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Nova's forces captured the security hub and put the facility on lockdown, but Kerrigan and Raynor managed to reach the shuttle bay, where the Archangel was deployed. It was destroyed by Kerrigan, but Nova managed to capture Raynor. The Drakken pulse cannon. The Dominion Fleet attacked the Hyperion above Phaeton , refusing to cease fire even when Horner told them that Valerian was aboard, as Mengsk was willing to sacrifice anything to kill Kerrigan. They found Kerrigan in a zerg base, but she held them off until Broodmother Naktul arrived. The cannon was destroyed by Kerrigan and Naktul's brood , at which point the Dominion troops fled to their ships.

Warfield's compound. When Broodmother Zagara attempted to bring her brood through the Bone Trench , Warfield brought in a Gorgon which strafed them repeatedly. However, Warfield's forces retreated when Kerrigan brought down the Gorgons by awakening scourge nests. Kerrigan survived the blast and proceeded to destroy the fortress.

The Dominion launched thousands of two-way communicators at Kerrigan's leviathan. Mengsk used one to contact Kerrigan and reveal that Raynor was alive. He told her to keep her Swarm away from Korhal or Raynor would be killed. The Moros at Atlas station. Colonel Orlan hacked the Dominion's deep-encryption security network and found out where they were holding Raynor.

When the Moros stopped at Atlas Station for resupply the next day, it was boarded by Kerrigan. In response, Mengsk set the bridge to explode. The Moros then began tearing itself apart as Kerrigan reached the prison deck, but Dominion soldiers were unable to prevent her from getting Raynor out. Kerrigan was drawn to Skygeirr Station by Alexei Stukov and the garrisons on the platorm were infested. The Dominion vented gas onto the platform to kill the infested terrans , then attacked the virophages.

Once their gas reserves ran out, it required time to synthesize more gas and they came under renewed attack by the zerg. The entrance to the facility was breached [45] and Dominion forces inside failed to prevent Kerrigan from destroying the laboratory. With zerg leviathans assembling above Korhal, Mengsk called upon his forces to defend it. The Drakken defense network was destroyed by bile launchers and Dominion forces were driven into Augustgrad. Dominion forces were also unable to prevent the zerg from destroying the Augustgrad gates , allowing the swarm to flood into the city. The Dominion deployed a Psi Destroyer and launched a diversionary assault.

However, it was destroyed by Kerrigan and Dehaka while the zerg under Zagara pushed the Dominion into the Imperial sector. The Dominion's elite attempted to defend Mengsk's palace from the zerg and Raynor's Raiders. Following the death of his father, Prince Valerian assumed the throne. He set out to rebuild the Dominion and pledged to abolish the oppressive laws that had existed under his father's reign. Most of his time was spent trying to reign over a Dominion that had fallen into chaos. Hoping to negotiate a mutual security pact that included a technology partnership, Valerian made good-faith overtures to the Umojan Ruling Council , while also declaring a cease-fire with Hierarch Artanis.

The the Dominion halted all aggressive actions against the Daelaam. While going through his father's records, Valerian came across the existence of Project Blackstone. He dispatched a battlecruiser and the science vessel Brin to the Blackstone facility to rescue the surviving scientists. He offered them continued and paid service for the project, using the science vessel as their mobile base. He conversed with Dr Talen Ayers and wanted to make him head of he project. He promised to do what he could to find Ayers's missing daughter.

Korhal was attacked by Moebius Corps. Sky Shield was overrun and its atmospheric stabilizers were disabled, causing it to fall towards Augustgrad. Raynor's troops repaired the stabilizers after a protoss army led by Artanis cleared out Moebius Corps. Once the platform was stabilized and Moebius Corps retreated, Horner took control of the station. The palace was raided and the Keystone was taken by Moebius Corps. Raynor and Valerian set up their bases at Bennet Port , where they were overwhelmed by the psionic disruption resulting from hybrid channeling Void energy into the Keystone.

They were protected by immortals deployed by Artanis. The Dominion reclaimed the Keystone, [] suffering enormous casualties in the process. The Dominion gave the Keystone to the protoss and transmitted all of their data to Phase-smith Karax. The Dominion attempted to hold back the Golden Armada. Despite their efforts, multiple systems fell. Raynor and Horner led their forces on an expedition into the Void alongside Artanis and Kerrigan. They defeated Narud, [] protected Kerrigan as she was transformed into a xel'naga [] and aided her in the fight against Amon. This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions , and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

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Over the course of the End War, the Terran Dominion provided their forces to aid in the fight against Amon. By , Valerian declared that open elections would be held within the Dominion. To memorialize the third anniversary of the fall of his father's regime, Valerian held a monumental celebration in the capital wing of Augustgrad, heralding in a new age of prosperity and peace within the Dominion. At the Senate steps, Horner reaffirmed the military's support of the new Dominion government.

