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But Ayton watched the guards with envy. This is not entertaining to me, and whatever the guards do, I wanted to do. In practice, I'm not doing post work. I want to dribble the ball.

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I want to shoot, too. He eventually found coaches who allowed him to do that, and he developed an incredibly versatile game. While Ayton ultimately did make it to the NBA as a center, that exposure to the skillsets and strategy required by other positions is a huge reason he's such a transcendent talent. As versatility becomes increasingly appreciated in modern sports, we do a disservice to our young athletes if we allow them to rely solely on size—an edge which could totally disappear by their mid-teens—during the period when developing a variety of skills and athletic movements is most critical.

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And if a coach is the type of person to lean on the "feed the big kid and let them be big" game plan, there's a good chance they're totally ignoring a couple players on their team who are "too small. Youth sports should be fun, and the focus, particularly during the middle childhood and early preadolescent years roughly ages 5 to 11 should be on building versatile athletes who can do many things well and get to experience a variety of sports and positions. When coaches and parents prioritize winning and stats instead, we get kids who don't love sports as much, who don't learn as many lessons from the games they play, and who aren't well-positioned to succeed athletically into their teens and beyond.

Warner Bros. Use These 3 Tests to Find Out. The big kid. He graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor's degree in English. He was a four-year letter winner at tight end on Lafayette's FCS football team, finishing second on the squad in receiving his senior year.

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  7. He's passionate about fitness, nutrition, Become a Contributing Expert. More About Sports. There is no overnight magic.

    Speed Drills for Kids - How to Run Faster

    Out of competitors she came home 1st. This is an amazing result. Well done. She has been training with Aled for the past few months and the time, effort and hard work has paid off.

    3 Ways to Teach Kids To Run Faster - wikiHow

    Athletics in Ireland is a fast growing sport and in Aled decided to bring a group of parents together to develop the idea of stating a new athletics club. The athletics club teaches young children how to run, jump and throw and presently has members. As the speed and power coach Aled wants all the children to learn how to run correctly, run faster, jump higher and throw further.

    You may ask, is the ability to run fast over 50 metres not important? Football is a multi-directional, explosive sport where there is a change of movement every 4 seconds. There is little benefit in football players spending too much time on drills which develop maximum velocity when they would derive more benefit from shorter multi-directional explosive drills. The focus should be on functional football movement — Acceleration, Deceleration, Quick feet, Explosiveness and Turning ability — with and without the ball.

    Another very important factor which is often neglected is Running biomechanics. How a footballer runs, particularly after injury or surgery is very important because athletes will compensate after injury and then get re injured. But running technique, acceleration and deceleration, turning ability and quick feet should be fundamental movement skills taught at every youth club, academy or centre of excellence from the age of 7 years old!

    Why the 'Big Kid' Often Gets Bad Coaching in Youth Sports

    How do you Coach Football Speed? In most clubs, whether youth, amateur or professional Speed is treated as part of fitness and specifically as part of speed strength and speed endurance. But this can be counter productive to the development of speed. Scientifically it has been proven that strength is determined by developing the muscular system. Endurance is determined by the cardiovascular system.

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