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This page includes quotations from all the Dune novels — both those by Frank Herbert and authorized works in the Dune universe written by others. A sophisticated human can become primitive. What this really means is that the human's way of life changes. Old values change, become linked to the landscape with it's plants and animals. This new existence requires a working knowledge of those multiplex and cross-linked events usually referred to as Nature.

It requires a measure of respect for the inertial power within such natural systems. When a human gains this knowledge and respect, that is called "being primitive". The converse, of course, is equally true: the primitive human can become sophisticated, but not without incurring dreadful psychological damage. The sand beach as gray as a dead cheek, A green tideflow reflects cloud ripples; I stand on the dark wet edge.

The gene-seed organs must be implanted into an adolescent human male for the process to have the greatest chance of success no later than his 16th year, though it is medically possible to begin the process as late as 18 standard years of age before full growth has been reached in the early 20's.

However, a gene-seed organ implantation procedure done at this late stage in the boy's growth will as likely kill him as not. In general, most Space Marine Chapters prefer to begin the process sometime between the ages of 10 and 14 years. The full list of 19 gene-seed organs, presented in the order in which they must be implanted within a Space Marine Neophyte, is as follows:. Throughout the implantation process, a Space Marine Neophyte must undergo multiple regimens of chemical and hyno-theraphy treatments in order for the implanted organs to develop normally and function properly so that they integrate without mishap into the new Astartes' physiology.

Too many Neophytes have been lost during the implantation process as their bodies proved critically unable to meet the new biochemical and hormonal stress being placed upon them. For these unlucky indviduals, the only recourse is usually euthanasia or being reduced to a mindless cybernetic Servitor who can still prove to be of at least marginal use to the Chapter. The full course of implantation surgeries begins under ideal conditions between the ages of years as outlined below:. Though they now stand a step above their standard Astartes brethren, all Primaris Space Marines were still created using the original gene-seed of their Primarchs, like all other members of the Adeptus Astartes.

Some voices within the Imperium now worry how this new type of transhuman warrior will react to the many genetic quirks and flaws found in the gene-seed of some of the more unusual Chapters, particularly given the long history of fiascoes that have resulted from attempts to alter the Emperor's original work. In the pursuit of his attempt to improve upon the original Space Marine template, Archmagos Belisarius Cawl collected samples of the genomes of all twenty of the original Primarchs, including those deemed Lost or Traitors , though Roboute Guilliman made clear to his overeager servant that Primaris Astartes were to be created only from the lines of those of his brothers who led the nine Loyalist Space Marine Legions.

It is known that in addition to the general advancements in their gene-seed, Primaris Space Marines possess three additional gene-seed implant organs compared to their standard brethren and that their gene-seed is far more genetically stable than that of their forerunners. Primaris Space Marine gene-seed has only a. Nearly every Space Marine created since the First Founding possesses nineteen specialised organs derived from this gene-seed. The Primaris Marines, however, are implanted with a further three additional organs. It was the Sangprimus Portum , a device containing potent genetic material harvested from the Primarchs, that allowed for this breakthrough.

Entrusted to Cawl by Guilliman shortly after the Second Founding in the early 31st Millennium, this device resulted in a new breed of Adeptus Astartes that were deployed en masse in the Ultima Founding of Due to Cawl's interpretation of his orders and the millennia-spanning labour of his task -- during which Guilliman was injured and suspended in stasis -- the secrets of these new Primaris organs were not released until late in the 41st Millennium.

The Primaris Marines possess all of the nineteen gene-seed implant organs that have been gifted to their original Astartes brothers, as well as three more that only they possess, for a total of twenty-two. These new gifts of Belisarius Cawl 's genius further enhance their transhuman status and ability to bring the Emperor's justice to a galaxy shrouded in darkness and despair. These additional implanted organs include:. In addition to the extensive implantation process for the gene-seed organs, the Astartes Neophyte undergoes chemical treatment, psychological conditioning, and subconscious hypnotherapy, all the while spending every waking hour honing his combat skills with ceaseless battle training.

Until his acceptance as a full Initiate and Battle-Brother of his Chapter, a Neophyte must submit to constant tests and examinations by the Chapter Apothecaries. The newly implanted organs must be monitored very carefully, imbalances corrected, and any sign of corrupt or deviant development treated. This chemical treatment is reduced after completion of the initiation process, but it never ends.

Space Marines undergo periodic drug treatment for the rest of their lives in order to maintain a stable metabolism. To this end, Space Marine Power Armour contains extensive physiological monitoring and drug dispensation equipment. As the super-enhanced body grows, the recipient of the gene-seed organs must learn how to use his new skills. Some of the implants, specifically the Catalespean Node and Occulobe, can only function once correct hypnotherapy has been administered.

Hypnotherapy is not always as effective as chemical treatment, but it can have substantial results. If a Space Marine can be taught how to control his own metabolism, his dependence on drugs is lessened. The process is undertaken in a machine called a Hypnomat. Space Marines are placed in a state of hypnosis and subjected to visual and aural images in order to awaken their minds to their unconscious metabolic processes. A Space Marine is more than just a human being with extraordinary powers. Just as their bodies receive 19 separate gene-seed implants, so their minds are altered to release the latent powers that lie within all human minds, and these are not the psychic powers of the Warp but the intrinsic.

These mental powers are, if anything, more extraordinary than even the physical powers endowed by the gene-seed implants. For example, a Space Marine can control his senses and nervous system to a remarkable degree, and can consequently endure pain that would kill a normal man. A Space Marine can also think and react at lightning speeds. Memory training is an important part of the Astartes' psycho-indoctrination as well and some Space Marines develop photographic memories in the course of their psychoconditioning and hypnotherapy.

Space Marines, of course, vary in intelligence as do other men, and their individual mental abilities vary to some degree, as their implants do not reshape their core neural architecture, though the hypnotherapy does act to "smooth out" many personality quirks. This indoctrination also includes psychological conditioning which is intended to reinforce a Space Marine's respect for authority and his willingness to follow orders regardless of his own desires, as well as to harden his mind to the corruptive temptations offered by Chaos. It is no exaggeration to say that many Astartes truly no longer know fear.

