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The actress, 49, talks about her own connection to the material and why this is one horror film that actually scared her. I have to admit, while I found this film creepy, I rarely find horror films scary, per se. I tend to be more scared by films about real things, like cancer or global annihilation or death.

But this one, I went to see it with my friends and we were screaming and grabbing onto each other. I was watching it between my fingers. I thought it was that scary. I think anything with mannequins, clowns or puppets — forget about it. That is scary just in itself. It says a lot for films featuring women as lead characters. I know! Then you see Kristen Wiig on the red carpet shaking hands with little girls who are dressed up like Ghostbusters.

I just wish that I had that when I was younger. We need some more female role models. Some actresses have said that they started off in horror films because it was the only genre that regularly starred women. They can be progressive, at least in that sense. I was thinking the opposite. Of course! God forbid the heroine has sex or is a sexual being in any way.

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You have to be the good girl to get rid of the demons. You defeat demons with the power of your virginity. It was because of the character. She was complicated. If you take all the horror away, it really is a stand-alone drama about mental illness and how it affects a family. I realized after being medicated that this was really a gift. I wanted to portray the reality onscreen of what it is to have a mental illness and how it really is a family disease.

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Maria Bello on 'Lights Out' and the importance of female role models

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