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Work matters more than talent— this is like a much better version of Outliers. Focus on the work, always. There are at least 5 ways to talk to people in Japan, based on their status and yours. Japanese Daruma dolls are really cool symbols for persistence. Keep real objects around you that remind you of your purpose.

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We need to be clear on what those mistakes are or we waste a lot of time. Most of the answers to happiness have been figured out by old people. Simple environmental changes can radically alter behaviour. Mitch Joel is an under-appreciated asset to the whole social media community. This book has secretly outsold every single other social media book out there, by the way.

Susie Pearl: Wellbeing, health and happiness writer

Frankly, this was not memorable. Trust me. Between stimulus and response there is a space, and in that space lies our growth and our freedom. This was the largest inspiration for my book The Flinch. If you feel fear in non-dangerous situations, you should just go forward anyway. Being remarkable means your customers will notice, and being noticed is the first step on the way to being successful. Doing the impossible is often easier than you think. Having a system in place is necessary to facilitate completing lots of tasks. Otherwise, you get lost. This stifles innovation from the Canadian system.

Our physical environment is important. How we feel in a place influences our behaviour in it, so try to create a space you love. Even if people are outside your social network, you influence them. Amazing book. Crazy stories. The world of the future will be controlled by those who have, and understand, the numbers. Intuition is no longer good enough. Traveling full-time is easier than expected.

You, yes you, could probably do it… just not as you are now. Your spending habits are changeable. Stop letting them direct your life. Working on things vs, say, ideas is rewarding, because you can see the results of your work and how it improves the world. Unfortunately, all work sucks at least a little.

Art is all about personalities and technique is no longer that important. Change is about working with three things: intellect, emotion, and environment. Get all three and change is easy. I read this while in Cuba. This is the book I wish I had written. I was both impressed and upset when I read it because it was what I had wanted to do. Take time to work on your cooking skills. Getting people to do exercises makes them think about things more than if they just read about them. Think about your life as a story. How would you make it worth watching?

Also, a character is what a character does. This is very important. Zen Masters are just normal people that sit around a lot. I spent a month in a Zen monastery in Japan, so I know this is true. Just garbage. People used to be very gullible I think. A wall of text used to convince people… wait, maybe it still does? This book made me appreciate Chinese writing. The fashionable thing is to like the Japanese, but honestly I think ancient Chinese philosophical writing is far superior.

History will distort what your message is, or it will forget you. So never go through the aisles of a grocery store— go around the edges instead, where the fridges are. Behind the things your spouse does is a way of thinking. Aligning yourself with that will help you understand them. So the lesson here is, read up on sound bites before repeating them.

Big bets either pay off or wipe you out. But even if they wipe you out, you can still come back from it. Your instincts have been honed by millions of years of evolution. One book on the paleo diet is enough.

Stop re-reading the same information over and over again. This also applies to social media books.

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The French are best appreciated as a deeply distinct culture. This is actually a big message most web people forget. Another paleo book may not have been the right thing to do, but it does prove that presentation matters. This book is the best presented of all the ones I read.

People have encountered new technology many times before, so looking to the past can help you understand how you should deal with it when it happens to you. This was about success, but whatever. Why do I keep reading about the same things? Native people all over the world, before being introduced to Western food, had significantly less chronic disease. The productivity system you use must be available everywhere and give you your tasks only for today, not for next week.

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You should not be working inside your company putting out fires. You should be improving its efficiency instead. This book is like a better 4-Hour-Workweek. Michel Foucault was gay and came up with the panopticon. Science writers usually write a complicated book, and then a simple one after that. Always read one or the other. Never both. Do the minimum possible to affect the largest possible change.

Everything else is wasted energy unless you want to master a discipline. If you work on the web, you need to understand what direction that is. Thailand again… this was the funniest book I ever read. It made me want to write other things than business books for the first time. Most people on the web are writers, not programmers, and in so doing, they are less powerful than they could be.

Social media is all about basic human interactions, so being as human as possible means you have the most impact. All Stephen King books are about a regular thing that becomes evil. Carrie is a high school girl that becomes evil. Christine is a car that becomes evil. Cujo is a dog that becomes evil. The Long Walk is about a walk that becomes evil. Insurance companies and others understand risk in an extremely sophisticated way— but most individuals do not. I write about the power of living positively to find more harmony and less stress.

I explore how we can live being kinder to ourselves and other animals, finding better ways to take care of our precious planet. Leading with better food decisions and taking in less harmful chemicals in our everyday life. Technology is moving fast, the world is in a time of big change and there is a lot of fear and anxiety around. Stress and related diseases is one of the biggest killers in modern civilisation. This blog is a place where I love to share information on easy and useful tools for creating balance and wellness.

I founded a successful global entertainment communications agency, ran a successful personal transformation business, and explored tools for transformation from around the world. There have been spectacular meltdowns, traumas and life events which have all paved the way for some serious soul searching. Last year I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and that came completely out of the blue for me. I had started to lose my memory and my neighbour noticed this and became concerned. I made a decision that I would survive it and it was not my time to go.

I am a mum and had a teenage son who needed me and I knew in my heart that it was not my time to go anywhere. The journey that followed taught me deep and profound lessons about life, friends and family. I now have a clear bill of health, two clear MRI scans showing that the tumour has gone and is fully healed and am entering back into life and have returned home after 10 months of treatment in hospital. My family have been amazing and all pulled together. We all got closer and I ended up living with my brothers on rotation for the months after I left hospital. Be humble. Fame is man-given.

Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. John Wooden. Little things make big things happen. No one can do more than that. Hate, we should remove from the dictionary. Wooden family.