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Forcina, C. Cerbaso, V. Cyber-Physical Systems in Future Maintenance. Scheduled Shutdowns as an Incubator for Inefficiencies. Redding, Christopher J. Hockley, R. Roy, J. Mehairajan, M. Djairam, J. Pages E1-E1. About these proceedings Introduction Engineering asset management encompasses all types of engineered assets including built environment, infrastructure, plant, equipment, hardware systems and components.

Topics discussed by Congress delegates are grouped into a number of tracks including strategies for investment and divestment of assets, operations and maintenance of assets, assessments of assets condition, risk and vulnerability, technologies and systems for management of asset, standards, education, training and certification. So was he not telling Betty the whole truth, then? This whorehouse time seems important, and like something she would have wanted to know — it was also traumatic enough that you would think he would have told Rachel in his grief in "Long Weekend.

He's sneaking around, and enjoying it — not even Megan telling him she had a miscarriage can derail him. Don's sexual morality is reserved for work, where he has an unpleasant encounter with Herb from Jaguar, played with sleaze and heft by Gary Basaraba, and almost tanks the entire Jaguar account in order to best him. While Don is successfully conducting an affair, Pete fails at one.

For now! This is the episode in which we meet Megan's mother Julia Ormond and father Ronald Guttman and discover that a little of the Calvet clan goes a long way. Marie and Emile are among the only Mad Men characters that never deepen beyond caricature. She's dissatisfied and resentful; he's an angry communist academic. They, especially Emile, don't like Don, and they're right. He's right about Megan too: She doesn't care about advertising, even though she's gifted at all of the aspects of the job. She snatches the Heinz Beans account from the precipice of defeat, impressing everyone, but most of all Don.

There's a parent-child theme in "At the Codfish Ball," and it's not only the Calvets. And when she walks in on Roger getting a blow job from Marie, she can't find solace among these careless adults, but does call Glen Marten Weiner, the son of Matthew Weiner at boarding school later to make her feel better. The other miserable parent in the episode is Peggy's mother Maya Turley , who disapproves of Abe Charlie Hofheimer moving in with Peggy without marrying.

And as with Megan's father, she knows when her daughter is pretending. He'd be mad at you the same way I am. Because you are selling yourself short. It's Valentine's Day, , 16 months since the Season 1 finale, which took place on and after Election Day in Don is trying to be good, he tells his doctor during a physical, and we also learn at this checkup that he's 36 years old.

At the office, Peggy is thin again after a mysterious disappearance and is pretty well integrated in the copywriting job Don gave her at the end of Season 1. Paul Paul Gladis has a beard; Harry's wife is pregnant; Pete's wife desperately wants to be pregnant; Duck and Don are trying to work together; and there's now a copier machine that Joan can't figure out where to place. Don has a new secretary, Lois Crista Flanagan , whom Peggy hazes. Lois was painted as a woeful idiot in Season 1 when she developed a crush on Sal Bryan Batt. But here, Peggy is establishing herself as Don's mentee, a cut above her secretarial roots.

At home, Don and Betty are getting along on the surface, but they're having sexual problems — or Don is, anyway. He's been reading Frank O'Hara poetry, and at the end of the episode, he sends a copy of Meditations in an Emergency to someone to whom he writes, "Made me think of you. The Season 3 premiere "Out of Town" dropped us into the newly merged world of Sterling Cooper and Puttnam, Powell, and Lowe, but "Love Among the Ruins" takes a step back and plants seeds for the rest of the season — it's springtime, after all.

Betty's father, Gene Ryan Cutrona , who is increasingly unwell and unable to live alone, moves in with the Drapers; Peggy is exploring her power as a sexual person she picks up a Brooklyn College student for a one-night stand ; Don sees Miss Farrell for the first time; and, most important, we begin to get the idea that the merger was perhaps ill-conceived. After meeting with and eventually winning the yet-to-be-built Madison Square Garden as a client, Lane tells Don that the home office in London doesn't think it will be worth it financially. It doesn't really pay off.

But the events of the episode are important enough, with Conrad Hilton Chelcie Ross offering Don his New York hotels as a client, Betty coming up with an excuse to call and later meet with Henry, Don getting into a dangerous situation with hitchhikers who mug him, and Peggy pushing Don too far in this episode.

It's not unreasonable for her to ask to work on the Hilton account, but if she's going to always ask him for things, eventually he's going to take his misery out on her. And he does. Under pressure from the company to sign a three-year contract, he snaps: "You were my secretary. And now you have an office and a job that a lot of full-grown men would kill for. Every time I turn around, you've got your hand in my pocket. You want a raise; you want this account.

Put your nose down and pay attention to your work. Because there's not one thing that you've done here that I couldn't live without. And it drives her into Duck's bed. In the end, signing the contract is a non-event, since Bert Cooper Robert Morse — who knows Don is not who he says he is — simply blackmails Don into doing it. Henry kisses Betty for the first time, a memory she can't erase even after she impulsively joins Don on a Conrad Hilton—commanded trip to Rome. They have such a good time that when they get home, Don thinks their honeymoon spirit might carry over — but no.

