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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 09, Ralph rated it it was amazing Shelves: pulp-fiction , scifi. After a three year absence, super science fiction hero Captain Future returns from a perilous journey to the Andromeda Galaxy. He and his three friends have brought back a survivor of an ancient war, a malevolent enemy of mankind. This is a kind of fiction very popular up through the mid twentieth century, but which is now passe.

That change is unfortunate because the stories are still fun to read. They still have the power to evoke a sense of wonder. For those who remember them, they will bring After a three year absence, super science fiction hero Captain Future returns from a perilous journey to the Andromeda Galaxy. For those who remember them, they will bring back a sense of nostalgia; for those to whom they are unfamiliar a universe of discovery awaits.

Nachdem ich den Anfang von Chapter 1 gelesen hatte, musste ich dieses Pulp-Heft haben: "There were four of them, and only one of them was a man. One had been a man once, but only his brain and mind still lived. One looked like a man, but was born of no woman. And one was mighty, and metal, and only rudely manlike. As the series progressed, Hamilton moved away from pinning the ongoing adventures to a particular time and focusing more on forming continuity, where stories built on one another.

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This allowed for a freedom of imagination, for Hamilton to tell stories without restrictions. That liberty of creativity translated to the covers of the Captain Future magazine, brilliant colors and eye-catching designs brought to life by three artists, including Earle K.

Rocket into science fiction adventure and discover new worlds. Curt Newton, in quest of a friend lost inside Vulcan, faces the most insidious dangers he has ever known in his entire galactic career! Black Gate.

Dr. Kildare! Dr. Yen Sin! Pulp and More from Radio Archives!

Now expanded to 12 issues!!! Race hatred stoked by terrorists threatens to drive Heliumites and Tharks back to war. Everything the trauma-exhausted Dejah Thoris does only seems to worsen it. And her last-ditch plan brings her face-to-face with the disfigured Thark who triggers her worst fears! Wilde Adventure Is Back! And On Sale!!! Infused with pace, fun, and all the two-fisted action a reader could ask for Gordon The first comic strip is now online!

A Perilous Romance of the Undying Past. Enter Africa , years ago and be surrounded by beasts of a primeval past that know only to kill to survive. Nu the son of Nu, a savage from the Stone Age, is thrust forward to our age by a quirk in Time long enough to meet Victoria Custer of Nebraska and bring her back to his world of cave people, saber-tooth tigers, and a prehistoric wilderness. Join the excitement. Start reading now at www.

Captain America Comics (1941-1950) #13

Don't wait, Subscribe Today and watch for more announcements later in the month! The Gauntlet Press signed limited edition is now available. IDW Publishing. Hermes Press. Post-Ian Fleming James Bond continuation novels. Wells 8. Behold three classic tales of literary genius filtered through the cracked lens of the Mars Attacks universe!

Herman Melville comes face-to-face with a Martian in a twisted take on Moby Dick! A shipwrecked Martian finds himself marooned on a lonely island on planet Earth in a send-up of Robinson Crusoe! Moonstone Books. Thursday July 25th — Sunday, July 28th. Pulp Flakes. Radio Archives. This is turn meant that while the reporter with his pad and pencil could describe a warehouse or dockside fire from a safe distance, the guy with the camera had to edge far closer to get a negative that would merit reproduction.

So why not give the cameraman his due? If the reporter could be a glamorous figure in fiction, why not the guy up front who took - and still does take - the pictures? Crippled, her healing limbs held by carefully adjusted pulleys, Nita van Sloan hovered between life and death. Even now the dynamiters bore under your home!

For, where that master struck, death by explosion was instantaneous, frightful! Total Pulp Experience. These exciting pulp adventures have been beautifully reformatted for easy reading as an eBook and features every story, every editorial, and every column of the original pulp magazine.

Now he walked again, a thing resurrected from the tomb! The Secret 6 come out of hiding to tackle this weird mystery — and unravel the murder scheme of a corpse master! Criminals quaked at the name The Secret Six. And for four glorious issues, this team of six crimefighters took on some of the weirdest and most fantastic antagonists that ever reared their heads in the pulp magazines. It was where weird menace met six normal men with no strange gadgets or outlandish skills.

The utterly amazing stories were written by Robert J. Hogan, better known for writing the G-8 and his Battle Aces stories. But after four issues, the over-the-top action came to an end and Popular Publications pulled the plug on the series. Terror Tales: H.

Appel and Robert C. Blackmon In a new type of magazine was born. Known by various names — the shudder pulps, mystery-terror magazines, horror-terror magazines — weird menace is the sub-genre term that has survived today. Terror Tales magazine was one of the most popular. This breed of pulp story survived less than ten years, but in that time, they became infamous, even to this day. This ebook contains a collection of stories from the pages of Terror Tales magazine, all written by H. Dime Mystery Magazine: Frederick C.

