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In a way you were lonely, no one wanted to come to your house, a lot of people in town were terrified of the woods seeing as it was the number one area in your town were dead bodies are found. You always locked your doors and made sure that the windows were locked as well. Sure you could move, but of course you would need the money to move, in a way you wanted one friend to hang out with in the woods.

Now, usually nothing weird ever happened to you while living in the woods, despite the dead bodies that would be found days later.

Slender Man: the shadowy online figure blamed in grisly Wisconsin stabbing

But, one day when leaving to walk to town and go grocery shopping you found a dead rat lying on the porch. You brushed it off, believing the stray cat you had been feeding brought it to you as a present of gratitude. Kicking it off th. Baking Slenderman x Fem! Reader A nice smell was wafting through the Slender mansion, catching most of its residents by surprise.

The old place usually just smelled like must, no matter how hard Slenderman pressured its residents into keeping the place clean. That, or it would reek of blood and the latest kills. They all just got used to it after a while. Jeff and BEN were fighting as quietly as they could to peer through the keyhole, each wanting the prime spot to know what was going on inside. Masky and Hoodie were hanging a little ways back from them, not really in the mood to rough house with the more childish killers.

The sudden arrival of Slender had BEN and Jeff jumping, too caught up in their argument to predict his arrival. Masky and Hoodie, on the other hand, watched on, silent and unimpressed. If Only Slenderman x Fem!

Why You? Slenderman X Reader_Soulmate AU Ch1 by crescentshadows19 on DeviantArt

Reader This day had been coming, and he knew it. Yet, that simple fact hadn't been enough to stop him from wanting the clock to reverse and prevent you from doing this. Out of all the proxies and pastas that lived under his roof, you were the one that managed to irk him and get under his skin the least. He'd never actually found the words to say it, but he- the one and only Slenderman- cared for you a great deal. A part of him argued that that was exactly why he'd kept silent.

He was a ruthless killer, and feared by many in both the supernatural and mortal communities. Affection was a form of weakness in his mind. But that simple reasoning never managed to completely eradicate his emotions towards you. It was like an invisible arrow to the shoulder. Ever present, always stinging, but never seen.

Now he wished he'd spoken up sooner. Then you wouldn't be walking down the aisle, headed for your dim future as Zalgo's bride. An agreement had to be reached, else the entire supernatural community fa. You had hoped to take shelter under a large oak tree, expecting its full branches and leaves to block the rain. There was no where for you to go — not for a better hiding place, anyway.

As your body shivered uncontrollably, you regrettably began to reminisce the reasons why you were in this predicament in the first place. You had killed them. All of them. The bullies, your parents; they were all dead by your hands. It was a well thought out plan for someone your age.

A young teen in high school, making about average grades only so you could get out of school and get away from everyone. That didn't happen, though. You couldn't stand it anymore. Instead, you had snapped. You plotted out taking care of the bullies first. Why were you there? Long story short, you were fired, and were looking for a job. You were getting desperate too. But when your friend Eliza comes screeching into your apartment spouting off about finding you a job, you were really excited…were.

So here you are, standing in front of an insane asylum. Can't Say Ch. To be honest, you had that tiny feeling that death would be your reward if you were to fail Slenderman's Proxy tests. Most of you had hoped that things would start to lighten up and everyone would turn in to the characters you had read about so long ago. Reality was sinking in fast. These Creepypastas were the real thing. They were scary, bloodthirsty people — creatures — who enjoyed watching humans suffer. They didn't mind using brutality to get their way, and you were no exception — save for the limits that Slenderman would allow.

You decided to go back to your room.

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You wanted to hide away from everyone before you got into more trouble. Being theoretically burned alive was not something you wanted to experience again. Who knows what else you would have to deal with?

For now, this was enough of an introduction t. Trudging across the floor, you traced a well-known path to the kitchen of your home, flipping the light switch as you entered. You opened cupboards as you walked, scanning for any food you could make. Crouching down to look at a lower shelf, your knees cracked and you scowled at the sound.

You spotted a box of mac'n'cheese in the back and reached your arm out, grabbing it. As you straightened up, you heard a floor board creak under the weight of something moving on it. This didn't add up to you - you were the only one in the house, as your parents were either on a business trip or on vacation for the next two weeks. Like any normal human in a horror film, you turned around slowly, only to come face-to-face with a masked figure.

They appeared as though they were walking, but had stopped mid-step. Black jeans, black hiking boots, bla. Cheesecake - Masky x Reader Cheesecake — Masky x Reader You and Masky stared at one another, eyes narrowed as your face was inches away from his masked one. Currently you both had a grip on either end of a plate that had only one slice of cheesecake left. At the kitchen table Jeff, Ben, and L. J chuckled as they whispered bets to one another on who would win.