Alone in his apartment during the dog days of August, he runs into Gudrun Nina Rausch , the German nanny on his floor whose charges are away. She's crying because she has ruined her boss' dress, which Pete decides to fix for her: He goes to Bonwit Teller running into an ashamed Joan, who is working there and swaps it out for a new one. He expects the favor to be returned sexually, but Gudrun tells him she has a boyfriend. Pete gets drunk and goes back to her, telling her that he feels he deserves to see the dress on her.

She takes him into her bedroom, where he closes the door, tells her he wants to kiss her, and kisses her. She kisses him back as he moves her toward the bed. In the aftermath, the kids' father comes to see Pete to tell him she spent a day crying; and Pete himself appears to have a festering guilty conscience — more than any guilt we see him experience any other time. It seemed clear: Pete raped her.

But both Kartheiser and Weiner have said over the years that it's not the case. She changed the whole course of Pete Campbell. It's a show in which authorial intent has always been paramount, so this is a pretty fascinating, and disturbing, mishap. Joan tells Roger she is pregnant, that it's his baby, and that she's going to get an abortion.

Lane's terrifying father W. Morgan Sheppard comes to get him to bring him back to London and to his family, and we find out that Lane is in scandalous love with a Playboy Bunny named Toni who is black, and played by Naturi Naughton. Lee Garner Jr. Roger begs him for 30 days so he can try to figure out what to do, and Lee says OK. Separately, when SCDP comes close to getting lots of money from North American Aviation, an account Pete has been working on since "The Jet Set," the company runs security checks on everyone who'd be working on the account — which sends Don into a panic.

After Faye watches Don break out in a sweat, think he's having a heart attack, and vomit, he tells her about his real identity. It brings them together It's Megan who can actually serve his needs when she brings him the Beatles tickets he's been waiting for so he can take Sally to go see them at Shea Stadium. And at the end of the episode, Don really looks at Megan for the first time.

He has just told Faye his secret, and she feels closer to him than ever. But if it seemed on first viewing of "Hands and Knees" that Faye was someone Don wanted to know him, looking back, she just happened to be in his presence when he was so anxious about being discovered that he had to talk to somebody. More water-treading in the episode that follows "Hands and Knees. Joan is the only one he tells, which leads to a terrific, revealing scene with them when he comes to her apartment to be taken in by her and, pointedly, not by Jane, his wife.

Joan puts him off sexually. Roger and Joan's relationship is rarely at the center of Mad Men , but it's a unique, deep portrait of two people who know and love each other. Hendricks and Slattery always play off each other perfectly; Joan and Roger are two people who aren't usually taken seriously in their lives, but they have each other. The title of "Chinese Wall" refers to a rule Faye has with her clients, which Don manipulates her into violating because he's desperate to find new business.

By the time she comes back to him and tells him that she's set up a meeting for him with Heinz, she has no idea that he's already moved on — with Megan: This is the episode when they get together for the first time. Oh, and there is a scene in "Chinese Wall" that is the flip of Don's failed attempt to inspire the troops toward the end of Season 7. As things start to fall apart for SCDP because of Lucky Strike, Don gives one of his rousing speeches: "We're going to overcome this and succeed tenfold — and it will be exhilarating!

Betrayal is the theme of "To Have and to Hold," which takes its title from Megan's soap opera. Megan gets word from Arlene Joanna Going — a star of the show and the wife of its producer, Mel Ted McGinley — that she'll be getting her first love story, and she tells Don in order to be straight with him.

A dinner with Arlene and Mel in which they unsuccessfully hit on Don and Megan seems to bond them together in horror, but by the end of the episode, Don is once again having sex with Sylvia. He goes to her after a vicious fight with Megan in her dressing room when he visits her to watch her kiss another man. Megan replies witheringly: "You couldn't stop it. So I guess ruining it was enough for you. Oy, these two. Don also cheats on Heinz Beans in order to try to get Heinz Ketchup.

They think they're the only agency in the running, but after Stan Jay R. Ferguson confides in Peggy during one of their nightly phone calls — they're at rival agencies at this point — her boss Ted Kevin Rahm finds out and worms his way in. Neither agency gets it, but Raymond from Heinz Beans finds out, and calls Ken irate — he fires them from the account. In other betrayal news, Joan's friend Kate Marley Shelton visits, and though she's married, she wants to have a one-night stand and drags Joan along with her. She also tells Joan how impressive her life is, which Joan needs to hear, considering Harry has humiliated her in front of all the partners.

She fired his secretary for having Dawn punch her time card for her, and Harry goes into a rage. He demands to be made a partner, but Roger and Bert scoff at him. And: In the first scene in Mad Men 's history that's a conversation between two black people, Dawn meets her friend Nikki Idara Victor at a diner, and we get to see what Dawn really thinks of her job: "Everybody's scared there. Women crying in the ladies room, men crying in the elevator. The women of Mad Men deepen in this Season 1 episode. We learn that Joan and Roger are having an affair, and it's the start of the dynamic we see between them for years to come: He is overly effusive, and she protects herself.

