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Haunted Hostelries of Shropshire

As a reference book it does tick all my boxes, in that it features an area map, clear content pages and a bibliography at the back. November 15, September 13, March 22, Your email address will not be published.

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Ian Topham Follow. Day trip to Cornwall and visiting the witchmuseum - been quite a few years since I was last here cornwall witchcraft wicca occult boscastle. Beltane in the North, Samhain in the South. Blessings of the turning wheel. Thanking the ancestors for giving us life, and celebrating the life that surrounds us.

Shropshire Ghosts

Ian Topham says:. The room has since been turned into a conference suite. Room 7, is said to be where a young man killed himself after he found out that the girl he loved left him for his best friend. It was the home of Prince Rupert, commander of the Royalist cavalry under his uncle, Charles 1st. There is no surprise that it is listed as in England.

Ghosts of England Ep 28 - Shropshire

One of the tragic stories concerns a young couple recently married, who had ordered a room here. Instead of joining his bride, the groom took off, with left her distressed in the room. She was broken hearted, with hanged herself by a rope from the ceiling.

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Frequently, her hanging body appears, to the terror and consternation of those come across her. In a separate room, with from a different period, is the ghost of a bridegroom who also took his own life. A cleaner called Martha is another of the phantoms at the Prince Rupert. When she manifests she is holding a bucket and a mop, as though prepared to start cleaning. This following story must add the icing to the cake. Some years ago, a film of A Christmas Carol was being made at Shrewsbury, with several of the film-crew stayed here.

A director, on his way to bed, saw an elderly man walking towards him wearing a flannel nightshirt.

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The director stood aside to allow him past, with the phantom nodded, with vanished through a wall. General comments: 70 on-suite bedrooms including 12th century Mansion House Suites some with a 4-poster canopy bed 15th century Tudor Suites, three restaurants, Camellias Tearooms, garden courtyard. Public access? Visit Instructions: Please submit a photo s taken by you of your visit to the location non-copyrighted photos only. GPS photos are also accepted with the location in the background, and old vacation photos are accepted.

Photos you took of paranormal activity are great. If you are not able to provide a photo, then please describe your visit or give a story about the visit Tell your story if you saw, felt, or smelled anything unusual.

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