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If you expect your team to perform optimally, you have to give them the tools to do so. Call center software that integrates with business tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Desk.

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With the ability to open, close and edit tickets and cases in integrated business tools from the call center software interface, agents will spend less time on the phone updating systems with relevant information and more time doing what they do best. If you had to make one single investment to improve cost per call — integrated call center software would be it.

With CTI and other helpful call center software features, agents will spend less time on the phone with the caller verifying their identity and going back and forth between their phone and customer data. The end result? Decreased handle time, increased customer service quality and lower cost per call.

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In addition to equipping your agents with the most effective call center software solution, you must also make sure that your team utilizes call center software features that will have a direct impact on reducing cost per call. The beauty about this feature is not only does it improve customer satisfaction, it also reduces cost per call as it decreases the number of callers waiting in a queue thus telephony, trunk costs and staffing all decrease.

One of the best ways to increase cost per call and decrease customer satisfaction is by transferring callers from agent to agent until they come across one that can adequately meet their needs. Skills-based routing ensures that callers are routed to the most appropriate agent to meet their needs from the get-go.

Thus, skills-based routing ensures that callers are routed directly to the agent who is most qualified to meet their needs thereby increasing customer satisfaction, reducing handle time and reducing cost per call. An excellent way to reduce cost per call is to reduce inbound call volume. This again will reduce costs associated with telephony and staffing and as a result reduce cost per call.

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  5. How can you accomplish this without compromising service quality? By allowing customers to help themselves. These customers will jump at the opportunity to help themselves. Using these tools and techniques to help optimize adherence and occupancy will also go a long way to decreasing cost per call.

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    7. All will significantly reduce operational costs and cost per call, without compromising service quality. This is because there can be a considerable cost accrued for callers who call back about the same issue. Thus, optimizing first call resolution will significantly decrease cost per call in the call center. Optimizing first call resolution will decrease call volume, operational costs and cost per call in the call center.

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      Following the 10 aforementioned tips, tools and techniques will put you well on your way to reducing cost per call in the call center all while increasing service quality. Shauna has a doctorate in clinical psychology and a love of call center software. When she isn't creating content, you can find her screening Talkdesk talent and playing with her labrador, Buster. Call Center Jun 24, Call Center Jun 17, Call Center Jun 14, Cost Per Call Overview Cost per call or cost per contact is a call center metric for the total cost associated with handling all calls or contacts during a specific time period.

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      Would it have an undue effect on your customer service ratings? Monitor those calls Implement live call monitoring, which increases call quality by allowing managers to listen in on live calls as well as to record calls. Managers can then ensure quality during any call and also use recordings for future training and quality purposes.

      They are directly responsible for lower levels of customer churn, higher net promoter scores, more company growth, and a stronger company brand. Therefore, a center with higher attrition has to staff enough agents to take up the slack from the new agents — along with more supervisors, more technology and licenses, and other operational needs. Efficient scheduling Cost per call can be brought down simply by paying attention the details of who needs to be where.

      Consider factors like peak call times and when to best use part-time workers to supplement your team. Contact-center agents now have to deal with well-informed customers and increasingly complex queries received through any number of channels.

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      These related metrics all include certain expenses, including:. One of the best ways to tackle that challenge is to get a degree view of every interaction with every customer through any channel. Learn More.