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Six little penguins can't decide to dive- One falls in, and now there are five. Five little penguins huddle on the shore- One flops in, and now there are four. Four little penguins fidget fearfully- One hops in, and now there are three. Three little penguins wonder what to do- One rolls in, and now there are two Two little penguins missing all the fun- They both leap in, and now there are Ten little penguins, brave as they can be, Splashing in the waves of the salty southern sea. Rhu Consider the Penguin. He's smart as can be - Dressed in his dinner clothes Permanently.

You never can tell When you see him about, If he's just coming n Or just going out! They gather in a circle, Steadfast, disciplined, Turning toward the center, Fighting off the wind.

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Sharing warmth and comfort On cold and icy floes, Balancing their future Gently, on their toes. It cannot fly, But it can swim With speed that wins it fame! I know a bird That lives on ice And waddles by the sea. It looks so cute In its black-and-white suit, As handsome as can be! Their song sounds like a donkey's bray, they cannot soar or fly, yet penguins manage very well, and let me tell you why. Their feathers keep out water, their blubber keeps out cold, their wings make perfect paddles because they do not fold! Aren't penguins NEAT? Look at the sky and turn around.

Peck forward, Raise flippers. You waddle, you waddle, you waddle, you waddle Flip your flippers once or twice, Take two steps and fall on the ice!

By Herself

Pick yourself up and fall down again! That's doing it, That's "Doing the Penguin"! The Penguin! I pinned a red heart on his chest, And named him "Valentine". He had a tear in his eye. I heard him cry and softly sigh, Oh, I wish I could fly.

Who sat on some blocks. He swam in the ocean And he climbed on some rocks. He snapped at a seagull. He snapped at a seal. He snapped at a fish.

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Oh, what a meal back to title list Antarctic Anthem At the bottom of the planet Lies a land of ice and granite: Ant - arc - ti - ca! Where winter days are dark - ti - ca.

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  6. It's the continent of our birth; It's the coldest place on earth: Ant - arc - ti - ca! You'd better wear your park - ti - ca, Or the brutal, blasting blizzards Will freeze your beaks and gizzards.

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    Come visit on a lark - ti - ca.! We'll snuggle in the snow When it's thirty-five below. It's grander than New York - ti - ca. Skyscraping icebergs roam All across the frosty foam In our sweet Antarctic home.

    Penguin Poetry!

    I wanted to know. Oh is it a bird? Or is it a fish? I look at his feathers, And knew which was which.

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    I said, "Mr. Penguin, Which species are you? And not a gentoo. Penguin, What's under your patch? Penguin, Oh where is your wife? Penguin, "Her name is Jill. It gives us time to really dig deep, learn the poem and focus on rhyming words, fluency, and even incorporating our learning into science!

    Thursday mornings are becoming one of my favorite times of the week! Throughout the first week, we took turns being the leader and pointed to the poem as the rest of the class recited it. Really helped us remember. The next week, we got our own poem page and talked about all the sight words we could find. My students LOVE pointing out sight words they know in books, charts and other posters around our room. And I just love seeing all the lightbulbs go off!

    We used a yellow crayon to find the sight words we learned so far. The last two weeks, we used what we learned about penguins and make our little penguin book. And worked together to label the penguin. Then we put together our little penguin books.