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Anthony, the first women's suffragist in the United States. I am most likely the only person under the age of forty who has attended a Barry Manilow concert.

Trataka: Crystal Ball Gazing (Hindi)

My God, am I boring Lindsay and Samantha, my two best friends, are lying on the floor, flipping through last week's issue of Teen People. But either a they both have been cleverly hiding from me the fact that they are completely deaf, or b they are simply too engrossed in the trials and tribulations of young Hollywood to have noticed that the sky almost just completely broke in half. Finally, after another heavy rumble, Lindsay drops the magazine and rolls over onto her back. My dad won't let me practice if it's even overcast outside, let alone if an eighth ocean is falling from the sky.

I mean, enough already. It's been almost a week. I have no idea why she obsesses over these magazines the way she does.


Samantha is effortlessly attractive and by far the best-dressed girl in the whole school, probably even the whole county. She has perfect, wavy dark blonde hair, a tall slender body that most people would have to work out four hours a day and only eat wheatgrass to attain, and her mother's entire designer wardrobe at her disposal. Did I mention that her mother used to be a model? Did I also mention that Samantha totally inherited her legs? Plus, she's got an innate sense of style that most celebrities have to hire Rachel Zoe to achieve.

But seriously, she could easily be in one of those magazines. Of course, if you ask her, she'll say, "I hate the way I look. It's still something I've never figured out about her. If they hadn't spent the '80s running around with aerosol hairsprays and insecticides and Styrofoam cups, we wouldn't have any of this extreme weather today. Wallace gave to everyone in my AP Art History class today.

At the top, it implores us to Pay Attention! And besides, there's no point in telling either of them that chlorofluorocarbons were banned from aerosol sprays in , or that Styrofoam has nothing to do with extreme weather patterns. They wouldn't listen anyway. Suddenly, a flapping mass of paper hits me in the face. I look up from the handout that I've tacked to the bulletin board next to my bed. And don't blame one of your celebrity crushes. What's going on in that genius-girl head of yours?

I do my best to appear nonchalant. Wallace announced it today in AP Art History. The books has the potential to turn into a series. I'm hoping the next owner of the ball learns some lessons just as Erin did. Sep 30, Kari Anderson rated it it was ok. Erin is a good girl who follows the rules, lives inside her good-girl box and gets good grades.

But when her eccentric aunt dies and leaves her a pink crystal ball, everything changes and Erin finally steps out of the box. But is it really the ball, or does that just give them the push they need to start new things? Of course the cute pink co Erin is a good girl who follows the rules, lives inside her good-girl box and gets good grades. Of course the cute pink cover drew me into this book and the thought of magic always catches my attention.

I really liked the moral of this story. We have all played with the Magic 8 Balls before and probably some of us have believed they knew what they were talking about and gave us confidence to go through with what the ball told us would be a sure shot. The ball may have magic in it, but everything that happens after asking a question can easily be a proven coincidence. I think this is a little too young adult for my taste. Aug 30, Nely rated it really liked it Shelves: blog-tour. I enjoyed reading about Erin's perfectly boring life going up in smokes. She was a great character - a studious and good student, has the highest GPA in her class, she has two BFF's that she is extremely tight with Samantha and Lindsay , she doesn't have any drama going on in her life - so when the opportunity arises for five students to take a trip to Italy with their professor, she worries that her boring life will not inspire one of the winning essays that will win her her passage to Italy.

Then her favorite aunt Kiki passes away leaving her a pink crystal ball and Erin and her friends find themselves wishing on it. Mayhem ensues as their wishes become true with unexpected consequences. While Erin and her BFF's deal with all sorts of issues from grades, teen romance, parents and even school bullies they find themselves in some crazy fun scenarios. Chuckle inducing and a very feel good read - this is a super cute story to be enjoyed by teens and tweens alike.

There is no cussing and only some PG-rated kissing.

