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I will never let go…I promise. Nonnee loves you beyond the stars! You will always be the best son a parent could ask for and we are so proud to be your mom and dad! Now you have perfect love and healing with Jesus Christ, our hope of glory. Praise God for you, Callie! You give us hope, courage, joy and love every day. Fight on my girl!! I will miss you and love you every minute, every hour of every day. Mom and dad love you so much. Love Daddy and Mommy.

I love you! Forever in our hearts! He ended treatment in Apr. Keep fighting!! All our love, Dad, Mom and all of your loving family. You became the bestie to my daughter and you understood her in a way that I never could. Reagan was an amazing girl who touched the lives of everyone who knew her. She was understanding on a level for my daughter that I could never be. She is loved and missed by so many. We are very thankful everyday. God bless you always Caleb. You are my greatest birthday gift. I love you. Stay the sweet young man that you are. We love u!! Honoring you today with this Awareness Ribbon.

You will always be my hero. He touched so many lives in his short time with us. He is forever in our hearts. My son still wears the wrist band pertaining to her illness. We will love you forever and will never be the same. You will always be my sunshine. Without ever a complaint. Our hearts are filled with as much love as loss. Love mommy, daddy, Bradley, and the animals. Garcia Josiah L. Mommy Garcia Josiah L. You are the strongest princess ever!!! We love you and we miss you every single day.

Even though she has been through a lot, she continues to maintain a smile. Grammie loves you. In loving memory of our sweet granddaughter. Someday we will dance together again in heaven. Momma, Daddy and Emma love you, sweet boy. We miss you every single moment of every single day! Miss you so much, my sweet buddy! We love you!!!! You are always on our mind and forever in our hearts. We love you Lucas.

Golmon Marissa D. You will forever be in my heart. We give thanks to the Lord for His Mercy and Love. Keep the Faith. In Memory 11 Years FL Mi amor, dejaste una huella imborrable en los corazones de quienes te conocieron. We love you always. We love and miss you …always. We are very proud of the courage, determination, and strength you showed throughout your cancer battle. Mom, Dad, and Hannah-Grace. Green, Jr. Keep up the fight and before you know it this will be over and you and I will be home with daddy and bubba!!

I love you sweet girl. You fought and won!! We love you to Infinity and Beyond. No one could have loved him more than us. You will always be our super hero! He will be in our hearts. Gruner Otto Braun In Memory 18 Months TX A ribbon to show the glow of a beautiful little boy that touched the lives of everyone he met before his death and after.

Guarraia Madeline G. Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on Christmas Eve I love you Nettie! Katie was only sick for 9 weeks. She handled her illness with grace. You would be proud of the people Emi and Robbie have become. You continue to dance through our hearts and thoughts every moment of the day. Love you, care about you. Love, Mommy, Daddy and Rachel. We Love and miss you so much!

You are forever in our hearts Merry Christmas! Prayers for continued remission. My Hero!! She is currently seven months out of treatment and is doing great. L leukemia. Love you bubba!!!! You are my inspiration,Love you!!! Love Mrs. I miss you more than anyone could ever imagine. We know that you are our guardian angel. Love you and miss you DaNNY. Gone way to soon!! He was a fighter and will forever be our hero. Hanson Sean M.

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He is now 13 years old, healthy and happy. God Bless you Sean! In Memory 6. You are my hero! You are truly an amazing miracle! Forever in our hearts. Diagnosed in Plexiform Fibrohistocytic Tumors. Thanks for being a light for so many! Love, mama. Love you Gianna. Brooke Ekizabeth Hester you will forever be in my heart. I celebrate you and your beautiful shining spirit. Hettler Jr. Thank you for being the brave hero that you are… you make us so proud each and everyday!!

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We love you so very much sweet girl… keep shining bright!! You are and have always been the sunshine of our lives. May God continue to watch over you and bless you in Jesus name. Our inspiration, Our Hero! He was smart, funny and captured the hearts of all he met. Love and miss you Hayli.

