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By Carly Stern For Dailymail. Tia and Tamera Mowry are identical twins — so obviously, they look exactly the same, from their hair to their noses to their smiles. But even though she knew that, Tamera still suffered insecurity that she was the 'ugly' twin. Tamera told her co-hosts and the studio audience that she took a fan's charge that she was the 'ugly and goofy twin' to heart, and it wasn't until a friend gave her a reality check that she finally snapped out of it.

Not nice: On The Real on Monday, host Tamera cried as she recalled a cruel letter from a 'fan' she got when she was Wiping away tears — and getting angry at herself for letting her emotions get carried away — she explained that in the '90s, she was on a show called Sister, Sister with her twin Tia. The sitcom ran from to and was incredibly popular with young viewers — which meant the twins got plenty of fan mail. And we used to sign the autographs. We used to do it. It wasn't pre-made,' she said. But though, naturally, most of the letters were doting and begging for signed pictures, some so-called 'fans' were not so nice.

And I carried it around with me, you guys, for years. I thought I was ugly and I thought I was goofy. Damaging: The fan said Tamera was the 'ugly' and 'goofy' twin, and Tamera held onto those words for years. The same: Luckily, a kind friend helped her left realize she couldn't let those words define her.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

Comparisons: Tamera right , pictured with Tia at a premiere in , had trouble dismissing the words even though she and her sister are identical. It wasn't until she was an adult, years later, that she recognized how ridiculous that was, recognizing that she's just as pretty as her identical twin. You are not 16 years old anymore. You do not have to listen to that insecurity in your head anymore. You do not let other people define who you are. I don't have to make an agreement with that. Lily, finally recognizing her folly, rushes to him to beg his forgiveness only to find him in the throes of the famed Astor Place Riots.

The play introduces audiences to this pivotal moment in American Theater History while framing the conversation about our current socio-economic conflicts. Lee to ask him to lead the Union Army. Historians say that President Lincoln had wanted Lee to be his general, but was turned down shortly before Virginia entered the Civil War. This short play is perfect for cultural events, oral interpretation and for history classes and buffs. In any case, it is sure to facilitate an interesting discussion as to what did happen and what might have happened had Lee not resigned from service to his president.

Filling in for a friend, an inexperienced crisis line operator handles a serious situation with the possibility of fatal consequences. A rebellious Red gone bad?! A truly inventive, fun and entertaining twist on the traditional fairy tale. But when Red gets wind of the truth, she boldly sets out to save her Grandmother with the help of a very sleepy Sleeping Beauty backed up by the three Bears she meets along the way.

A gentle, bitter sweet comedy; romantic and touching to the heart. Carolyn has become quite distracted after losing her husband. Along with searching for lost keys, watches and life, she now searches for her future. At odds with her inner-self, the young and vivacious Carrie, she struggles with her options, none of which fit quite right. The decision has been made to go into a retirement home. But is she ready for the garbage heap?

Carrie thinks not and fights to drive off to Mexico with Roy, the young security guard at her Condo. But is she really trying to recapture a lost dream of going to Mexico with her true love, Jimmy, married to the ever noxious Marsha who professes to be her friend? When Roy suggests bringing his girlfriend on the trip, Carrie comes to the realization that she truly is as old as Carolyn has tried to tell her. Now one, Carrie and Carolyn must choose the retirement home or overcome the panic of stepping out onto the balcony overlooking the city street below and the wild, blue yonder overhead.

Despite her resentment, Dottie forgave her husband long ago but still longs for his understanding and acceptance with a glimmer of hope that this time it will come. Although, of course he did. But the mock classroom trial adds humor and insight into the workings of the teenage mind and the struggles between the popular and the not-so-popular and the downright abused and bullied kids at school. Exasperated Suzanne, representing Mikey, does her best to maintain defense etiquette against a pushy defense attorney, Brandon, who harasses and intimidates his witnesses.

