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Beyonce, Mariah, Whitney, Barbra, Rihanna Is diva a positive or negative term? And is the connotation changing? This week, the Thots delve into the concept of divadom, examine some of our most iconic divas, and the messiest of all, their meltdowns. Live tweet the episode: twitter.

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Here we come, binches Okay, three things. ThotTheVote vote. Season 3 is coming October Okay, three things. Please fill out our short user survey a Joining us will be guest-thot Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters talking about his new album and memoir. How do we begin to tell stories across difference? When done so successfully, what defines that success? Barry Jenkins, a straight man, directed Moonlight one of the greatest queer stories in cinema. Ryan Murphy, a cis white man, conceived POSE, the most inclusive cast of trans people of color in the history of broadcast In this extra special bonus episode, we are LIVE!

Tonight, we have real fake sex, pose for the camera one time, and talk about how ash On this, the Food 4 Thot season 2 finale, your favorite Tater Thots come full circle by considering the cycles that govern us all. We pay homage to the place where they intersect and examine our greatest moments of change; for where there Save urself, bbs This week, we dive deep into politics, organizing, art, and activism. As writers, queer folks, and people of color except Joe , our work is inherently connected to our bodies, and our bodies are, of course, political. But, at the same time, we all ne We consider the difference between two of our favorite Tarot cards: The Hermit, who is alone by choice and on a deep, spiritual journal of self-discovery, and the Eight of Cups, a card of breakups, leaving love behind, losing what we thought we had possibly without ever getting it back.

Which isolations do we choose to fill up our resevoir an For our next installment of Food 4 Thot, we shake things up a bit. We get tons of topics submitted for suggestion everyday from our fans, so this week, we take on five. First off — drag. Why is drag problematic and when can it be great? Ciao bellx, For Food 4 Thot this week, we get into a thick and philosophical question about talent and hard work.

The Insignificant Other

When you navigate conversations about your own career, would you say you are talented, or would you say you are hard-working? Are these things in opposition to each other? Is one more important than the other? Do you need both, or i Qyeens, Boi, do we have a treat for you: this week, honorary podfather Alexander Chee is on Food 4 Thot. Who owns stories, and how do you navigate telling them?

Is telling your own story cathar Sup, sluts. Being loyal or open with your partner is a hot topic in queer relationships, but a lot of grey areas and miscommunication leave many discussion points open. When is cheating okay?

Forensic Files - Season 12, Ep 9: Insignificant Others

Or is it ever? Is phy How do we, as queer people, have to overcompensate for our self-care in the wake of trauma? How do you define your sense of style? Do you dress gay? Who is your queer family? How do you define it? Also in th This week, we talk all about gay voices, and what it means to have one. Our guest-ho this week is writer Jayson Smith who in addition to being a goddamn genius, is also low-key a singer.

Insignificant Others: A Novel

Did you get made fun of for your voice as a kid? Do you like it or hate it now? Relatedly, Whitney vs. Mariah — who was the most vocally talented? The Thots go Do you exaggerate your personality on social media? Tune in and find out. The Thots talk about the first albums they ever bought Phantom Literally anything but the Oscars. The Academy will always disappoint us with mediocre guests and bad gay jokes and giving awards to cis people playing trans roles, so we are talking about our favorite queer films of yore.

What are your favorite movi As is the case with most queers for both the book and the movie our opinions were divided.

See a Problem?

Was the conceit of this movie too white and wealthy? Was the sex a little lackluster? Should queer narratives be required to have s This week we talked about breakups and everything that entails. Do you have good relationships with your exes? Just us? Before dragging ou Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Take it with you. Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it.

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