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Whether you are young or merely a youth at heart, you will be inspired by the heroism of these teenage saints. Young male and female teen saints from various places in the world are in this text; a total of ten stories in all. As you read these dynamic stories, remember that you too are called to life of joy and holiness.

Q&A with Colleen Swaim, author of “Radiate: More Stories of Daring Teen Saints”

This sequel will continue to set your heart ablaze with vivid storytelling, saintly challenges, prayers, images, and more. Colleen Swaim is a teacher of religion and English in the Diocese of Covington, Kentucky, who encourages in young adults an understanding of the intense radicalism of sanctity and the dreary dullness of sin.

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Paul Miki. These young men were berated, abused, made examples of, and literally lashed to crosses to die, and they did it all with a sense of fearlessness that is just awe-inspiring.

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They were not the only group of martyrs to die in Japan during this time period, as its estimated that there were about 1, over the course of several hundred years of persecution and the Church going underground, but the witness of their blood made it possible for about 20, Japanese Catholics to keep the faith alive underground in Japan for about years without an organized church. Can you imagine living your whole life as a Catholic without ever meeting a priest?

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It makes you want to pray for people who are dealing with similar religious persecutions in the world today, and makes me as an American want to cherish and fight even harder for the cause of religious liberty, both here and abroad. Will there be another in this series? If so, can you share some of the saints you might explore?

It is meant for high school seniors and college students who want to ignite the flames of their faith, and do it in such a way that is conducive to the college experience, whether that is at a faithfully or unfaithfully Catholic college or university, a state school, another sort of private institution, or anything in between. Like this: Like Loading Duel to the Death. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.