The Bailiff has her hands full trying to keep Cynthia focused on procedure as her main interest remains flirting with the accused. But when Cynthia hands down an absurd sentence and dismisses the jury, Mikey finally gets his day in court. This fast paced comedy works equally well with High School or Middle School teens with important lessons in tolerance beneath the fun. The battle between the sexes has never been more hilarious when sex becomes the weapon of war.

And considering the women are as reluctant to give up sex as the men, Lysistrata has her hands full keeping the battle lines drawn. The test of a great work of art is in its ability to transcend time. With its underlying message of the tragedy of war, from the loss of sons and husbands to the burden on the treasury, Lysistrata is as current today as it was some years ago.

Lysistrata provides a great opportunity to showcase the strength and versatility of your company with a preponderance of powerful and fun roles for women as well as challenging and comedic roles for men. While it is true that Macbeth killed Duncan, he killed him in battle, not in the cold-blooded fashion that Shakespeare depicts. Based on research in England, Ireland, Scotland and the U.

To emphasize resonance with current events, characters blend contemporary and Shakespearean language. The play contains murders and swordfights, comedy and tragedy, and mixes Shakespearean language with modern slang. This risible romp centers on sex and sensibilities, marital mix-ups, high spirits and moral values. But when George finally gets the opportunity to fulfill his lusty fantasies is he really ready to jump head over heels into the sofa bed? And who are all those people hiding in the closet? And what exactly are Lustcuffs? Paul Girard, a highly revered professor of mime and movement loves his wife, Colette, but he is willing to die for his prodigy Elizabeth.

His passion for Elizabeth drives his fantasies of dueling and swashbuckling those who stand in the way of his happiness, including her husband David. This heightened form is meant to collide with the realistic situation of the play. In this charming and witty s comedy, an unemployed writer, William, arrives at a newspaper office for a job interview only to find himself surrounded by an odd collection of hostile characters. Each character is bent on attacking Mr.

Anderson, the Editor of the paper, with personal or professional grievances and the only thing between the throngs and Anderson is Miss Wallace, who sits behind the reception desk. Wow the crowd with these 50 great monologues playable by boys or girls. From 30 second pieces to over two minutes, each monologue captures a moment in a child's life, a reflection from a child's perspective, a fresh look at a timeless experience or an honest expression of relationships with family, friends, teachers and pets.

Kris Jenner Wants Years More Of ‘KUWTK’ — But ‘Several&#...

Some monologues make you chuckle, some bring a tear and all hit square on the mark. With so many to choose, you'll find the perfect piece for your audition or competition. And with such a wide range of playing time and content, you'll find the right monologue for the right kid for all your training needs. Playwright R. Perfect for kids to play; even more fun for adults to play for kids.

Whichever the case, this humorous tale of a French pig who has an amazing talent for sniffing out truffles will tickle the hearts of your young audiences. When Monique meets a handsome young man outside the marketplace and is invited to a dance, Kiki ventures off alone to find one last truffle to sell at market so that Monique can buy a new pair of shoes. All the while Kiki is stalked by a trickster who craves roast pig. Kiki must learn the hard lesson that pigs are never, ever to eat a truffle, no matter how temptingly scrumptious. Then you will want to purchase this collection of six activity sheets to supplement your production.

Motherhood Unbidden brings two woman together, both facing the uncertainty of motherhood. Perfect for performance or scenework, this collection offers an intimate portrayal of motherhood from three poignant places; A mother struggling with the loss of her daughter, A step-mom struggling for her position in her new family, and a woman struggling to accept a motherless life. Blood on the Highway is set on a lonely stretch of highway where a mother scrubs the blood stain off the road where her daughter was killed by a drunk driver.

The Stranger on the Porch is a testament to the fact that you can sell someone anything if you dress it up to look like something they want. The three plays are the work of author, Beth Dotson. A Mexican father and his daughter are at odds as they prepare to move to America in pursuit of the American dream.

