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At the heart of entrepreneurship is creation and innovation. They sell, operate and manage. Though, MLM has excellent educational value: sales, motivation, team-building, and networking.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

For Fastlaner, LOE is leveraged by scale or asset value explosion: sell millions, help millions, serve millions, impact millions. Without scale units sold or magnitude high unit profit , you drive a business that will produce a weak asset value. LOE honors only those in control. To access LOE, drive a road that can break though scale or magnitude while controlling its source.

Create a business that use a money-system seedling or have strong margin to deploy Human Resources. Internet has 5 Fastlane Commandments assuming a need-based premise and barriers are way lower now. Opportunity is rarely about some blockbuster breakthrough but as simple as an unmet need or a need not met adequately. Someone is always already doing it. Do it better. The question is: can you do it better? Competition is everywhere. Make it more easily found and more user friendly. You need competency to assess his advisement. Strategy: difference between checkers one dimensional and chess each piece moves differently with different roles.

Execution takes process: effort, sacrifice, discipline and persistence. Ideas are just events. FastLane is growing a business exponentially and taking advantage of exploding net income and asset value. The ultimate judge-and-jury of ideas is the world and the marketplaces that serve them. This simple fact pokes a hole in one of he sturdiest institutions of business practice: business plans are useless. Complaints are a beautiful thing: they represent free feedback and expose unmet needs in your business.

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USP must be on advertising and promotional materials, business cards, brochures and flyers, web site and email signature, voice mail system, receptionist script. Sex is a powerful noise disruptor, it never gets old.

5 Business Seedlings

You can overuse it, but people will always respond to it. What crazy person would sell an expensive car for a buck? Is it a scam? Second half: letting selfishness take over your audience and tailor your messages to self-interest. Beginner business owners sell features limousines over feelings convenience and events. Reputa che azioni di questo tipo possano costituire un'utile migliore pratica da riprodurre in altre aree dell'UE contaminate dal punto di vista ambientale?

Pertanto le azioni proposte non appaiono compatibili con il quadro normativo dello sviluppo rurale. The buffalo industry is one of the mainstays of the economy in the Campania region, particularly for the province of Caserta. Due to environmental problems in and in , the industry was hit by an unprecedented employment crisis that continues unabated, despite national policies to reduce its impact. In order to restore consumer confidence in agri-food and livestock production, primarily the buffalo industry, a specific memorandum of understanding has been signed and supported by local public health authorities, universities, enterprises, local authorities and trade unions, aiming to define a production system in which the geographic area, the company producing the raw materials and the production plant where labelling is performed, will all be clearly visible, leading to benefits both for employment and for production.

The local authorities Caserta local health authority, universities, local authorities and Confartigianato, the Italian organisation for crafts and micro and small enterprises have integrated the aforementioned health quality certification into a project for the Renaturalisation of Environmental Risk Areas REAPT which is based on prior characterisation and subsequent decontamination and safeguarding of soils for renaturalisation.

The great value of the abovementioned projects is clear to see, as is the ethical result earned through a synergistic combination of a series of activities whose primary objective is to benefit the region on the one hand and to guarantee protection of health and employment through renaturalisation of soils and safeguarding of environmental risk areas in the Campania Region on the other, in order to encourage the revival of quality agri-food products in the Terra di Lavoro area. Oggetto: Energie rinnovabili: crisi della politica energetica europea.

Tuttavia, la crisi economica ha colpito anche il settore delle energie rinnovabili. A soffrire dello svantaggio competitivo sono soprattutto le industrie europee dell'acciaio, dell'alluminio e dei prodotti petrolchimici e tutto l'indotto. La Commissione intende emanare orientamenti sui regimi di sostegno delle energie rinnovabili per assicurare che il sostegno fornito a tale settore dagli Stati membri sia efficace sotto il profilo dei costi e contribuisca a integrare la produzione di energia rinnovabile nel mercato energetico.

Grazie al sostegno che prevede per l'energia rinnovabile e le nuove tecnologie e infrastrutture energetiche, il nuovo quadro pluriennale di bilancio dell'UE dovrebbe inoltre concorrere alla crescita costante del settore in Europa. La Commissione ha avviato la discussione su un quadro per clima ed energia nel periodo successivo al ,. However, the economic crisis has also affected the renewable energy sector. The economic crisis is discouraging investors from funding projects in high-risk countries like Spain, Greece and Portugal, which are, however, the most competitive in the clean energy sector.

The European steel, aluminium and petrochemical industries and all ancillary industries are bearing the brunt of the competitive disadvantage. The Commission plans to issue guidance on renewables' support schemes to ensure that Member States' support for renewable energy is cost-effective and helps to integrate renewable energy production in the energy market. In addition, the new EU multi-annual budget framework provides support for renewable energy, new energy technologies and infrastructure and should help to ensure continued growth of the renewable energy sector in Europe.

The Commission has launched a discussion on a climate and energy framework for the time after The Commission is carefully analysing the possible benefits and risks of new sources of natural gas such as shale gas. The aim is to investigate possibilities to diversify energy supply and improve competitiveness while ensuring that unconventional hydrocarbon sources are exploited with proper climate and environmental safeguards. The Commission wants to ensure legal clarity and predictability for citizens, authorities and operators.

Ritiene possibile ipotizzare l'attivazione del Fondo europeo di adeguamento alla globalizzazione FEG a favore degli lavoratori coinvolti nella vicenda? La Commissione non ha poteri per interferire nelle decisioni individuali delle imprese. Essa esorta tuttavia le imprese ad attenersi alle buone pratiche di gestione proattiva e socialmente responsabile delle ristrutturazioni. The company, which has already initiated the redundancy process, justified its decision by saying that it needed to adjust its operations in Italy in response to the economic slowdown and higher fuel prices, motorway tolls and taxes.

