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Thus, I can only presume the other hand—primed and at the ready—is left free for wrist-slapping when viewers figure out that they've been made complicit. Having landed a plum writing gig at trendy Pique Magazine, hotshot investigative journalist Nick Eliot the British Elwes, on the losing end of a battle with an American accent packs everything he owns into the back of his vintage Plymouth Valiant convertible and moves to Vancouver--standing in for Seattle, Washington, I think. In no time he rents a picturesque above-garage apartment in a tony suburban neighborhood from a busy professional couple with a precocious year-old daughter Silverstone named Adrian For his part, Nick goes from flattered, to annoyed, to empathetic, to finally settling firmly in on idiocy.

Now more convinced than ever that her feelings for Nick are fully reciprocated, Adrian the Equestrian comes to regard his eleventh-hour protestations and capitulations to propriety as little more than what they probably are: guilt-based, locking the barn door after the horse has bolted, ploys or zipping the fly after the…well, you get the idea.

Some guys really like girls with small breasts!

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It's a film that cries out for the MST3K treatment and one whose entertainment value increases exponentially in direct proportion to how many other people you see it with. It's a guaranteed good time so long as you take care not to allow certain things to intrude upon your viewing experience that might tend to spoil your fun…like your brain.

The movie is about Adrian's crush on Nick, yet it's her body that's the most consistent object of the camera's objectification. We're granted just one scene in which we're invited to share Adrian's POV: as she spies on Nick naked in the shower. It was a very good year for bad girls. Maybe we've found the source of Adrian's psychosis. Female and male are vixen and victim in a stacked-deck narrative that has the character of Adrian depicted as a child only when the film wants to play up the taboo, schoolgirl fetish angle of the story her ultra-girly bedroom, overflowing with stuffed animals and floral patterns, looks like it belongs to a year-old.

In all other ways, the viewer is encouraged to see her as a woman. Instead, the film's cluelessness heh, heh winds up being its asset. Labels: 90's , Cult. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Under the Western veil of sexual liberation, women and girls in the West continue to be objectified and sexually exploited. One may argue that adult women make a choice to engage in this behavior, however, these decisions can be influenced by a subconscious that is guided by constant images of sexual exploitation; so much so that they seem like acceptable societal norms. In August , the French Senate made the first meaningful act of any government to deal with this issue by voting to place a ban on all child beauty pageants, which constitutes those where the pageant competitors are under the age of Of course, this problem is not tied only to the French media — the same can be said globally, including here in the U.

Sex trafficking of children is often viewed as a problem that primarily affects the developing world, and those involved in discourse often dismiss the role of those from the West and developed nations in perpetuating this epidemic. Sex tourists from these developed nations are the primary clientele for child sex workers globally. These are the pedophiles that flock to places like Thailand, the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, Africa, Kenya, South America, Brazil; all nations that have high rates of sex trafficking.

At the base of the problem of global sex trafficking, particularly that which involves minors, is that, like any other commodity, supply has been created to meet demand. The men, including those who travel a great distance, who buy sexual services and consumer goods such as videos and internet pornography, create the demand that fuels the commercial sexual exploitation and enslavement of children worldwide. UNODC, Even major sporting events such as the Super Bowl and the NCAA Final Four attract tens of thousands of visitors with money who want to party, and pimps with prostitutes ready to cash in.

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Estes, National Center The United States, and particularly California, is the epicenter of the pornography industry, and this includes child pornography. In fact, an entire pornographic category has been created for those with pedophile tendencies. Then there are the more explicit images of actual children which are distributed worldwide.

The problem is prevalent in the U. When this occurs, it is often the young, teenaged mother who bares the bulk of ridicule from society. In fact, discourse on teenage pregnancy rarely ever makes mention of the adult men who are involved with these young girls. In order to combat this problem of teenage pregnancy through relationships with adult men, public health specialists and child welfare workers advocate for the development of policies, such as mandatory reporting and statutory rape laws Harner, Those forced into child marriage live within a perpetual cycle of poverty, low education, illiteracy, high infant mortality and pregnancy complications, domestic violence, and poor health, which hinders the economic and social development of their societies and countries.