At the end of this process, if all goes well, an adolescent human male will have been transformed into a superhuman Astartes. Yet, in many ways he will no longer truly be human, having sacrificed his own humanity so that he might protect that of others. Space Marine deployments across the galaxy , ca. Genetically-enhanced to serve Mankind as humanity's ultimate warriors, they are far stronger and more resilient than even the most exceptional unenhanced human beings. The majority of the Space Marine Chapters operating within Imperial space are comprised of 1, Astartes organised into 10 companies of warriors each.

Every Chapter is fiercely proud of its history and achievements and each is marked out by its own distinctive colours and Chapter heraldry. These colours and iconography were established at the time of each Chapter's Founding and are displayed with unadulterated pride upon all armour and vehicles owned by the Chapter.

The wargear of the Chapter is maintained with painstaking precision and many items have been covered over the millennia in fine lines of intricate devotional script in High Gothic , with each line detailing a battle honour of the Chapter won by a previous user of the weapon. Each Chapter is commanded by an officer usually known as a Chapter Master , who holds a rank equivalent within the Imperial hierarchy to that of a Planetary Governor. Each Chapter is a small, mobile army and although each contains only 1, Battle-Brothers, a Chapter's actual combat potential is equivalent to at least ten times that number of normal troops drawn from the Astra Militarum Imperial Guard.

Each Chapter has its own transports, support staff, armourers and Chapter fleets of warships and are intended to respond to any type of threat that can emerge anywhere in the galaxy. Because they are so mobile compared to other Imperial military units, the Space Marines are often the first servants of the Emperor to arrive at a scene of conflict and they are used to mount deep strikes, raids and devastating surprise attacks.

Various weapons and wargear utilised by the Adeptus Astartes. The archetypal mission for which the Space Marines were created over 10, Terran years ago is the planetstrike, or planetary assault. Such an offensive begins with the Astartes' Chapter fleet engaging with and clearing away any defending starships and neutralising the target world's orbital defences, ground-based laser batteries and missile silos. Enemy ground defences are sabotaged by the Chapter's Scout Marine forces or captured by full Astartes from its Battle Companies.

Map indicating location of Space Marine Chapter Homeworlds across the galaxy , ca. Often the bulk of a Space Marine force deployed to a planetary assault will deploy directly into battle, forcing a decisive engagement to take advantage of the considerable shock of their appearance upon the field. When the Space Marines arrive in this manner they must deploy as rapidly as possible to maintain the element of surprise that plays such a crucial role for them in achieving battlefield success. To this end, Space Marine warships are equipped with hundreds of Drop Pods and large hangar bays filled with deadly Thunderhawk gunships.

The contrails of these craft high in a world's atmosphere are often the only harbinger of a Space Marine assault. As the Chapter's Drop Pods and Thunderhawks streak through the embattled sky towards their rendezvous with blood and fire, the enemies of the Emperor come to realise that their doom is at hand. Codex Astartes -approved heraldry for an Adeptus Astartes Chapter after The Space Marines always prefer to deploy right into the heart of the enemy's force and proceed to unleash a devastating barrage of Bolter fire. The initial shock of this assault can often break an enemy force before a campaign has barely begun, ending a rebellion or forcing an alien invader off-world in one fell stroke.

These shock assaults are usually spearheaded by squads of Terminators drawn from a Chapter's Veteran 1st Company who teleport directly into the heart of the foes' lines and are supported by heavier units like armoured vehicles that have been delivered to the world's surface by Thunderhawk Transporters. Each company of a Chapter is able to field a mix of Tactical , Assault and Devastator Squads depending on its type. An entire company of Astartes is rarely fielded as a tactical force. Instead, each Space Marine force is exactly tailored to the tactical requirements of the combat mission at hand, usually with elements drawn from the versatile Battle Companies.

Such a force might consist of only 3 or 4 squads supported by individual squads drawn from other companies, as well as a complement of armoured vehicles and Dreadnoughts. This force will be led into combat by a Captain, a senior Veteran Sergeant, a Chaplain or a Librarian who serves as the Force Commander. On very rare occasions, a Space Marine Chapter will be called upon to carry out a mission or face an enemy of such size and power that it must deploy a large portion of its total strength. In these instances, forces consisting of or even Astartes and their supporting vehicles are not uncommon.

Such a force is deployed only to those locations where the enemy's advance must be stopped at all costs. As such, several legendary Astartes Chapters like the Blood Angels , Salamanders and Black Templars deployed several full Battle Companies in their supreme effort to halt the advance of the Orks.

Such was their skill that Armageddon became a new word for total war in the Ork "kultur. The nature of the Adeptus Astartes' missions means that a Chapter's various components may be spread across the galaxy at any one time, with individual detachments involved in separate conflicts thousands of light years apart. It is very unusual for all 10 companies of a Chapter to be gathered in the same place at the same time and centuries can pass between gatherings of an entire Chapter for a single mission. As a result, the deployment of an entire Space Marine Chapter indicates the need to combat a threat that may rend the very fabric of the Imperium itself if left undefeated.

The deployment of such a force can only be requested by the High Lords of Terra and is led by the Chapter Master in person. Such a gathering of martial power can bring a Fortress World to its knees, halt an alien invasion or even hurl back a Black Crusade. Legendary, existential threats to the Emperor's realm such as the Helican Schism , the Macharian Heresy and the Tyrannic Wars have seen the need to call up entire Chapters. Whole worlds have become shrines to remember the fallen of these conflicts. Each of these campaigns engulfed large regions of Imperial space and involved countless millions of troops, yet were ultimately decided only by the unmatched heroism of a relatively small number of the Emperor's Angels of Death, the Space Marines.

