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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. List of Being Human episodes. Ghost Alex is adjusting to life after death with werewolf Tom but vampire Hal is in hell. Not because he's chained up like an animal, but because he's desperate to get his marigolds on the messy house.

Being Human

But when Tom and Alex decide to set him free, Hal's wracked by uncertainty…can he control his bloodlust? Things get complicated with the return of Mr Rook, the shady figure whose government department protects the world from supernaturals. Unknown to our trio, his decrepit exterior hides an ancient evil that threatens not only their friendship but also the entire world. In the supernatural archive, Mr. Rook is hatching a devious scheme to save his department, one that involves newly made vampire Crumb.

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And everything is put to the test, when an unexpected visit from the legendary "Men with Sticks and Rope" show up at Honolulu Heights to trap Alex. But Oliver also plays a part in the scheme and will he pull through and save Alex? Jamie Mathieson. When Tom meets minor TV personality Larry Chrysler, he's inspired by Larry's lifestyle and goes about learning how to be successful from his new mentor - but is Larry everything that he claims to be?

Meanwhile, Hal is dressed to impress and secretly off to meet an old friend called Lady Mary Amanda Hale. Explosive Final Season Trailer Video. Season 5 — Episode 2. Season 5 — Episode 3. Season 5 — Episode 4. Season 5 — Episode 5. Season 5 — Episode 6. Watch ad-free with AMC Premiere. Learn More.

Being Human: was the BBC right to kill it off?

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The Cast of ‘Being Human': Where Are They Now?

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Being Human US 1x02 There Goes The Neighborhood 2

Please enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Create a new password. Windsor Terrace, Totterdown, Bristol , was the location of Mitchell, Annie, and George's home and the pub shown in the pilot. The third series was filmed and set in Barry Barry Island. The new house is located on Canon Street. The pilot episode was not widely reviewed, and some reviews were not necessarily positive. Reception of the series has been extremely favourable. Stephen Armstrong in The Guardian gave the show a warm review, noting that its primary appeal was not supernatural or horror.

It was, he wrote, "a curious genre mash-up drama about a ghost, werewolf and vampire sharing a flat in Bristol, which deals more with the horror of living in modern Britain than the horror of the undead. Being Human : the supernatural drama that's super in its depiction of human nature.

When it debuted on BBC America in , the show won similar plaudits. The Miami Herald 's Glenn Garvin praised the show's balance of humour and pathos: "What it is darkly funny, deeply affecting and utterly cockeyed, a work that celebrates life by dwelling on death, love by abiding loneliness. It's a tale of cold, dead noses pressed up against the window pane of humanity But for all the laughs, Being Human never loses sight of the menace of its characters.

Writing for the Chicago Tribune , Mary McNamara lauded the show's humour, but emphasised its moral seriousness and metaphorical nature. Addiction is the obvious comparison, and Whithouse makes it nicely — the relationship between John and Lauren Annabel Scholey , the woman he hopes is his last victim, plays like classic junkie love. The praise continued throughout various periods of the series' run. Matt Roush from TV Guide , having given critical plaudits to the third series, said of the series, "Can't recommend it highly enough.

Being Human actually can make viewers feel something of that horror and awfulness. Being special and having power has no upside; being different is a burden and a nuisance and all anyone wants is a life of ordinariness. Being Human garnered "some of the largest audiences in the network's history" when it debuted on BBC America in , and again during its second series run in In March , the BBC announced that live, delayed, and online viewership for the launch of Being Human 's third series was 1.

The first series comprised 13 episodes. A second series premiered on 16 January , and a third series premiered on 14 January The final episode aired on 7 April The BBC commissioned an online extension called Becoming Human , which was launched midway through the transmission of the third series.

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There are three audiobooks read by the actors of the series. In , a soundtrack was released for Being Human that contained music from Series 1 and Series 2. The music was composed by Richard Wells , and featured a track listing of 24 songs. It featured 48 minutes and 25 tracks of music composed by the same composer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Being Human British series 5.

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Main article: List of Being Human episodes. Main article: List of Being Human characters. Main article: Becoming Human. Main article: Being Human Novels.

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