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So if you are trying to get your Addiction Treatment Facility or Rehabilitation Center the exposure it needs, you have stopped by the right place. We know you must have questions about how our methods could get the results you are looking for.

10 Ways to Turn Your Rehab Marketing Ideas Into Success

In tandem with our brand of transparency and seasoned professionals, there are areas of your online presence that we can help elevate. SEO is a necessary tool in any arsenal.

Our team consist of professionals with experience in rehab marketing, that can hone in on specific keywords relating to your facility and location to help you be found by potential patients or their family members. We have experience in helping clients in the healthcare industry understand and utilize these specialized keywords and making them work to increase their generated leads.

Global Study Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Market Growth and Forecast 2018 to 2028

That being said, SEO is much more than keywords. Search engine optimization for rehab clinics and addiction recovery centers is crucial for being discovered among similar facilities in your local area. Our team at Elevated can help you optimize your business so that people can find you by location or services offered. Paid media is another area we specialize in when it proves to be a good choice for our clients. Though this path can be highly competitive, especially when marketing for rehab and recovery facilities, our team can evaluate your brand and work with you to develop a paid media marketing structure that will speak to the appropriate audience.

We use our experienced team to be sure that using AdWords or Facebook Ads among man other outlets would yield positive returns on your investment.

How Can We Help

Specialized industries, such as healthcare, often require a certain delicacy when trying to reach your intended audience. Whether your intended audience is the patient or one of their family members, you want them to feel safe and welcomed to reach out for help. Our experience in this field makes it a great tool for success. Convince them why your facility is a good option for their patients. Old fashioned selling techniques also work. Take them to lunches when possible and bring them little gifts if hospital policies allow.

Follow up on referrals by showing them patients' progress and what you were able to do for their patients.

Bring them patient letters complimenting your facility. Also, do them a favor in return by taking some of their Medicaid and County Department of Health patients.

Marketing Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Hospital discharge planners can have a difficult time placing the indigent into good care facilities. Helping the discharge planners can lead to more referrals of more lucrative Medicare and private insurance patients. Physicians can be a powerful referral source for your business. Visit physicians and medical practices in your facility's area to let them know about the rehab and quality of care you provide. Practices centered on orthopedics, gerontology, and neurology are some of your best targets. Orthopedic surgeons can be particularly helpful because they plan surgeries with patients and can refer patients to your care as part of the patient's medical plan.

Total joint replacements and spine surgeries in particular have extended rehab recovery needs. Surgeons know which patients will be best off with inpatient stays and have an interest in their patients' receiving the best care. As with discharge planners, convince these physicians that your facility is the best option using patient letters, success stories, lunches, gifts and--if they're amenable--facility tours. Getting physicians to come and see first hand is always helpful for building a connection.


Assisted and independent living facilities are filled with people likely to need your services at some point or another. While these facilities are not medical in nature and can't send patients to you in the way hospitals and doctors do, they can be helpful in making their patients aware of your business as a good, local health care option.

Additionally, in most states skilled nursing facilities can send staff to assisted living facilities to perform outpatient rehab services, billing Medicare Part B. If assisted and independent living facilities in the area have enough patients who would enjoy on-site rehabilitation without going through home health care agencies, you may find success in extending your services by sending therapists off-site.