. Raide comme balle, without hesitation, roughly, sharply. Je lui rdpondrai ga raide comme balle, I'll answer that to him straight off.

Faire la balle, to be convenient. Qa fait ma balle, it's just the thing, the ticket for me. Envoyer bailer quelqu'im, to send some- body to the right about, to tell someone to go to Jericho. Bottom, posterior. Tu te feras j ali- ment enlever le ballon, you'll get your bum properly kicked. Prison, imprisonment. II a fait du ballon, he's done time. II sort du ballon, he's just out from prison. Fool, dufier, awkward fellow, fathead. Au bout du quai les ballots I inter jectory stock phrase expressing contempt. One who has a waddling gait, hence without energy, lazy, careless.

To go about aimlessly, especially with a waddling gait. Square meal. J'ai fait un vrai bal- thazar, I had no end of a spread, a slap-up dinner, a regular tuck in, a blow out. Bundle esp. Faire son baluchon, to pack up, to get ready. Little spree. Fast Ufe, lively froUc, spree. To lead a fast life, to run wild, to be on the spree. II aime bien bambocher, he's fond of a bit of a spree. One who leads a fast hfe. For instance, one will exclaim " ga n'est pas banal! Cavalry sword. Bande d'idiots, bande de salauds! May be addressed to one person, merely to emphasize the insult. Allusion to this garment flowing free like a banner.

Trade of mountebank. Faire de la banque, to puff up one's goods. Baptiser son vin, to put water into one's wine. Baptiste, proper name. Baragouiner I'anglais, to murder the King's English. To talk gibberish. House esp. Un travail barbant, a boring job. Meat esp. C'est une barbe, quelle barbe! C'etait la barbe et les cheveux! Oh, la barbe! Les vieilles barbes de 48, the old fogies of Ce qu'il est barbe le pauvre vieux! Crisp and entangled beard. To bore. To be bored.

Robbery, scrounging. To rob, pinch, scrounge, bone. On m'a barbote ma pipe, they've scrounged my pipe. To muddle about, to footle, to make a mess of it. A cadger, a scrounger. Young and inexperienced person. Qa n'est pas un travail d conjier d un barbouille de cet dge-ld, this is not a job to be trusted to a fledg- ling of that age. Ugly person. Nothing doing! Bundle of things necessary to a soldier, hence luggage of any kind.

Qa a barde la semaine dernidre, we had a hard time of it last week. Maintenanl il faut que ga barde! Funny, queer. II a fait du barou hier soir, he made a great noise last night. To make off, escape. Obscene gesture expressing contempt. Tailler una basane, to make such gesture. Exceedingly short fellow, rump end. Ce qu'il est bassin avec ses his- toires!

To bore, importunate, buttonhole. Boring thing or person. Bastoche, la, proper name. The Bastille district of Paris. Low music-hall. Faire du bastringue, to make a row. Noisy and inferior music. Any collection of things. II a emporte ses meubles, ses livres, et tout le bataclan, he took away his furniture, his books and all the paraphernalia, all the rest of it. Cock-and-bull story. Monter un bateau d quelqu'un, to tell somebody lies, fictitious stories.

II m'a monte un bateau, he's been pulling my leg. Shoe esp. Good, well, tip-top, Ai. Un bath type, a topping chap. On a fait un bath diner, we had a slap-up dinner. II a ete bath comme tout, he was as pleasant as you like.

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In a bath manner. To frolic, skylark. Fond of skylarking. To get muddled. Mener une vie de bdton de chaise, to lead a fast life. Tour de bdton, illicit gain, graft. Exaggeration, boasting. C'est du battage, it's exaggerated, affected, that's all bluff, show. To talk, chatter, gossip. In the stock phrase : en baver des rands de chapeaux. Same meaning as before, perhaps sUghtly more emphatic.

Tailler une bavette, talk, gossip. Les vieille femmes aiment bien tailler des bavettes, old women are fond of talking, gossiping. Latin ccBdere sermones. Any collection of things esp. J'enverrai sauter tout le bazar! I'll chuck up, smash up, the whole bally show! To get rid of by selling esp. Ta bouche, bebe! Strong, big. Elle est belle femme, she is tall and strong. C'est un beau voyou I a regular cad he is 1 BEC 25 b6nef bee, sb.

