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When a man puts weapons in his pockets, or a gun… I will make it clear; it takes his mind off God's protection and puts it on the gun to protect him. This I have taught my followers ever since God left me: Do not carry weapons, because that is not a protection for the people who manufacture such weapons. They cannot save their own lives with them today. Question : What is the reason in your estimation for the violence that has occurred? What do you think is the reason for the. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later.

Create a List. Just a few bits of information taken from the volumes of material can help one understand why the Minister made this narrative the focal point of such a revolutionary message. First, it is very significant that this gospel is considered by biblical scholars to have been written almost exactly as it stands today. The circumstances surrounding the life of John are recorded in other parts of the New Testament. He was from a family of means; he was younger than the other apostles; his mother, Salome, was the sister of Mary—so he was a first cousin of Jesus.

What makes John stand apart from the other three is that he organized his message around 7 signs that point to Jesus as the Son of God. It is an intense narrative because of the boldness in the. In them, Jesus speaks mostly of the kingdom of Heaven. But in the Book of John, he gives more extended speeches and—this is the point the Minister directs us to—he begins to talk about himself. The consistent story is that John wrote his narrative at the request of those who were closest to Jesus. These were people who heard John teaching and preaching the beautiful language we are reading centuries later.

They were so deeply affected, they wanted his words recorded on paper. When his fellow disciples and friends and family pressed him to write a Gospel, John asked them to fast with him for three days and share any revelation which was made to any of them, either for or against the idea.

On the first night of the fast, Andrew, one of the Apostles, received a revelation that John should give his testimony in writing and in his own name. The group continued the fast and at the end, they all joined in prayer. The fourth Gospel regards Jesus as complete from the beginning—the manifestation of the Word of God. This is a deeply spiritual account of the work and identity of Jesus. Our journey is from a tiny life germ to become One with our Creator.

This is why the man Jesus in the Bible is so great a human being—because in his journey, though he lived a short time, he accomplished something that some of us can live years and never accomplish.

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He accomplished Oneness with God. When you see me you see the Father, for I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Me and my Father are One. He was, according to the history, the most obedient to the Will of God. That is how you attain Oneness with God. God cannot give us the Secret of Nature unless we please Him to that degree that He can open up the Secret of Nature for us. This Study Guide should inspire you to look deep into the testimony of John; to appreciate its. We have to know self in order to improve self. The quintessence of this body of knowledge is to restore our knowledge of who we are.

In the absence of that knowledge, we are and will remain imbalanced and incapable of fulfilling our purpose for being on this Earth. In the two speeches which comprise this advanced Study Guide, there is an abundance of inspired—even mind-blowing—teaching wherein the Minister, at the Dawn of the 21st Century, gives us both the spiritual and psychological tools to reconnect; to restore harmony between the mind and 5.

Sister Ava Muhammad February 26, And when one fulfills his or her purpose in life, the soul is satisfied. That soul has unspeakable joy. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. We give Him praise and thanks for His manifold blessings and His mercy to the human family. We thank Him for Moses and the Torah. We thank Him for Jesus and the Gospel. Peace be upon these worthy servants of Allah. I feel very blessed to be a student of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, a man we believe Allah raised up among us for a time such as this.

I am honored to stand before you and greet you with the greeting words of peace: As-Salaam Alaikum. Larry Muhammad, our wonderful platform guests, and to those who spoke before us; to Brother Henri Muhammad and the young students of the violin and music at the Muhammad School of Music in Buffalo, New York; to all of the wonderful brothers and sisters—educators, professors, teachers and laymen that are here—we wanted to talk today about the challenge that faces educators and the challenge that faces education.

I will begin with some statistics that tell us why we are challenged to come up with a solution to the serious problem—not only the miseducation of Black people, but the inferior education that is being offered to the American people and to the people of the world—because without the right and proper education, 7. I want to thank the Reverend Dr. Mary Tumpkin, Minister Helen Carry, the staff and board members of this beautiful house for allowing us the privilege to be here this afternoon. And a special, special thanks to the Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon. Johnnie Colemon is one of the foremost spiritual teachers among us today.

And even though she is, in a sense, finished with her labor, and her labor is being carried on now by others, we praise Almighty God Allah for her labor; for the wonderful work that God has blessed her to do. And we pray for this institution, and for those who will carry on her legacy, that her legacy will not go down, but continue to grow and prosper, because when we finish our labor—and we all must at some time—it is the willingness of those who come after us not to worship us, but to look deeply into the principles that make persons, female and male, magnetic.

