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Derbyshire, our coastal vineyard in San Simeon, is located just two km from the Pacific Ocean and borders the Hearst Ranch. The dramatic conditions within the microclimate of Derbyshire creates a very unique flavor profile in the finished wine. Each vintage we attempt to achieve two goals: showcase the flavor profile that is unique to Derbyshire and increase the average yields per acre.

In the late spring months, these grapevines go through a stage in the growing season referred to as flowering and fruit set. Fruit set is indicative of the size and quality of that particular vintage. Cool weather, rain or wind can prevent the flowers from pollinating which translates into non-existent berries.

Derbyshire Extremes

The gusty winds are certainly our biggest struggle at Derbyshire Vineyard. Yields continue to be an obstacle with this site and was no exception. He highlighted the significance of the difference in height between the High and Low Peak and the implications this had for temperature. Farey referred to having witnessed farmers consulting a printed table concerning the weather, presumably published in the aforementioned periodical literature. Accompanying his account of the climate of Derbyshire is a register of rainfall for the period to kept at Chatsworth House, the estate of the Devonshire family.

This is discussed in-depth. Register of rainfall kept at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire. McMillan, , Thomas Knowlton the estate agent and notable gardener who lived at the nearby village of Edensor was also credited. The Chatsworth series can be reconstructed by using published and unpublished data, which can be supplemented with further precipitation records provided by William Milnes at Ashover and Mr.

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Thomas Swanwick, of the Commercial Academy, in St. Thomas Swanwick, of the Commercial Academy, who died in March As with the promotion of new farming practices, improvements in estate management and the construction of farm buildings, the recording of weather data seems to have been pioneered by the large estates like Chatsworth. The recording of early instrumental meteorological data, such as, barometric pressure, temperature, rainfall, wind direction and strength provides valuable quantitative data as to the nature of the weather and climate in the past and can be used to recover local climate histories.

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Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council under their Care for the Future theme and running between December and December , the project is developing a set of local and regional climate histories for the UK using information from archival records and oral histories.

This blog explores the major themes of the research, documents notable periods of extreme weather in history and the present day, and provides updates on our research activities.

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Readers are also invited to share their memories of extreme weather events with the project team.