She has to, of course. He responds: "You have me. You do. But of course that's not true.

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He's pining for Rachel Menken, whom he cajoles into lunch with the excuse of asking her for ideas for an Israeli tourism board pitch a tiresome thread through the story. But he can't get Rachel, so he settles for Midge Rosemarie DeWitt , and as a result ends up in a folkie coffee house listening to poetry that begins, "Last night, I dreamed of making love to Fidel Castro…" Seeing Don in a coffee house with Midge and her angry hippie friend reminds viewers that there is another world outside of Don's, and it's about to take over.

Most important of all, "Babylon" is the beginning of the ascent of Peggy. During a focus group on Belle Jolie lipstick with all of the Sterling Cooper women, she inadvertently shines. It ends up being her first opportunity to help write copy after Freddy tells Don, "She really stood out, brainstorming-wise. This is a moody episode — you may remember it as the one with little Sally's birthday, when Don, trapped by his suburban life, leaves to go get her cake and never returns.

Though he does eventually come back with a dog for Sally. Pete gets back from his honeymoon to an office prank: "Who put the Chinaman in my office? Don and Rachel kiss after forging what seems to be an actual bond. Season 1 is when Mad Men was on the nose in showing us that look, pregnant women used to smoke and drink with impunity embodied in Betty's friend Francine, played by Anne Dudek.

We also meet Helen Bishop Darby Stanchfield , the new divorced woman in the neighborhood who is a threat to conformity, and her son, Glen Marten Weiner, the son of Matthew. Don is destabilized for the rest of the episode. And so are we. Watching this episode the first time, I wondered whether Mad Men was for me. It offers much more now. On a Saturday, in two different worlds, Roger and Jane Peyton List have a garden party while Peggy, Smitty Patrick Cavanaugh , and Paul smoke pot at the office while brainstorming for a Bacardi account.

There are a few classic bits of dialogue in this episode, such as, "I'm Peggy Olson. And I want to smoke some marijuana. It's a mistake to be conspicuously happy. Some people don't like it. They think you're foolish. And Henry, an acquaintance of Roger's, flirts with Betty right from the start, even though she's clearly pregnant. Later, Bert introduces her and Don to Henry, whose name she hadn't gotten even though he does touch her stomach.

It's also an episode for the Mad Men musical theater kids to shine — the actors themselves, that is: Joan sings in French and plays the accordion to impress Greg's boss; Pete and Trudy clear the dance floor during the Charleston; Paul sings to prove he can; and Roger serenades Jane — in blackface. Betty's father, Gene, has had a stroke — another one, as she finds out — and she and Don have to pretend they're not separated when they go to visit to see whether he is OK.

He is not OK.

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Everyone is pretending otherwise it's a house full of people faking things except for Betty's childhood maid, Viola. When Viola says it will only get worse, Betty breaks down: "I'm an orphan. They are yours. As soon as she and Don get back to their house, she sends him away again, but she does get to pass on the comfort she received from Viola: to Glen.

He's run away, and has been hiding in the playhouse in their backyard. But he's serious — and when she calls his mother, because of course she must, he turns to Betty and says, "I hate you. Back at the office, Don realizes that there's not much tethering him there, and he decides to accompany Pete to a convention in Los Angeles taking Paul's spot. It's the show's first trip to Los Angeles, a place of symbolic significance for Mad Men. Peggy puts it perfectly: "I've heard it's very hard to get anything done there because of the weather, you know? People don't work. Besides an October heat wave, the through line of this episode is women's orgasms through mechanical means.

Peggy gets her second account, one that leads to her first promotion, from a mechanical weight-loss thingamabob that turns out to be a vibrator. Roger comes back to work too early after his heart attack in order to show the Lucky Strike guys that he's OK — but he collapses in front of them instead. Which then results in Don's promotion: Bert makes him a partner. You may leave your post," Don says to her toward the end of the episode.

He's going home to Betty, who is so starved for attention at this point that she has rubbed up against a rumbling dryer while fantasizing about an AC salesman who got close to her in recent days. Season 4 is sure-footed and tonally even until this episode, which is scattered by Mad Men standards. A New York Times reporter calls Don to ask him about something Ted said after he gets the Clearasil account: "Every time Don Draper looks in his rearview mirror, he sees me. They end up competing over Honda motorcycles, an account Roger, who fought in World War II against the Japanese, is hell-bent on losing before they even begin.

He bursts into their initial meeting with Honda: "We don't want any of your Jap crap! So, sayonara! This time. With his family life, Don is not doing as well. Sally has begun her many years of acting out — as she should — first cutting her own hair and then touching herself and getting caught at a sleepover. Betty, who I would argue until now has been doing the best she can as a parent, handles all of this terribly.

