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The modern Danish clean-energy economy is built on the back of pigs, and pigs are environmentally dirty. And Danes buy a lot of stuff from abroad. Danes also love to eat meat, from both local and international sources.

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And they love to travel. Airplanes are awful for the environment. They do. Wait- The pigs which are mostly export products are counted, but the stuff we import from abroad is also placed on our balance?

03/13 The academic cheating scandal, and Mother Nature has gone too far this time!

How can this be science? The most shocking thing for me in DK is massive consumption. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Cheating Mother Nature: What You Need to Know to Beat Chronic Pain

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  • Cheating Mother Nature: What You Need to Know to Beat Chronic Pain by William D. Charschan.
  • Cheating mother nature what you need to know to beat chronic pain.
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Register me! Sign me up! The first demand for aged whisky started at the end of the 18th century.

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This emboldened less scrupulous members in the trade to devise maturation short cuts to imitate the flavour and colour of aged whisky. In industry-speak, this is called cheating Mother Nature. Having been involved in a number of accelerated maturation experiments and the opportunity to taste many experimental products from competitive accelerators, you discover each process brings biases. In the quest for the Holy Grail of complexity, balance, enrichment and long finishes these interventions mask, substitute, remove, add and accentuate flavours.

This can be an asset if you are making whisky for cocktails or mixers where the manipulated flavour profile marries with other liquors and gustatory ingredients. In , an early recipe, using the Anglicised spelling of whisky which first appeared in , called for cloves, nuts, raisins, mace, caraway, anise, sugar and other spices indicating early malt spirits were flavoured with spirits and liqueurs, not wood.