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The helmet has holes for ventilation which seemed to do the trick on most days. The helmet might possibly get hot on warm spring skiing days, but in that case, you can also take off the faux fur ear flaps. If however price is not as much as an object, the Salomon Ghost Custom Air helmet is a solid helmet that looks pretty sweet and has some innovative features. For more information, please visit Salomon.

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Salomon Ghost Custom Air Review

If there's an activity or sport, I'll generally try it at least once. My main activities include running, hiking, skiing, cycling, camping, backpacking, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I love writing product reviews as I like helping people find the right gear so they will enjoy their activity that much more.

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December 24, , am. The optical manufacturer was established in the small town of Randolph just outside of Boston, Massachusetts and quickly became famous for their almost indestructible frame joints….

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Read More. The company assembles all of their watches in the United States using Swiss Quartz movements to ensure both excellent reliability and an affordable…. This Dodge Hemi V8 was constructed by the factory back in the late s as a cutaway display engine for the car show circuit. Display engines like this require an enormous amount of work to get right, carefully pre-planned sections need to be expertly cut, milled, and polished in order to expose the internal…. The Huckberry DIY Survival Tin is packed full of survival essentials and designed to be a small, lightweight addition to your backpack, pocket, or glovebox that might just save your life.

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Each kit includes a steel storage tin wrapped in 10 ft of red paracord with a braided fishing line and a jute firestarter in…. Whereas the majority of wireless chargers on the market are black plastic, the Courant Catch: 3 has a full aluminum frame with a premium…. It is designed to look good and. It is designed to look good andNOT to protect you.

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Boneyard Red Graphics. Not DOT Approved. It looks great, fits great, but NOT intended for protection.

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The chin strap goes to a quick release, or stainless steel D Rings and is fully adjustable. It is designed to look good andNOT to protect But I think I have finally made up my mind to switch from the imperfect, terrifying flawed riding experience.

Color of item - Matte Burgundy. Don't miss out. Flat black fiberglass shell. White skeletal and Iron cross graphics.