She slaps Sally after the hair butchering, and shames her after the masturbating. This episode may signify the moment when a sea of Mad Men viewers turned against Betty forever, if they hadn't already. I always found her to be a fascinating portrait of a sad, lonely woman caught between generational possibilities and expectations — that she will ultimately die having been thwarted and disappointed so often makes her story that much sadder. However you feel about Betty, she does get Sally help in the form of a doctor who won't spill her secrets to an authority figure. Which turns into a session for Betty herself.

A doleful two-hour opener for Season 6 that answers the fifth season's cliffhanger — if there was even a question — about whether Don would begin cheating on Megan: Yes. Since Don doesn't speak to another person for the episode's first seven minutes, the proceedings all have a dreamy quality. Death is in the air, as it was throughout Season 5. Don is reading Dante's Inferno on a Hawaii beach during a work-sponsored reconnaissance trip with Megan for the Royal Hawaiian Hotel; Roger's mother dies; and Roger's shoe-shine guy dies which is what finally causes him to cry.

Most significantly, Don and Megan witness their doorman's collapse and his revival at the hands of Dr.

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Arnold Rosen Brian Markinson , their neighbor, along with his wife, Sylvia. It seems like Don has finally made a friend in Arnold — who even says while visiting Don at the office, "All right, enough flirting…" But no, he hasn't. He is fucking Sylvia and they are both betraying Arnold, a heart surgeon whose professional life Don finds admirable.

It's Slattery who gives the episode a jolt, as Roger deals with his mother's death, at first glibly and then wretchedly. Her funeral is a wonderful sequence, with Roger now the unlikely patriarch, a wasted Don vomiting on the floor, Roger storming out because his ex-wife Mona Talia Balsam brings a date, and then Roger going upstairs to sulk.

When Mona finds him, we get another example of the chemistry between this real-life couple — Slattery and Balsam are married — as he hits on her and she rejects him. Elsewhere, Betty makes a very strange child-rape joke to Henry about one of Sally's friends "She's just in the next room. Why don't you go in there and rape her? I'll hold her arms down. Bob Benson James Wolk has joined the firm, and Ken is onto him immediately.

Peggy is doing well at her work at CGC, and while out from under Don's thumb, she is able to freely use his methods. Megan has just started on To Have and to Hold , and her character is villainous. Some Mad Men viewers, the Megan-hating kind, might have thought this turn spoke to them. Roger gets the best line of "The Doorway," though. After Don frightens the Sheraton clients with a campaign idea for Royal Hawaiian that conjures images of suicide for them, Roger asks him, "What's the matter, you didn't get all of your vomiting done at my mother's funeral?

In the Season 6 finale, "In Care Of," Don told a riveting, moving story about his horrible childhood, confessing another important truth about his life in the brothel. Unfortunately, he did it during a Hershey's pitch, and was suspended as a result. Don does visit Megan in L. He does open up to a stranger played by Neve Campbell on the plane back to New York. If Don is at sea out of the office, Peggy is lost within it.

She is still intensely pained by losing Ted — to his wife and kids, to Los Angeles — and seeing him at work during a brief visit reopens the wound. She doesn't stand a chance with an old-school hack like Lou, but if it's making her appreciate her relationship with Don, she doesn't let on. I guess I'm immune to your charms," he tells her.

It's all too much for her to handle. Alone in her apartment at the end of the episode, when she finally doesn't have to appear to be holding it together, Peggy is struck down to her knees by grief. Also, Joan takes her first step toward being an account executive, and she does it with Peggy's at first reluctant help. Joan's friend Kate whom we met in "To Have and to Hold" is now at Avon, and has set Joan up with its new head of marketing. Joan thinks it's a date, but is pleasantly shocked when he starts asking her professional advice.

She seizes the opportunity to land Avon as a client; unsurprisingly, no one at work thinks she can do it, so she has to sneak around Pete to assert herself. Peggy at first scolds Joan for roping her into this scheme, and they bicker about it, with some old resentments bubbling up. Peggy answers defensively, as if by rote, not realizing that she'll be hurting Joan's feelings when she says, "I never slept with him.

You really are just like them. These machinations are more pleasurable than the episode's tale of the other city: Don, Roger, and Harry go to Los Angeles to try to woo Carnation and Sunkist. They go to a party, where they run into Danny Siegel Danny Strong , the wee erstwhile SCDP employee who's gone Hollywood; Don smokes from a hookah and hallucinates — and then he falls into the pool and nearly drowns. Mad Men usually excels in drug scenes, which is hard to do. But not here. Roger has a heart attack and a temporary come-to-Jesus moment, Joan's hardened shell cracks, Betty's father has already found a replacement for her recently dead mother, and Don finally gets Rachel Menken to have sex with him.

All of this happens on a sweaty Labor Day weekend episode in which the men of Sterling Cooper also realize that Richard Nixon, their preferred candidate and client, is going to lose to John Kennedy. With his wife away for the long weekend, Roger tries to get Joan to go see The Apartment with him. Clearly, she's seen it. She opts for a night out with her roommate, Carol Kate Norby , who unexpectedly professes her sapphic love to Joan who is not receptive.

