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Why not take up a new physical activity that gets the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing around your system?

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You may want to rock out and buy the latest red lipstick to wear on your next night out with the girls, or even decide that a slinky little black dress is the perfect outfit for your next date with your partner. As your age is not your identity, and you can choose to be however you want. Being intimate is a valuable and enjoyable part of life. That means it is something to make an effort to keep doing no matter what our age. Retirement can be a tough time for a lot of us ladies. When women step away from the workplace, and the children are grown, the purpose and drive that we have relied on can seem to dissipate with it.

However, it can really help to use the time you gain in retirement to follow your other passion in life. The things that perhaps you had always wanted to do but never had time when you were working and raising a family. Maybe you will go back to college and get that art degree? Perhaps you will dedicate some of your free time to working to preserve the natural environment where you live? Maybe you can help others by reading to the kids at the local school or tutoring adults in English or another language? The possibilities are truly endless, so embrace this later stage in life by picking some meaningful goals to work on.

I love this, Christy.

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To me what is important is God, Family and Friends. With or without Children. May we all be blessed with amazing people in our lives and may we make the most of the life given to us! Thank you for sharing your story Sandy. I totally agree.

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  6. Bravo to all these beautiful women. I can say Amen to your words. I also am a believer. And what I wish for, for the time I have left on this Earth is to serve others, as I serve my creator God. Today my prayer is to find that kind of work. I have aspirations of things that are at the very core of whom God has created in me.

    All expressions of joy, and love and forgiveness, love for others. I am very moved by all the notes here on this site. I am also going to let my hair be grey. You are all very beautiful women embarrassing our age. It is a time of life that I will cherish. I am turning 60 in a couple months. Thank you for sharing. I love the pictures! Happy becoming fifty, Katie!

    I so enjoy your posts and daily food for thoight. I am 70…. Aging disgracefully is a term just starting to appear here and I rather like it. Or perfect sense? WTH does it matter is how I feel. Thank you for cheering age, gray hair and life out loud! Your fabulous life makes perfect sense to me. Keep rocking gorgeous x. I love my silver locks, and I love being I so love the women in our Silver group, they are so like minded. Not afraid to go against society norms and ditch the color. No more roots, ever!

    Growing Old Disgracefully by Irene Estry, Jill Brooks | Waterstones

    I feel like a rebel, and a good example for my daughters. I exercise, eat clean, and enjoy my life at this age. I get wayyyy more compliments from total strangers male and female about my silver hair than I ever got when it was colored. And as a bonus, since I had my children young, they are gone from the nest now for many years. College is nearly paid off, my husband is retired from the military after 30 long yrs and too many deployments, and it is now our opportunity to have a little more adventure!

    Growing Old Disgracefully: A Must Read Guide For Women

    We took up riding motorcycles. I have in only 3 yrs moved up to a nice big touring HD Road King. Life is good at Really good. Oooh, Karen, the motorcycles sound wonderful. What a perfect way to spend your days. I have not yet seen many grey hairs at 46 , but I fully intend to leave them be when they arrive. There seems to be a belief in our society that women of a certain age should not have long locks. I call BS on that. And my favorite age is the one I am right now. My 40s have been the best decade of my life. It just keeps getting better and better.

    I, too, look forward to what is to come! Totally agree about having long hair — who makes these rules anyway? My 40s have been pretty good too x. The first half was just skill building. Now I can more deftly employ those skills and focus on making my values a reality. Great, upbeat post! What a great post! Loved the post!

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    Virginia- FirstClassWoman. Mine were so interesting! I feel more able to connect with people older and younger than ever before. Having lived on the planet longer I no longer am bothered by many of the worries in my youth. I am learning who I am, and as part of that I no longer feel the need to cover up my natural hair.