Davis Book 1 In a new type of magazine was born. Dime Mystery Magazine was one of the most popular. This ebook contains a collection of stories from the pages of Dime Mystery Magazine, all written by Frederick C. These short stories are not included in any of our other eBooks. He's perhaps the single most iconic figure of the radio era, symbolizing an entire lost form of entertainment even to those who've never actually heard one of his adventures.

This WXYZ hero was a stern authority figure, respected by his friends and allies and feared by his enemies -- an embodiment of high morals, unshakable values, and unrelenting justice.

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This exciting collection contains many of the Masked Man and Tonto's most exciting tales from those thrilling days of yesteryear. Twenty action packed adventures of treasure, talismans, Indian attacks, foreign spies, meteors from outer space and more! Includes two four-part adventures, a re-telling of the classic origin story, and a Program Guide by Elizabeth McLeod. The Robert E. Howard Foundation Now available! All books will be securely packed. Ordering and payment To order, pay directly via PayPal at their website, www. Send the appropriate amount to paypal rehfpress. Be sure to include a note explaining your order and shipping option.

Be sure that all the necessary shipping information is included and accurate, and that the total price includes correct shipping and insurance if wanted. Books will not be shipped prior to checks clearing the bank. If you have any questions or comments regarding pricing or shipping, please contact us at info rehfoundation. Numbering If you desire a specific number, please notify us with your order, and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.

Those not requesting specific numbers will receive lowest numbers available. Those wishing to obtain numbers to match other REHFP volumes they have purchased should let us know as soon as possible. Contents of Volume 1 The full list of contents for Volume 1 is here. Howard Foundation. Shen of Shensi - H. Art by Jamie Chase. Coming in September! John Carter desperately searches for the true identity of the tyrant who has dragged Mars into a planet-spanning crusade of racial extermination.

Although Carter finds a ray of hope among his former enemies, the tyrant is tracking his every move Recently discovered ancient Martian technology accidentally hurls Dejah Thoris forward in time to a dark future. As invaders plunder her homeworld, Dejah becomes embroiled in a civil war that could alter not only her past, but the history of Mars itself! The invention of comics and the appearance of the first cheap paperbacks in also helped. Amazing Stories. Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books. Then, bizarre reports of a strange miniaturized woman set Doc Savage on the trail of the mystery of "The Wee Ones.

This deluxe pulp reprint features the original color covers by Emery Clarke and Modest Stein and all the original interior illustrations by Paul Orban, plus new historical commentary by Will Murray and Anthony Tollin. Gibson writing as "Maxwell Grant. This instant collector's item showcases the classic color pulp covers by George Rozen and Golden Age comics artist Charles Coll, the original interior illustrations by Paul Orban and commentary by popular culture historians Anthony Tollin and Will Murray.

Sanctum Books Softcover, 7x Doc Savage Fantasy Covers Now online! Check out the whole series of covers at the link below! Doc Savage Fantasy Covers. Coming in July! The Scarlet Jaguar is the second in our series of signed limited edition novellas. Just like the now sold out Exiles of Kho, the print run will be determined by the number of copies preordered.

Also, if you preorder before June 30th, your name will appear in the book on the acknowledgements page. Meteor House. Titan Books. Printed on paper copies are by special arrangement, only available to those without a computer or internet connections. PayPal to the email address below. Contact C. Cazedessus II, Hwy. Checkout the re-designed Pulpdom website at the link below! Arriving in comic shops June 19! Drawn to danger, Dejah Thoris has survived murder plots and bloody global conflicts. After these recent events, the royal family insists that she take a quiet, safe holiday.

Age of Aces Now available! Once they were just two young lovers, pledging their devotion in a Mecklenberg garden. Now they are reluctant rivals enmeshed in the biggest conflict the world has ever seen. Softcover Edition Writer Stephen D. Korshak, J. David Spurlock Art Margaret Brundage.

Vanguard Productions. Coming in time for PulpFest! Detailed information on some of his most devilish opponents—John Sunlight, the Mystic Mullah, and Mr. Coming in a few weeks! Yet Captain Zero is far more than a tiny spark thrown from the dying pulp fire. Far more complex than once thought, he provides a telling commentary on the desire for such mainstays as home and hearth so eagerly pursued in post-WWII America. And he offers a subtle, albeit inadvertent, critique of human control of science, particularly atomic power and the Bomb in the scary, early days of the Cold War.