And adopt those principles, and live those principles. Then the great ones that come among us can never die, and nor can we, if we adopt those principles and not become personality cult worshippers. Now, I want to quote a few ugly statistics. American 12th graders rank 19th out of 21 industrial countries in mathematics achievement; and 16th out of 21 nations in science. And our advanced physics students rank dead last. This is America. Only 32 percent of 4th graders are proficient in reading.

Forty-two million American adults cannot read at all and 50 million are unable to read at a higher level than is expected of a 4th or 5th grader. So 92 million out of million 8. And that number increases by some 2. This is not Black statistics—this is the general American public. Now I will be more specific with Black education statistics: Only 12 percent of Black high school seniors are proficient readers, while 54 percent have below basic reading skills. It is estimated that percent of Blacks—almost half of us—are functionally illiterate.

Even when Black students show potential that is equal to or above that of Whites, they are 40 percent less likely to be placed in advanced or accelerated classes. Two-thirds of so-called minorities in public school fail to reach basic levels of national tests, and there continues to be marked disparities between Black and White students in the national SAT scores. The high school drop-out rate in some inner city communities approaches 50 percent; and only 26 percent of Blacks who do finish high school go to college, while 37 percent of Whites go to college.

College-educated Blacks are four times more likely than Whites to experience unemployment. Black women account for nearly all of the gains made in Black enrollment in higher education since the mids. Women make up 60 percent of enrollment at Black colleges and 80 percent of the honor rolls.

Where will these women find appropriate mates among our men? Babies with poorly-educated mothers are more likely to die in the first year of life, or have chronic health problems growing up. Black people are dramatically underrepresented in many professions: 3. Black males have both the lowest average level of educational attainment and the highest level nearly 50 percent of workers with more education than their jobs require.

White males with a high school diploma are just as likely to have a job and tend to earn just as much as Black males with college degrees. Light-skinned Blacks have a 50 percent better chance of getting a job than dark-skinned Blacks. With statistics like this, if I were a doctor and America were the patient, Those kinds of statistics produce an educational challenge. This is telling us the type of thing that we are and must be engaged in, which is to stimulate or challenge our intellect over the problem that is found in education. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that education is the torchlight of civilization.

Civilizations begin with knowledge and a civilization ends when the knowledge that originated that civilization begins to decline. We are living in a world and in a civilization that was given by God a certain time to exercise itself. But it was also prophesied that the civilization, or world, in which we live would come to an end. This means that the knowledge that guides this civilization would reach a point where it no longer would be effective in solving the problems presented by the time. Therefore, at that time, that knowledge would be like a light that has gone out.

Darkness would then come over the people, and this would lead to such dissatisfaction that it would call into existence a change factor. All the prophets and messengers of God and the sages that are recorded in history, brought with them knowledge, or, a light. A torchlight is a guiding principle, so education must guide the civilization. And inherent in that education is the idea that fuels that civilization. All light bulbs have a time factor applied to their ability to give light. When the bulb is nearing the end of its time, it might start flickering as a sign that it soon will go out and needs to be replaced.

Otherwise, we end up in total darkness. So, at the root of every civilization is a knowledge, inherent in which is an idea that gives energy and direction to that knowledge. But if the idea at the root of that knowledge and civilization is finite, then the world that comes as a Tell me, what is the prevailing idea at the root of the knowledge that has produced our present civilization?

That idea, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us, is the idea of dominion and rule. It is the rule of the Adamic race. All of you that study, you know that there are people on the Earth called pre-Adamites. And the pre-Adamites are the Aboriginal People of the Earth.

But a new people were coming, and they were given dominion by God. They did not take it; they did not steal it. They were given the right to rule the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea, and every creeping thing that crawled upon the Earth. But when Adam rebelled, his rebellion against God limited the time of that idea. Therefore, a time was set on this world: The world of racism; the world of sexism; and the world of materialism.

This idea, at its root, is properly called White Supremacy. Now God ordered this, so it is right. God wanted this, that is why it happened. All education was designed to reflect that idea. As a result, the educational system with that idea at its root is not designed to cultivate to the fullest extent the recipients of that kind and quality of education. Even the White people themselves could not cultivate the best of themselves with a system of education that put up an elite. Good education was never designed for the masses, whether they are White, Black or Asian. Good education was given to an elite, and that elite was to rule the masses with a less quality education.