Mouth, i. Laisser quelqu'un le bee dans I'eau, to leave some one in the lurch. Avoir le bee sale, to be always thirsty. Une prise de bee, a quarrel, set-to, slanging match. Tenir quelqu'un le bee dans I'eau, to put off some- body with fine words, to keep some one on a string.

Bike, jigger. Tomber sur un bee de gaz, to meet with any kind of unforeseen obstacle. De gaz is often understood. To criticize, run down. To kiss. Food, grub. To eat. See bee 2. Tu paries d'une bedaine! Belly, corporation. To become pot-bellied, to develop a corporation.

Touch-me-not sort of person! Elle fait la begueule, she is prudish. Love, fancy. II a un le be'guin pour elle, he is in love with her, he is gone sweet, on her. Sometimes said of a thing, to have a lancy for.

Good food and menu - La Couronne d'Or

Blow, slap. Profit, pecuniary gain, advantage. Mud, slush. Money troubles, misery. Disreputable woman. Battre la berloque, to rave, to be crazy, to talk nonsense. Ma montre bat la berloque, my watch is quite crazy, goes anyhow. Expresses disappointment, deception. Je comptais sur lui, bernique! I relied upon him, but he failed me ; what a sell! Bertha, proper name. Heavy shell 42 cm. Heavy gun. La grosse Bertha, the big gun that bombarded Paris. Horse, gee-gee. Peasant, clodhopper, bumpkin.

Nose esp.

To shout, bawl. Money, profit. Faire son beurre, to make profits, to make one's fortune, to feather one's nest, to make one's pile, fa mettra du beurre dans les epinards, that will make our Ufe more comfortable. Qa fait mon beurre, it is to my advantage, it is the very thing for me. C'etait un vrai beurre, there was nothing hard about it, it wasn't a tough job, it was as easy as can be.

Avoir un ceil au beurre noir, to have a black eye from a blow. Pas plus de. J'ai cherchS ce livre, mais pas plus de livre que de beurre en broche I I looked for this book, but I could not lay hold of it, it was not to be found. Much esp. II n'y en a pas bezef, there isn't much of it. Bono bezef I very good! Qa c'est pour hibi, this is for number one. Public-house of low order, 2. Beer of inferior quality, any tasteless drink, slops. Qa biche? Qa biche, les affaires! Qa ne biche pas avec sa femme, he does not get on well with his wife. To adorn. Ilaitne d se bichonner, he is fond of adonizing himself.

Lucky fellow. C'est un veinard de bidard! Infantry instructor on board a man-of- war. Low-grade meat. Quite comical, screaming, killing. Une histoire bidonnante, a simply killing story. Passe-moi le vin, je vais bidonner un coup, pass the wine, I'll have a gargle.

To laugh uproariously, to be convulsed with laughter. Trade of rag-picker. Ticket theatre, railway, etc. Infantryman, foot-slogger. Colonial artillery. Mild form of bougre. Bigre, vous y allez fort I by Jove, by Gad, great Scott, you come it a bit strong! Mild form of bougrement. Qa m'ennuie bigrement! C'est bigrement dur! To worry, to fret one's self. II ne se bile jamais, he never frets himself, he takes things easy! From people who fret themselves being supposed to increase their secretion of bile. Devisser son billard, to die, to kick the bucket, to peg out.

Passer sur le billard, to be operated upon. Face usually pejorative. Une sale bille, an ugly-looking customer. Je vous fiche mon billet que, I swear, I take my davy that. Prendre un billet de parterre, to come a cropper. Trick, cunning device, stratagem. Horse, nag, jade. Peevish old woman. Face, phiz. Fellow usually pejorative. Je ne connais pas ce vieux birbe-ld, I don't know that old crock. Penal regiments in Africa.

Alter d biribi, to be sent to one of these. Falling out, bickering. En bisbille, at loggerheads. Cartes biseauUes, cards faked up so as to make cheating possible, briefs. Faire son bisness, to ply one's trade.

