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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here That is, how did records, scripts, manuals, genres, or editions represent the future or anticipate their own reception? How do the modes of early modern prospection as suggested by terms like prophecy, speculation, and progression point to different theorizations of futurity? How does present scholarship receive and use the past's ideas about the future?

This conference aims to explore early modernity's uniquely literary means for projecting its future, and through this to advance scholarly debates about the role and forms of historicism in early modern culture. This exhibit features correspondence, manuscripts, notes, drafts of speeches, photographs, and memorabilia from RBML's extensive collection of Frances Perkins' papers. The physical exhibit opened on November 5, and runs through March 26, Lindquist Papers archival collection at The Burke Library. They depict the people, places, and practices of Native Americans and their communities from at least 34 States, plus Canada and Mexico in the period from The majority of the images were taken by G.

Lindquist , an itinerant representative of the ecumenical Home Missions Council of the Federal Council of Churches. The collection chiefly consists of architectural drawings approximately 5, and also includes photographs, personal papers, and other manuscript material. Harlem's first great soapbox orator, Hubert H. Harrison was a brilliant and influential writer, educator, and movement builder during the early decades of the 20th century. In the words of civil rights activist A. Philip Randolph, he was "the father of Harlem radicalism.

Croix, Harrison moved to New York City in , where he worked low-paying jobs, attended high school, and then earned a living as a postal clerk - all the time engaging with radical political causes. By , he had become a leading activist and theoretician for the Socialist Party in New York City and soon thereafter he began actively supporting the Industrial Workers of the World.

He opposed positions taken by Joel E. Spingarn and W. The Congress, the major Black protest effort during the war, demanded enforcement of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments and federal anti-lynching legislation. Beginning in , he became the principal editor of Marcus Garvey's Negro World, which he reshaped into a leading political and literary publication of the era.

In its pages, he discussed history, politics, theater, international affairs, religion, and science. Later, he would criticize Garvey's methods and actions. Harrison was a prolific speaker and writer in the s during which time he also founded the broadly unitary International Colored Unity League and edited The Voice of the Negro. Harrison's unexpected death following an appendectomy on December 17, , left behind his widow, four daughters, and a young son.

A massive Harlem funeral spoke to his contemporary importance, but Harrison's work eventually faded from prominence. His radicalism on questions of race, class, religion, war, democracy, literature and the arts - and the fact that he was a forthright critic of individuals, organizations, and ideas of influence, were major reasons, along with his early death and the fact that he had no long lasting organizational ties, for his subsequent neglect.

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The digitized images from the Hugh Ferriss Architectural Drawings and Papers Collection depict Ferriss' original architectural renderings of buildings by various architects, ca. Also included are Ferriss' renderings of imaginary buildings, ca. Ferriss' drawings of important buildings in the United States were created as a result of a nationwide tour sponsored by a Brunner grant from the Architectural League of New York in Many of these renderings were later published in Power in Buildings This collection contains about forty broadsides regarding communal and governmental regulations imposed in various Jewish communities throughout Italy from the 17th through the 19th centuries.

Topics addressed are synagogue behavior, market regulations, municipal workers such as firefighters, and more. The first major exhibition of treasures from the Special Collections Libraries at Columbia in over 50 years and gives the public a glimpse of the unique resources gathered by the University since its founding in Mounted in conjunction with the th anniversary of Columbia, this exhibition celebrates a rich collection of original books, manuscripts, individual and corporate archives, architectural drawings, ephemera, musical scores, works of art, and artifacts, embodying over 5, years of human history.

Draws together an unprecedented array of rare and unique items from eleven Special Collections - including a Buddhist sutra dating from the year C. Alexander Hamilton's wedding ring, a set model for the Ziegfeld Follies of , Dietrich Bonhoeffer's application for study at Union Theological Seminary, a fragment of the Iliad on papyrus, and a photograph of Czar Nicholas II with his family. The exhibition contains a variety of materials that show the working life of this truly remarkable individual. On display are letters, documents, ledgers, newspapers, photographs, and realia concerning his life, as well as material documenting Pulitzer's role in the founding of Columbia's School of Journalism and the creation of the Pulitzer Prizes.

Running through July, this is the first time that this material has been shown to the public. Project focused on materials relating to Urban's New York theater career from , specifically the documentation of his productions for the Ziegfeld Follies and other theater producers, and his productions for the Metropolitan Opera.

The advent of gold-stamped decoration, circa , was the most important factor in the acceptance of publishers' bindings.