Those who are explicated by human trafficking and pornography are also at risk for negative health and wellness outcomes, including a host of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, also high infant mortality and pregnancy complications, infertility, domestic violence, suicide, a cycle of drug abuse and complications, low education, and no socioeconomic mobility. Hudelson, P. Culture and quality: an anthropological perspective.

International Journal for Quality in Health Care. Hooks, B. Understanding patriarchy: Banerji, R.

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Gandhi used his position to sexually exploit young women. The way we react to this matters even today. Youth Ki Awaaz. Frith, K. Shaw P, Cheng, H. Solomon, M.

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The beauty match-up hypothesis: Congruence between types of beauty and product images in advertising. Journal of Advertisin g. Roudi-Fahimi, F. Ending child marriage in the Arab region. Huffington Post. Retrieved from: www. International Center for Research on Women. A report card for adolescents.

Nickerson Barbie: The Bad Seed

New York. World Vision. A research report. Svanemyr J. Reproductive Health. United Nations Population Fund. Keneally, M. Al Bawaba. Jamjoom M. Yemen minister on child marriage: Enough is enough. Pandey, A. Pressured to marry her alleged rapist, 12 year old committs suicide. Maternal-perinatla morbidity and mortality associated with adolescent pregnancy in Latin America: cross-sectional study.


Santhya KG, et al. Evidence from India. Raj, A. The effect of maternal chld marriage on morbidity and mortality of children under 5 in India. Cross-sectional study of a national representative sample. Clark, S. Studies in Family Planning. Raj, A, et al. Association between adolescent marriage and marital violence among young adult women in India.

I nternational Journal Gynceolgy Obsterics. Oduah, C. Facing child marriage in Nigeria. Bhalla, N. Indian woman beaten for trying to stop child marriage.

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Thomas Reuters Foundation. Tavaana Learning Institute. Age 10 and divorced: Nujood Ali and the fight against child brides in Yemen. International News. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. UNODC report on human trafficking exposes modern form of slavery. Department of State. Trafficking in Persons Report, 7th ed. Washington, DC: U. Department of State, , 8.

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Robinson LN. The globalization of female child prostitution: A call for reintegration and recovery measures via Article 39 of the United Nations convention of the rghts of the child. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies. Child maltreatment: Prevalence, incidence, and consequences in the East Asia and Pacific region, A systematic review of research.

Johns J, Cohen T. FBI crackdown nabs pimps, resuces children. Richard J. Estes and Neil A. Sexual abuse of poor children in developing countries increasingly streamed online.

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Kaufman, S. Teenage couple accussed of selling daughters as young as 6 years old to pornographers. Raw Story. Harner, H. Childhood sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, and partnering with adult men: exploring the relationship. I had only one desire: to dismember it. To see of what it was made, to discover the dearness, to find the beauty, the desirability that had escaped me, but apparently only me. Adults, older girls, shops, magazines, newspapers, window signs—all the world had agreed that a blue-eyed, yellow-haired, pink-skinned doll was what every girl child treasured.

Their visages represented the diverse colors of black beauty. In the early twenty-first century, however, that sundry black beauty has given way to a new crop of racially ambiguous performers representing the rise of the Pseudo-White Barbie. The Pseudo-White Barbie look is now ubiquitous in popular music and the entertainment industry.

There is nothing racially neutral about the evolution of Barbie. Barbie burst onto the burgeoning toy scene in Initially, both a blonde and brunette version was produced. In just a few short years, the adult-like Barbie took the doll market by storm. Eventually, the blonde version of the doll dominated the market, and Blonde Barbie has come to represent the gold standard of American beauty for generations of young girls.

During a trip through post-war Germany in the s, American businesswoman Ruth Handler discovered an adult novelty that captured her imagination. Handler had come across a Bild Lilli doll. Modeled after a serial cartoon character, the busty and blonde Lilli, according to several authors, was essentially a sex doll.