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To be vexed, fa me fait bisquer de le voir si veinard! Bisque, bisque, rage! Mixture of spirits and coffee, bad spirits. Tales, lies. Tout ga c'est de la bistouille, this is all nonsense, rubbish, bosh. Keeper of public-house. Public -house. Prendre une biture, to get drunk, to booze. S'en donner une biture, to have one's fill of anything.

A great quantity of anything. II y en avait une biture, there were pots, bags of them. To make drunk. Freshman at Polytechnique school. To pluck at an exam. Not to elect a candidate. Lie, false story, bung, humbug, flam. Raconter des blagues, to tell lies. Quelle blague I bosh! Allans, blague dans le coin! Non, sans blague? II m'a fait une blague, he fooled me. J'ai fait une blague, I have made a blunder, blaguer. On ne peut pas le croire, il blague toujours, you can't believe him, he's humbugging all the time.

II aime bien blaguer, he is fond of chattering. To tease. One who is fond of blague, wag, waggish. Nose, face, head. Je lui jambonnerai le blair, I'll smash his mug for him. To smell. To have a bad smell. S'il est jugS je ne le vois pas blanc, if he is tried, he's in for it.

White wine. Un verre de blanc, un petit blanc, a glass of white wine. Ugly, bad of its kind sometimes untoward. Astounded, flabbergasted. Prendre la bleue, to drink an absinthe. Young soldier, collec- tion of such. Drunk, tight, well sprung. Proof against danger, disease, etc. Prison, quod. Fourrer au bloc, to put in the clink.

Remember the Battle of the Beanfield | Andy Worthington

See bloc. C'est mon blot, it's my business, I'll see to that. C'est pas ton blot, mind your own business. Opera hat. To be wrong. Je me suis blouse, I was wrong, I made a blunder. Blouser quelqu'un, to mislead somebody. Humbug, lie. Tout ga c'est des bobards, on nous I'a trop fait! C'est des bobards, it is all bosh, tommy rot.

Bobeche, proper name. Head, nut. On lui a montd le bobe'chon! Face, phiz, nut. Child's word. Harm, pain, sore. Faire bobo, to be aching. Un bobo, a sore. Room, house. Disorderly house. Hence bocherie, bochie, bochisme. Very pleasant and filling. We've also visited there for Valentine's Day It was cute and served find dinner.

With a friend I had dinner in the Restaurant Couronne d'Or. From Basel, I love to cross the border to the Alsace and France, this makes me feel like being on holidays. The Couronne d'Or is one of the few restaurants open on Sundays, and we loved it. An old French-style cosy room for the guests, but well renovated, very friendly staff the manager being young, congratulations for your courage to take over this place and do it so well; then the mixture of French, French with an Alsacian accent and Alemannic - similar to my Swiss dialect , a hand written menu card you feel the care - my friend says, it has been the same hand-writing for years , menus that are rare in Switzerland I selected tripes in a beer sauce and dandelion salad called pissenlit in French - but the choice was difficult, many more enticing dishes on the menu , and I had a dry Muscat wine in the Alsacian wine glass with the green foot so pretty, only used for Alsacian white wines.

No wonder. Make sure you reserve a table before driving to Leymen to eat at the Couronne d'Or. It is worth it, it deserves to be called not just "Couronne" crown , but "Couronne d'Or" gold crown. To add "a little more about it" - the restaurant serves French food, which is the best European food. Parking: This is France, there are enough parking places across the street.

Bar: Not sure, they have small garden tables in front, a small room to have just drinks, when entering, hence you can use the restaurant as a bar only, but it would be a pity to miss the meals. Good for children: Children are welcome in restaurants in France, even dogs are allowed in there was a big black dog sleeping quietly nearby. Dogs and children are all well behaved and they simply are part of a normal life in France - everywhere, also in restaurants. This restaurant has maintained its high standards for several years and is always a pleasure to visit.

It's good for special occasions and for groups, with food that is well cooked, espocially the rack of lamb, and service that is occasionally rather abrupt, but nevertheless always efficient. Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

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