Under the plan, the operations at the smaller branches would be taken over by larger branches at strategic locations across Italy. The Commission has no powers to interfere in individual company decisions. It urges them, however, to follow good practices in anticipation and socially responsible management of restructuring. Questo vale anche per tutti i progetti umanitari finanziati dalla Commissione europea.

In certe cliniche locali si ricorre effettivamente agli studenti di medicina, che operano tuttavia sotto la supervisione di medici qualificati. The biggest group they used was doctors who, at the time, were in short supply in areas affected by natural disasters. The EU, through its Delegation in Havanna, monitors the situation in Cuba closely, including with respect to Cuba's external relations with third countries or the developments in specific sectors. All the humanitarian projects financed by the European Commission are also monitored in details.

Monitoring of the national health sector reveals that there are some difficulties; however, relatively few complaints are heard about the quality of the doctors. The main challenges are supplies and nursing. At the grassroots level, the medical network hospitals and local clinics is still fully operational.

In certain local consulting clinics, medical trainees are indeed employed but under qualified supervision. Cuba's present priority is to train doctors from partnering developing countries via the Panamerican School of Medicine located in Havana. Przedmiot: Strategia makroregionalna dla regionu Karpat. It also states that cooperation between the participating Member States and neighbouring non-EU countries has been significantly stepped up and that better use has been made of the resources available. Given the repeated calls from a variety of quarters for a macro-regional strategy for the Carpathian region, the experience the region has already gained in the field of cross-border cooperation under the Carpathian Euroregion initiative and the fact that a macro-regional strategy would take that process one step further, can the Commission say:.

In the near future the Commission does not plan to conduct and publish studies on potential new EU macro-regional strategies. Macro-regional strategies are based on a bottom-up approach and are initiated by Member States and regions. As such strategies are at the initiative of the Member States concerned, the Commission is not in a position to speed up the submission of proposals for new EU macro-regional strategies. Other EU regions are interested in this approach. However, no decision to prepare new EU strategies for other regions has been taken.

In this report, success conditions for new strategies have been identified, based on the experience of the Baltic and Danube strategies. Pre-accession assistance will continue to support the beneficiary countries in the period in implementing the reforms required to align to EU rules, standards, policies and practices and to come closer to European Union values in the perspective of membership. Coherence between the financial assistance and the overall progress made in the implementation of the pre-accession strategy will be strengthened.

The delivery of pre-accession assistance will be more strategic, inter alia by moving towards a sector approach, and more flexible and tailored to address needs and focusing on performance and results. Different from the current modalities, all five policy areas will be available for all enlargement countries, making support in the policy areas of regional development and employment, social policies and human resources development also available to potential candidate countries.

As regards cross-border cooperation, the rules will pursue further simplification, amongst other by further aligning programming and implementation modalities with the Structural Funds approach. Priorities for assistance and detailed funding arrangements, as appropriate, will be outlined in the strategic planning documents and, in particular, in the Multi Country Strategy Papers covering the entire period. These documents are currently under preparation, in partnership with beneficiary countries and in coordination with Member States, other donors and Civil Society Organisations.

They are planned to be finalised in the middle of , subject to agreement of the co-legislators on the basic legislative act and other related acts. The Trade section in the Delegation was also recently reinforced with as many as five posts. These reinforcements will partly offset the gradual reduction of staff dealing with bilateral cooperation programmes, as the latter are being downsized in line with the country's economic development.

In the context of the Commission's Workload Assessment of resources in Delegations, the number of Commission staff in India will be reduced to 43 posts. The difference 18 posts will be redeployed to other Delegations on the basis of objective needs. A new Commission post was allocated in the context of the Commission's Workload Assessment in Delegations, which will be placed in the Trade section. In it received also an AD post. That same year, the Delegation was reinforced with 4 AD posts and 5 Local Agent posts for the new political tasks following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty.

How will the Commission ensure that pre-accession funds allocated to Turkey for Transition Assistance and Institution Building are properly spent? How will the Commission ensure that pre-accession funds allocated to each of the following countries for rural development are properly spent? How will the Commission ensure that pre-accession funds allocated to each of the following countries for human resource development are properly spent? How will the Commission ensure that pre-accession funds allocated to each of the following countries for Regional Development are properly spent?

How will the Commission ensure that pre-accession funds allocated to each of the following countries for Cross-Border Cooperation are properly spent? How will the Commission ensure that pre-accession funds allocated to each of the following countries for Transition Assistance and Institution Building are properly spent?

What specific protection does the Commission have in place to ensure that pre-accession funds to Turkey for transition assistance and institution building are not diverted to anything else? During the programming phase of the pre-accession assistance, the Commission ensures that only actions which produce tangible and measurable results in favour of the people, the public administration and the businesses in the beneficiary countries will be supported. In countries such as Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which have fulfilled the rigourous assessment for the conferral of management, the national authorities are directly responsible for the procurement procedures and management of the contracts, while the Commission ensures the necessary level of supervision.

The Commission procedures involve a coherent and efficient control system including monitoring, ex-ante and ex-post control of transactions, inspections, systems audits and evaluations for actions implemented with Commission funding. Such controls allow to adopt corrective measures if required, including financial corrections, to ensure the successful implementation of financial assistance.

In all cases procurement procedures will be carried out in compliance with the Commission's Financial Regulation and related Practical Guidelines for the management of external actions. Welche Auffassung vertritt der Rat in Bezug auf diesen Skandal? His jet was forced to land in Vienna, where it was grounded and, according to Austrian sources, searched.