Roger is left to woo a year-old who's come in for a casting, and when they have sex for the second time on his office floor, he has a coronary. Luckily, Don is there to clean up after him. It also gives Don a good excuse not to go down to Cape May to meet Betty and the kids. He ends up pouring himself into Rachel's apartment and, after they have sex more heartfelt than Don is used to, he tells her that his mother was a prostitute, she died while giving birth to him, his father and stepmother raised him, and then after his father died, he lived with his stepmother and another man.

A key moment in Mad Men occurs in this episode: Betty discovers Don's past. He leaves the key to his desk drawer — the one in which he's secreted away evidence of his former life, but also his possible future one with all that cash — in a robe she washes, and she finds it in the dryer. She's triumphant at first, but then as she goes through the money, the Whitman family photographs that include her husband, the dog tags that say "Whitman, Richard," a deed to a house in Long Beach, California, and divorce papers from a woman named "Anna Draper," she gets freaked out. Part of her longs for a dramatic confrontation with Don — or whoever he is — and she sits with a glass of red wine, a cigarette, and the box waiting for him to come home.

His affair with Miss Farrell is in full swing, though, so he never does, so Betty decides to silently resent him instead. It's the 40th anniversary of Sterling Cooper, and there's a black-tie event at the Waldorf to celebrate. There's a lot going on in "The Arrangements": the agency gets a new client — an idiot rich kid, Horace Cook Jr. Aaron Stanford , who is determined to spread jai alai in America; Sal gets a chance to direct a commercial for Patio, Pepsi's new diet soda, and while acting out his vision of it an adaptation of the title song from Bye Bye Birdie for his wife, Kitty Sarah Drew , she realizes he's gay; Peggy decides to move to Manhattan and her mother's spiteful response — "You'll get raped, you know that?

Sally doesn't care if he forgets things; he pays attention to her. One of the pleasures of watching Mad Men has always been watching unlikely characters come to the forefront — and here is when Shipka showed us what she could do. When she hears them laugh, she yells at them: "He's dead!

And he's never coming back! Nobody cares that he's really, really, really gone. This is what happens when there's no grown-up around to care about Sally. We get a fun glimpse into what we didn't see in "For Immediate Release," which is their brainstorming process together. Ted asks, "Is this going to be Detroit again? You're going to lie down on the couch while I pace?

Peggy is onto Don, though. She says, "When you told me about the merger, I hoped he would rub off on you. Not the other way around. Throwing his own advice from "The New Girl" back at him, she replies, "So are you! Move forward. Simultaneously, Don — who is at this point completely checked out from his relationship with Megan — is engaging in sexual dominance games with Sylvia during assignations at the Sherry-Netherland hotel. He sends her a dress from Saks to put on and wait for him, and when she thinks that means they're going out, he says in his Don Draper-iest baritone, "Why would you think you're going anywhere?

You are for me. You exist in this room for my pleasure. Sylvia's response: "It's easy to give up something when you're ashamed. Meanwhile, Bob Benson, the charming sneak, manages not to get fired by helping Joan when she's sick at work; grateful afterward, she convinces the other partners that he's less expendable than someone else as they make a layoff list. The episode ends on June 5, , after Bobby Kennedy is assassinated. It's such a horrible flashback to JFK's death that Pete thinks his dementia-stricken mother Channing Chase is mixing up time and Kennedys when she wakes him to tell him the news.

Don and Betty are back together after the events of "Meditations in an Emergency" and she is visibly, uncomfortably pregnant. They even seem a little happy. But happiness in Don always comes with darkness, and this season premiere opens with Don warming milk for Betty as he imagines the scenario of his own birth. First, he sees Abigail Whitman Brynn Horrocks giving birth to a stillborn. Then he sees Archie Joseph Culp , his father, going to a prostitute, who says to him, "You don't have a sheath.

But it's all good at the Draper house! Really, things seem OK right now. Peggy calls him Moneypenny behind his back, and in a delightful conversation with Joan, Joan snaps, "Don't call him that. He hates that! Don and Sal travel to Baltimore together to assure their London Fog account that all is well after the merger.

They have a drunken dinner with some stewardesses from their plane, one of whom goes up to Don's room with him answering the question of whether happiness with Betty inspires fidelity. Sal goes to his own room, and calls up for someone to fix the air conditioner. After a handsome elevator man fixes it, he makes a pass at Sal, who trembles with happiness as they begin to fool around. That this encounter is not only interrupted by a fire alarm, but also that the hotel evacuation allows Don to see what was happening from the fire escape underlines Sal's tragic situation.