Felicità in video: papaya che gioca con la ciotola dell'acqua by Rosanna

Gold stamping brought to the mass-produced book some of the prestige associated with gold-tooled leather bindings of the pre-industrial era. In fact, stamping often imitated the decorative styles and motifs of the hand-finished book. However, gold stamping also developed its own styles and imagery that reflected the period's taste and culture. Commonly referred to as the Samil Movement literally "three one" for its historical date on March 1, , the Korean Independence Movement was one of the earliest and most significant displays of nonviolent demonstration against Japanese rule in Korea.

The Special Correspondence Files of the Herbert Lehman Papers contain correspondence with nearly 1, individuals from through Beginning with letters from Lehman's family in the late nineteenth century, the series documents the range and scope of Lehman's long career in public service. In addition to family letters, the Special Correspondence Files contain letters from every President of the U.

Smith, Adlai Stevenson, and Robert Wagner, among many others. At the very end of the 12th century, the prince-bishop of Malines Mechelen in today's Belgium funded a hospital to be run by a group of hospital sisters; these women in the coming centuries cared for the ill and ailing so well that several other dependent hospitals were funded out of this mother house in Malines. Their institution was protected by the pope, Honorius III who also formally extended his protection to the Dominican, Franciscan and Carmelite orders , and a few years later by the local lord, Godefroid de Fontaines, bishop of Cambrai; the next pope, Innocent IV also issued a bull to the sisters in , as did pope Nicholas IV in , and pope Clement V in , from his residence in Avignon.

To these five founding documents, the collection adds two more of a slightly later date. The combination of the crucial materials, all present and in outstandingly good condition, allows one to form a view of the opening moments of a women's civic and religious organization, in ways that are hardly possible in the United States. The Centennial Exhibition of Columbia University's Department of Music, Music at Columbia: The First Years, mounted at Low Library as part of the department's celebration, was a highly varied and eclectic collection of items from many different sources.

This exhibition focuses on his life outside of Columbia as he devoted his time to the nascent art of photography, in particular the salt print paper-based photographic process. As an early amateur photographer, Moore prepared his own chemicals and papers. He captured views of New York City and the Highlands of the Hudson area, his family and even a few self-portraits. Because salt prints are fragile and unstable, they have been digitized for long-term preservation. The Papers of John Jay is an image database and indexing tool comprising some 13, documents more than 30, page images scanned chiefly from photocopies of original documents.

Most of the source material was assembled by Columbia University's John Jay publication project staff during the s and s under the direction of the late Professor Richard B. A printed book and a manuscript codex may contain the same text, but one can argue that the latter is inherently richer.

The printing press produced a multitude of identical copies, but each manuscript is unique and individual. In a manuscript, each page had to be carefully prepared and every letter required painstaking work. Ultimately, each manuscript contains more than just the text within it. Isaac Mendelsohn, author of the first catalog of the Hebrew manuscripts at Columbia, wrote, "An old Hebrew book is The notes on the flyleaves, the remarks on the margins the names of its various owners, and the countries in which it saw service actually make it into two books - one containing the text, the passive part, and the other the history of the persons who owned and used it.

This exhibit attempts to show the second kind of book: the book that tells a story about its authors, its owners, and its users. Occasionally, the story is found within the main portion of the text, but it is also found in the paratext: in the wine stains on a Passover Haggadah, in the candle wax in a prayer book, or in an odd notation on a title page or in a colophon. It features canonical and non-canonical science books and covers seven topics: mining, magnetism, navigation, astronomy, the art of war, hydraulics and hydrostatics, and astrology. Many of the papers in the "Commons and Collectivities: Political Ecologies in the Renaissance" conference home in on man's relationship with the natural world and its political implications, and this online exhibition is meant to complement those essays.

This online exhibition is meant to accompany a day-long symposium at Columbia University on April 27, The exhibition, along with the conference, focuses on the relation between literature and the media in which it is conveyed. The symposium examines the extent to which the material forms of texts can contribute to the reading of literature as well as the construction of literary history, and, conversely, what literary analysis can contribute to the study of books as material objects. A collection of Russian and early Soviet music scores published from to Numerous composers and lyricists primarily Russian but also European and American are represented.

Most scores were published in Moscow or Leningrad. Most scores are popular music, jazz or dance music. The covers were designed by many different artists. The collection includes musical settings of poems by Esenin, Lebedev-Kumach and Mayakovsky among others. This online exhibition catalog contains selections from the Columbia University Libraries exhibition on view at the Bakhmeteff Archive, Butler Library from December 1, to February 28, , timed to coincide with celebrations of the th anniversary of St.