The presidential plane had left Moscow to return to Bolivia and was due to fly through French airspace before making a technical stop in Lisbon, but permission to continue was refused, allegedly because of suspicion that former US intelligence agent Edward Snowden was on board. Snowden had requested political asylum from a number of countries with no success. The detention of President Morales and the search of his plane both constitute a clear violation of presidential immunity guaranteed under the United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunity of States and their Property.

Furthermore, the physical integrity of the President was put at risk. This latest incident, together with CIA flights and the PRISM surveillance scandal, show that EU Member States are prepared to violate fundamental rights and international law in order to please the USA, rather than cooperating in a legal, transparent and impartial manner. What is the opinion of the Council with regard to this scandal? Does the Council believe that the case described above constitutes an infringement of the Vienna Convention?

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  3. Vérité inavouable : la majorité des Français ne souhaite pas devenir RICHE !.
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  5. The Poodle Tales: Book Four: A Poodle Derby;

What impact will this incident have on bilateral relations with Bolivia and other Unasur members that have already expressed support for Evo Morales and condemned his detention? La UE mantiene su compromiso de mantener sus buenas relaciones con Bolivia. This latest incident, together with CIA flights and the PRISM surveillance scandal, show that EU Member States are prepared to violate fundamental rights and international law in order to please the USA, rather than cooperate in a legal, transparent and impartial manner.

Does she believe that the case described above constitutes an infringement of the Vienna Convention? Later, however, both France and Spain denied that they had refused use of their airspace and Portugal stated that it had granted permission to use its airspace, but not to refuel in Lisbon. Is it aware of the above events?

Why was the Bolivian president not allowed to complete his scheduled journey and obliged to make a forced landing? Is the way in which the Bolivian president was treated by the Member States not an infringement of international law, the sovereignty of states and individual rights? Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy closed their airspace to the aircraft carrying the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, on his way back from Russia; this happened in spite of the fact that, under international law, a head of state enjoys international immunity.

Under the ICAO Chicago Convention , any country has the right to refuse access to its sovereign airspace, a competence of each individual Member State. Furthermore, the Single European Sky legislation acknowledges national responsibility for over-flights rights under the international agreements in this area. The EU remains committed to maintain its good relations with Bolivia. The Commission has initiated an investigation into aid in the Netherlands. Furthermore, a complaint has been lodged by the Spanish shipbuilding association regarding Dutch aid and the high levels and selective nature thereof.

What is the state of play regarding the investigation into the Dutch system of aid in the shipbuilding sector? Does the Commission believe that Member States lodging complaints against one another is the best way to react to competition from Asia, which also uses state aid and which practises social and environmental dumping? How does the Commission focus its efforts to protect the European shipbuilding industry from unfair competition from third countries? Does Europe have a strategic approach for its shipping industry?

If so, what does this consist of? The assessment is ongoing. The Commission has announced that it will soon be adopting a decision which will allegedly have a negative impact on the Spanish system of state aid in the shipping industry. In the years since proceedings were initiated, a great deal of damage had already been caused, but this announcement has exacerbated the situation.

To begin with, banks used by the shipping industry have frozen all operations with the sector and have decided that no further loans will be made until a decision is taken. Likewise, suppliers have also frozen all operations, as have clients with whom contracts were being negotiated. As a consequence of the decisions, a contract to build four tugs for the Caribbean was awarded to a Dutch shipyard.

It has nothing to do with quality, price, or other factors affecting competition in the industry. Does the Commission believe that legitimate competition between shipyards led to the loss of the contract to build the tugs? If it can be proved that the delay was a key factor in the decision to move the contract to another shipyard, will the Commission look into ways of compensating those who have suffered damage? Does the Commission believe that free competition is possible in view of the constraints placed on shipyards by suppliers and banks?

Two fundamental principles of EU State aid control are that new aid must be notified to the Commission and that incompatible aid must be recovered when it is granted without the Commission's prior approval. Granting aid without prior authorisation by the Commission entails the risk that it will be found incompatible and that its recovery from the beneficiaries will be required.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The interventions under action C. If so, what measures does it intend to take to ensure that this programme does not obtain Community financing? The SEA examined and approved the planning of the proposed works but not their implementation. These were made and the permit was issued by the RCM. It identified the diminished wetland functions and designed the lagoon restoration plan to improve these.

The implementation of the plan is expected to have a number of positive impacts on the conservation of lagoon's habitats and species and on the environment. A procedure to provide preliminary information to potential investors in government property in the area of Agios Prokopios Lakes in Naxos is already under way and, according to reports, other land in the Cyclades is up for sale:. Large sections of these wetlands are priority habitats. Does it consider that any such prospect is in keeping with Greek and European legislation?

Does its representative in the Troika encourage any such prospect? The Commission would like to highlight that the choice of what and how far public assets including real estate assets and companies should be privatised remains entirely with the Member States. A high level of protection of the sites included in the network is necessary also in the context of the current economic crisis as this will allow them, in addition to biodiversity gains, to deliver the multiple socioeconomic benefits from the various ecosystem services they provide. The Commission, as a member of the Troika, is interfering, via the Memorandum, in hundreds of issues in connection with public finances in Greece, doubtless in cooperation with successive Greek governments.

