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Whats the criteria for the reinforcements to be called in?

Drop tests of the Three Mile Island knockout canister|INIS

It has the price next to each call. I know it can't be your actual score being used. That number increase when your squad complete Squad Orders.

The V1 is 41k, the Cocodrile is 20K. I called the V1 and this.

Pickups and Props

For those who are playing the beta, does the supply drop only help your squad, or can anyone on your team benefit from it? Hopefully they will fix that, or I hope they acknowledge that is something that needs to be fixed. If you or a squad mate are in the way, it should just bounce off you and land on the ground.

Your squad should not be killed by something that was meant to bring you health and ammo Think this is intentional and realistic.

  • Drop tests of the Three Mile Island knockout canister|INIS.
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  • Idle Drops in Relation to the Canister Purge Valve Solenoid?

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Adjust and Install a Canister Valve in Your Toilet

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North - Feed Author. In swbf 1 and 2, when a player died, they usually would drop a canister that contained health, ammo, energy, etc. Hope it won't. Reply Flag.