Our Angel. Our angel, Hayli. Much love to you! So soon. Oh precious child. Wyatt got his Angel wings in January He took with a large piece of all of our hearts. Forever loved and missed. Forever an Angel and Forever in the hearts of everyone she has touched. Love u kid!!!! Stay strong and keep fighting. Not any easier. Miss you with all our hearts!!!! May you be healthy always. You bring so much joy and love into my life and have shown me a new meaning to the word believe.

I thank God everyday for making me your mommy. Love you my warrior. This ribbon is a tribute to her strength, courage, and resilience. So very proud of you, Heather. We love you-. I love you with all that I am and all that I ever will be. Kiss Flash for us!

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Love you! So happy that you have reached 6 months of remission. Love mom, dad. May your light continue to shine, and your love, laughter, and smile continue to touch peoples lives. Our girl has battled for 8 years now and we understand the strength it takes to battle as a family. No family fights alone. You are our HERO! Words can never convey my love for you and how much you are missed. Love you so. Hes my hero and my world. Is one amazing son. I love him to pieces. He was met to change the world. Stay strong always! All our love! Kimball Owen Riley In Memory 3.

We love and miss you so much but know that you are always around us. We see your signs and feel your presence. All our love forever,. She underwent 8 cycles of chemotherapy, numerous blood transfusions, a 3 month hospital stay and continuous physical and speech therapy. On July 10, we found out she was in remission!

Love you baby girl! You are definitely our Super Hero Superman. We love you so much!! Knowles Easton G. In Honor 16 Years VA 11 years off therapy and you never cease to amaze me. I am grateful for every year with you and the blessings you bring. We love you very much. Knowles Kelan Knox In Honor 8. We miss him everyday.

We love you so much. I love him. Keep fighting Moo Moo! We appreciate all of the love, thoughts, and prayers sent her way! This ribbon is to celebrate her victory and honor what an blessing she has been to our family and to those whose lives she touched. We are proud of you!!! Forever our 4 year old baby boy. Kwiecien Kailee In Honor 4 Years NY In honor of our sweet Kailee — you survived this once, may God bless you with the perseverance to win your second battle, and may it be your last encounter with this beast.

Until I see you again. You have battled one of the most horrific monsters a child should have to battle and your courage and bravery helped you to win the fight! I will always be here to support you. He would be 18 on December 23rd. I think of him every day and miss him so much. Gone But Never Forgotten…. She had been stong and courageous and we know she will always have these qualities throughout her life.

Law John P. We love you a lot a lot, sweet Bella. Strong and so brave! We love you and miss you every day. You are our special angel. Miss you more everyday. He proved that love is greater than loss and faith far greater than fear. We love you, Riko. We celebrate a life filled with joy, determination, humor, grace, and most especially, love. We miss you and your heartfelt hugs, Ethan! You are our everything. You are my tenacious little Grandson.

Even past my last dying breath, I will love you for all of time. We love you buddy Keep up the great work and keep kicking cancers butt!!! Keep up the great fight. What a miracle she is! I am grateful every day that you are a brave survivor. In his brief time on earth Jon touched the lives of so many and now he is touching the lives of those in Heaven. We love and miss you our sweet Jon Jon. We will see you again.

You conquered 2 childhood cancers 4 times! My miracle! I am so proud of you! You did it just like I knew you would! My heart is still so happy! You are the toughest and sweetest boy I know. In January , she will be in remission for a year. She is a fighter and has been since day one. I thank God for her.

I am truly blessed. You were one of a kind! No child should ever be faced with cancer. Last May he graduated from St. Lawrence University. We remain so grateful he had the chance to chase his dreams. The research needs to support all our children so they too have the same chance.

May God always be with you and keep you cancer free. I love you with all my heart! We pray for a quick recovery. You will always be our superhero. Life will never be the same. We love you and miss you so much buddy. You will never be forgotten. I love and miss you. In our hearts and thoughts always. Love Mommy, Daddy, Skylar and Rayne.

Mommy’s Little Girl Bat Scene

Love you, sweet girl! Our prayers are with you. Marcia Eddy A. You will Always be in our hearts. Until We Meet Again Titi……. I Love You sweet girl! You are loved and missed so very much every single day. Love you all the way to the sun and moon and stars in the sky! We love and miss you so much every single day!