Within this framework, the insurance system has been a core element of its interference since the very first Memorandum. Nonetheless, it has basically accepted the problem of mass early retirement even of people aged between 52 and 55 in the best of health which has persisted over the last three years. While the Troika was in Greece, it further encouraged early retirement by introducing a series of new ways of buying out notional pensionable years which now even include days on strike. At the same time, in order to cover the fiscal cost and the additional public-sector liquidity needed to pay for those early retirements, over-taxation and the reduction in liquidity to the private sector continue.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:. Does it know, as part of the programme to resolve Greek public finances, how many people took early retirement in Greece between and ? Does it consider that early retirement is a help in efforts to get the Greek economy on the road to recovery? Significant pension reform measures have been adopted by the Greek parliament between and in order to make the Greek pension system sustainable. These reforms simplified the highly fragmented pension system, enhanced transparency by creating a tighter link between contributions paid and pension benefits received, and postponed the retirement age.

The overarching objective of the reform is to ensure the sustainability of the public pension system. Measures that specifically address early retirement are i the increase of the statutory retirement age to 67 and the subsequent link to gains in life expectancy, ii the increase of the minimum early retirement age to 60 and the subsequent link to gains in life expectancy, iii the introduction of minimum accrual periods for contributory pensions, iv the increase of penalties on early retirement and v a substantial revision of the list of hazardous and arduous professions entitled to a lower retirement age.

These measures restricted early retirement markedly, with a positive impact on public finances. Oggetto: Iniziativa dei sindaci veronesi a causa del livello della pressione fiscale in Italia. La Commissione aggiorna annualmente la relazione. The Commission updates the report annually. Control over national expenditure and revenue decisions is the competence of national authorities. In the area of fiscal policy, the Commission monitors compliance with the budgetary targets set out in the Treaty and secondary legislation, in particular the Stability and Growth Pact.

Recommendations cover both taxation and the business environment, among other issues. The recommendation on taxation was based on the assessment that while in the short to medium term reducing the overall tax burden is not an option in the current budgetary conditions, Italy has scope for improving the efficiency of the tax system, reducing distortions and pursuing the fight against tax evasion. Regarding the business environment and competitiveness, Italy is recommended to — among others — simplify the regulatory environment for citizens and businesses, develop access to capital markets for companies, strengthen vocational training, take decisive steps against undeclared work and the shadow economy, remove restrictions in professional services and foster market access, for instance in the provision of local public services.

Gipuzkoa Provincial Council has announced its intention to introduce a new system of tolls on some of the roads in this province of the Basque Country. The system would be set up as follows:. With regard to its treatment of lorries, does the system described above comply with the Eurovignette Directive? The Commission has received preliminary information about the planned road tolling arrangement in the Province of Gipuzkoa.

In the absence of such formal notification from the Province of Gipuzkoa, it is not yet possible to provide an assessment of whether the tolling arrangement would be discriminatory for heavy goods vehicles according to Art 7i of the above Directive. The application of the financial transaction tax in 11 of the Member States could lead to a harmonisation of the provisions concerning the indirect taxation of such transactions, but would also ensure that financial institutions would themselves also bear certain costs arising from the economic and financial crisis.

It should also demonstrate that it neither constitutes a barrier to, or discrimination in relation to, trade between Member States, nor distorts competition between them. The Commission should present a new robust analysis and impact assessment, of the consequences the proposal for a common FTT on participating and non-participating Member States and on the internal market as a whole.

If so, can the Commission indicate when it will have completed that further analysis? Regarding the impact of its Proposal for a Council Directive implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of financial transaction tax COM 71 final the Commission has made the necessary assessments SWD 28 final. Can the Commission, therefore, indicate:.

This corresponds to a decrease of 7. During the same Council meeting, the Heads of State and Government were informed about the envelope for their Member State. Those figures reflect the ones seen and agreed by the Heads of State and Government during the European Council. The figures took into account the overall envelope for rural development, the additional allocations agreed, objective criteria related to the rural development policy and past performance as well as an amount for technical assistance that is not allocated among Member States.

The Commission claims that the decree undermines the interests of international investors and the process of recapitalising the Spanish banking system. This could be seen to be an effort to interfere in the affairs of a region against the will its people, and should therefore be clarified. The Commission recognises the precarious situation of some most vulnerable households in Spain, subject to or threatened by evictions or foreclosures.

It welcomes that the Spanish Government and the government of Andalusia have recently introduced legislation in order to shelter these most vulnerable households from some of their immediate and massive hardship. It is of the view that such initiatives should be effective and strike a workable balance between the imperative needs of protecting these most vulnerable households and the equally imperative requirements of stabilising the financial sector in Spain.

These two requirements are in the view of the Commission intrinsically linked: restoring financial stability in Spain constitutes a necessary requirement for Spain to move back on a sustainable growth path and to deliver lasting positive effects on the living conditions on all Spanish citizens.

The latter requirement is the main objective of the banking-sector assistance in favour of Spain. The mentioned MoU is an agreement concluded between Spain and the ESM, whose respect conditions the disbursement of the financial assistance by the latter. According to press reports, on 3 July seventeen innocent civilians were murdered in a US drone strike on the city of Miranshah, in the Pakistani region of North Waziristan. This unstable border region is considered a stronghold for the Taliban militia, and the US military has therefore decided it can intervene there.

Killings perpetrated in drone strikes raise numerous questions concerning legal responsibility for war crimes and endangering the civilian population, and are thus a crucial issue in international debate. However, the US military continues to systematically use drones in all of the conflicts in which it is engaged around the world.

The EU has repeatedly stated its position that the fight against terrorism must be conducted with respect for the rule of law and in full conformity with applicable international law including international human rights law, international refugee law and international humanitarian law. The park was expropriated from the Rumasa company in and is now a key source of local income which is in no need of development. The fact that it is used for activities as diverse as mushroom picking, cork growing, tourism, and hunting and the role it plays in safeguarding water resources and biodiversity, among other things, give an idea of its importance and value.