Luckily, Don has too many secrets to care about anyone else's, as he makes clear to Sal during their trip home. Sunday means church for some, and this episode is when Peggy meets Father John Colin Hanks , her family priest who is drawn to her. It's also when Roger — who has been careful since his heart attack — dips his toe back into hedonism again after he meets Vicky Marguerite Moreau , an expensive prostitute. It's a can of worms Betty shouldn't open. After Sterling Cooper puts in a massive effort to get to pitch American Airlines, a subplot that began in "Flight 1," their contact there is fired so they don't stand a chance.

Don comes home from this frustrating experience to Betty scolding him about disciplining Bobby then played by Aaron Hart , and he flips out, scaring all of them. Don shouts at Betty: "You want me to bring home what I got at the office today? I'll put you through that window. Later in bed, Betty wants an apology. All it did was make me fantasize about the day I could murder him.

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  6. In retrospect, "Waldorf Stories" is memorable for not only introducing Stan, but for immediately bringing Stan and Peggy together — to clash. Stan is the new art director as of this episode, and Peggy tells Don, "Your new art director has been waiting for synchronicity. It's a staring contest that she wins because he can't stop having an erection. Peggy is upset that Don hasn't thanked her for her work on their Glo-coat campaign, which wins a Clio; and Roger is upset that Don hasn't thanked him either.

    Roger has mentioned before that he discovered Don, and here is when we see that play out in flashbacks. A cheaper-looking, eager-to-please, more bright-eyed Don works at the furrier where Roger has gone to buy Joan a fur coat. Don sees a way in with Roger, and by the end of the story, he has gotten Roger so drunk that he hires Don or Don is at least able to convince Roger that that's what happened. Present-day Don suffers from similar blackout problems.

    They leak into his personal life — after he wins the Clio on a Friday, he goes on a bender that lasts until Sunday, and he misses picking up his kids. And while drunkenly pitching a campaign to Life cereal, he ends up stealing the tagline "The cure for the common breakfast" of an idiot job candidate — Jane's cousin Danny Siegel — whom he then has to hire as a result. Duck is the cautionary tale, though. At the Clios, he heckles the presenter in front of the whole room, and has to be escorted out.

    The episode in which Ginsberg cuts off his nipple and Don and Megan have a threeway! It's a lot. The signs are there from the beginning that Ginsberg isn't only an eccentric, but delusional. He first appears in "Tea Leaves" after Peggy hires him even though he says everything wrong you can possibly say in a job interview. He's never had sex and can't deal with women. He lies about living with his father. He's also brilliant, and people didn't know as much about mental illness in the late '60s, so his co-workers laugh it all off.

    But things worsen for Ginsberg when Harry's computer arrives at the office. That machine came for us! He has a psychotic break, and presents Peggy with the nipple he has cut off. He tells her to go to Megan, who at first greets her warmly, only to grow increasingly jealous of Stephanie's beauty and her connection with Don. Dick, actually. She got the message. Don is pissed, but before he can think too much more about it, Megan and her friend Amy Jenny Wade lure him into sex.

    It's a last-ditch effort by Megan; she's seen someone who is truly close to Don, and it's not her and never will be. Don leaves the next day and crashes the cigarettes meeting with a strategy: How great would it look for Philip Morris to appear to have brought Don Draper to heel? Don puts Lou and Jim in a cab after impressing the smoking guys. It's not a question.

    Now that the truth is out between Don and Betty see "The Gypsy and the Hobo" , they could at this point move forward, as Don would surely term it. But they don't; their relationship is dead, and Betty is the one who ends it. And there's no point. There's no point , Don. You're distraught," he says. But Don is the one who seems insane in "The Grown-Ups," which is when the show dramatized the characters' experience of the Kennedy assassination. He keeps saying everything will be OK, when it is clearly not the case. Everything's gonna be fine. That kiss helps drive Betty to Henry, who tells her that he would like to marry her.

    Having extracted that promise, Betty is done; Don doesn't stand a chance. Peggy and Don end up alone in the office on the day of Kennedy's funeral. At least the two people who have trouble handling emotional crises have each other. It's Thanksgiving time, , and everyone's being competitive. Megan is jealous of her friend for getting to audition for though they don't say the name the vampire soap opera, Dark Shadows ; Don is competing with Ginsberg, who he's realized is very good at copywriting; Roger is competing with Pete, and is trying to get a Manischewitz account behind his back; and Betty is feeling competitive with Don and Megan, especially after she sees their slick Park Avenue penthouse for the first time.

    She's feeling so spiteful — and is in an especially bad mood because she's dieting — that she tells Sally about Anna Draper when Sally is working on a family tree for school. Betty says it like it's nothing. When Don is about to call Betty to yell at her, Megan insightfully says, "You think this is an accident? If you call her, you're giving her exactly what she wanted: the thrill of having poisoned us from 50 miles away.

    Sally realizes she had been to Anna's house in "Tomorrowland" after Anna had died, and asks Don whether she's put that memory together correctly. Roger is competing not only with Pete, but also with Jane's post-divorce apartment, which she told him she wanted so she could have a fresh start in a place with no memories of him. He ruins that for her by seducing her there after a dinner with the Manischewitz people he asked her to pretend they were still together so they could see he had a Jewish wife.