Over two days and nights a mob gathered, screamed racist insults and threw stones, attempting to evict them. All were arrested and charged with murder. The bold defense of the Sweets by the renowned defense attorney Clarence Darrow over two trials marks one of the most courageous and pivotal moments in the long struggle of African Americans to secure their civil rights. Vietnam War refugees, Kim and Tran, have been operating a nail salon in the U. Having worked long hours contending with demeaning customers while making great personal sacrifices, they now face a double setback; the rent for their salon space is increasing dramatically and may force them out of business while their American-born daughter intends to join the Marines rather than go to college for which her parents have worked and saved for all her life.

The Interview is a seemingly simple 10 minute piece that hits home with its humorously dark message about the door to success. This deceptively funny collection creates an interesting evening at the theatre with its keen perceptions on the state of society. Based on the Folktale by the Brothers Grimm. Old Sultan the farm dog has grown so old that his teeth have fallen out and he can no longer frighten away Wolf who threatens the sheep and other defenseless animals on the farm. The animals chide and berate him and distrust his ability to defend them and Farmer Dan plans to shoot him despite his many years of faithful service.

But when Old Sultan finds out he has been duped by Wolf and his cohort Boar who only use the ploy to get a sheep as a reward, Old Sultan must outsmart the conniving duo with the help of the most unlikely comrade of all, the Three-legged Cat. Christopher Miller cleverly adds a number of delightful and interesting characters to his story and a level of humor that is sure to entertain young audiences.

We all remember where we were when John Lennon died. Well, at least those of us alive at the time. Deadheads can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when Jerry Garcia took his last breath. They have adopted a way of life reflective of the lyrics in their favorite music and their own air-band, The Deadheads, is a living tribute to The Grateful Dead. But when Andy, the only real musician in the band, suffers a debilitating stroke, can a visit from Jerry himself shock the life back into him? So, what can Dorianne, Kate, and Saul do to help their very best friend?

He seems to enjoy hanging around if only to torture Phillip about losing a prize bluegill fishing contest years before. Add Sandra insisting she use a walker and practically shoving tea down her throat when all she really wants is coffee…black! In this hilarious, witty and over the top comedy we find out the real reason why the Evil Queen has such a hate on for Snow and her little woodland friends.

One Bad Apple will have you wondering: Is beauty worth all that? Navigating the tricky waters of dating is not without its risks. Adam, enjoying an ordinary night out with his friends at a bar sees Jackie, a woman he had met several years earlier at a party. Adam had always regretted not getting her number and drums up the courage to approach her on the pretense of winning a bet with his buddies.

Jackie does not recognize Adam and her jaded feelings about love seem to fuel her intent to repel his efforts to the point of abject humiliation. Six pairs of high school students take to the putt-putt golf course on a warm, midsummer night. Each pair of students becomes mixed up, reuniting only at the eighteenth hole. Clara turns par into a game of love with her boyfriend, Nick, who is unaware that Clara is terminally ill. Along the way we meet Stavros, the pseudo Russian foreign exchange student with five secrets, none of which includes that he can tell fortunes just by holding your hand.

Throw in some questionable photos involving Candace, who falls in love with any boy she meets, and her best friend Bethany, who discovers that Stavros is stalking her because he has seen their furture together as husband and wife. Add in Ben, afraid of his identity, who photographs Clara so that he can remember to get off the couch and do something important with his life, plus a set of potent magical powders courtesy of Puck and Ariel, and the result is hilarious chaos over 18 holes.

Elements of this story of love, hate, betrayal, guilt, revenge and retribution suggest a Jacobean Tragedy, but the play is, in fact, a contemporary dark comedy—very dark. On the day of his 50 th High School Class Reunion [An event he has no earthly intention of attending] successful ghost writer Jonathan Blake receives from across the country a Reunion Directory. He has long since changed his name, his address, his life style, and himself to the extent that no one from those long-ago days of young love, abundant sex, excessive infatuation and occasional fulfillment could possibly know how to find him.