Developing it, as the ministry plans, would in fact do untold damage. There are proposals to increase the use made of the estate without jeopardising the benefits it provides for society.


Various political and social organisations have expressed interest in using part of the estate to set up a flagship project to involve unemployed people in organic farming. This would generate jobs and tax revenue without damaging the environment and thus undermining the benefits it offers to society while keeping it in public hands. Is the Commission aware of the Spanish Government's plans to privatise this estate? Is it aware of the plans to build an airfield, hotel and golf courses?

Has it requested information from the Spanish authorities on their plans? Is it aware of the campaign to set aside part of the estate for organic farming? Does the Commission think that an estate which offers such benefits to the local population and visitors needs to be developed by means of the aforementioned building projects?

The Commission does not possess detailed information about the plans of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment in relation to the land estate of Almoraima, and it has not requested information from the Spanish authorities on this matter. According to the information provided by the Honourable Member, it appears that the Spanish authorities have not authorised any project for the development of the land state of Almoraima at this stage.

Therefore, it has not been possible to identify any breach of EU legislation. Forordning EU nr. Labelling would give consumers a guarantee that the clothes were produced under the best possible conditions. Labelling should cover not just environmental conditions, e. Are there any plans for a labelling regulation for clothes, to enable European consumers to be better informed about the conditions under which clothes are produced?

What are the current rules governing the labelling of clothes to indicate conditions of production? The Commission has no plans for a labelling regulation to indicate conditions of production in the cloth and textile industry. The Commission recalls that it supports the improvement of working conditions worldwide, notably through close cooperation with the International Labour Organisations ILO and the promotion of the ratification and effective implementation of the Conventions of the ILO, in particular the core labour standards, through a wide range of policies.

Such instruments also adress health, safety and labour conditions along companies' supply chain. Om: Testpaneler i forslaget til nyt tobaksdirektiv, KOM In the light of its proposal for new rules on tobacco products COM , can the Commission state what practical plans are implied by the test panels referred to on page 5? Does the Commission regard it as an adequate scientific basis to allow a test panel — with differing subjective assessments of taste sensations — decide whether individual products are to be legal or illegal?

Does the Commission consider that a test panel will be able to reliably test the thousands of different tobacco products that are marketed in the EU? The Commission proposal COM requires the Commission to adopt uniform rules on the procedures for determining whether a tobacco product imparts a characterising flavour. Independent panels would be used to assist in such decision making and the precise functioning of such advisory panels would be determined by implementing act.

Sensory analysis, involving panels of test subjects, is an established scientific method that applies principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to the use of human senses for the purposes of evaluating consumer products. Moreover, there is a wealth of documentation on sensory studies conducted by the tobacco industry to test the influence of flavours on the attractiveness of a product. In this respect, the Commission believes that the proposed method is adequate and reliable for the purpose in question.

If so, will the Commission state what amounts are involved, both per year since the aid began, and as a total to date? Under this contract the Network completed six media actions promoting EU activities in Palestine. Both contracts were implemented in a satisfactory manner and the Commission sees no reasons to subject the organisation to closer scrutiny. Which so-called NGOs received funding from the Commission budget or an agency in ? How much money were they allocated and for which projects? At present the Commission's accounting system distinguishes between natural persons, private law bodies and public law bodies.

The FTS allows a search by criteria such as the name of the beneficiary, its country, the relevant budget line or the amount granted. The FTS includes information from on all beneficiaries of EU funds implemented by the Commission under centralised direct and centralised indirect management modes, and by Executive Agencies under the centralised indirect management mode. Family friendliness is a decisive factor in the global competition for the most highly skilled workers.

From a political perspective, coherent family strategies are needed in this area. Why did the Commission bring to an end its support for the successful European Alliance for Families in ? Why did the Commission replace it with the Platform for Investing in Children, which avoids the use of the term. The availability of childcare facilities is crucial in this respect. Alle Futterpflanzen sollen aus Saatgut des Agrarindustriekonzerns Monsanto gezogen worden sein.

Der Kommission ist die genannte Studie bekannt. It has been claimed that feeding genetically modified crops to animals has lasting negative effects on the health of humans. IHER in Adelaide in Australia showed that severe damage was caused to the digestive and reproductive systems of pigs. Half of these pigs were fed with genetically modified soya and maize. It is said that all the feed crops were grown from seed supplied by the agribusiness company Monsanto. At the end of the five-month study, all the animals were slaughtered and examined for health problems.

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  • The pigs fed on genetically modified crops had significantly higher levels of gastro-intestinal disease, together with reproductive problems. At the same time, the risk of gastro-intestinal diseases was as much as 2. Because humans have a similar biological make-up to pigs, scientists say that the results of the study could also apply to humans.

    Is the Commission aware of the study that is being referred to and, if so, what is its opinion of this study? Does this study not represent a reason for introducing a Europe-wide ban on genetically modified organisms GMOs? Will the results of this study be introduced into the negotiations on the transatlantic free trade area? Feeding animals genetically modified GM crops is said to have a lasting negative impact on human health.

    Half of the pigs were fed with GM soya and maize. All feed crops used were reportedly grown from seed supplied by the agro-industry concern Monsanto. The pigs fed on GM crops had significantly higher levels of gastro-intestinal disease, together with reproductive problems. Is the Commission aware of the study referred to and, if so, what is its opinion of it? How does the Commission view the possible negative consequences, for humans, of GM food or of animals fed on GM feed?