    The next morning, she's sorrowful in a way we haven't seen Jane before. But it's Betty on Thanksgiving Day who puts the exclamation point on the episode's theme. As they go around saying what they're thankful for, she says, "I'm thankful that I have everything that I want.

    And that no one else has anything better. Season 2 starts to go somewhere with this episode. Bobbie is aggressive with Don, grabbing him in his car when he tries to fend her off. Then Don uses that move against her when he and Betty are out to dinner at Lutece with Bobbie, Jimmy, and the owner of Utz and his wife, whom Jimmy had viciously insulted with fat jokes. Jimmy needs to apologize, but Bobbie tells Don that not only will Jimmy not , but also that she demands a raise for him — at which point, Don shoves his fingers inside her, and says, "Believe me, I will ruin him.

    Do what I say. Betty is having a more innocent dalliance: a flirtation with Arthur Case Gabriel Mann at her riding stables. He cites an F. Still, that doesn't mean he doesn't keep acting like a Fitzgerald character to woo her. The episode's title refers to what the Utz owner is to Jimmy, and why he must apologize. But it's also the name of the controversial episode of the real television show The Defenders that Harry tries to get Belle Jolie to advertise during because it's about abortion, and he knows every woman will find a way to watch it.

    Belle Jolie says no, but for having the good idea, Harry gets a raise and promotion to be the head and only staffer of Sterling Cooper's new TV department. He's gaslighting her about his affair with Bobbie see more in "The Gold Violin" , and she can't take it anymore. It's as if Jimmy is talking to her in the commercial: "Am I crazy?

    Murphy Don Quixote , M , p. Raymond Lully , p. Presumably murdered the young Edward V in order to gain the throne for himself. Murphy Duke Robert , p. Roland , M , p. Sancho Panza , M , p. Siegfried , M , p. Silenus , p. Sommer , M , p. Heinrich Oskar Scholar of medieval and Arthurian literature.

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    History of the Conquest of England by the Normans , 3 vol. Narratives of the Merovingian Era , , were great popular successes; however, they lacked exact scholarship and advanced conclusions based on dubious premises. Professor of modern history at Cambridge from , Trevelyan believed that history should be written as literature, that is, to be read, and that historical evidence should be measured with a humanistic eye, as well as with a scientist's calculation.

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    A'Beckett A blow on the head conveys the superintendent of a Hartford arms factory back to the days of King Arthur. As the Yankee's ingenuity and know-how encounter the world of medieval superstition, Twain takes the opportunity to satirize the Old World, Chivalry, kings, and the church.

    Action Chicks

    Criseyde is more complicated than her prototype in Boccaccio's Il Filostrato ; although a practical opportunist, she is genuinely affectionate, not the heartlessly fickle girl she becomes in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida. Four Masters , M , p. Sixth Edition, the Galeotto one which Dante mentions , p. Its modern connotations come from a passage in Dante's Inferno telling how Paolo and Francesca read of a guilty kiss between Launcelot and Guinevere and yielded to the suggestion. Gallehault was the knight who had brought Launcelot and the queen together, and he performed the same office for Paolo and Francesca.

    Hence, though far from the character of Galahad, Galeotto has become a term for a panderer in Italy and Spain. Gulliver journeys to four different lands, Lilliput, Brobdingnag, Laputa, and Houyhnhmland. Translated from Old French by Sebastian Evans. Jorrocks , p. She abandons her child and husband in order to be with Vronski.

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    He describes these to a poor discontented porter, Hindbad, to show him that wealth can only be obtained by enterprise and personal exertion. It deals with the Greek legend of the "Seven against Thebes. Sixth Edition, Vertebrate Zoology , M , p. The Vision of Mac Conglinne , p. Sixth Edition, War and Peace , M , p. Regarded as the author's masterwork, the story covers roughly the years between and , centering on the invasion of Russia by Napoleon's army in and the Russian resistance to the invader. Milne's children's book Winnie-the-Pooh , one of the characters, Owl, misspells his name this way.

    Media With the exception of the Times, the following newspapers are invented by White for the purpose of his work: Humberland Newsman Cardoile Advertiser Morning Post Illustrated Missals The Times - "daily newspaper published in London, one of Britain's oldest and most influential newspapers. It is generally accounted, with The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, one of Britain's "big three" and has long been recognized as one of the world's greatest newspapers. Cain slew Abel after God preferred Abel's sacrifice over Cain's. The order's founding fathers, led by St.

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    Francis of Assisi. Jacob wrestled all night with an angel, refusing to let him go until he had been blessed. To reward him for his strength, the angel renamed Jacob Israel. He promotes good relations between the government and the Holy See and observes and reports to the pope on the conditions of the Roman Catholic church in the region. A full nuncio is named only to those countries that adhere to a decision of the Congress of Vienna that the papal representative automatically becomes dean of the diplomatic corps there.

