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Medicine for the Outdoors.

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Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier; Foreign-body removal. Urgent Care Medicine Secrets. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier; chap Updated by: Linda J. Editorial team.

How to remove a splinter

Splinter removal. If the splinter is under the skin or hard to grab: Sterilize a pin or needle by soaking it in rubbing alcohol or placing the tip in a flame. The 10 Best Deals of July 8, Shep McAllister ,. Chelsea Stone ,. Tercius ,.

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Katherine Krueger. Rarely, people may become infected with splinters from more unusual sources.

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Common cases of exotic foreign bodies include sea urchins, insect stings, stingray spines, and even grenade shrapnel. Splinters are often first detected by the person with the splinter in their body. If manual detection and localization fail, the main methods for medical imaging of splinters are:.

Small wooden splinters mm distant from bones are most easily detected by ultrasonography, while CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging have higher sensitivity for those near bones. There are many medical techniques to remove splinters safely. Common medical techniques include the Elliptical Technique and the String Technique. From there the flesh in the elliptical area is cut in the shape of an upside-down cone and the whole chunk of flesh containing the splinter is removed. The Needle Cover Technique is limited to fishhook removal. A string is looped around the base of the hook, and as the hook is pressed further into the skin, the string is pulled, allowing the barbs to be unhooked from muscle and follow the path of the rest of the hook out of the body without snagging any additional flesh.

Infection is usually determined by the duration of time that the foreign object remains lodged in the human body.

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Objects that have included poison, deep penetration, dirt, or bite injuries generally result in a shorter time until infection is notable. According to the AAFP patients that are older, or have diabetes, or have wounds that are longer, wider, more jagged or deeper, have a much higher risk of infection. Simply the easiest way to avoid infection is to completely remove the splinters or foreign body as soon as possible.

Though infection is generally the largest complication encountered with splinters, ranging from 1.