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And just last month, the celebrity pastor Judah Smith announced Churchome Global — essentially, church via app, with forums and the ability to pray for fellow congregants by pressing your thumbs onto icons while hearts float up the screen.

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For many churchgoers, consuming church the way we consume the news is more convenient, and more in line with our lifestyles than the old-fashioned Sunday morning visit. And yet, church calls. At the same time some people find themselves at brunch with friends or catching up on Netflix in bed, I am in a padded, stackable chair at the Russian cultural center my church rents for our services, sitting under a disco ball and listening to a sermon about Jesus.

Live-streaming church services is nothing new, and churches have been making and selling recordings of their sermons ever since the advent of cassette tapes. The intention behind live-streaming services — to make church, and its attendant benefits of community, prayer and worship, available to everyone with a smartphone — is a good one. But it presumes that God is primarily present to us one on one, as individuals, rather than as a community of believers.

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This is not what the Bible says. In his letters to early Christian communities, the Apostle Paul describes the church as a body comprising different but equally necessary members.

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Religious affiliation in America is down, according to a Pew survey. Religious institutions more and more reflect an insular community, and Churchome Global is the best distillation of where American Christianity is headed — your living room, your phone, your television. No longer will you have to leave your house to interact with fellow worshipers.

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You can do it all from the comfort, and isolation, of your own home. But this individual, isolated experience of church is the poorer one for those of us who are able to go. Live-streaming services are of course important for the homebound. We can be members of a body best when we are all together — we can mourn when we observe and wipe away tears, just as we can rejoice when we can share smiles and have face-to-face conversations.

Studies show that regular attendance at religious services correlates with better sleep , lower blood pressure in older adults and a reduced risk of suicide. I doubt these same phenomena occur when online church is substituted for the real thing, because the truth is that community is good for us.

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We need one another. Two Christmases ago, my husband and I were dealing with our second miscarriage in three months.

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The Mass times will be our normal Mass times with the exception of Sunday evening. Mass on Sunday evening will begin at 6 p. See you at Mass!

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

These Masses will be held in the Manvel High School gym. Every year we perform compliance reports and checks to ensure all of our volunteers meet Safe Environment Compliance. You can pick up a form at the Parish Office or request one by email by sending an email to Michele at mgunn sacredheartmanvel. Thank you for your cooperation.

Does the Bible Say You Have to Go to Church?

Debemos tener todos los formularios completados para el domingo 2 de junio. Visit the Stewardship tab to sign up for online giving and to find out how you can become involved in your parish! Home Calendar About Welcome Fr.