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The Sunshine State provides outstanding opportunities to engage hungry fish in both the freshwater and saltwater environments. Florida is the only state in the U. They are an extremely desirable fish to catch for sport, because of their aggression and beautiful colors. I fished for Peacock Bass two ways this winter, by land and by boat. By land, I caught them on live shiners with J hooks and lb. My favorite way to catch them, which I do more often, is on a 6wt fly rod with 0x tippet and shiner streamers.

Both methods will bring you success in the South Florida canals. He can comfortably accommodate up to four anglers, and children are always welcome. Captain Bill is a South Florida native with over 30 years of experience fishing area waters. The fishing with Captain Bill is always on fire. What could be better than landing fish nearly all day long? South Florida Bass Charters specializes in fishing the fresh waters of Southeast Florida for the biggest largemouth bass in the Northern hemisphere.

Every time I visit Florida, I make it a point to catch some fish near the reefs. Bring chum to a grassy or rocky area of the ocean and wait for the baitfish, like ballyhoo and sardines, to come in. Once they arrive, the bigger fish like snapper, grouper, sharks, and barracudas will come in to see what the commotion is about. On one crystal-clear day with barely any chop, I caught some large grouper, a shark, yellowtail, and snapper. The fishing was HOT! The fish, rods, reels, and boats are all BIG. It requires patience, the expertise of a great charter team, and some luck.

Winter fishing is popular in the Florida Keys. Charters are booked solid. I called a bunch of boat captains in the hopes of getting aboard a charter. No luck; I was discouraged, but hopeful. Then I got a break. I received a call the day after Christmas from one of the charters I had contacted regarding an opening on a boat for the next morning.

I was in. Captain Alex has over 35 years of sportfishing experience. Sailfishing out of Islamorada is one of the most exciting types of fishing in all of the Florida Keys. We used Frigate Series spinning reels with lb. First, we chummed the waters by throwing a cast net to catch live ballyhoo to use as bait. Once we had enough ballyhoo in the live well, we started trolling, looking for sailfish.

During winter and spring, the sailfish are easy to spot because they move into shallower waters than they normally inhabit, upping our chances to catch one. Within a few hours, he located four sailfish. After some lengthy battles, we caught all four! They take hundreds of yards of line and fight for at least 20 minutes, sometimes much longer. The "Silver King" is at the top of many angler's bucket lists for good reason!

And, Tampa Bay is one of the best places in the world to check it off your list! Jason can put you on the fish of a lifetime!

The flats and back-country waters in and around Tampa are some of the finest fishing grounds in the world for Snook, Tarpon , Redfish, Trout and Cobia. There are shallow flats , and miles of peaceful back-country which are the breeding grounds of most game fish. You can target schools of Redfish roaming the flats, Trout feeding in the miles of healthy sea grass, Tarpon Rolling along the bridges and passes throughout the bay, or Snook lying in the miles of undeveloped Mangroves lining Tampa Bay.

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Top that off with a breathtaking daily sunrise and sunset frequented with Dolphins and Manatees. Tampa flats fishing offers some of the most exciting fishing for redfish, trout, snook, and more! Jason offers fishing adventures for small, medium, and large groups — including corporate outings! There are plenty of options inside Tampa Bay during the summer months. Snook fishing in…. Catch a glimpse of what Steady Action Fishing Charters offers! Fishing from the backcountry to the beaches and everything in between for redfish, snook, trout, tarpon and much much more! I've gone on fishing trips for business, with friends and family with children and in each case Jason has always been appropriately service driven in each environment.

You just won't find better. We loved spending the day with Jason and reeling in snook, red fish, sea trout, and ladyfinger. Jason was a great guy and a wonderful captain. Jason did an excellent job putting us on fish.

Kona Dog Sportfishing Guide to Fishes of Florida

Very knowledgable and personable guide with an awesome boat and solid gear. Have to say his Knowledge of the water ways is second to none. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a fishing charter. We have never been disappointed with his ability to put us on fish!! Even got my son on the cover of a magazine with his prized snook.

South Florida Trifecta

Can't say enough great things about Capt. All 3 trips have been excellent. Caught a lot of fish and had a great time. Already looking forward to next spring for another fishing trip with Jason. I would recommend Steady Action Fishing with Captain Jason Prieto if you want to catch fish and have a full day of action!

Jason is extremely knowledgeable and is just fun to fish with!

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Will definitely be booking more trips with him! Jason was timely, professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. We caught a nice amount of fish and Jason took us to different areas to target the fish we wanted to catch. Jason put us on the fish and it was non-stop action right from the moment we put our lines in the water.

Catching Saltwater Fish In Freshwater River???? (Florida) - Jiggin' With Jordan

Myself, my 17 yr old daughter, and her friend just hooked fish after fish. Reds, spanish mackerel, jacks,sea trout,and silver trout just to name a few. Capt Jason put us on a school of reds that just wore us out! Read Capt.

Pro-Cure Bait Scent: How Many More Fish Does It Really Catch? Fun Test.

What this means for you is nonstop year round fishing action! Tampa Bay is fed by well over a inland tributaries. In these you will find brackish water rivers and creeks that allow for some of the best backcountry fishing action in the state. This also provides temperate waters for game fish to congregate in when water temps change in the bay. Tampa Bay also houses a huge mangrove system that creates prime habitat for our more than species of fish. Tampa Bay has an overall average depth of 12 feet, but this is broken up by huge natural grass flats for prime sight fishing opportunities, as well as deeper channels that house much larger inshore gamefish.

If you want to learn even more about fishing with us here, you can visit our Trip Info and FAQ pages. Feel free to give the Captain a call or email with any further questions or start planning your trip today! Had a great afternoon of fishing with Capt. He put us on a lot of fish. I can't lie, my arms were a little sore the next day from reeling in all the fish we caught.

My cousin and his daughter and my son.