You are so loved and deeply missed!! We love you always, to the moon and back! Martin Jr. God bless you! Untill we meet again, always know how much we love and miss you. We continue to pray your tests results stay on the path to remission. Noni and Pop-Pop love you so much! Mccarthy Ava N. You are forever our baby, love you Ava!

We miss you Cody Bear! AML Thankful everyday. Love you, Eli. So very blessed for his good health and so very thankful for the doctors and research that made it possible. Your strength and positive spirit carried you through your Leukemia battle and is still with you today as you have grown into such a smart, beautiful, strong-willed young lady. Forever 4. You are always our Angel Adam. We Love You, Nathan. Love you more then you will ever know!!

Beat Cancer Baby!! My sweet young man.

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You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you can be so silly! I love both sides of you, with all my heart. Dad is a non-hodgkins cancer survivor since Your life is a blessing! Keep shining bright!! We miss you and will forever love you. Merry Christmas in Heaven. She had a bone marrow transplant in April and is now cancer free and doing fantastic!!!! You light up my life every day with your silly, sweet smile!

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You are forever in our hearts and loved always. You are so missed by many handsome man, wish you were here! Though all the storms this little guy has been through he still continues to be a ray of sunshine! His smile lights up the room! I love you Owen, my hero! I am forever proud and lucky to be your mom! Sweet dreams always! Mickelsen Kayla C.

Huntress (comics)

We love you Cancer Survivor Kayla! Love Mom, Dad, Papa and your puppies! McKenzi has fought like a true warrior always smiling and worrying and carrying for others more than herself during her battle. Her father and I are so Blessed to be able to call her our daughter. United in Christian love, we join your family in thanking God for you. Cornish Mountain Baptist Church. Your faith, strength and perseverance serve you well. Love you!! His spirit reminds us to be happy for today and find joy in every moment. You are missed TJ, every minute of every day. Go Gabby! I love you bunches!

Looking for a forever cure. You fought and WON! Mojica Jr. I am heart broken for the rest of the days ahead of me. One year cancer free! Titi loves you very much. Stay strong and happy. May God bless you always. You are the toughest, sweetest girl I know. We will continue to pray for a cure! My hero. I love you Bubby. Please Continue to watch over us.

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    She is missed more and more each day and loved beyond measure. We miss you very much! We love and miss you very much! My one and only son, now my guardian and protector! Love and miss him deeply. We are so proud of you for fighting Wilms with such bravery and grace!! Your sweet spirit and will to fight will forever be an example to us. Helping other families through www. So grateful for the work of acco too. I can still hear your laugh Petunia! We miss you always. Way to go kid! Amazing and beautiful.

    God is good all the time and we are so thankful for everyday!! He fought for 3. I am so proud of him. I love you so much! You are loved beyond words and will always be missed. She always had a smile on her face and touched more lives in her 3 short years than most will in a lifetime! We miss you so much. Grandpa and Gwamma. Hugs and Kisses from baby sister, K. Nichols Sarah In Memory 13 Years AZ May you fly high and healthy with the angels and know how much you are loved and missed here on earth.

    Niedziejko Hunter In Memory 8 Years TX To our wonderful shining star, who brightened every room with his infectious and constant laughter and ever present smile. You are missed and loved by so many, but none more than Mommy, Daddy, and Bryce. You are so strong and have such a positive and caring attitude. Much love, Mom and Dad. I love you more than words can say, and you are the strongest, bravest girl I have ever seen.

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    I love you to infinity and beyond!! Merry Christmas in Heaven baby boy! Four years old, celebrating, three years cancer free. I love you Claire! An angel above! Your strength and compassion are an inspiration to so many. Birthstone 3 if applicable. Birthstone 4 if applicable. Engraving Front:. Engraving Back optional :. Front Engraving 3 if applicable. Birthstone One if applicable. Birthstone Two if applicable. Birthstone Three if applicable. Birthstone if applicable. Front Engraving:. Back Engraving: optional. Front Engraving 5: if applicable. Back Line 1: optional. Back Line 2: optional. Back Line 3: optional.