Yet someone has and soon he is surrounded by women all of whom evoke memories of his callow past; women who intend to destroy him for his youthful indiscretions, and will stop at nothing to satisfy their obsessive resolve. Oddly enough, Detective Rene Dubois shows up at the theatre to investigate; a coincidence or a plan? One of Irene's red dancing shoes is found; a clue or a signature?

That Detective Dubois asks the right questions incriminates everyone in the cast; shrewd intuition or inside information? A death. Another detective appears; a sham or a shamus? Screams and a strangulation follow. The other red shoe is discovered. Such questions are part of the puzzle in this play within-a-play. Tony has talent, too, but gets increasingly sucked into a shady life through his brother, Sal, who is working his way up in the Union hall.

Nobody liked the black players shooting hoops with the white boys, especially not Sal. He "friggin'" hated it. When Tony gets attacked and almost loses use of his arm, Sal sets him packing with a gun to protect himself with terrible consequences that forever impact the respective lifetimes of all three teens. Years later, Hiram, whose mental capacity has deteriorated, witnesses an execution on the same, now deserted basketball court where he played Shins. His young mother, Marcie is beside herself.

Bingo, the family dog, is sleeping in the crib, but where is Bobby? Did Bingo eat the baby? After all Bingo is a Chihuahua. Marcie is sure karma is at play. She wished Bobby away just a few days before while painting over stains on the wall where he had smeared poop from his diaper. Anyone who has ever been a parent will chuckle with compassion as Marcie and Don discover the pain? This finalist in the Blackshaw Showcase Writing Competition explores the finer points of parenting in the modern age. Have you ever wondered who else sits on your favorite park bench and what stories they have to tell?

Past Present Tense gives you the opportunity to find out as four plays unfold at the same place in a small Midwestern city. The two discover a bond that might save them both if trust can be earned when not deserved. The high school faculty and staff should be on break for the holiday, but Principal Narcy has called everyone in for a mandatory development day. No one is pleased.

In attempts to bribe their way to freedom, characters pass in and out with food offerings. Narcy accepts each offering, only to dish up surprise plans to terminate their employment in return. Is it any wonder, then, that Principal Narcy ends up dead?? Poisoned , of course! Who among them may have added an extra ingredient to his or her recipe? The police think they have the killer, but are they right? But, as the tale typically goes, her stepsisters and stepmother have no intention of Cindy ever aspiring to be anything other than their kitchen-maid.

But word gets out that anyone can attend the ball where Al is to choose a wife. At the ball, a bored Cinderella hides from her Stepsisters in a room where, as luck would have it, Al brings his wanna-be-brides to say and do outrageous things to scare them off from marriage. From behind a curtain, Cindy hears all the hilarious goings-on and once discovered by the Prince, shares delight in his escapades.

They dance, Al is smitten, she runs away, and, of course, the search for the girl who lost the tiny white shoe begins—although the Prince has second thoughts about really wanting to find her and Cindy has no intention of being found. And — most importantly — does anyone even care??? Adapted from the romantic novel by Jane Austen first published in , Pride and Prejudice tells the story of intelligent and strong-willed Elizabeth Bennet, her four sisters, her loving and flippant father, and her overbearing mother.

When the wealthy and handsome Mr. Bingley moves into town the game is afoot. Bingley brings with him his even more wealthy and handsome friend, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth share a belief in the impeccable judgment of their first impressions. But Darcy cannot deny his attraction to Elizabeth and offers marriage, claiming his inability to overcome his feelings despite her social inferiority.

Elizabeth rebuffs him for his abominable pride and a belief that he caused another man, Wickham, to be deprived of his fortune. Amidst the masterful maneuvering in privileged society, when 16 year old Lydia runs off with Wickham, Elizabeth and Darcy begin to discover deficiencies in themselves. Fans of the story will find themselves mouthing along to their favorite quotes while newcomers will be pleased with its energy and clarity and its surprising relevance to 21st Century issues. Here comes Steve down the freeway.