Risa Green

A very sweet story of friendship and living life to the fullest. A treat to read. Jul 28, Gabrielle Nikulina rated it it was amazing.

The Secret Society Of The Pink Crystal Ball

One of the first Books I fully read and loved it! Jun 30, Courtney rated it it was amazing. This book had many surprises and kept u gripped throughout. I loved it. Oct 12, Jane Kit rated it liked it. One of my friends recommended this to me, and it's an adorable, fun read. I wasn't super hooked, but I didn't hate it or anything. Definitely an cute book if you're in the mood for something light.


I really like this book. It was cute, it had a good story line and it was funny. Jul 23, Ashley Books Obsession rated it really liked it. Erin Channing is tired of her boring life. She has the highest GPA in the tenth grade but besides that, she doesn't have any other interesting facts about herself to write an essay for her Art History class, to be picked for an Italy trip.

Then one day, her Aunt Kiki or Aunt Kooky suddenly dies in a very odd way, and wants Erin to inherit her pink crystal ball with a set of coded directions attached. Erin's two best friends, Samantha and Lindsay, immediately know that the ball has magical powe Erin Channing is tired of her boring life. Erin's two best friends, Samantha and Lindsay, immediately know that the ball has magical powers, but logical Erin doesn't think so. However, once the questions she asks it begin coming true, she starts to rethink her situation after all.

This was a very cute, light, and romantic comedy read. I was hooked from the very first page with the author's sarcastic and funny tone. Erin was a very down-to-earth girl; I could definitely relate to her character well. She considers herself boring, dull, and plain especially compared to her two best friends. Samantha is the sexy one, who can make any guy's jaw drop when she walks by. Lindsay is the "Nicest Girl Ever", who has a computer geek stalker and an insecure bully who nicknamed her "Fart Girl".

All three of the girls had their own personalities and identities, and it was interesting to watch how their characters mixed and mingled. They represented true friendship and were always there for each other. This was a very creative and enjoyable novel with a fun plot.

Since the girls are only in tenth grade and still haven't interpreted the rules written in riddles, they ask the pink crystal ball typical girl questions, involving their appearances and boys, without thinking about the consequences. I loved how their wishes would always be twisted around by the magic ball. But when things start coming true for Erin, and she rekindles the connection between her and Jesse Cooper, the first boy she kissed in eighth grade, she begins to believe in the magical ball's powers.

Their friendship was fun to watch blossom into something more. Plus, Jesse was just a really sweet guy. Soon, Erin's life is anything but boring. The book is filled with humor, a tight friendship, and flirty romance. There weren't that many layers to the story, it was pretty straight-forward, but I still really enjoyed it. This is definitely a feel-good chick novel for teens looking for magic and love. I think that the book was set at just the right pace; it never slowed down and lost my attention. The ending felt a little forced and unbelievable but besides that, the rest of it was very realistic - minus the magic ball!

Dec 05, Em rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult. That is, until her estranged Aunt Kiki passes away, bequeathing her a Pink Crystal Ball a la Magic 8 Ball which seems to make things happen when she asks the ball a question. As she and her BFFs, Lindsay and Samantha, try to get the most out of this magical new tool, they realize that the consequences of using the ball are not always what they expected.

And yes, I recognize that our blog is also very pink and in reviewing this book, I run the risk of making our site look like a Barbie website, BUT it is worth the risk as this was an incredibly fun book. I was hoping for a light read and expecting to be over-girlied I believe I just made up a word , but was pleasantly surprised by what a page-turning read this was.

There were many opportunities for the story to go Disney Channel on me — and on that note, I can totally picture this book inspiring a popular made-for-TV tween film — but it never crossed that border for me. Erin was a relatable and likable protagonist, her friendships and crush were believable and sweet, and their adventures were exciting and at times quite funny. And I really like how the crystal ball is raised a bit from the rest of the cover design; I actually made people touch it whenever I showed them the book. Jul 29, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: own , for-review , young-adult , 4-star.