    How does the Commission propose to protect EU citizens from the harm to their health described in the study? Will the results of the study be considered as part of the negotiations on the transatlantic free-trade area? The Commission is aware of this study. The Commission has launched a public tender for conducting a long-term toxicological study on GMOs. The call for the study focuses on 2-year feeding trials of rats with NK All applications for GM food and feed undergo a risk assessment by EFSA and are only authorised if they are found to be safe for human and animal health and the environment.

    Furthermore a new Regulation on GM food and feed applications for authorisation entered into force earlier this year. The EU framework legislation on GMO risk assessmert and management will not be part of the current negotiations on the transatlantic free-trade area. The EU Pledge is a scheme in which a number of companies engage in self-regulation of advertising of food products for children. It operates as part of the EU Strategy on nutrition, overweight and obesity-related health issues. The EU Pledge is described in a White Paper setting out the nutrition criteria by which different categories of food products are to be assessed.

    Daily reference values for energy intake for children could make a useful contribution to the fight against childhood obesity, which is an ever-increasing public health concern. Has the Commission carried out any research into energy intake reference values for children? In this respect, on the basis of a proposal to be made by the Commission in early autumn, based on the latest updated estimates regarding payment appropriations, the Council undertakes to decide, without delay, on a further draft amending budget to avoid any shortfall in justified payment appropriations.

    A negative ESF balance for the United Kingdom, for instance, is the result of such changes in status. Many people are unaware of how many calories they are consuming in the form of alcohol. For example, a medium glass of white wine ml has calories, similar to an average chocolate bar.

    Two pints of beer have more calories than a cheeseburger. Currently, producers of alcoholic beverages are not required to state the ingredients of their products or to provide nutritional information about them. The Commission is obligated to come forward with a report on nutritional labelling on alcohol under the Food Information to Consumers Regulation. Given that the preparation of the report is currently at a very early stage, the Commission is not in a position to comment about orientations on the issue in question.

    The Commission has started some preliminary work by collecting information from Member States on existing national legislation in this field and on information provided voluntarily by food business operators on different types of alcoholic beverages. Tako Evropska agencija za varnost hrane EFSA kot Komisija sta si zelo prizadevali za zagotovitev jasnosti pri ocenjevanju zdravstvenih trditev. As a result, consumers are being denied access to information that could be beneficial to their health.

    Recognising that some steps have been taken to allow all applicants to submit written questions to the EFSA, more needs to be done to assist applicants of probiotics claims. The EFSA acknowledges that these claims are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and that probiotics claim applicants may therefore only really understand what standards they are required to meet if they are involved in some form of transparent dialogue with the EFSA before they submit a dossier. Various meetings on the substantiation of health claims have also taken place between the Commission services and stakeholders, including the probiotic sector.

    The Commission recognises that the sector of probiotics represents a key sector in the European industrial scene, however, it cannot discriminate between the various food sectors by proceeding with specific actions concerning claims for probiotics. Oggetto: Pratiche commerciali scorrette nella vendita di farmaci.

    Secondo quanto segnalato da alcune associazioni di categoria, le farmacie sono spesso vittime di una pratica commerciale che procura danni a loro ed ai consumatori finali. I ritardi nella somministrazione della terapia che ne conseguono possono dare luogo a problemi per il paziente e non di rado a ricoveri dovuti alla sostituzione di farmaci o alla interruzione della terapia. Ritiene la Commissione che questa pratica commerciale costituisca una violazione del trattato sul funzionamento dell'Unione europea, in particolare dell'articolo , che definisce incompatibile con il mercato interno e vietato lo sfruttamento abusivo di una posizione dominante per il fatto di introdurre condizioni di transazione non eque e palesemente contrarie agli scopi del mercato interno stesso?

    Ritiene inoltre che essa violi la Carta dei diritti fondamentali dell'Unione europea, che all'articolo 35 sancisce che ogni persona ha diritto di accedere alla prevenzione sanitaria e ottenere cure mediche alle condizioni stabilite dalle legislazioni e dalle prassi internazionali? Per accertare una violazione dell'articolo del TFUE, la Commissione dovrebbe individuare i mercati rilevanti e dimostrare che le imprese farmaceutiche interessate occupano una posizione dominante.

    Questo richiede un'attenta valutazione basata sulle circostanze specifiche del caso.

    According to reports by certain trade organisations, pharmacies are often victims of a commercial practice which harms them and end users. It has emerged that certain multinational pharmaceutical companies have established a quota mechanism to prevent parallel exports by small Italian businesses, operating as intermediate distributors, to other European countries where the same product is sold at a higher price. To be specific, pharmacies are obliged to order directly from manufacturers small quantities of a product, to the serious detriment of patients who, owing to these restrictions, are often forced to wait for several days, if not weeks, before they can buy the medicine.

    The consequent delays in administering treatment may cause problems for patients and often lead to their admission to hospital owing to their medicine being replaced or their treatment being interrupted. This requires a careful assessment based on the specific circumstances of the case. Sebbene i vantaggi di poter disporre comodamente di una fonte di approvvigionamento idrico in buono stato siano chiari, soprattutto per il settore agricolo, un adeguato impegno per proteggere i corsi d'acqua italiani sembra ancora mancare.

    I dati provenienti dai risultati delle analisi effettuate da enti di rilevazione istituzionali e non, infatti, sono allarmanti. L'istituto ha rilevato la presenza di centinaia di tipologie diverse di agenti inquinanti, alcuni anche potenzialmente tossici. La Commissione non era a conoscenza della relazione dell'I. La relazione del relativa ai piani di gestione dei bacini idrografici nell'ambito della direttiva quadro sulle acque dovrebbe contenere una valutazione dello stato di tutti i corpi idrici sotterranei e di superficie, in base ai programmi di monitoraggio previsti a norma dell'articolo 8 della stessa direttiva.