Join us for these three intriguing pulp mysteries, and learn what made Captain Zero a disappearing hero—in more ways than you might have ever expected! Collecting the entire Captain Zero series, this comprehensive edition also includes an all-new introduction by Fleming-Roberts historian Stephen Payne. Premiering at PulpFest! Coming later this summer! Irving Crump writter of the Og series , Sangroo was among the most interesting of the Tarzan clones.

Never before reprinted, These stories have now returned to print after 80 years. But Paul was a talented and versatile writer who loved to write in other genres, such as horror, noir, animal, romance, and historical accounts. Together these provide a rare glimpse into the thoughts of a writer who, while churning out westerns that were loved by thousands of readers, battled many demons.

He shares his struggles with us through these suspenseful, surprising, and sometimes very emotional stories. Pearsall mixed in the menace of early s Chinese tongs to produce a unique pulp magazine epic. Never before reprinted, this series originally appeared in in the pages of Adventure, the greatest of all pulps. Published with the cooperation of the Pearsall family, it contains several photos of the author, and it's rounded out with an all-new introduction by Nathan Vernon Madison, writer of Anti-Foreign Imagery in American Pulps and Comic Books, Black Coat Press - Now available!

Black Coat Press. Gordon Starting June 15th! Plus, fun free collectible premiums! Don't miss out! Girasol accepts checks, International money orders, and Paypal as methods of payment. Other than Replicas, please confirm availability first before ordering items such as pulp magazines or other books. Paypal payments can be made to our regular info girasolcollectables.

As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads, and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover. The only thing missing is the smell alas and the flaking newsprint. Girasol Collectables. Hard Case Crime - Coming in ! Hard Case Crime. In the book's Afterword, Wes Salem reveals himself as Jeff Deischer, who has written a number of pulp novels. Seventy-five episodes in total. CDs are manufactured on CD-R discs. Our audio cds should play on all cd players.

Our mp3 cds will only play on mp3 players. Arriving in comic shops June 12! Allan Dunn Introduction by John Locke.

Dr. Kildare! Dr. Yen Sin! Pulp and More from Radio Archives! | ComicMix

Perils On Planet X. Arriving in book stores June 11! Pulp Magazines Project. The jade-robed Buddhist priest who battled crime as The Green Lama is back! Beginning with Tarzan, the pulp era was full of jungle heroes. Jungle Jim is one of the unique ones. This gave him a distinctive difference from your run-of-the-mill jungle man, who often knew little about civilization and was equipped with not much more than a knife in most cases.

Also, his stomping grounds were located in exotic southeastern Asia. The show brought listeners tales of slave traders, pirates, foreign spies, wild beasts, poachers, hostile tribes, and, during World War II, the Japanese, as Jim often served as an Allied operative. Intended for a general audience, the series' storylines are richer than the usual juvenile radio fare.

Each exciting fifteen minutes episode opened with a section of the William Tell overture. Bedford-Jones - New! The Serial Squadron - Now shipping! No cheating on this, now, the Lone Ranger may be watching. The Serial Squadron. Headquartered in the hidden free-floating asteroid station known as the Black Hole, the Space Rangers are ready to respond to any threat traveling the space lanes in their ultra-fast and powerful Black Bird patrol ships.

Betty of Black Bird 5 confront two unique and malevolent threats. Cast in the mold of classic pulp sci-fi heroes ala Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, Mars McCoy Space Ranger blasts off once more for brand new outer space adventures jammed packed with galaxy spanning suspense and thrills. First, in his true identity of Kent Allard, The Shadow investigates how a dying man's bequest of "The Crystal Buddha" became a legacy of death.

Then, the Dark Avenger must invade Vreekill Castle and unmask the enigmatic mastermind called "The Vindicator" before murder claims another victim! This instant collector's item showcases the classic color pulp covers by George Rozen, the original interior illustrations by Edd Cartier and commentary by popular culture historian Will Murray. Harold Hersey opens the collection with a tale of oriental revenge in America. Why was the man obsessed by a number? How many people could really stand to met themselves unblinkered by delusion or conceit?

The novel is the first in the series to fictionalize real events with characters based on familiar figures in the US in the s such as Huey Long and Father Charles Coughlin. More than one critic has noted that the story may have influenced the classic Cold War conspiracy thriller The Manchurian Candidate. The rest is at the links below. Palmer; H.

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Bedford-Jones on writing for the pulps; Will Murray establishes the true identity of a long-forgotten hero-pulp writer; silent-era movie serials made by Vitagraph Company of America; a Spanish-language Zorro simulacrum called El Coyote; and much more. Plus: reprints of rare, uncollected pulp stories including the overlooked first entry in the popular Jimmie Cordie series , a gallery of pulp cover paintings scanned from the originals , pulp and book reviews, and more.