And you have strata of elite; but at the top of that elite is Satan himself! You have an educational system set up to make the mass into workers for the class. And spiritual wickedness in high places. We are having all these problems now in education, because the idea at the root of it represents a finite idea that has to end in order for something new and better to come in. So when Black, Brown, Asian and Arab students come to get Western education, they also get baptized into that idea of the dominion of superior dominant people.

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Africa cannot develop, because her scholars are educated in Europe and America, and they have that idea in their head that makes them sick, and makes them abusers of their people. His occidental [meaning Western] collegiate training only fits him to be a rogue and a vagabond, and a seeker after the easiest and best by following the line of least resistance. His purpose is to deceive the less fortunate of his race, and, by his wiles ride easily into position and wealth at their expense, and thereafter agitate for and seek [social] equality with the creative and industrious Whites.

To every rule, however, there is the exception, and in this case it must be applied. So there are Blacks with education that really want to help their people. And as the torchlight of this civilization is going out, that fact is reflected in the culture; the degeneracy of the culture; the degeneracy of the art form. It is reflected in the immorality, the debauchery, the lust for pleasure through drugs and sex. It is going down. The light of this is going out. Where is the refinement that goes with civilized behavior? People are just acting savage. And what is a savage?

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that a savage is a person that has lost the knowledge of self and is living the life of a beast. So search the world and see the bestial behavior of human beings one to the other. Coming out of college with degrees that say we have accomplished what this world has to offer is a wonderful achievement. We have many people with a Ph. Let me see if I can find some of these problems: Global warming, health care, the collapse of the economy. But look at all the people who have doctorate degrees in economics.

Look at all the people walking the street on medication, mentally challenged. The psychiatrists are in need of psychiatric visits. The doctors Therefore, I paid for an education that I have not received. Why should I, if I am properly educated, find happiness in a bottle, or find solace in drugs? The energy crisis, political corruption, budget deficits, urban blight, immigration, family and marriage breakdown, teen pregnancy, hunger, nuclear proliferation and unemployment; these are some of the problems that a doctor in these fields should be able to help us solve.

But the problems keep getting worse, and the price of education keeps getting higher. So what is needed? What do we need, scholars? What is it that we need? We need a new educational paradigm. Where will it come from? Who will bring it? And are we wise enough to recognize it when it comes? And revealing them unto babes. I am glad that my brother, Father Michael Pfleger, is here.

Notice how I said that. We are going to go to another level now and it is going to shock you. Here is where we get into the Word. You are not looking for a spook. The Jews are looking for the Messiah. The Christians are looking for the return of Christ. The Muslims are looking for The Mahdi. All of these are men. What are you looking to them for? What do you want them for? Harvard is sufficient; Yale is sufficient; the University of Chicago is sufficient. You see, there is a man coming. There is a man coming, and that man comes with a new knowledge, a new wisdom, a new understanding; a new idea that will bring in a new way of thinking that will produce a new culture and a higher refinement.

It will give everyone who receives it the pursuit of happiness! I hear so many people talking about happiness, so I questioned—not the dictionary—I questioned myself. When one fulfills his or her purpose in life, the soul is satisfied. That soul has unspeakable joy! Every human being should be able to pursue that which makes the What is your purpose?

What are you here for? Are you happy? Are you really happy? In a world like this, who really is happy? How many human beings under this system of things have found that which truly makes them happy? No slave can be happy. You have an educational system that has an elite at the top, then a lesser elite and a lesser elite, then the mass who work for the elite.

You look at your life—you work if you have a job, but that is not what you are born to do. You do it out of necessity because there is a salary at the end of the week that allows you to pay the car note, the mortgage, go to the grocery store and feed yourself. You put some clothes on your back and on the backs of your children. But how many of you really have anything saved? That is not happiness. That is a slave existence; that is not the intention of The Creator for you.

Everything that God creates is found trying to fulfill its purpose. And if it fulfills its purpose, it is equal to everything else in creation. The flea is equal to the Sun. How could the flea be equal to the Sun?

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Because the Sun is fulfilling its purpose and the flea is fulfilling its purpose. Oh boy! I can go to that place and eat some greasy food. And I can go to the liquor store; get me a quart or a pint, you know? Or, I can go to the reefer man. And bring my friends to the crib.