    Incombe pertanto agli Stati membri l'obbligo di effettuare il campionamento e la valutazione dello stato delle acque. La Commissione sta organizzando riunioni bilaterali con gli Stati membri al fine di garantire che venga dato seguito alle raccomandazioni con gli interventi dovuti. Laddove le acque di balneazione non siano conformi alle norme, devono essere adottate le idonee misure. A large number of small and medium-sized natural watercourses run through Italy.

    Although the advantages of being able to easily draw upon a water supply in a good state are clear, especially for the agricultural sector, sufficient efforts to protect Italian watercourses still appear to be lacking. The data obtained from the results of analyses carried out by institutional and other monitoring bodies are, in fact, alarming.

    The institute found hundreds of different kinds of pollutants present, some of which are potentially toxic. The risks to humans from the pollution of watercourses, especially for more vulnerable persons such as pregnant women, are unclear, not least owing to the difficulty of establishing the concentrations at which the various substances are dangerous; it would therefore be appropriate to take precautionary measures.

    It is therefore the MS's obligation to carry out the sampling and status assessment.

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    The Commission is holding bilateral meetings with MS to ensure that the recommendations are followed up appropriately. A new work programme for was recently approved which addresses the priorities identified in the implementation report. Where bathing water does not meet the standards, measures should be taken. Oggetto: Il ruolo dei trattamenti placebo nella sperimentazione: tra dibattiti medico-legali ed etici. Lo scorso anno in un centro medico degli Stati Uniti un'equipe di ricercatori ha creato un programma di studi sui trattamenti placebo e sui rapporti terapeutici tra medico e paziente.

    Non rientra nel mandato dell'Agenzia europea per i medicinali condurre ricerche sugli aspetti menzionati dall'onorevole parlamentare. In the United States last year, a team of researchers conducted a study on treatment with placebo and the therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient. The study showed that treatments that do not involve giving an active drug can also bring benefits. These treatments are particularly useful in stimulating physiological reactions such as changes in heart rate and blood pressure or chemical activity in the brain.

    In fact, trials have been conducted comparing the reactions of different groups of patients to various treatments: in some cases, the people were informed that the therapy used a placebo rather than a drug. In other trials, the medicines were replaced by inert substances without the patient's knowledge, simulating pharmacological treatment.


    These studies showed a tangible effect on the relief provided to patients treated with the placebo, although there were some side effects due to activation of a part of the brain — the hippocampus — that can cause symptoms such as headache and nausea. There are conflicting opinions on the definition and use of placebos: they pose sensitive medical and legal issues on how to reconcile a the duty to provide information to trial subjects so that they may receive sufficient reward for their participation, with b the continued need for the subject not to be aware of whether they are taking the trial drug — especially in relation to the fundamental obligation to treat trial subjects with respect and protect their health.

    The use of placebos shows a greater awareness of the increased scientific rigour of blind clinical trials, and the greater technical capacity to provide sufficient therapeutic responses to any adverse events, which are increasingly linked to the prevention of effective therapy. It is not in the remit of the European Medicines Agency to conduct research on the aspects referred to by the Honourable Member. Il paziente, quindi, per regolare la propria glicemia, ha bisogno di iniettarsi ogni giorno e per tutta la sua vita dosi di insulina di qui la definizione di diabete insulinodipendente.

    I vaccini normalmente servono per stimolare il sistema immunitario ad attaccare il nemico. Ma il nuovo vaccino c. La ricerca, condotta su 80 pazienti con diabete da almeno anni, ha dato risultati ottimi. Sono necessarie ulteriori ricerche per determinare l'intero potenziale offerto da questo approccio terapeutico nel trattamento della malattia. Juvenile diabetes causes the immune system to attack and kill the pancreatic cells that produce insulin.

    Symptoms appear suddenly, including extreme thirst, increased urination, increase in appetite without an increase in weight, and a reduction of body weight. A therapy for type 1 Diabetes that targets the specific autoimmune response in this disease while leaving the remainder of the immune system intact, has long been sought.

    Research on diabetes, and specifically on type 1 Diabetes, has been extensively covered within the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development FP7, Further research is needed to establish the full potential offered by this therapeutic approach in the treatment of this disease. Oggetto: Sicurezza alimentare e etichettatura: prospettive per una possibile revisione delle norme e del sistema di controlli. Per raggiungere tale obiettivo, l'Unione europea provvede a elaborare e far rispettare norme di controllo in materia di igiene degli alimenti e dei prodotti alimentari, salute e benessere degli animali, salute delle piante e prevenzione dei rischi di contaminazione da sostanze esterne.

    Inoltre prescrive norme volte a garantire l'adeguata etichettatura di tali prodotti. La proposta intende rafforzare il sistema esistente, in particolare per quanto riguarda la lotta contro le frodi alimentari e le sanzioni da comminare in caso di violazioni intenzionali. Norme chiare ed efficaci, che possono essere applicate senza ulteriori orientamenti, sono inoltre essenziali per garantire un'adeguata attuazione delle norme tecniche dell'UE sulla catena agroalimentare. Le norme sull'etichettatura alimentare sono state migliorate e rafforzate mediante l'adozione del regolamento UE n.

    Current food safety policy is based on a set of principles established and updated in the early s. A group of specialist bodies, and in particular the European Food Safety Authority, help guarantee the safety of food products and, together with research, are an important part of food safety policy.