Steve adjusts the radio to find some classical music as Brad, wearing a baseball cap, swerves and misses, honking his horn at Steve who is driving fifteen miles below the speed limit.

We Two Made One

Did Steve just flip him off? And so a battle begins: a battle of the imagination, that is. Each gets it in his mind that the other is out to get him to the absurd conclusion that Steve is going to eat Brad and Brad is planning to spear Steve. When they both take the same exit, they jump out of their cars ready to defend themselves only to discover they are both headed to the same therapist clinic and both of their mothers are therapists.

Nine years ago, Jack T. Ripper has essentially gone into hiding, drinking heavily and teaching at a small community college. His four remedial students turn out to be far more than Ripper expected: an angry blind student, a former exotic dancer, a home-schooled student determined to lose her virginity to Ripper, and a slacker whose dream is to become a railroad engineer. Ripper wants nothing more than to survive the next six weeks and to tutor as little as possible.

Beth, who is both a gaming nerd and a political activist, sets out with her slacker boyfriend Josh to visit Hades. They hope to enlist the author of Lysistrata, the Greek poet Aristophanes, in their anti-war effort. Braving swamps, giant frogs, and the three-header hell-hound Kerberos, they find the dead poet but discover that only the living can end war. Though located side-by-side, the citizens of Rightyville and Leftyland have allowed some very basic differences to divide them. Beliefs as simple as their choice of dominant hand, colors they choose to wear, music they like to listen to and the food they prefer to eat, etc.

Rightyville vs. Leftyland: The Hopeful Handshake inspires children of all ages — and their parents — to reflect on the urgency of their everyday choices and the value of those who step forward in hopes of creating a positive change. A farcical comedy with great characters and lots of fast-paced comings and goings. Mario and Barry live and work in a sleepy little village where nothing happens and trade is poor.

Back in the day when tourism was booming and Mama cooked like a Goddess, the little Restaurant was the envy of the community. But since Mama's passing and the decline of the village, Mario and Barry have had to employ a whole range of resourceful techniques to force the unwilling public to stop by and spend their money to keep the place alive. Throw a Plot Party Play and be the talk of the town! At a Plot Party, each guest dresses as a character and becomes part of the plot. As guests RSVP, they are assigned a character and provided secret information about that character, such as hidden identities, personal agendas and love interests.

The Riverboat Jeopardy is in dire straits. No Royalties Required. Elder, an up-and-coming attorney, murdered a man of legend—or so the story goes. And under the roof of his house, outcast souls collide head-on. When it comes to mid-life, there is nothing humorous about encountering a slump in the bedroom or on the ball field. Earnest but Halloween-paranoid Derek grew up in a funeral home with kooky parents Jeremy and Formalda Hyde who, to his dismay, love working with dead bodies. His girlfriend, Prudence, whom he is intent on marrying, sees his idiosyncrasies as less than endearing qualities in a potential mate.

Nussbaum decides the funeral home is the perfect place to dispose of the body and wreak revenge on the Hydes whom he blames for the loss of his childhood home. A Halloween musical perfect for general audiences! Earnest but Halloween-paranoidDerek grew up in a funeral home with kooky parents Jeremy and Formalda Hyde who, to his dismay, love working with dead bodies. Four songs from Scary, Scary Night—the Musical! Four new songs from the musical were performed by Opera and Beyond in Denver in August, Ruble New Play Festival in March, Accompaniment CD available.

To Order CD: Email playsnow heartlandplays. Her solitude is interrupted by Doug on his Segway patrolling the parking lot. A young diligent man, Doug takes his job as a security guard at the store very, very seriously. And there is no smoking allowed by employees on the premises—not even in the parking lot.