According to the original version of the Codex Astartes before the introduction of the Primaris Marines , Space Marines were organised into three main types of squad: Tactical, Assault, and Devastator. Each of these squads has a unique battlefield role and is designed to operate together to provide mutual support and maximum flexibility.

In addition to these three squad types, the 1st Veteran Company can be formed into Terminator or Veteran squads, while the Scouts of the 10th Company are always fielded as Scout Squads. All Space Marine squad types, with the exception of the Scouts, normally consist of 10 Astartes, but they can be divided into two separate combat squads in battle.

This gives each unit a further degree of flexibility in action. An Aspirant who becomes a Neophyte and is accepted into the Chapter's ranks will serve in many roles, starting out as a young Scout Marine in the 10th Company and, if fate favours him, progressing through the ranks as an Initiate and full Battle-Brother of the Chapter, serving as Devastator Marine , Assault Marine , Tactical Marine and, if he is exceptionally bold, eventually earning the honour of serving as a Veteran in the elite 1st Company.

A favoured few excel even past this great honour and join the ranks of the Chapter's officers, leading their fellows into the blood and fury of battle. The first step along the path to becoming a mighty hero of the Chapter is service in one of the Scout Squads of the 10th Company. The role of the Sergeant is to train the Scouts and lead them in battle. Only Sergeants of considerable experience and status are designated for this role.

Scouts attend to every word their Sergeant utters, for it is said that he has forgotten more of war than many more senior officers will ever learn. Whilst serving as a Scout, a Neophyte learns the most subtle arts of war. In a range of infiltration and reconnaissance missions, he learns how to approach and observe the enemy. Information gathered in such missions is passed back to the main battle force. The Scouts get their first taste of combat by way of carefully placed ambushes, the Scout Sergeant drawing on centuries of experience to deploy his charges in such a manner as to teach them as valuable a lesson as the enemy.

Unlike that enemy, the Scouts learn valuable skills in such combats—the enemy earns nothing more than a quick death, for even a Neophyte Space Marine is a potent warrior compared to a mortal man.

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A Space Marine serving in a Devastator Squad may only recently have completed his service in the 10th Company and been accepted as a full Initiate and Battle-Brother of the Chapter. It will be his first experience of fighting in Power Armour. When first assigned to such a squad, the Space Marine will bear a Bolter and grenades and fulfill a support role within the squad, providing close support to those Battle-Brothers armed with heavy weapons, identifying targets and being close at hand to proffer ammunition and to take up the weapons of any who should fall.

Only when he has proven himself steady and reliable in battle will the Space Marine be entrusted with one of the Chapter's mighty heavy weapons, which he will come to master over the course of several hundred battles. Devastator Squads consist of a Sergeant and nine Space Marines. Up to four Space Marines may be armed with heavy weapons, whilst the remainder will carry Bolters. This is the most heavily armed type of Space Marine squad, and they are deployed wherever overwhelming firepower is needed, especially when the Chapter faces enemy armour or fortified positions. Having proved himself steadfast and disciplined in the Devastator Squads, a Space Marine will in time earn himself a place in his company's Assault Squads.

He embraces the controlled savagery of close combat and looks his enemy in the eye as he deals him death. Assault Squads are specialists at fighting in hand-to-hand combat. Each squad consists of a Sergeant and nine Space Marines all equipped with Jump Packs and armed with a close combat weapon in each hand. Common armament consists of a Bolt Pistol and a Chainsword. Optionally, two of the Space Marines may carry Plasma Pistols.

This combination is ideal for fast-attacking, close-quarter fighting assault troops. Even though Tactical Squads are the most common type of squad in any Chapter, to earn a place in one a Space Marine must have proven himself both courageous and wise in battle. Throughout his service in the Devastator and Assault Squads, he will be proven adaptable in his approach to the arts of war and will have mastered a range of tactics and weaponry.

Tactical Squads are the most commonly fielded squad types in a Chapter. A Tactical squad is led by a Sergeant and includes nine other Space Marines. Of these, seven Battle-Brothers are armed with Bolters , whilst the remaining two can be armed with Bolters or, alternatively, one may carry a heavy weapon such as a missile launcher or a Heavy Bolter , and the other may carry a special weapon such as a Flamer or Meltagun.

This combination is the most tactically flexible and offers a good mixture of capabilities within the squad. After serving in hundreds of campaigns and thousands of battles, and having conquered the very worst the galaxy has to throw at him, a Space Marine is likely to be considered a Veteran. In most Chapters, such an honour is not measured by length of service, but in blood spilled, horrors overcome, and mighty deeds done.

As a prelude to service in the elite 1st Company, many Space Marine Veterans fulfill the role of Sergeant, leading squads of all types in any of the other companies. Thus, many of the Space Marines of the Veteran company will be battle-proven leaders as well as highly experienced warriors. The warriors of the Veteran company are fielded in one of three squad types: Terminator Squads wear the uniquely powerful Terminator Armour , sometimes called Tactical Dreadnought Armour. This armoured suit is massive in construction, virtually turning a Space Marine into a one-man tank.

Every Chapter has a limited number of Terminator Armour suits, and each is an ancient artefact crafted many thousands of years ago. Terminators are less mobile than other Space Marines and are primarily used in starship boarding actions or in extreme close quarters combat when heavy fire support cannot be easily brought to bear. So resilient is the armour that it is reputedly able to operate inside plasma reactors, within volcanoes, and inside highly irradiated areas of deep space. Legend has it that the armour can even survive the tread of a Titan.

To wear an ancient suit of Terminator Armour is one of the greatest honours to which a Space Marine can aspire. Each suit bears on its left shoulder the Crux Terminatus , the unique honour badge of the Terminator. Each Crux is said to contain at its core a tiny fragment of the armour worn by the Emperor himself when he fought his final battle against the traitor Warmaster Horus, providing a direct link between the Space Marine and the Father of Mankind. Despite its obvious benefits, Terminator Armour is not suitable for all missions.