    It also lays down rules on appropriate labelling for these products. In particular, there have been reports of yet another case in Italy involving out-of-date and rotten food being distributed to nursery schools and care homes for the elderly. This has been going on since and involves hospital health officials and officials from several municipalities as well as a large group of contractors who, in collusion with accommodating public officials, have endangered the health of lots of people by circumventing the proper quantity and quality checks in managing food supplies.

    The Commission agrees that recent cases of non-compliance with the agri-food chain rules show the need to effectively enforce existing legislation. This proposal aims to strengthen the existing system, including as regards the fight against food fraud and the sanctions to be applied in cases of intentional violations. Clear and efficient rules that can be implemented without additional guidelines are also key for the proper implementation of EU agri-food chain standards. Un tale coinvolgimento nelle posizioni di vertice dell'establishment lascia intendere che, nonostante le posizioni di Rouhani siano meno radicali di quelle di alcuni dei candidati sconfitti alle elezioni, come Saeed Jalili o Mohammad Baqe Qalifab, vi possano essere legami con la guida, o leader supremo, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    Hassan Rouhani, seen as the moderate candidate by the international press, won by a landslide: The concentration of these powers in the hands of an eminent expert on Islamic theology, as the Supreme Leader must be, effectively undermines the role of the democratically elected President and makes Iran something of a theocracy. People are not free to stand as candidates in the Iranian presidential elections as the Guardian Council, the body that can also veto the popular vote, determines eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

    The European Union encourages respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and a greater opening of political life in Iran. It does this through diplomatic contacts and public statements as well as through the imposition of sanctions on human rights offenders. Iran is a sovereing state and changes to its Constitution must be initiated from within Iran.

    Oggetto: Farmaci anticancro e diritto alle cure. Un cortocircuito delle normative europee e italiane sta producendo una macroscopica ingiustizia per i malati. Tuttavia, l'erogazione di assistenza sanitaria compreso l'accesso ai prodotti medicinali successivamente all'autorizzazione, i prezzi dei medicinali e la loro inclusione nel sistema sanitario o di sicurezza sociale nazionale rientrano, conformemente al trattato UE, nelle competenze degli Stati membri.

    An oversight in European and Italian legal systems means that the sick are being done a great injustice. Two new molecular cancer drugs that extend life expectancy and improve the quality of life have been put on sale in Italy they could previously only be found abroad but entirely at the cost of the public: Pertuzumab, used in the treatment of breast cancer and Aflibercept, for colorectal tumours. It is the first time that two cancer drugs are to be paid for by patients. No one hopes they develop cancer, a disease that is physically and psychologically debilitating, so laying another financial burden on patients is unnecessary.

    Everyone should be guaranteed the right to treatment and health across Europe and patients should be guaranteed drugs, which should be paid for by national health systems, particularly for such serious diseases. Therefore, the Commission does not have ability to take action on the access to the two medicinal products mentioned in the different Member States, nor on the treatment options for cancer offered. Oggetto: Pakistan: due sorelle uccise per aver ballato sotto la pioggia. Nel video le ragazze appaiono velate e vestite in abiti tradizionali mentre ridono e accennano ad alcuni passi di danza sotto la pioggia insieme a due bambini.

    Solo un anno fa quattro donne erano state uccise per aver cantato e danzato con alcuni uomini durante un matrimonio a Kohistan, nel nordest del Pakistan. I delitti d'onore sono un fenomeno mondiale. The girls appear in the video wearing veils and traditional dress, smiling and dancing in the rain together with two children.

    Their stepbrother, who thought the video which was filmed six months ago dishonoured the family, has been arrested along with four alleged accomplices, and charged with ordering the killings. Only one year ago, four women were killed for singing and dancing with men at a wedding in Kohistan, in north-eastern Pakistan. The EU has regularly condemned violence against women and children and encouraged the Government of Pakistan to take urgent measures to ensure protection for the rights of both groups and has called on the authorities to ensure the physical security and protect the rights of all its citizens.

    The issue of honour killings will be raised with the new government in the forthcoming human rights dialogue, expected to take place in the autumn of Honour crimes are a worldwide phenomenon. A Council of Europe Resolution Resolution warned that the problem of honour killings has worsened, including in Europe, and referred to the difficulty of assessing the number of such crimes.

    A major challenge is a lack of witnesses. The most frequent victims of this crime are women, and in the majority of cases, honour killings are perpetrated by other family members of the woman or the girl regarded as culpable. Oggetto: Situazione del sistema di stage in Italia e in Europa. Se ritiene che questo sistema sarebbe da potenziare in Italia al fine di supportare i giovani nell'inserimento del mercato del lavoro? Si ritiene che gli apprendistati nel corso dei quali la formazione in azienda va di pari passo e si alterna ufficialmente con periodi di istruzione in istituti scolastici, e che terminano con il conferimento di titoli di studio riconosciuti a livello nazionale, agevolino l'ingresso dei giovani studenti nel mondo del lavoro.

    La Commissione ritiene che tirocini e apprendistati rappresentino strumenti di grande rilevanza per aiutare i giovani nella transizione scuola-lavoro. The Excelsior project — the employment and training information system — run by Unioncamere, the Italian union of chambers of commerce, industry, craft trades and agriculture, and the Italian Ministry of Employment has produced report entitled Formazione sul luogo di lavoro e attivazione di stage, i risultati dell'indagine Training in the workplace and internships, results of the survey.

    According to the report, which analyses figures for internships and traineeships in Italy, the percentage of people recruited following an internship or traineeship fell from Moreover, very few internships undertaken in Italy are paid. Internships and traineeships give young people a chance to build on their school education and give companies the opportunity to train young people as they need them, in order to take them on in their companies.