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It brings us back to the center room with the safe already on the floor and the fortune teller already decommissioned… Going nuts. Maybe they can help. I finished the first 3 endings then went to change my fate to do this one, but when I did that it restarted my whole game from the tutorial. Very annoying and inconvenient. Thanks to your help, I eventually finished, I had to play a couple of the endings twice as I seem to have mixed them up. At AppUnwrapper, we strive to provide reviews of the utmost quality.

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Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Notify of. Juan mendoza. This shows how to get to the Lost 4th game, but not how to get thru it? After going over them with the client, we decided to include more of the story elements - like the characters. All the sketches for the first run of 6 posters.

Episode 1: Murder at Apt !

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This room was dressed to look like a serial killer's apartment. Episode 2: Alcatraz Dungeon! This room has you shackled in a dungeon before you try to make an escape.

This game provides examples of:

Episode 3: Chairman's Office! Episode 4: European Spy! Inside the room, find machine with three switches. Turn all of these switches and you will find three drawers with numbers in it.

The Room 3 walkthrough - complete puzzle guide for Chapter 4 | Articles | Pocket Gamer

In the drawer there are numbers with smaller switches and the answer with larger number on top of it. To solve this one, construct the number bottom top and turn the switch to the left or to the right side, so that all the active switches will return the same total as the larger number.

You will know what to do with this one. Inside the Library, you will see that now the old phone beside gramophone is now ringing. Take the cross-shaped key and return to the first room again. Open the drawers in sequence and you will get another token. If you miss one, try to use the key again. You will find your metal cube there. Go to the greenhouse and find a tray where you can put the cube. Inside the tray, you will process this cube into a ball shape metal. Use the eyepiece and press the right button until the ball is shaped.

Take it back to the library and put the sphere on the other side of the book. When you do it, a pop-up theatre will appear and you can go inside using the eyepiece. Take whatever you can inside a blank wax from a gramophone. From a gramophone to another gramophone.

The Room 3 - Capitulo #4 "El Observatorio" - Parte 1 - Android Games H.D.

Now after you put the new wax, go to another gramophone. It is available inside the greenhouse. Use the crank handle to turn on the gramophone. If you have never used a rotary phone before, to use it, simply hold a number, then rotate it into the other end and release. Do it for all the numbers. At the library, you will hear a ringing phone. Pick it up and take the wax that appears. Then we will move into another gramophone again. You will get a token and a chance to meet the creepy doll again. You will get a metal device from this drawer.

Solve the puzzle and take the key that appears. The location for the key is a bit unreasonable to me, but if you go to greenhouse, you will see bricks that has loosen. Afterwards look with your eyepiece. Spin it so there will be an illuminating light, it will be showing a keyhole on the other side of the wall. This is also a bit tricky and complicated.

Inside the hole, turn the tiny latch on the side. This will undo one part of the lock. Then go outside and turn the key degrees. Go back again inside the keyhole and turn the latch on the other part. You will be given a token again. Trust me, this one is a lot easier and faster than the previous preparation.

Take a look at your note again.