Meanwhile, peace negotiations were underway with the Daelaam. Soon however, documents confirming Valerian's connections to the Moebius Foundation and their hybrid were found by the Umojan Protectorate, and threatened to break the trust Valerian had gained from his people. Valerian ordered Agent Nova Terra to infiltrate an Umojan Protectorate space fortress named the Keep to retrieve the documents.

Nova was successful in getting in, destroying the Keep's defenses and retrieving the documents before reinforcements arrived. Valerian, now with the offending discs in hand, expressed regret for being complicit in the hybrid breeding program , and Nova told Valerian that memories and secrets can be buried but that does not make them disappear. Pondering that, Valerian then released the documents on his connections to Moebius publicly, stating that he had failed his people, but he would keep no more secrets from them.

Nova meanwhile refused to undergo a mind wipe of the mission to the Keep, in spite of wishing to forget the civilians she killed. Having survived zerg attacks and intercine strife, the Dominion's war-weary populace attempted to recover from previous conflicts. Some people wanted to make sure that the Dominion remained ready for any future alien attacks, and that they had the security and weapons needed to protect themselves. Others were more interested in ensuring that Valerian's government took a more progressive, egilatarian direction.

However, that same freedom allowed his enemies to question his actions with impunity. During this strife, the Zerg Swarm were spotted on outer colony worlds, including Antiga Prime. Unbeknownst to the Dominion, these attacks were orchestrated by the Defenders of Man, who used psi-emitters to lure feral zerg to undefended worlds. Relief effort was sent to the Antigan population. Meanwhile, a large number of Terran Dominion ghosts began to go missing. However, attacks on Bountiful and other outer rim colonies were met with slow response, and the Defenders of Man were the ones to repel the zerg there.

This turned public opinion against the Dominion in favor of these militias, and the Dominion Senate began discussing the group. It remained deadlocked on the question of use of military action. Ghost agent Nova Terra was assigned to investigate the activities of the Defenders of Man. Radio Liberty attempted to investigate, but their offices were raided by masked attackers, and two of their crew were taken hostage. Going on the hints of Michael Liberty , listeners of Radio Liberty broke into the Defenders of Man database and uncovered Ghost academy files on the missing ghosts, as well as evidence stating Nova had killed undercover Dominion agents in that base.

Attacks continued across the outer colonies, with slow Dominion response leading to disillusionment with the Valerian Mengsk regime and support of the Defenders of Man. Nova broke out of a Defenders of Man base, [] and reconnected with Horner on Borea , where he told her that she was wanted for treason. Just then, the zerg attacked Borea. Horner used the chaos of their attack to escape the planet with Nova. She met Reigel , who used a device to make her memories of her time in the Defenders of Man resurface. After setting up a garrison, Nova infiltrated a Defenders of Man facility, [] where she discovered their plan to use psi-emitters to destroy Tyrador IX , thus exposing Valerian Mengsk as a weak ruler.

The Defenders enacted their plan to send the zerg to Tyrador IX, and planted a psi-emitter on its surface. The feral zerg overran the world, destroying the Dominion defenses and killing a massive amount of civilians. Nova's Covert Ops Crew moved in to intervene, and attempted to first take care of the zerg. The Defenders of Man sent their fleet to aid the civilians. Nova, knowing that the Tal'darim would kill the civilians they were defending in the process, set out to destroy the shield projectors defending the mothership.

Terran Dominion

She was successful, and First Ascendant Ji'nara sent the mothership at the Dominion position. Nova and her crew were able to destroy the mothership and repel the Tal'darim and saved thousands of lives. However, the Defenders of Man took credit for the rescue. Nova however found an unlikely ally; Highlord Alarak boarded the Griffin and made her a deal.

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He would give her access to terrazine , which would undo the mind wipe the Defenders of Man did to her, and in return she would lead him to the Defenders of Man. There she rescued the Umojan Protectorate survivors trapped there, and fought both the infested terrans and the Tal'darim under Ji'nara who sought to challenge her for the substance from the Jarban gliders.

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Nova gathered what terrazine she needed, and Alarak said when she found what he desired he would know. With that the two parted ways. Nova then contacted Valerian, who urged caution.