Most of the time, Veterans take to the field wearing ordinary Power Armour, albeit a suit inscribed with many hundreds of battle honours as well as the Crux Terminatus. By dint of their rank, Veterans have access to the most fearsome weaponry in the Chapter's Armoury, including sacred blades and Artificer-crafted Combi-weapons of uniquely masterful craftsmanship. Vanguard Veteran Squads go to battle equipped with the most lethal of close combat weapons, and often wear Jump Packs to bring them to bear before the enemy can even react. Sternguard Veteran Squads carry a wide array of ranged weaponry and specialised ammunition, and are masters in its overwhelming application.

Veteran squads are rarely deployed en masse , but are instead used to bolster the line, provide an unstoppable speartip or to act as a highly flexible and mobile reserve. Each of the Chapter's ten companies is led by an officer with the rank of Captain. These leaders are second in experience only to the Chapter Master himself, and each is a warrior so deadly that he will rarely meet his match.

Each Captain is an inspirational and determined leader, able to coordinate the Space Marines under his command whatever the opposition. In addition to leading Space Marines in battle, each Captain holds titles dependent on his other responsibilities with regard to the workings of the Chapter or its home world, such as Master of the Fleet or Master of the Marches. Of the thousand awesome and terrifying warriors that comprise a Space Marine Chapter, there is but one Chapter Master, a leader with centuries of experience in the very crucible of battle.

His own fighting skills will be unsurpassed, whether in the use of gun, blade, or bare hands. His very rank speaks of a past littered with the bodies of bloodied, beaten foes of the most terrifying and inhuman sort. It is not enough, however, for the Chapter Master to be its foremost warrior. He must also be a superb tactician, grounded in the teachings of the Codex Astartes and honed through countless decisions made in the maelstrom of close action.

His warriors are also his brothers, and he knows that they will give their lives at his command. He must preserve these magnificent troops, but must also accomplish his mission and uphold the honour of his Chapter. He will be steeped in the lore of his Chapter and be sworn to keep its secrets and must conduct his diplomacy accordingly, for Space Marines maintain a web of time-proven oaths and honour debts and do not simply heed the commands of Imperial functionaries, no matter how impressive their title.

Those who wish a Chapter Master to send his warriors into battle must give him good reason to do so. In addition to this, a Chapter Master will often be the ruler of his Chapter homeworld , a resource that is too valuable for him to ignore. Amongst the greatest risks facing a Chapter Master is the very power he wields, for a Chapter of Space Marines is a force capable of devastating entire worlds at his order. It is an Astartes' very power that can lead to hubris. And it is hubris that can so easily condemn even a Space Marine's soul to damnation as those dedicated to the protection of Mankind may come to believe they should rule it instead.

The above scheme of Space Marine Chapter organisation has been revised in the years since the birth of the Great Rift , the alterations made to the Codex Astartes by the resurrected Primarch Roboute Guilliman and the introduction of the Primaris Space Marines into the Adeptus Astartes. In comparison to the teeming multitudes of the Emperor's original Space Marine Legions this is few indeed, yet history has proven time and time again that such an elite gathering of martial strength can conquer star systems and even alter the fate of the galaxy itself.

After the resurrection of Roboute Guilliman in ca. M41 and his restoration as the ruling Lord Commander of the Imperium , the Codex Astartes was revised for the new era of the Dark Imperium that began with the birth of the Great Rift. Under the revised organisational scheme, each of the ten companies of a Chapter still boasts one hundred warriors, led by a Captain -- a veteran of countless wars -- and now often two Lieutenants as sub-company leaders. A company is still organised into ten squads of ten Space Marines, each led by a Sergeant. However, the guidelines in Guilliman's updated Codex provide for up to twenty squads of five Battle-Brothers.

Furthermore, recent precepts allow for each Battle Company to be reinforced with auxiliary warriors. These additional squads are reassigned from the Reserve Companies. Of the ten companies, the 1st still consists of the Chapter's most experienced Veterans , and is therefore the most powerful. The Veterans of the 1st Company are still trained to fight in Terminator Armour.

It is extremely rare for the Veteran Company to be deployed en masse -- its units normally take to the field alongside the Chapter's Battle Companies. The revised Codex Astartes decrees that the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Companies are designated Battle Companies, and generally carry the weight of a Chapter's combat duties.

The Reserve Companies are entirely composed of squads of the same designation. They normally act in support of the Battle Companies and provide a source of replacements for any casualties suffered by the frontline formations.

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The 6th and 7th Companies are Battleline Companies, each consisting of between ten and twenty of the different types of Battleline Squads. Similarly, squads of the 7th Company are trained to fight with Land Speeders and Stormtalons , often acting as a light vehicle reserve formation. It is most often used in an invasion role, or wherever a strong hand-to-hand fighting force is needed.

It is the most heavily equipped company in the Chapter, and its heavy cannon-toting Astartes provide unparalleled fire support to their more lightly-equipped comrades. The 10th Company is still made up entirely of Scout Marines -- new recruits whose physical transformation and training is incomplete. The Codex Astartes now dictates no formal size for the 10th Company, as the rate of recruitment is not fixed. All companies, except the Scout Company, maintain a fleet of Rhino , Razorback and Repulsor armoured transports.

The Veteran Company also has a permanent complement of Land Raiders of different patterns and Stormraven gunships for carrying Terminators into the heart of battle. A Chapter's other armoured vehicles form a pool, maintained by the Armoury, that Captains can draw upon. Many companies also include a number of Dreadnoughts of different patterns, including the Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought , which remain a part of the company in which they served before being interred in the cybernetic sarcophagus.

Every Space Marine Chapter also still includes a number of officers and specialists as before, who provide essential battlefield support, spiritual leadership, psychic capability and destructive combat prowess. These individuals are collectively known as the headquarters staff, and include Apothecaries , Chaplains , Librarians , Ancients , and Techmarines. Over all of these mighty warriors still presides the Chapter Master , elevated from the greatest of the Chapter's Captains.