Waking up with a headache on Monday to go back and do the same thing over and over and over again. Now this, to me, is the most important part of this subject, The Education Challenge. All systems come out of the mind of men and women. In Him is the Paradigm Shift. In Him is not a finite world; but in Him is a world that has no end! I want to talk about Jesus. You should be talking about Mohammed! I will get to this at another time, but the whole world of religion needs to evolve out of where it presently is. I want to talk about a man that pastors preach about. But I am not sure we really know that man.

I am going to lay down some standards now and you measure your knowledge of the man, Jesus the Christ. Jesus was among the people, and he never told the people who he was. The Son of the Living God. Pardon me, but I am so full. If some of you thought I was relaxing or relapsing in the Sun—I have been studying and preparing for a time when it would be appropriate for me to speak. The media was out today, wanting to come in. And I am sure, Father Pfleger, the media is in here. I know you are here, but you can get the tape. And it is on webcast, so you can access it. Is he that? Is he the other?

Who told you? Who sent you? If you eat, you will never hunger, and if you believe, you shall never thirst. I exist as. I am the bread of life!

Paradigm Shift: What Every Student of Messenger Elijah Muhammad Should Know

What is life? The scripture says life is to know God and to know His son. If you eat my flesh, you will never hunger. That knowledge is so eternal, that you will keep on going, from knowledge to knowledge to knowledge. You will never get hungry and you will never be thirsty. Where is that man? I want to meet a man like that.

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If you take this light, you will never know darkness. He is the light of the world he is bringing in! As that son is the light of the world, the knowledge he brings is so profound, so magnificent, that as the Sun warms the Earth, this knowledge will warm you. It will free you. It will nurture you. It will give you life. It will give you energy. I am not talking about a false light that comes from singing the good songs of Christ; the great gospel news that gets you happy and you get the Holy Ghost and want to dance and prance.

But when it is He who enters in will have to come by me. A door leads you out, then a door leads you in. When you know him, you walk out of this world and you walk into the world he represents. When you know Christ, really know him, you enter into that which makes you and me a new creature! When you know him, you start becoming something new; something different, something better.

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But most of us are in between the door—not quite sure. You have got to come by the door. In a maze, the thing gets confusing, because you are trying to find your way out. There are so many doors. They tell you something good is behind one of those doors. You know about him, but are not truly involved with him. The rest of them are hirelings—they work for money. You give them a good salary, and they will preach the gospel! Have you seen them? Man, when they get going! They are beautiful men and beautiful women, but they want and need to become more acquainted with the man of whom they preach.

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Do you know him? I am not guessing about the man I know. I know him! Been taught by him! I have been anointed by him! That is why no devil can handle me! I have met a good shepherd! I just love this Word. I shall not want.

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He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul. Yea, though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For thou art with me. Thou preparest a table before me in the midst of mine enemies. If you know him! And do you know what they really want? They want The Kingdom of God on Earth. This is what the people are hungering for. Wait now. I already said that the educational system has flatlined. If you believe in me, though you are dead yet shall you live. Then he goes even a step further.

Do you want to fix it? You have got to come to God. The problem in America is they have taken the separation of church and state to the extreme. They have literally put God out of education. How in the world can you achieve what you want when the Head Master has been disrespected? My Father is the husbandman. Peter recognized him as the Son of God. He already said he was the Son of man. You are murdering the Son of man! You are the Son of God! You are The Christ! The Son of the Living God! Death has come on all men and all men have sinned because of the sin of Adam, according to the Book.

Whenever you fall down from a high place, see if you want to stay down. Since the fall of Adam, not only has Adam and his offspring wanted to get up, but all that have died under his transgression want to get up. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said there is a law in nature: Whenever a people are deprived of something that by nature they deserve, that longing over time will produce one to fulfill that longing. How does somebody that is real dark feel, when they see nothing they can identify with that makes them proud to be what God made them?

You have to tell these children who they are! Give them God as the Example! If God is the Example, what an Excellent Example! He created everything that I am seeing. Nothing He created is mediocre. Everything is excellent. How can I be a part of Him, and I am only mediocre? You are created to master!

To be inadequate in nothing! But nobody is teaching you that. And if— if—you try to talk God in your classroom, they will suspend you. Talk about George— Washington, that is. Talk about Christopher Columbus.

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