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The Teutonic blonde with blue eyes symbolized the very pinnacle of female German beauty, with renderings and pictures of such women adorning propaganda posters and beauty parlors throughout the Reich. Bild Lilli was easy to Americanize into Barbie for a number of reasons, chief among them being that blonde hair already carried powerful racial connotations in America. Bild Lilli easily made the cultural crossover to Barbie in the fertile soil of white supremacist America. Blondeness carried powerful connotations in America, as it did in Germany during the early twentieth century. With the later rise of the Black Barbie, a similar scenario seemed to play out.

Was the spreading popularity of blonde hair on black women an attempt to break from the past? The actual Black Barbie appeared in as essentially a white Barbie dipped in chocolate. By the early twenty-first century, the Black Barbie look and persona began to penetrate the ranks of African American artists. Several black artists adopted parts of the Barbie persona, while also attempting to leave their own mark on the Barbie legacy. New York rapper, Azealia Banks, also toyed with the Barbie persona. I fucks with all things monetary.

My urge for the dough is involuntary. I need that cream like Ben and Jerry. However, unlike Diamond and other hip-hop stars, Banks is dark skinned. Her embrace of Barbie also seems more illusory. Three other more prominent stars more fully realize the Black Barbie phenomena-and its metamorphism. Like Diamond and Banks, Kim appropriated the Barbie image in her own way. Like Beyonce and especially Nicki Minaj, Kim turns the white middle class respectability that Barbie represents on its head. In a little of over a decade and a half, Kim physically transformed herself.

In , Kim posed for a birthday portrait explicitly showing her as Barbie. The portrait is not that of a recognizably black woman, but of a Pseudo-White woman-complete with flowing blonde hair, surgically altered facial features, pale skin, and crystal blue eyes. Beyonce, in her own way, also represented the early rise of the real-life Black Barbie. Over time, however, she phased-out her dark hair in favor of a now seemingly permanent bleached blonde look. She also almost-certainly underwent surgery to narrow her nose.

This latter observation misses the point. She is also far from the first or last black celebrity to adopt the platinum blonde look or to become increasingly racially ambiguous. Minaj is known for her alter egos. We all want to play dress-up. We all want to put on lipstick and be cute and sexy…. I love the Harajuku culture. The way they dress is the way I feel inside.

Implants, probable skin lightening, colored contacts, and blonde hair have rendered Minaj, physically, into another woman entirely. Or are they more comfortable with her being a pink girl with a blonde wig and an English accent that looks just like any other Barbie, rather than a threatening black woman? There are now official Barbie dolls for both Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.

Prominent among them is an image of the doll-almost undistinguishable from the white Barbie-with a blue- eyed white Ken doll dressed as Superman. As the black, and finally the Pseudo-White Barbie, rose in recent years, recognizably black women have become increasingly scarce in the media and the public imagination. This is the story of the nightmare at the heart of her yearning and the tragedy of its fulfillment. The selling of the Pseudo-White Barbie is the selling of white supremacy.

Understanding it is the first step in deconstructing it. February 26, In Jhana Sen Xian Ed. After the close of the Civil War, many assumed that the scar of slavery had been done away with — that it was something to be put into the annals of American history, only to be brought up in classrooms. Slavery was still around, however, in a much different form. Besides the convict lease system , which kept black people as slaves within the construct of leasing them to corporations, there was also sharecropping, which kept blacks tied to the land they worked.

In order to obtain a full understanding of sharecropping, the social, economic, and legal contexts under which sharecropping was instituted must first be examined. After the Civil War ended, the rather short-lived era of Reconstruction came about. This era brought Union troops occupying former rebel states to ensure that blacks had equal rights, and a large rise in the number of black politicians on both the local, state, and national levels. Poor harvests only exacerbated the problems as planters found themselves unable to attain sufficient crops to gain enough money to hire wage laborers.

The agency was also given the task of supervising labor contracts. They had to be discovered by a process of experimentation.