Although I am not obsessed with the color pink, it has a tendency to make me happy, and I am almost always up for a girly read. Thankfully, it far surpassed my expectations. Although the premise of this book is very sad, I liked that there were cuter, happier plot points throughout the story, and I thought Green did a great job both with the amount and timing of lighter material. Erin is a fantastic protagonist. For me, what held The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball back from being a truly amazing read was a few plot points. Also, the ending of the novel felt as though everything tied up a bit too neatly.

However, the romance in the story was quite sweet. Sadly, The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball falls just a few steps short of being an outstanding chick lit novel. Risa Green surprised and charmed me, and I found both of these emotions to be very refreshing. Aug 13, Kelsey rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs. The main characters were spunky and original and I loved the plot line. The main character, Erin, was awesome. She was by no means perfect and I loved reading about her different experiences and how she overcame the different hurtles that entered her life.

Reading about her friendships with Lindsay and Samantha was one of my favorite parts of the book. The girls were so different yet they just connected and truly understood each other. Luckily, Erin never turns down a challenge and as she starts to realize the mysterious instructions that came with the crystal ball could really be a message from her late aunt and that the crystal ball could be more than a toy her life changes drastically.

Particularly her love life. Risa Green wrote a fun and flirty novel that had more serious undertones but proved how important it is to stay true to the people you love. It was original and hard to put down and the characters are very memorable. Overall: 4 out of 5 stars Sep 28, Drebbles rated it it was amazing Shelves: Erin Channing desperately wants to be one of the students in her high school who is chosen to study art in Italy over the summer and with her GPA she thinks she has a pretty good chance. All of that changes, however, when her favorite Aunt, Kiki, dies and leaves her a pink crystal ball and a cryptic set of instructions.

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The crystal ball seems to be able to predict the future and soon the lives of Erin and her f Erin Channing desperately wants to be one of the students in her high school who is chosen to study art in Italy over the summer and with her GPA she thinks she has a pretty good chance.

The crystal ball seems to be able to predict the future and soon the lives of Erin and her friends Lindsay and Samantha are changed — forever. It is almost as if author Risa Green put several ingredients — high school life, best friends, crushes, teenage angst, bullying, sadness, magic, riddles, art, and more — into a magic 8-ball, err, a pink crystal ball, shook it up, reached in, and came up with a book that is fun to read from start to finish. Green does an equally good job with Lindsay who is bullied because of something she did years ago and who thinks she can find a way to beat the bullying by shopping at Ye Olde Metaphysical Shoppe.

May 10, Princess Bookie rated it really liked it Shelves: read Cutesy yet neat! I than got a copy of it, and I began reading. The first 20 pages I thought to myself, "This feels really tween, do I want to keep reading it? At first it did feel really tweenish but than I began to really enjoy it. I'm more into young adult novels and not too tweenish. We meet Erin who is a high school student. She has the highest GPA in the class. She has two best friends named Samantha and Lindsay.

First off, 5 lucky students are going to be chosen to go on a trip to Italy and Erin wants nothing more to go. She has to write an essay on why she should be chosen. Of course Erin's whole life is boring, boring, boring. What is she going to write about that makes her stand out? All of a sudden her aunt dies, she actually gets hit by lightning! What happened to normal?

Her aunt leaves her a pink crystal ball. She than gets paired up with Jesse on a art project. Yes, the boy is pretty dreamy and Erin's first kiss was with him years ago! What is she going to do?

ISBN 13: 9781467924207

The girls start to ask the pink crystal ball questions, and the questions start turning into reality and happen. Erin, Lindsay, and Samantha are thrown into a big mess of consequences and Jesse ends up falling in too. This book was full of so much fun rather it be romance, mean girls, consequences, music. What happens to Erin? Read the book now to find out. Overall: I was a little iffy going into this one, but it was actually a fun book.

I enjoyed reading it and finished it in one setting. If your looking for something light that doesn't take too much thought, this is a book to pick up. Its more fun than anything.

