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Olivia is a huge fan of Ellegaard and sometimes even seems to worship her. She sees that Ellegaard judges her, especially when she fainted in front of her, back in Redstonia.

  1. daisy is huge and light brown Olivia is a lavenda Arkarna?!
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She takes Ellegaard's opinion highly, as seen when believes that she "doesn't have what it takes to be a great engineer" only because Ellegaard said that. Olivia, like the rest of the gang, used to see Ivor as the villain.

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Olivia and Lukas have a stable relationship, and are good friends. She also accepted Lukas as part of the group, much faster than Axel did. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Jesse's Gang. The Old Order of the Stone.

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The Blaze Rods. Boom Town. The last trait I am breeding into my crossbreed is the easter egger's green colored eggs. I've been working on this crossbreed for a couple of years and this is the first year I hatched chicks with all three breeds. Dusk x Opal. Tinted Green Eggs.

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  • Spring She is the first hen to hatch that has all three of the breeds I am crossing. Ha Ha — Malissa Cline. Juan is in the front. The only one we can tell apart because of the light beak Also, Juan might be Juanita!

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    Started to hear quack sounds today. Turns out she is blind. I named her Tillie. Pictures here.

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    Not seen are Gumdrop, Posey, Muffs, and Belle. Named by my five and six year olds. Light Brahmas are Vera and Francine.

    With my other hens the flock is known as Gladys and the Peeps. Our first rooster we named Henry and Etta-leghorns like Henrietta. Our granddaughter loves them!

    When I have nearly birds… there is no keeping that straight. The whole family got in on the naming process.