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  8. He eventually had to cut contact as the protests outside of the palace began to worsen. Nova injected a microdose of terrazine, and remembered working with the Defenders of Man on an operation on Antiga Prime. Nova went there, fighting through the feral zerg that occupied the planet. Using the terrazine, Nova remembered her part in planting the psi-emitters and working for the Defenders of Man, and working with Stone to uncover what the devices they were planting were.

    Nova then found the mission files Stone had left behind. After injecting one last dose of terrazine, she uncovered a memory of the Defender of Man's leader, General Davis. Nova contacted Valerian, telling her what she found. Nova wanted to assassinate Davis, but Valerian stated he had a plan, and Nova would need to play her part in it.

    Valerian then contacted Davis, stating his intention to step down as Emperor of the Dominion. This was however a ruse to draw Davis out, and Valerian announced he would give his speech to step down on Vardona. Meanwhile, Nova would sneak in through the sewers, infiltrate Davis's compound , and capture her. Reigel said he would send a team for them.

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    After unlocking the doors to Davis's office, Nova confronted Stone, who had also been mindwiped. Nova incapacitated her old squadmate, and ordered Reigel to extract him as he was still alive. Nova then moved into Davis's chamber, and apprehended her. Valerian stated that he had proof the Defenders of Man were behind the zerg attacks, and that it was engineered by Davis. However, as Davis was brought out in handcuffs, the Tal'darim Death Fleet arrived to exact vengeance on the Defenders of Man.

    Their ships strafed the city, killing Defender of Man, Dominion soldier and civilian alike. Nova insisted that Alarak should not be able to harm civilians, and came to the city's defense. In spite of sending motherships against the terrans, the Tal'darim were beaten back with high casualties and forced to retreat. However, in the chaos General Davis escaped aboard the Medusa.

    Nova and the Griffin gave chase. Nova tracked Davis to the Cerros Shipyards , where she and her loyalist Defenders of Man planned a last stand to destroy the Dominion Fleet's stock of Gorgons, hampering Valerian's ability to control the Dominion. Nova stated that she had to kill Davis, but Valerian demanded that she be brought back alive. Nova was able to destroy the Xanthos's weapon systems, forcing it back for repairs, and she and Admiral Horner's Hyperion were able to break through the Defender's final lines. When the got to the Xanthos however, Davis revealed a top secret transformation mode that activated a large thermal beam.

    However, neither that nor sending the remaining Defenders of Man against the Dominion forces were successful, and the Xanthos was incapacitated. Nova went inside, and against Valerian's direct order killed General Davis. Nova, now a fugitive, fled Dominion capture. Reigel noted to her that he and the crew were loyal to her first and foremost, and Nova intended to use the crew as a vigilante group in the defense of the Dominion, doing so on their own terms. Peace returned to the Dominion, as Valerian released documents on the Defenders of Man's plans, popular support returned to Valerian, even regarding the assassination of General Davis.

    Horner tracked the Griffin , but Valerian told him to let Nova go, for now. By , the Terran Dominion was still struggling to rebuild from the wars of the s. Though a tenuous peace had been won, famine and drought had broken out across many of the planets undergoing reconstructing.

    Terran Dominion

    Planets that took severe damage were economically draining the healthier ones. There were also a vast number of physically and psychologically scarred individuals from the wars that it was struggling to provide for. The Dominion sought aid from the Umojan Protectorate, but as they still saw the Dominion as a threat, and were hesitant to supply aid.

    Unexpectedly a call for aid came from the Zerg Swarm, who called Emperor Valerian Mengsk to the planet of Gystt , a supposedly purified planet that had been regrown by the zerg. There Overqueen Zagara met with Valerian and Hierarch Artanis, stated that Sarah Kerrigan had gifted them the essence of the xel'naga before she departed, allowing them to regenerate world such as Gystt. They spun these into creatures named adostra. However, Abathur saw these creatures as abominations, and the peace between races as contradictory to the goals of the Swarm.

    He engineered a second species named the chitha , who used xel'naga essence to disrupt psionics and communications. Though he nearly succeeded in destroying the adostra nests and sparking a war with the powers of the Koprulu sector, the Dominion's survey team eventually discovered his plot and destroyed his chitha, allowing Zagara to apprehend him.

    The Dominion founded the Zerg Compliance Ground-Force Unit to oversee the peace between the races, and would help aid in the hunting down of chitha, the guarding of the adostra and the prevention of Abathur from sparking another conflict. At some point after the One-Day War, in the demilitarized zone, tensions rose as a renegade Terran Dominion group under Captain Hogarth attempted to illegally loot a jorium cache on the planet Adena. Admiral Urun and his forces watched the terrans closely, soon seeing them spring a trap set by the Niadra Brood.