Smoking, cursing, a 90 year old mother with dementia, her cat, and a missing taser all add to the fun and to the discovery that there is more to Lou Anne and Doug than either ever knew. Boss Mac mistakes copy repairman, Jack for the big wig and locks him in the copy room just as the real hatchet man arrives. Needless to say, Mac is the first to go while the rest of the office competes for his job which comes complete with a substantial raise in pay and a company car.

The ever-upbeat CoCo has summoned her emotionally distant sisters to her color coordinated home for a sister photo; a reluctant family tradition honoring the birthday of their not-so-favored elderly mother. But with enough wine, the three discover they have more than their share of common experiences as they maneuver through middle age and ultimately, an overwhelming love of Spanx.

A great way to introduce the Bard to your young students.

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Two narrators weave the stories together, each play with its own cast, or with players playing multiple roles. The narrators engage the audience throughout the play— and from among the audience, actors sometimes spring to life as characters in the stories. One of the funniest plays out there! Natalie shows up at the diner for a luncheon meeting with Helen to try to trick her into quitting her new job as a florist to become her personal floral designer for the wedding.

Problem is, Natalie is terrified of unicorns and has a few secrets besides.

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Between over-sized glasses, unicorns, outlandish make-overs and loutish behavior, these five women will have your audiences roaring with laughter. In this bittersweet comedy, two strangers, retired businessman Al and a troubled teen, Stacey find themselves sitting next to one another on a park bench outside a hospital in a small Midwestern city. Both have taken refuge on the bench; one before facing the daughter he abandoned years ago and the other from the pain of losing his dying mother.

Arnold Schneiderman does, in fact, he and his wife, Sylvia, live it. He used to commute daily to his home in the suburbs, but due to the gas shortage, he stays in the city all week long struggling with his failing car business. Sylvia, experiencing a difficult menopause, is stuck at home without gas for her car.

When he arrives for Thanksgiving, Sylvia berates him for his lack of passion and insists that they see a sex therapist. They soon discover they are seeing a quack forcing them to solve their own problems. Bite into this comic collection of eight short scenes making up a delectable evening of entertainment. Each scene is set in a simple environment where human quirks and foibles take their tolls on daily life and where food plays at best a supporting role. Your audiences will join loveable Jean and Joe on their quest to restore grape jelly to its proper place on the shelves of your neighborhood grocery and travel back in time to witness the jaded stories behind the Last Supper and the first Thanksgiving; all in good fun if not always in the very best of taste.

Each scene plays out a short story in life pushed to the brink of absurdity where a morsel of truth will give your audiences ample food for thought. Now it is up to Snow and her gang of vertically-challenged besties to help set things right but we all know what happens when The Evil Queen shows up disguised as an old woman peddling a poison apple.

Or do we? So Much for Seatbelts forces two young people to choose who lives or dies in a trapped car when there is only enough air for one to survive. Years after a baby is left with mental disabilities as the result of a decision made during childbirth, the attending doctor attempts to clear her conscious and make amends with both the mother and her now teen-age son.

The king displays a slightly modern tone as he retires to his hot tub while Princess tackles the task of turning mounds of straw into gold. The image of Stiltz dancing on stilts when his name is discovered is sure to garner smiles from your young audiences. Stiltz is perfect for performing by older youth or adults for children or by an all youth cast and is an excellent fit for both community and educational theatre. Emily Hedges comes home to her studio apartment to discover a stranger sitting on her couch.

Quite calm an assured, the stranger introduces himself as Seth Weckstein, a detective who lives in a building across the way. Seems Seth has had an eye on Emily for some time—mostly through binoculars. But is she?

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

Over the years, JuJu, a bank officer, lost something and she wants it back. She drags her reluctant husband to a Hippy reunion — a Revitalization Happening — to try and find it. Frank does not seem to have the same recollection of those Haight Ashbury days in San Francisco but finds his own way to prove to her he loves her and is still the same man—just in a different body.

