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Many Italians go on vacation during the month of August, and many businesses close for at least two weeks. It's advised that if you're keen on traveling to Venice in the summer, to do so in June or early July. Fall in Venice - Fall is a great time to visit Venice, but travelers should be aware that autumn is also the season when Venice experiences the acqua alta, or "high water". October through January is the normal high water season, although flooding in Venice can occur during all seasons. High water can affect certain aspects of your trip, but as it has been a way of life for Venetians for hundreds of years, it is truly a unique experience to have as a traveler.

Spring in Venice - Weather wise, late spring and early summer are two of the best times to plan a trip to Venice. But as with most Italian cities, with great weather comes swarms of tourist traffic. Expect to stand in line at all major Venice attractions, and finding budget-friendly accommodations in Venice during the early and late spring might also pose a challenge. Winter in Venice - Due to the city's location along the Adriatic Sea, Venice experiences longer, colder winters. For many travelers, winter is one of the best seasons to visit Venice, especially if they're looking for fewer crowds and great travel bargains.

When planning a winter vacation in Venice, pack accordingly, as harsh winds whirl up from the sea and into the city. Every season in Venice has its own unique set of perks and drawbacks, so it's up to you as a traveler to determine which season would best compliment your particular set of travel plans. From September through November, the tourist season comes to a close and the city is at its most magical.

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February is the start of Carnevale, which is one of the city's most vibrant celebrations, making the winter another ideal season for travel in Venice. Spring and summer are great choices for families traveling with children, but be advised that lines tend to be longer and prices higher. You are using a web browser we don't support. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

Visit Venice - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Venice, Italy

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Venice Travel Guide — How to Visit Venice on a Budget

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Venice Travel Guide

Drop off Date: Drop off Date:. Driver Age Find Your Car. Touring Venice Italy Things to Do in Venice Regardless of how many times you've marveled over photos of the enchanting city, actually vacationing in Venice is even more dreamlike. Weather in Venice What to Expect from the Weather in Venice There are numerous variables that factor into determining the best time of year to visit Venice , including seasonal weather temperatures, festivals and periods of high water acqua alta that Venice is known for. The Dolomites mountain range can even be seen in the distance on clear days.

Murano, Burano and Torcello are the three most famous islands near Venice.


Murano is famous for its beautiful glass, Burano for its lace, and Torcello for its cathedral. Visitors can take a guided tour of one of the glass-blowing factories and shop for pretty glass products at Murano. In Torcello, the cathedral was built in the 7th century and the ruins of its baptistery are a striking example of Byzantine art.

Visitors can tour all three in one day or choose to explore one of the islands in depth. Venetian cuisine is known around Italy, especially because of the high quality of seafood that is served in the area. The lagoon is a local source of fish that are freshly caught each day and served in many restaurants. Goose, meatballs and lobster are just a few of the other delicacies visitors can taste in Venice.

The Veneto region is also known for its white wine, with some of the best vineyards in all of Italy.

Foodies will enjoy the Rialto markets, where the freshest food in all of Venice is sold each day, usually to the restaurants in the area. Since seafood is an essential part of traditional Venetian cuisine, the fishmongers are a must for those visiting Venice. The vegetable stands also offer excellent produce, much fresher and varied than at any supermarket.

Venice Travel Guide — How to Visit Venice, Italy on a Budget

Another must when in Venice is shopping for Italian classics such as leather goods especially shoes and handbags and cashmere, available at many different shops throughout the city. The vaporetto, or water bus, is a great way — and the least expensive — of exploring this canal, but water taxis are also available, as well as the typical Venetian gondolas, although tourists should be careful to avoid scams. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection houses the art of the most influential European and American artists of the 20th century, and is visited daily by hundreds of tourists.