    Patrick's Purgatory , p. Patrick, but it is also known as the Lough Derg pilgrimage. Over time, this list grew longer and longer, and came to include women and children. Pelagian heresy of Celestius , p. Pelagius was concerned about the slack moral standards among Christians, and he hoped to improve their conduct by his teachings.

    Rejecting the arguments of those who claimed that they sinned because of human weakness, he insisted that God made human beings free to choose between good and evil and that sin is a voluntary act committed by a person against God's law. Celestius, a disciple of Pelagius, denied the church's doctrine of original sin and the necessity of infant Baptism. OED Susannah and the Elders , p. Legend relates that the True Cross was found by St.

    Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, during her pilgrimage to the Holy Land about After Uriah's death, David married Bathsheeba. Antony , p. Marc Antony Marcus Antonius was a Roman politician and soldier whose affair with the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra inspired Shakespeare's tragedy. Sixth Edition, Cressida , p. Desdemona , p. Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio. Her faithlessness to Hamlet's father precipitates Hamlet's drive for revenge.

    She dies upon drinking a goblet of poison meant for Hamlet. Is this a damned dagger Most prominently, Lady MacBeth's "Out, damned spot! Jessica , p. Jessica chooses a Christian husband and her consequent rejection of her Jewish father and faith place her in contrast to Portia, who is subservient to the wishes of her now-dead father.

    Her plan to fake her death backfires when the messenger that is supposed to inform Romeo of the plot does not reach him in time. Romeo, finding what he assumes to be Juliet's corpse, kills himself. Upon awakening from her drug-induced sleep, Juliet, seeing the body of her lover, kills herself. King Henry V , M , p. The play contains a dramatization of the famous Battle of Agincourt Mordred as Hamlet, Gawaine and the grave-digger , p. Ophelia , p. Dutifully, Ophelia obeys Polonius's request that she spurn Hamlet's advances and later permits her father to spy on her and Hamlet.

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    Poteen, Good Luck to Ye, Dear , p. OED foining , p. RACE v. OED rase , p. On Dec. Sixth Edition, airt , p. Mary of Bethlehem, used since as an asylum for the insane. The practice dates back to ancient times. This particular reference is from a ritual in which neophytes had their heads shaved when crossing the equator. Fritze blue fire on the tips of one's fingers , p. Bridge of Sighs , p. The prisoners were led over the bridge directly to prison after trial in the ducal palace. Sixth Edition, bruckle , p.

    Also a red spot or pimple on the nose or face caused by drinking. Christmas cracker , p. Sixth Edition, cloisonne , p. The knot is defined as: "A piece of knotted string fastened to the log-line, one of a series fixed at such intervals that the number of them that run out while the sandglass is running indicates the ship's speed in nautical miles per hour; hence, each division so marked on the log-line, as a measure of the rate of motion.

    The Encyclopaedia Britannica has been published since , when its first edition began to appear in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fourth Edition, Exchequer and the King's Bench , p. The King's Bench so named under male rulers adjudicated criminal and civil cases. Sixth Edition, ex officio , p. Fairies - Known interchangeably as the Good Folk p.

    White blends several different superstitions about fairies, including their aversion to iron p. Fifth Columnists , p. Fomorians , p. Fortnum and Mason's , M , p. Fox-and-Geese , p. Grand National , p. The race was instituted in by William Lynn. Fourth Edition, handicap , p. Hoodman Blind , p. OED leaven , p. Led in England by John Wycliff. Communism - first gained widespread attention through the "Communist Manifesto" of by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

    Master of Trinity , p. Mastic varnish , p. OED In England, dating back at least to the later Middle Ages, morris dances were performed by rural communities during festival times. Considered to be the highest British civil and military honor obtainable. Fourth Edition, outrance , p.

    Black magic; sorcery. An evil spell; an incantation. Fourth Edition, plaids , p. Fourth Edition, portative , p. Puce , p. In the traditional story, Punch, in a fit of rage, kills his infant child and bludgeons Judy, his wife, to death; although imprisoned, he manages to escape. Later he encounters and outwits several other characters, including the Devil. OED rod-box ditto , p. A seal was made dripping sealing wax on a folded letter, and then impressing the ring into the hot wax.

    Although such devices probably existed in ancient China and the Mediterranean world, White's use of "spectacles" is anachronistic because lenses were crude and unwieldy until the eighteenth century, when they were first constructed according to the principles of light refraction. Sixth Edition, status quo , p. Sto arere, so howe, so howe , p. MED stridulation , p. OED sutlers , p. Tobacco was introduced into Spain and Portugal in the midth cent. Sixth Edition, treacle , p. Victoria Crosses , M , p. Fourth Edition, wame , p. Weyve , p. OED Wossle , p. In legal language, a writ is "A written command, precept, or formal order issued by a court in the name of the sovereign, state, or other competent legal authority, directing or enjoining the person or persons to whom it is addressed to do or refrain from doing some act specified therein.

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