The exhibition features objects drawn from the Imperial Corps of Pages collection, Bakhmeteff Archive. The objects include photographs, documents, theater programs, invitations and menus. The catalog also provides historical information about the Corps of Pages. A sixteenth-century Italian architect and theoretician, Sebastiano Serlio was influential in canonizing the classical orders of architecture as the author of seven books on architecture, collectively known as Tutte l'opere d'architettura. Significant not only for its rarity, the sixth book is arguably the most impactful as it defines the first typology of Western domestic architecture.

Serlio's designs accommodate every strata of society from the poor, to the emerging bourgeoisie, to a palace for the King. His scheme for housing conceives a model for a new urban form -- the modern city based on an economic social construct. The digital files presented here comprise recto, verso and selected watermarks representing 73 original plates, and provide an exceptional opportunity to view this rare manuscript in great detail. The broader Digital Serlio Project provides online access to not only the unpublished masterwork but new research on topics as diverse as the materiality of the manuscript's paper and the creation of national typologies of domestic architecture in the form of essays contributed by a cohort of international scholars and students.

Avery's significant holdings of the published editions of Serlio's complete works have also been newly digitized, and the entire corpus is accessible from the Project page. The diversity and splendor of Sergei Diaghilev's world of Russian ballet and opera seasons in Paris was on display at the Chang Octagon Exhibition Room. Website for The Seymour B. The collection consists of more than 40, objects including historic photographs, maps, pamphlets, postcards, books, and New York City memorabilia from the 18th century to the s. Ulysses Kay wrote more than one hundred forty compositions in a wide range of forms -- five operas, over two dozen large orchestral works, more than fifty voice or choral compositions, over twenty chamber works, a ballet, and numerous other compositions for voice, solo instruments or dancer, film, and television.

Initially conceived as a fundraiser for the University's athletics teams, The Varsity Show has grown into Columbia University's oldest performing arts tradition.

It is an annual extravaganza that has launched many students on their paths to careers in the arts and elicited cheers and blushes from those in the Columbia community who find themselves subject of its satire. This online exhibition is an expansion of a physical exhibit created in to mark the th anniversary of The Varsity Show. The distinguished roster of Columbians who have participated in The Varsity Show includes a who's who of show business talent and achievement.

Wilbert Webster White was renowned for his development of an inductive system of Bible Study, emphasizing knowledge of the Bible rather than knowledge about the Bible. His Papers contain an Address by him on the Biblio-centric Curriculum. People, corporate bodies and events that are represented in or by our items. A-mdo Byams-pa 1 A. Moog Wholesale Grocers 1 A. Holbrook 1 A. Mayer M'f'g Co. Backus, Jr. Bornot Bro. Newman 1 A. Root Company 1 A.

Hiscox 1 A. Klaber Steam Marble Works 1 A. Plamondon Manf'g Co. Whitney and Sons 1 A. Polkes Associates, Inc. Common Council 1 Albany County. Joyce, Carriage Manufacturer 1 Andrew J. Robinson Co. Meeting 1 Ast, William T. Steffen 1 August F. Saylor 1 B. Mussey and Company 1 Bache, A. Coraghessan 1 Boyle, William M. William 18 Brazil Bank 1 Brearley, H. Harrington Cooper , 1 Breckinridge, Hugh M. Common Council. Jerome Seymour 1 Brunkard, Thomas V.

Eveline Mabel , 3 Burnside, Samuel W. Wilder 1 C. Cooper Co. Barrows 1 C. Turner, Incorporated 1 C. Arthur Pearson Ltd 1 C. Webster 1 C. Whitmeyer 1 C. Livingston's Job Printing House 1 C. Brown Furniture Co. Goldberg 1 C.

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Pepper 1 C. Blackstone 1 C. Kenyon Co. Linington 1 C. Johnston Company 1 C. Rasmussen Publishing Co. Stolzenbach 1 C. Williamson Wire Novelty Co. Farmer Engraving Company 1 C. Hunt Company 1 C. McCormick's Reaper Manufactory 1 C.