He alone is responsible for the deeds of the Chapter, and answers directly to the Administratum. Chapter Masters may select an Honour Guard that are in addition to the company roll, although not all Chapter Masters choose to do so. A Space Marine has three levels of interaction that shapes who he is: the overall Chapter views and beliefs, the battle doctrine and mind-set of his Battle Company, and the individual bonds he forges with his squad-mates with whom he fights side-by-side. The Astra Militarum , known coloquially as the Imperial Guard, is composed of men and women possessed of unquenchable faith in the God-Emperor of Mankind, but they are still ultimately mortals of flesh and blood.

To the common troopers, the superhuman Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes are as gods walking amongst men and for most of the common people of the Imperium, including the troops of the Imperial Guard, they are a rare sight indeed. Most Astra Militarum troopers will never see a Space Marine, let alone fight alongside one, and as such they are the subjects of all manner of legends, myths, and superstitions. Different Imperial cultures, and the Imperial Guard regiments drawn from them, have their own beliefs about Space Marines. While it is true that a Space Marine can spit acid, in their ignorance many claim they can also kill with a glance or rout an army with a single word.

Tales abound of small groups of Space Marines conquering entire planets or holding off wave after wave of slavering xenos fiends. Some Chapters , in particular the Ultramarines , are lionised across the Imperium. Others, such as the Blood Drinkers , inspire dread. Any Imperial Guard trooper or any other mortal for that matter finding himself in the presence of a Space Marine is likely to drop to his knees in abject supplication, so potent is the martial bearing of a Battle-Brother of the Adeptus Astartes. Even senior Imperial Guard officers might find themselves stammering like newly commissioned subalterns when conversing with a Space Marine.

In the main, most Space Marines barely notice mere mortals and it takes a great and rare man indeed to earn their respect. Rumours of their presence in a war zone can often generate great excitement amongst Imperial Guardsmen, but such rumours often prove to be false. An encounter with a single squad of Space Marines is a legendary encounter for the mortals of the present-day Imperium, even those mortals who are themselves pledged to the Emperor's service, and will result in hushed tales of awe told around the tables of the officers' mess for many Terran years to come. The Primaris Space Marines are a new breed of transhuman warriors developed across the span of ten thousand standard years by Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl on Mars on the order of Primarch Roboute Guilliman.

Cawl used the genetic template of the original Space Marines created by the Emperor for His Great Crusade as the starting point for the development of the new Astartes soon after the Second Founding in the early 31st Millennium. Primaris Space Marines are bigger, more physically powerful and possess faster reaction times than their original Astartes counterparts. Belisarius Cawl and Roboute Guilliman , deep beneath the surface of Mars , oversee the final stages of development of the Primaris Space Marines.

For ten millennia, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl has been working on a task set for him by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman before he was mortally wounded by the Daemon Primarch Fulgrim in the days after the Horus Heresy : a new legion of transhuman warriors. Developed on orders from Guilliman standard centuries past, Primaris Space Marines were diligently developed and perfected by the Priesthood of Mars during the long intervening millennia. As an optimist, but never a fool, Guilliman learned from the mistakes of the Horus Heresy, and he foresaw that the Forces of Chaos would never relent in their aim to bring the Imperium low.

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I could have got involved with numbers and such but I saw no future in it. Our reputation on the street may be why Tony Sr. So we followed Tony to an address somewhere in the Hollywood Hills then after Tony parked his car we pulled up behind him, parked, and got out to join him. Tony took the lead and walked up to the front door, rang the door bell then waited a couple of feet back from the center of the large decorative wooden door with its black iron ornamental hardware.

Tony wanted to be sure that he could be easily seen and thus recognized. But on the other hand Tony wanted us to stay a few feet to the side out of view. Someone opened the small speakeasy door and through its decorative black iron grid stern suspicious eyes darted from side to side, scanning the viewable area through its opening. I brought over the two guys that I told you about. Apparently satisfied with what he saw, the speakeasy door was closed and locked, and then the multiple locks on the front door were unlocked one by one until finally the door opened allowing all three of us to enter.

We entered the room as the owner dressed in a white robe and flip-flop sandals stood behind it with one hand behind his back. He was aptly called the Collector because his business was to collect on bad debts for his unnamed employers. The debts were said to be mostly from gamblers but there were also the occasional off the public record personal loan. It was the Collectors job to convince those that fell behind in their payments that it was in their best interest to pay up.

Simply put the Collector needed muscle to help persuade those reluctant to pay to cough up the dough and as quickly as possible. Throughout the conversation I got the feeling that it was me that he wanted more than Mike, maybe because of our size difference, but it could also have been my demeanor or something that Tony had told him.

After all the main idea was to get paid and not to use any more force than necessary to obtain the desired result. What good was a hospitalized debtor? It could only bring unwanted questions by the police. During our conversation the Collector more than once conveyed the message that he would rather snuff a crime partner than to become a victim of a snitch.

Although I lived by the criminal code of silence he made me believe that I would never be given the chance to prove it before I was taken out by him or one of his associates. Alan: all I can say is you did not read about the unions very well. Sorry have to go to work…. But sadly, revolutionary convicts would insist on adding to the moderate reform goals of union inmates absurdly impossible demands as the spirit of the Marion County Courthouse shootout seized control of the explosively angry movement and turned reform aside for terror, as if demanding bloody confrontation.

This would not have happened had radical prisoners not been misled into thinking they were center-stage leaders of an already advancing American revolution. The book is not one sided and attempts to give both sides arguments equal weight. One review was critical in that either side could find supporting arguments. Alan: It is hard due to my work to keep responding to your stuff. I have read most everything there is on prisons; and my response can be flippant due to the long history I have of being evolved with this stuff since as far back as I do not mean to run you down in any way, and due to my work here I am short in my remarks.