Bennett and Dana A. In this new version of Moliere's classic in rhymed verse like the original, the essential theme and characters are retained: Tartuffe the hypocrite; Elmire the object of Tartuffe's affections; Orgon the dupe; Cleante, Moliere's raisonneur; Dorine the feisty maid; and Mariane and Valere, the quarreling lovers who get married, finally, despite Orgon's objections. In line with the times and context, Bennett and Priest have added fresh values: Young Damis is a percussionist seeking a career with a jazz band; his sister Mariane, rather shy and demure in the original, now becomes a flapper in the Age of Jazz; and Orgon is a vintner troubled by Prohibition which provides Tartuffe an added motive for betraying his host: he not only wants Orgon's home and wife, but his vineyards.

It's touch and go again, but the demise of Tartuffe unfolds in a most surprising fashion. All ends well, as in Moliere's original, but the climax and denouement seem far more plausible — and hilarious — in this version. Ten plays by ten of Heartland Plays, Inc.

This brand new collection of highly diverse works will challenge actors at every level. Authors and Publisher encourage requests to perform the plays. Each Author has retained the right to grant such performance rights, without whose permission in writing no performance may be given. Amateur and Stock performance rights may be requested by contacting playsnow heartlandplays.

Well, think again. Becky Thatcher clues us in on the real story. Everett Robert skillfully mixes the events as told by Mark Twain with scenes depicting what Becky Thatcher claims really happened— all in great fun and with charming humor. Twyla Potts knows—you call the fire department. After all, she was in the same predicament exactly one year before when her mother, Ariel, took to the branches on her wedding anniversary to her late husband, Howard. But when the fire captain arrives without a ladder and claims to be an invited guest, Twyla is beside herself. Actually, she is normally beside herself; overly demanding, acutely stressed, and chronically unhappy.

Her son, Tommy has no problem sending bottles of beer up to Grandma. There is a revelation ahead that will transcend the laughter with a gentle reminder that one seldom knows the story of the old lady down the street, even when that old lady is your own mother. Whether you believe in the mysteries of the after-life or just enjoy the possibility of mystical wonders, you will love this funny and overwhelmingly touching story. Prostitute Flo Berry is in love with Jiffo and wants his rise to be her rise out of her no-hope existence surprising everyone with her own transformation.

More than a boxing story, it is about hope, change, and the power of love. Susan's Friday night has been a bust. Determined to get at least one commitment, she dials D. Silva, expecting a woman to pick up. Instead she gets Dan, who puts her on hold before she can blurt out the first line of her pitch. A loud bang gets her attention. Dan returns to explain the crash, and why rice is flowing over his stove like lava.

Susan's witty remarks help defuse the crisis. He keeps her on the line with engaging tidbits about himself. She chimes in with some of her own, still weakly attempting to inject her sales pitch whenever she can until she finally gets a commitment, but not the one she expected. A used car salesman whose son was killed in active duty attempts to enlist in the army. When he is rejected by the recruiter due to his age he desperately attempts to dissuade a head-strong teen-age girl from signing-up.

When twelve-year-old Tommy asks his Granddad to tell the story of the burning of the old house, they are interrupted by an unexpected visit from Cousin Hannah—and what a character she turns out to be!

We're Twins And We Rewatched Mary-Kate And Ashley's "It Takes Two" 20 Years Later

Cousin Hannahs are as much a part of family life today as in the old days and your audiences will love watching her as she vainly attempts to manipulate the rest of the family. This poignant drama touches our hearts as a young woman tries to move on four years after her baseball-loving brother is killed during the Vietnam War. New Yorkers Anthony and Anna Maria Martello kneel at a pew in the church where a funeral service is set to begin.

The deceased, a magician by the name of Semprini the Great wreaked his share of havoc on Anthony in the past, irritating his pants off with a constant barrage of tricks. And the tricks show no sign of ceasing. When two magicians appear to saw the coffin in half, Anthony vows to kill Semprini even if he is dead—until Semprini levitates from his coffin for his final curtain call.