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  • Cover: Awesome cover, its what caught my attention. Of course the pink crystal ball just adds to it! The cover is really creative and pretty. Feb 15, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: read-by-other-reviewers , trt-posted-reviews. Inside the box rests a pink crystal ball with a set of instructions. Erin's two best friends, Lindsay and Samantha, think the crystal ball might be the key to unlocking their secret wishes. Erin isn't convinced. She doesn't think outside the box - much. Erin's also trying to convince her used-to-be friend that she's not boring.

    Against the odds, they're partners for an art project. Erin can't help remembering the one time they made out while playing "Seven Minutes in Heaven" two years ago. While Jesse's a little different, he's still a hottie. He doesn't seem to remember that night. He also doesn't seem to remember they used to be friends. Working on this project together might bring up old times and maybe something more.

    Could he be the key to her letting go, just a little? Plus, she's trying to write an essay for a chance to win a trip to Italy. She has to write about her life experiences. Unfortunately, because she rarely strays from the box, she can't think of anything important to write about. Her friends are still pushing her about the crystal ball, but Erin's trying to figure out the instructions. Lindsey and Samantha force her into asking it questions: Does the hottest boy in school think she's smexy? Will her English teacher say her paper was well-researched and insightful?

    As the questions get tougher, so do the outcomes. Is the ball wreaking havoc on her life? I really enjoyed reading this book. I love how Erin usually lives inside the box, but must make her way out of her comfort zone courtesy of a pink crystal ball. She must take risks and enjoy the consequences. Erin deals with friendship drama, bullies, school work, and a potential boyfriend all while navigating through life.

    Nov 04, Lizzy rated it liked it. I really enjoyed the characters, and thought they were realistic. Erin is the stick-to-the-book girl, Lindsay is the super nice one, and Samantha is the pretty one. Sounds pretty typical, right? Green did a good job of making the characters of the group unique in their designated roles. For example, Lindsay super nice is a reformed mean girl, who is now the victim of the new mean girl. I thought that was a nice twist, and something you don't really see in YA books.

    The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball: Samantha - Risa Green - Google книги

    Basically, there are always mean girls in YA lit, but they rarely ever see the err of their ways. I just about died when Jesse told Erin that she didn't think outside of the box. Overview In a world where nothing is certain, a little magic couldn't hurt Consider Your Fate to Be Sealed. Absolute knowledge is not unlimited; let the planets be your guide to the number. There are sixteen ways to die, but four of them you will never see. The future belongs to you alone.

    Other voices will be disappointed. One rotation is as far as you can see. Only uncertainty lies beyond. About the Author Risa Green grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia and has worked as a corporate finance attorney and, more recently, as a college counselor. I can recite the periodic table in alphabetical order to the tune of the disco classic "YMCA. And I would have won the gold, if I had not been competing against a nine-year-old prodigy from Ohio who knew that a beast with twisted horns is called an eland.

    When I was five, I had an extra row of bottom teeth. Like a shark. I am so flat-chested that they do not make a bra in my size. Not even a training bra. I play a mean game of rummikub. According to family history, I am a distant relative of Susan B. Anthony, the first women's suffragist in the United States. I am most likely the only person under the age of forty who has attended a Barry Manilow concert. My God, am I boring Finally, after another heavy rumble, Lindsay drops the magazine and rolls over onto her back. Pay Attention! An Unforgettable Summer Experience!

    Write an essay explaining why you should be chosen to go on this trip.

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    Applicants will be judged on their essays, as well as on their personalities, outside interests, and strength of character, as determined by a Committee of Tenth Grade Teachers. Applications are due to Mr. Wallace by p. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Great Pocket Diary to start planning those important dates for This great little monthly This great little monthly planner is perfect for keeping in your purse. Just the thing to have when the battery on your smartphone runs out! Small enough to fit View Product.

    This cute composition book cover is decorated with the snarky quote Get Shit Done and