Though a suffering dyslexic my education level is Master with a double Ph. Eric Mann back in the day I though was very arrogant when he would say to me. Many folks made a lot of money being poverty pimps, got great educations went on to leave te trenches and got professorships and some got law degrees and i know one who became a judge out in San Francisco, my birth area..

Stay strong… I write you so you know who you are talking to. Frank Sargent of Mass on prisons issue while on parole. Representative by petition of Mass. Consulted ex-convict to corrections Commissioner John Boone The most pogressive Commioner in the sytem ever; we lost a great and carring man when he past away.

You stay strong Alan.. Bless you in your work.. You do indeed have a very impressive history in the system. I concede to your first hand experience but I just wanted to give an example of where I came up with that line. Many times another persons prospective adds to our own understanding of events and sometimes we need to step back in order to see the whole picture more clearly. Ate lunch in San Quentin when I was 17, stopped in every major penitentiary in California that year picking up prisoners and listening to their stories.

I when George Jackson lead a riot. I have to admit I needed to read the history because when I was locked up all I could do was react to events since we had a very limited view of the whole picture within those walls. Only now am I getting a feel for the whole picture. I will read the one you suggested; the man is no dummy… sorry for your losses… Maher wonted me to come out in 73 and join them when they developed Delancey Street.

I chose to stay her at that time I was dealing with Walpole and new England… I was out there when convicts were protecting old ladies from the zodiac killer.. John Oscar Boone, Sr. Boone, died late Friday in Atlanta surrounded by family and friends. He was His leadership and guidance brought forth many innovative and progressive programs that are still in use today. The people of Atlanta never knew all of the great contributions that John O. Boone made to our nation and to the world. Unfortunately in the Zebra killings 71 victims prison radicals were behind it.

Death Note: Fatally Fun Facts

It is part of Cummins book as well. The link I supplied for Sowell has some good passages in it. Makes you realize how culture rather than race influence our actions. I was exchanging comments with Michael Jewell about southerners but forgot to reference this observation by Sowell. Bombs exploded; white radicals became revolutionaries and robbed banks. In San Francisco a group of blacks prowled the night and killed whites they caught alone. That is what he gets for shooting two people and killing one of them.

I hope he suffers for 25 more years. My 25 yr. Asked for Med. Emergency while having asthma attack, CO beat the shit out of him, while handcuffed and unable to breathe.. Sent him to SHU for assaulting an Off.. He just helped build a rec. These prison Off. Son will be home in one week after serving 5 yrs. Alan: Thank you, I have had the benefit of being around good company.

James Isenberg, still a friend and was there with John Boone… It was the Zebra killings I was thinking about Delancey street put teams out and took the elderly and folks shopping t that time. Not easy and it takes a life time…. I am most sympathetic to his complaints about the constant noise.

However, his other complaints ring hollow. He is isolated because he killed a guard and may do so again. It should be hell. It should be horrible. It should be the most horrific thing imaginable, then maybe others would think twice about killing. Not once does he say anything about the victim or their family. That — is the lesson.

That — is the moral of the story. You kill someone and you get punished. Phone calls. It should be the most severe thing ever because — You — caused the most severe ever sentence — death — for the victim.

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And the most severe ever lifetime sentence of pain and suffering — WAY MORE unbearable suffering than your solitary confinement for the families and loved ones of the victim whose life you extinguished. But now, he wants sympathy? Was he humane in his handling of his victim? Was it humane to send his victim to the ground? Death is too easy and what absolute Hypocrisy for those opposing the death penalty to then publish, peddle, and celebrate this crap that he wants and wishes for death — because that would be easy — For him.

Prison should not become a place that people want to come back to, sadly however too many that have been imprisoned want to and do end up back there. The death penalty is horrific and wrong. Sorry — you took a life. That — is too hard. That — should be avoided. That — should be the focus. That — should get honorable mentions. That — should warrant your punishment. For if not — then what? Pizza parties during SuperBowl while he surfs the internet on his iPhone5 while waiting to go out to play with his buddies?

Yeah — sure — that will surely make someone think twice about ripping apart the fabric of humanity by killing another human being. And if you do — then this is what you can expect. Why do people get so bent out of shape everytime some cop gets clipped in the line of duty? Getting shot at comes with the job, deal with it. Dontkill…: As an ex-prisoner and criminal I have to agree with nearly all you say. I did a survey while in Norfolk prison in of men doing life, nearly all to a man wanted the death penalty rather than the life sentence they were serving… When I vote against the death penalty, part of that vote rested on my knowledge of the pain a perpetrator would suffer under that type of sentence.

I did that knowing I myself under certain circumstance ran the risk of such a sentence; nevertheless, I have children and a huge family and one does get what one deserves when you take another life under a life sentence living with what you have done. I situation more difficult than taking the easy way out with the big sleep… On the other hand wasting away in a cell does not take care of restoring anything to the victims.. Not 1 word about how the family of the victims might feel. No apology, not 1 word of regret about what he did. How does one in total solitary confinement become as educated as he unless he has had access to somehow become such a verbose author on his wrongs?

I would be surprised if his family ever has anything to do with him. I hope you suffer all the rest of your miserable life. How 5 seconds can change the rest of your life. He does write better than a yahoo news publisher. He must have spell check while in solitary. I do not believe in capital punishment—an eye for an eye is barbaric. I believe in therapeutic rehabilitation under extremely firm conditions of incarceration.

Because many proven criminals like William R. I have been brutalized by these kinds of predators and I survived. I know their type very well. If you had scars and wounds, or had to live with life without or with loved ones who were murdered or maimed, I think your perspective may be similar to mine. True remorse from proven and admitted thieves, rapists, murdered, and violent prone persons means hearing them say something like this:.

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Consequently, I deserve my punishments, including very limited social access to others. Please give me a safe, clean, monitored environment within which to live. Please give me therapy and medical treatment so I can understand my behavior overtime and be reasonably healthy. And please allow me to work and pay back society for my crimes. Everything else is what I deserve for my crimes. For example, in speaking about his childhood, Blake has consistently blamed his violent, deviant behavior on growing up among poor supposedly depraved African Americans.