You frowned, irritated with the male as your stomach released a low whine from the lack of food. So I deserve this cheesecake more than you do! I forgot to mention that I will update when I read another character. Also there will be blood, which I belive you would guess from the title. Also please read the decription, to see if I read a creepypasta that you like, if not comment who you want me to read. Enjoy the story. Chapter 1 Blood on the floor Students talk about the mysterious killer, that have killed for two weeks now.

The mysterios killer, does not care if there victom is male or female. They use different types of weapons, and kills in different ways. People talk about the victoms, which for some reason have done something or believed to have done something horrible. There was also one clue that tells police its the same killer. A song written in the victoms, blood. These where the student topic they talk about, and they even try to prodict how they will strike next. Not knowing the very killer is in there own school, walking the same h. View More.

More from DeviantArt Slenderman x shy! Though you were in high school, and the school was a fairly social one, you were too shy to talk to anyone. You flinched back whenever someone, even your own mother called your name. Probably because you were bullied terribly in the past, and now have not only social anxiety, but panic attacks if not for the pills you were prescribed to take every morning.

You took this road through the forest home every day, the birds chirping harmony making you give out a small smile. For some reason, even though you had no friends, you never felt lonely. You could sit in that peaceful forest for hours and draw your he. I'm open for any ship, male x male, female x female and male x female with it being either platonic or romantic down to pretty much anything.

So you can all request away with your heart's desire and I'll write them it with the best of my ability. Also, here I will write some of my own stories to pass the time or when I have ideas that I want to share. Requested story; It was like any other day for the faceless being known as Slenderman who was always so deeply enthralled in his work to pay attention to his surroundings until an infamous demon comes sauntering in to his office to bother him for the better or worse.

Words: 11, Published: January 8, Hot women, kinky men, and lots of money. If you're aching for some BDSM loving, this bundle is for you. These three erotic stories will bring you to orgasm with stories about: A tour of romantic Paris. A hot French man. Public sex.

A masquerade party. Words: 12, Published: January 7, In this raunchy 3 book bundle, you will find stories of love and lust. Whether the main characters are college girls, maids, or just a normal woman with some meat on her hips, all of them want to be loved. Don't you wish some billionaire would sweep you off your feet, throw you on his bed, and take you someplace so wonderful even money can't buy it?

Published: January 4, If you love to read sweet, romantic stories with some hot gay sex thrown in, you will love this bundle. In this bundle you will find: Men losing their virginity. An older man seducing his student. Anal sex. Erotic wrestling. Words: 21, Published: December 21, Finish off with a bang when you read these 5 hot, smutty stories!

When you act now, you'll get these stories for a heavily discounted price. After January 5, the price goes back up, so buy now and read at your leisure! Published: December 17, Jane never expected Master to bring home another man to play with her. In this hardcore story you will find: BDSM. Jane's been with her Master for a while now. She's learned his rules, and she follows them One day, while being punished for talking back, she's nude in the corner when she hears a knock at the front door.

Another man has been People have been stalking Jen. Is her savior one of them? Jen's been paranoid ever since she first encountered the Slenderman. Surely she wasn't really being followed. There's no way she was being stalked! The more she tried to rationalize what was happening to her, the worse her fears and delusions were becoming. Therapy helped. So for a while she almost thought she was going to be completely Published: December 15, Can love blossom while stranded on a deserted island? In this erotic romance story you will find: Voyeurism. Unexpected love. Chloe has always been the strange girl.

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'My Ex is a T-Rex' (Dinosaur Erotica - Romance )

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In this story you will find: Tentacles. Driving home after checking in on her old and ailing mother, Jen's mind wanders to the monster stories she was told as a child. Her mother once told her stories of horrible tall men that kidnap and kill women in the Published: November 11, Do you need a quick fix for your billionaire itch? Have you ever fantasized about a rich, tall, handsome man pulling you into his stretch limousine and taking you away? Maybe he'll buy you a nice dress before he tears it off and has his way with you.

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Two young men and two young women weave themselves deeper and deeper into drama, heartbreak, betrayal and sex Published: November 2, Melting The Snow by Dalia Daudelin is a hot gay sex story that includes: A man losing his virginity, an older man seducing his student, oral sex, anal sex. Chris didn't expect to follow his handsome teacher for hours on the road. He just was following the directions on his phone so that he could be home for the holidays. After he finally loses sight of his professor, the tedium of riding alone Published: October 30, A sexy woman gets the rough sex she needs most In this word erotic short you will find: An older man, oral sex, innocence lost.

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She tries to get a job but has to settle on being a live-in nanny on the wealthy side of town.