La Vera Clavicola del Re Salomone

Benjamin Nathan , 1 Carey Bros. Allan Murray , 1 Cartwright, Morse A. Morse Adams , 12 Cartwright, Morse A. Diocese of Cambrai France. Bishop : Godefroid, de Fontaines 1 Catholic Church. Nancy 7 Cayton, Horace R. John Gadsby , 1 Chapman, J. Adams 1 Charles H. Greenthal and Co. Graham 1 Chas. Thomas Maitland , 1 Clemens, E. Columbia Theater Associates 4 Columbia University. Department of Music 15 Columbia University. Faculty of Political Science 1 Columbia University. Men's Glee Club 1 Columbia University. Office of the President 1 Columbia University. Press 1 Columbia University. School of the Arts 1 Columbia University.

Trustees 2 Columbia University. Governor 15 Connecticut. Leonard Slater , 1 Coudert, Frederic R. Appleton and Company 16 D. Walter Co. Selleg 1 D. Robinson 1 D. Hennessy Mercantile Company 1 D. San Francisco, Calif. Central and convenient location to reach the beautiful Cansiglio wood or the Santa Croce's lake. Small pets allowed. Casa Dora. Una camera matrimoniale, un bagno ed un terrazzo con vista collina.

Polcenigo e' un paese che si presta per chi e' appassionato di montagna, in quanto ci sono diversi sentieri per camminate e escursioni in bici. Appartamento Sonelia. Casa Maria,si trova in un incantevole mansarda ,una camera per due persone e volendo un secondo letto. La stanza delle perline! Un piccolo negozio di alimentari e una malga che produce e vende prodotti tipici sono a distanza raggiungibile a piedi.

Food History, Recipes & Translations with Elisabetta

Un ottimo agriturismo ricavato da una vecchia stalla si trova esattamente nel pascolo davanti a casa. It offers a beautiful view on the forest and pasture. It is close to nice trekking pathways and other outdoor activities are available. A small grocery and a "malga" selling typical products are at walk able distance.

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An "agriturismo" where you can eat and drink local products is just right in front of the flat in a old restored cattle stable. The apartment is cozy and well furnished, it has 2 double bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a double fold-able bed in the living room. A big terrace and garden with beautiful view are excellent spots for outdoor meals!

Relaxing mountain getaway, Dolomiti. Casa con un ampio giardino verde e ben curato, situata in collina s. Dotata di 3 camere doppie, 2 bagni, ampia cucina con tavolo, salotto con TV e giardino a disposizione degli ospiti. Perfetta per rilassarsi nel verde, punto d'appoggio per visitare tutto il territorio limitrofo, dalla Marca Trevigiana al Friuli, dal Cansiglio fino a Venezia e molto altro. Ideale per vivere una bella esperienza eno-gastronomica nel territorio del "prosecco". Casa Rossi - camera doppia "Classica". Show all. Popular homes. Ciasa de Sofia si trova a due passi dalla piazza principale dello storico borgo collinare di Mezzomonte.

Albergo Diffuso - Ciasa de Sofia. Albergo Diffuso - Ciasa de Viola. Casa Rossi - camera doppia "Romantica". Village au pied des montagnes. Glacier dans le village, excellent. Les meilleurs que je connais. Un petit coin de paradis. Dotata di 3 camere doppie, 2 bagni, ampia cucina con tavolo, salotto con TV, Wi-fi e giardino a disposizione degli ospiti. Casa Rossi - l'angolo verde di Montaner. In origine casa Zoldan era un rudere del Nel ristrutturata completamente ed ampliata.

Albergo Diffuso - Casa Zoldan, Erica. A shared swimming pool is available from mid-june to beginning of september to guests after a trek to discover the beauty of the place. The chalet consists of 3 apartments, in one of which is the owner. ERMELLINO 48 is a self contained apartment, with large outdoor terrace where guests can enjoy the clean mountain air, especially on summer days, when the heat is unbearable in the lowland.

In the living room there is a comfortable sofa and two armchairs and a wood stove for the cool and rainy days, during periods when heating is not considered. Fully equipped kitchen The private outdoor terrace is equipped with garden furniture table and chairs. The heated pool max. The car can be parked on the road, just in front of the apartment.

If you like windsurfing or you are a watersport enthusiast, Lake Santa Croce is just 20 minutes by car. Tambre is not only Green, but also sport, culture, history and tradition. Additional service charges may have to be paid locally on-site, see house rules and house manual for details. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Thank you. Albergo Diffuso - Borgo Vittorio, Ortensia. Un luogo di tradizione che ti permette di concigliare sport e relax sia d'inverno che d'estate.

Un luogo ricco di storia e calore umano che rendono unica questa casa. Il paese, la casa, gli arredi e l'atmosfera ti faranno sentire a casa.