There are too many INNOCENT white, black, Latino, Asian, and native prisoners in this country to be consumed with the situation of a PROVEN offender who factually murdered an officer, brutally maimed another, and who also conducted other crimes of theft, drug pushing and violence within his record for which he has never atoned. I have been attacked by white and black offenders who are similar to Blake.

They need therapy. They need recreation. But we must be vigilant and firm in making sure that their lives are monitored and that they are kept away from others until they exhibit overtime the true remorse that I speak about here. My wounds as a child and an adult make me see his lot in very different eyes. This is a man who does not deserve to die. But he certainly deserves to reflect on his situation in prison under circumstances that are commensurate with the abjection of those that he killed, brutalized, thieved from, and hurt.

The account of his suffering in SHU for the crimes he has committed reenforces that it is where he should be, not the opposite. The suffering he has brought to the families and friends of his victims will be with them for a lifetime, and so should his suffering for his acts be with him. This killing was wrong but the statement that prison needs to be harsher is also wrong. Those that believe this need to ask themselves what evidence there is for this claim? The man spent much of his youth locked up in correctional institutions and rather than being corrected as the term implies he was molded into a selfish scumbag.

I was a selfish scum bag. The only thing in my mind was leaving. The thought of killing somebody never even entered my mind. Bernie Meleski and David Clark tried desperately to get the weapon back. Clark finally backed away to pull his own revolver. I just squeezed until he fell,. That picture has haunted me all the time.

Those impacts cannot be erased by any kind of apology. I was a selfish scumbag. He was tasked to write about his experience in solitary not on his remorse when he wrote the following:. These men of which Blake speaks may also have children left behind. Not one of revenge seeker has mentioned this.

In harmony with previous scholarship, the study found that maximum security prisons are more likely to produce radicalized prisoners than lesser custody institutions. Maximum security has fewer rehabilitation programs; higher levels of overcrowding; more serious gang problems; and more politically charged living spaces. These factors constitute a Petri dish in which terrorism may grow and prosper.

Life is the most important thing and he crossed a line by taking it and he is paying the penalty. Poor guy, having to suffer like this. After all, he only killed one person. He took a risk trying to escape and he knew it could go bad. It did. Same thing if, for example, I drink and drive or rob a bank. I might get away with it; I might not. For that matter, even investing in the stock market is a risk. For Blake, he took what he thought was an acceptable risk. However, trying to escape from a courthouse is foolish. Is the fact that two of his four victims were reported to have worked for the department of corrections just a coincidence or were they the targets?

No reason has been given. Michael Ransear, 57, a retired corrections officer and Michael Renshaw, a year veteran of the state Department of Corrections. Tree: I have to say bravo, for those are the words that I have continually heard from prisoners, ex-prisoners and victims alike over my 50 years in this struggle… How do we find restorative justice?

It begins as we are seeing here with the predator, they need to accept the responsibility for what they have done and who they are.. Without that acceptance you can throw away the key to any type of change, I think that is a sorrowful fact…. So just maybe the corrections officers were his target. After all one hears a lot of bull shit in a barber shop full of corrections workers. He had been serving a four-year sentence for an embezzlement conspiracy at Oneida National Bank, where he had been a manager.

And what will be reap for such treatment in the future only time will tell. Blake is suffering cruel punishment. He has experienced uncountably many more moments of joy in the last 25 years than David Clark has.

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Blake is still able to make choices, limited though they may be, while Clark has no choices because he has no life. Blake took it. If he wants to end his suffering, he is free to kill himself. Then again I still live in a home with blacks on all sides of me and they are good neighbors and very fine people and by the way they are far wealthier than I am. Whenever you oppose evil with more of the same…you lose your own soul.

The answer to crime is not for society to commit an even larger crime…that is just sick, sadistic and evil vengeance. The lust for vengeance in a victim is understandable…but for a whole society to institutionalize vengeance and cruelty in the name of justice is perverse and poisons our common humanity. In America, this is big business. There are all manner of perverse evil incentives for the status quo. Keeping over two million people incarcerated is not the answer to our problems.

Let him rot. Ask the families of those he killed what the last 25 years have been without their loved ones. He committed a terrible act and is paying for it. In my opinion, these sentences are worst then death, and they should be. A formative experience for me occurred during one of those earnest political rallies so typical of the period.

Woody, who had been my best friend since boyhood, suggested that we attend. I can remember even now how agitated about it we all were. And, judging by his demeanor, Woody was amongst the most zealous. Despite this zeal, it took real courage for Woody to attend that meeting. For, although he proclaimed his blackness often, and though he had descended from Negro grandparents on either side of his family, he nevertheless looked to the entire world like your typical white guy.

Everyone, on first meeting him, assumed as much. There were a number of white families on our block when we first arrived; within a couple of years they had all been replaced by aspiring black families like our own. He desperately wanted to be black, but his peers in the neighborhood would not let him.

Because he had the option to be white — an option he radically rejected at the time — those without the option could not accept his claim to a shared racial experience. I knew Woody well. We became good friends, and I wanted to accept him on his own terms. But even I found myself doubting, from time to time, that he fully grasped the pain, frustration, anger, and self-doubt many of us felt upon encountering the intractability of American racism. However much he sympathized with our plight, he seemed to experience it only vicariously.

So there we were, at this boisterous, angry political rally. A critical moment came when Woody, seized by some idea, enthusiastically raised his voice above the murmur to be heard. A silence fell over the room. More excruciating silence ensued. Now was my moment of truth; Woody turned plaintively toward me, but I would not meet his eyes. To my eternal shame, I failed to speak up for my friend, and he was forced to leave the meeting without a word having been uttered in his defense.