The first 21 issues of this limited-circulation journal are long out of print, and collectors have been known to pay as much as ten times the original cover price for back numbers that infrequently turn up on eBay. Ron Hubbard. In , the still-young United States of America continues its westward expansion as a national economy begins to flourish. Captain John Norton, a young military officer working undercover, mounts a secret campaign against the buckskinned brigands, who are led by a mystery man known as Blacknose.

Along the way Norton receives aid from such legendary figures of early American history as rugged pioneer Daniel Boone, future President Zachary Taylor, prominent naturalist John J. Audubon, and Shawnee Indian chief Tecumseh. Yet the clever Blacknose and his followers continue to evade their would-be captors. The Wilderness Trail originally appeared in the February issue of Blue Book and was the first of more than fictional works—novels, novelettes, and short stories—H.

Bedford-Jones wrote for that distinguished pulp magazine over a period of 33 years. It was also his first historical novel with an American setting. Beginning: Our Summer Surprise Sales! Collectibles Section Overhauled! The Book Cave - New podcast now available online! As always the Book Cave crew enjoyed having Ginger and Tom visit and we are sure you'll enjoy the book. But greater perils await as Conan and his men again encounter Imhotep, demon from beyond the stars, who seeks Conan's life and the enchanted amulet the barbarian carries. Read it here!

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  7. Even More to Come!! In Pictures Two new annotated collections of Bob's Stuff Famous and forgotten Fiction is a new site featuring familiar and obscure fiction along with articles, pictures and essays. The Golden Age - Now online! Writer Mark Waid; Art Daniel Indro; Cover Paolo Rivera For the first time, Kato has seen the darkest side of his partner, the Green Hornet—and the fracture between them will bring pain and suffering to both men—and to the entire city of Chicago!

    Perfect bound. Laurie's Wild West - Now online! Pulp Fiction Roundup - June 23, - New! Latest Acquisitions - New! Bud is the final word on genre scholarship, and that has never been more evident than in this collection. Read the book Preface here. Planetary Stories - Issue 28 is now available in html format! PDF format seems unpopular, so I've gone back to html. Doc Meets the King was not just the year of the hero pulp. Visit the Bold Venture Press website for the latest details. Pulp Crazy - Now online! Howard - New! Pulp Den by Tom Johnson - Now online! Gryphon Double Novel 23 - New!

    The Mystery of Rio - New! Pulp Super-Fan blog by Michael R. Roger Ebert's passion for pulps - New! Blood and steel will play a part, as they always do, but this issue's real battle will be won by the warrior with the strongest will. Richard Matheson: February 20, — June 23, Richard Matheson, whose novels, short stories, screenplays and teleplays drew the blueprints for dozens of science fiction and horror movies and television shows, died on Sunday at his home in Calabasas, Calif. He was Ellis and many more. The print run for this special first issue will only be copies.

    Your order not only guarantees your copy but it also supports future issues of the magazine. You can order by sending your payment via paypal to: sargassomagazine yahoo. Who is this mysterious woman? Where has she come from? And how has she gained mystic skills and martial abilities that make her a match for The Shadow himself? The Shadow Fan's Podcast - Now online! Plus: Listener Feedback focuses on Dynamite's Masks series! It's a packed episode, all of it dedicated to pulp's greatest crimefighter!

    If you love The Shadow, this is the podcast for you! Murder for Sale - New! Mansion of Crime - New! As the streets of his city run red with blood, The Black Ghost searchers for the mysterious killer, who is motivated by revenge, and this time the city's paladin may be faced by his greatest foe, the Spider! An evil mastermind, trained in the deadly mysteries of the Ninja, with a desire to kill! Tellers of Weird Tales - Now online! Tubb - New!

    Beam Piper - New! Clair-Part 2 - New! Clair-Part 1 - New! Happy Birthday, Ambrose Bierce! Fox - New! Experience the origin and first adventures of H. Lovecraft's most famous creation as only the twisted pen of Russ Parkhurst can tell it! Guest of Honor is Dr. Philip Currie, paleobiologist and publisher of one of the first ERB fanzines. The first page of the registration form is attached; will have to post the second page separately. Fleming-Roberts "George Chance, Master of Magic and crusher of crime, pits courage and craft against merciless greed when he answers the grim challenge of a baffling murder riddle!

    Airship 27 Productions is extremely thrilled to announce the release of our newest pulp collection starring a classic adventure hero loved by millions. British adventure writer, H. Now Airship 27 Productions answers that on-going demand by presenting two brand new Alan Quatermain novellas each filled with plenty of suspense, action and exotic African locales.

    This is really old fashion pulp fun.