    In the chaos, Hogarth opened fire on the protoss, and a brief three-way battle ensued. After abandoning his men on the surface, Hogarth reported to the Dominion that a mercenary had bribed them to violate the DMZ. Meanwhile, the Daelaam indefinitely postponed peace talks with the Dominion, leaving Valerian to wonder about the state of their peace. Publicly the Terran Dominion blamed the battle on rogue mercenaries, and reported all terrans on the surface of Adena were killed.

    Privately, the Dominion sent a battlegroup to hunt down the surviving mercenaries. After the battle, tensions remained high with the protoss. The Kel-Morian Combine and the Umojan Protectorate began making territory grabs, forcing the Dominion to stretch their forces thin to counteract them. These however did not shake the peace treaty established with the zerg.

    Dominion iconogrophy interwoven with that of the Mengsk Dynasty. The Dominion possesses a nobility with great wealth. Under Arcturus Mengsk, the Dominion was an absolute monarchy, though this was a fact that he tried not to reinforce. Internally, the Dominion ruled through oppression, fear and surveillance and makes extensive use of propaganda in order to control its citizens. Groups such as the Umojan Protectorate and the UED Expeditionary Fleet remnants were labeled as "racial traitors" in propaganda [62] and the zerg and protoss were portrayed as distinct threats.

    Under Valerian Mengsk, the Dominion continues to make use of propaganda, stating that the old tyranny of Arcturus's rules has been abandoned. It claims that Prince Valerian and the senate have established "the most enlightened and least corrupt governing body in history," along with calling its social justice system "the envy of the sector.

    Terran Dominion

    It has accepted that conflict with terrans is also likely—such is the nature of human history. Valerian allowed freedom of the press. Emperor Arcturus Mengsk. The Dominion controls the majority of terran colonies in the Koprulu sector. A demilitarized zone exists between the Dominion, Zerg Swarm , [] Daelaam territories. UED Expeditionary Fleet. Incumbent concurrent with Kerrigan's Swarm. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

    Contents [ show ]. In unity lies strength; already many of the dissident factions have joined us. Out of the many, we shall forge an indivisible whole, capitulating only to a single throne. And from that throne, I shall watch over you! From this day forward, let no human make war upon any other human. Let no Terran agency conspire against this new beginning. Whenever man stands upright and lifts his eyes toward heaven, then all the animals raise their heads too, and look to man, fearing and trembling in his presence. The teaching of Israel laid the heaviest emphasis on responsibility.

    Since man is quite capable of exercising the awesome powers that have been entrusted to him as the very image of God, he must needs be an example to all, and if he fails in his trust, he can only bring upon himself the condemnation of God and the contempt of all creatures. Some of the profoundest human commentary is contained in the vast and ancient corpus literature of the animal fables, a protest literature in which the beasts bring accusation against the human race for their shabby performance in the days of their probation.

    The traditions that Adam dwelt with beasts in the preexistence, and that the animals will accuse man at the judgment, call attention to the ancient teaching, restored in this dispensation, that animals have spirits. For it was spiritual in the day that I created it. What an admonition to proceed with reverence and care! Normative Judaism and Christianity, following the lead of Aristotle and the doctors of Alexandria, have always rejected and resented the idea that animals might in any degree be classed with men, who alone, according to the perennial doctrine of the schools, enjoy the powers of speech and reason, the mark of divinity that sets them uniquely and absolutely apart.

    Smith would say. These closely related doctrines have formed the common ground on which fundamentalism and scientism have joined hands, the former horrified at the thought of being related to lower creatures than man, the latter scorning any suggestion that we might be related to higher ones.

    God and Satan both presented plans of dominion to Adam and then to his son Cain. The father chose one plan, the son the other. But we must go back to Adam to see how clever the thing really is. The story is told not only of Adam but of the other great patriarchs as well. Yes, Francis tweets, using the Twitter handle Pontifex.

    Although animal advocates implored Ratzinger to reiterate his views on animal welfare after he became pope, he never did so. Most Roman Catholics participate in this mistreatment, a few by raising chickens, ducks, and turkeys in ways that maximize profit by reducing animal welfare, and the majority by buying the products of factory farms. If Pope Francis can change that, he will, in my view, have done more good than any other pope in recent history. Peter Singer is a professor of bioethics at Princeton University and a laureate professor at the University of Melbourne.

    Click to enlarge. Animal welfare , Pope Francis , factory farming.