This incident of some forty years ago is etched indelibly in my mind, serving as a kind of private metaphor for me, underscoring just how difficult it can be to live in good faith, and how vitally important it is to try. That moment of truth, in that South Side church basement and my failure in the face of it helped me become aware of the depth of my need for the approval of others — particularly co-racialists.

The fact is that I willingly betrayed someone whom I loved and who loved me, in order to lessen the risk of being rejected by strangers. I have no problems with the way this guy has been treated. People fight for no punishishment by death , the complain when a dangerous felon is locked away from the world. Just a heads up to the commenters; regardless of what you think of Blake, it is important to know that his experience is far from uncommon.

Approximately 80, prisoners, violent and non-violent, are in solitary confinement not unlike Blake. Unsurprisingly, they tend have higher recidivism rates. Many describe aggravated impulse control problems, social impairments, and even psychosis after long periods of time. Where is your outrage when it comes to many of the other convicted murders on this site? Only one other convict receives this kind of hate his name is Thomas Silverstein. Thank you for taking the time to submit and discuss this letter. The elements of what prisoners experience in confinement as insufferable beyond measure has and does have deterrent value to me.

In the split second between stimulus and reaction, I hope others will also be strengthened by your words. To respond to Mr. It is really hard to feel sorry for him. He could get out of there if he wanted, but he is too much a coward to take his own life. So let him contemplate his choices. But he should not expect people to feel sorry for him. He must also realize the sharpshooters would like nothing more than to blow him away. Ole Billy Boy is now contemplating his life.

But he has no thoughts of others. To me, he is a con artist and he wants people to feel sorry for him, believe his story, feel his pain, see his side, etc. But I am not buying it. Let him enjoy the smell of crap the rest of his miserable life. Let him have to endure the constant screams of others. Let him get used to the smell of the foul urine during his meals.

Let him live this life for 50 more years before he dies. OK, he seems to have access to books, magazines, can speak to other inmates if he so chooses. He can write essays and have them published and also do interviews? He can access some form of entertainment although not to his liking with earphones and has photographs of his family if desired.

I understand that solitary is above and beyond basic incarceration, and that others guilty of the same offense are serving in regular population, but he DID kill one and seriously wounded another. He was in and out of prison his entire life. And in all of his writing and interviews that are presented here and elsewhere, you see VERY little regarding true remorse and too much about how he has suffered. I think a large part of this essay needed to be an apology to the families and less of an apologia on his thoughts of punishment.

Thanks for writing this article and sharing your experience. He is locked up in St. Joseph Hospital Elmira NY and the county and hospital tried to kill him in Mercy and grace on the county for such cruel and inhumane treatment on disabled and elderly people of Chemung County. However I would doubt your suffering is even close to those who have been bereaved by the cold blooded murder of a loved one. After reading everyone here. Tough shoot Blake!

I am not feeling bad for you at all. You deserve to be where you are.

You are where you are because you made a choice. I am where I am because of my choices. You suck and deserve to rot right where you are. It is nice to know the justice system DOES work in some cases. He has been in RPOP for five months without incident. This chance needs to be offered to almost all of the long term segregated population in order to offer them a way to re-enter the more normal RPOP.

Not everyone will want to go through this program; not everyone who attends will participate and progress. But not offering this chance, hwile not illegal, is immoral. Wold Liza confirm this? He did. Does God forgive this man? Let he who be without sin cast the first stone. I pray that God forgives him. I pray that God forgives all of us. If God forgives this man, and we choose to condemn him, what then? As a mental health professional who works in prison you write that everyone should be given a chance to re-enter the GP after your program. Further more you write:. I would like your opinion on this study which I believe helps to explain why so many people on here feel just the opposite.

They actually like that the man suffers. Few of the commentators see Blake as even remotely like them and therefore they like that he suffers. Another oddity is why this man and almost any of the other convicted murders that have written about their own experiences in Voices From Solitary without ever referencing their victims? Is it out of fear of retaliation or something about this particular case? The hell of each moment is contained in the same voice in your head and that you choose to keep playing it. Insanity is expecting a different outcome from the same thoughts and actions!

The criminal victimizes themselves and blames others. I read it and all the comments here to try to understand why he is in solitary confinement. His long prison sentence was deserved as punishment for his crime, but a prison sentence is not a sentence to be tortured. It is barbaric to keep him in solitary confinement, which should be reserved for crimes committed while in prison.

I am disheartened by the vile vengeance in many of the comments. The prisoner has more empathy than many of those who commented. They say he expressed no remorse for his victims or their families. But he did so in other essays and statements, which are posted in this thread. This essay was about the torture of solitary confinement. I hope the essay can be used to end this inhumane and horrific practice.

Alan: I do not know about anyone else on here, but I did not read other articles. Your are right when you said he was wrote about solitary; and as I said I do not know about others, nor was I talking about others. Any individual whether Blake or Joe Balone that demonstrates a clear a present threat by past acts, that are continual, needs to be viewed under tight security and a magnifying glass to protect others of our community… Whether, he likes it or not…. This place will make a non-violent drug addict who is a petty crook turn into a monster who will use the cops for target practice.

The recidivism rate is super high for people leaving here and almost everyone comes back for serious violence. It De-socializes and institutionalizes people severely. Solitary confinement, to be sure, is grossly inhumane and unequivocally torture by consideration. The practice serves nothing but to satisfy the most pitiful of human emotions that derive from our primal need to seek retribution for crimes committed. By all accounts, this is a failure not only of our criminal system, but of our scientific understanding of the human mind, and most importantly, of our most basic sense of human decency and compassion.

As a prisoner while I am doing time, what right have you to place another person in with me that has a continual history of combative behaviour to the point of killing another? What right while I am serving my time do you or anyone else have to place that burden on my survival?

Making it possible for me to become a killer in my own defense? For the most part the majority of Men that are in Seg. Now I may have the beast in me controlled; but I have no qualms about using violence in my defense, if you get my drift and I am 70… Know they Self it will set you free. He certainly makes an excellent argument for commuting all death sentences to life in solitary confinement,.