When is it time to panic? Once the devil is in the details, it is probably too late as Larry and Sheila discover in this absurd comedy in which a veteran hit man and his girlfriend find themselves on the wrong end of the stick. And certainly the looms appear bare to court jester Hyster and chief advisor Sir Egged— although they will say and do anything not to let on.

But the Empress fails to be fooled. And with the royal staff sworn to secrecy that there are no new threads, the Emperor is left strutting before his people clothed only in long underwear to learn firsthand an important lesson in humility. The street scene complete with a parade provides an excellent opportunity to add non-speaking roles to your production from jugglers and dancers to mimes and acrobats.

Julia, a poor, depressed young woman without health insurance seeks free help under the care of Dr. Nukulye, an Anglo-Kenyan psychiatry resident seeking certification in the U. Unfortunately, Dr. Nukulye has a hidden agenda driven by his own deviant sexual fetishes that have gotten him into trouble in the professional world. When learning the truth, a totally despondent Julia turns to the only solution she knows to end her tortured existence.

Travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving—not necessarily the one you think you know, but one that is a bit more jaded. Seems Miles is none too keen on attending some dinner party in the middle of nowhere just to end up with a hatchet in the back of his skull. A head-slapping comedy centered on those traditional Italian-American values of love, family, greed and deceit. Sorrentino takes his personal experience with Italian-American family-life, extracts some of the most endearing stereotypical yet wildly human aspects and layers them with exceptional character and humor.

Read the prequel to this play — Blind Date! Set: The stage is divided into two bedrooms—-one feminine, one masculine. The rooms are separated by an imaginary wall which includes a full-length mirror empty of glass that both characters can use simultaneously. There is a smaller, freestanding make-up mirror on the tabletop. Both rooms are dark with light shining from the outer room when the bedroom door is opened. A Blind Date — two misfits meet up for a blind date!

It starts at the so called Production Meeting, with the meeting being called to order. Then suddenly from out of the crowd there erupts a pervert with naughty material on his phone which luckily goes flat , followed by a witch spouting Latin curses, a creepy clown and a Zombie manifestation. To top it all off, the scary rental manager arrives demanding more money whilst the place erupts into chaos in this audience participation sketch. The script relies on actors being placed within the audience and will be fun for everyone involved.

In one act, things go from bad to mildly worse when Lewis faints or pretends to? In a closet, the possibilities are endless…. Set: A very large version of an average janitor closet. Stage-left is a large mop-and-yellow-bucket. Stage-right is a shelf full of paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning detergents. Up-stage center is the door. Gray Matters — funny monologue by the guy who runs your brain. Mother — a comedy about a mom who is the opposite of PC. Hikers — a chance encounter on a mountainside could change your life forever.

Calpurnia is first and foremost married to Oliver. All the other stuff comes second. All she asks is that he is home for dinner. On time. Tonight she has prepared a lovely lasagna. Oliver is attracted to his wife. But there he is. And he knows why…. A quirky comedy with a smattering of romance. Because even opium dealers need a little love in their lives! Set: The stage is divided in two. Thirds — suburban satire about literally dividing the house you inherit The Cindy Variations — a coming of age comedy Cheeky. A comedy about a bottom. Patrick has invited a girl he met online out for a date to his local bar.

Waiting — a blind date in a library goes wrong. And then right Static — short monologue by a girl who hates exercise set up with a persona trainer on a blind date A Blind date — short American comedy about two misfits who try go on a blind date. To the library of all places? He has no idea what she looks like at all. So when he tentatively approaches a woman reading and mentions that he is on a blind date and waiting for someone, they get into a conversation. He replies he just wants a girl without a nose ring he could take home to meet his mother.

Various women entering the library are examined to see if they could be the woman he is waiting for. In the end — who does it turn out to be? Staging and movement. A Blind Date — one act comedy about two misfits trying to go on a blind date Chatter — one act comedy about a case of mistaken identity Down by the River — short romantic comedy. With twins!