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I enjoy this series because I'm taking a different look at how intelligent computers could emerge. I got tire of the 'evil computer' so I've written a series where it begins. Aug 05, PM. Wells, Secret Agent 4. Part 1: Escape in a Motorhome. Aug 13, AM. Perfect Partners, Incorporated Book 1 4. Aug 17, PM. A Better Future Book 3 0. Webzine Vol.

Aug 19, PM. Aug 21, PM. Pearlmitter Book Four: The Celebration 5. Aug 23, AM. Short Story 4. Aug 26, PM. Aug 29, PM. Sep 01, PM. Mummies Book 1… 0. The Infinity Series Book 1 0. The 47th Lancers Book 1 0. Sep 03, AM. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 4. Sep 09, AM. Tan-ha Living Holder of Golden Dragons 0. New free Time Travel Kindle books for today: 5. The Fleet Academy Epic Book 1 0. Leary Book 1 4. I can't keep up with you Randy! Two of my books are free to anyone who uses Kindle Unlimited.

In this scheme, the reader can download several books at a time and as they read, the author will get paid per page. Sep 11, PM. Sep 15, AM. Sep 24, AM. Tinker: A Time Travel Novel 0. William T. Sherman - Volume 2 4. Sep 26, AM. New free Space Opera Kindle books for today: 5. The Dream Fighter Chronicles Book 1 4. Sep 28, AM. Oct 04, AM. Johnson Novel 5. Oct 14, PM. Sherman, Volume I. Book 1 4. Sherman, Volume II. Nominating it is quick, easy just click on Nominate and if Char is selected, you get a free Kindle copy. And the blurb: Lost cave-woman or time-hopping murderess?

Near a small Wisconsin town, Char of the Real People walks out of a mud hole she didn't walk into, wearing a deerskin skirt and carrying a crude wooden spear. She promptly gets involved in a murder. Sheriff Francine Hart launches a massive search for Char, but is baffled by 'wrong' footprints and blood samples. More people die, intensifying the mystery. Is Char 'the murderess from dimension X'? Is she a lost, traumatized kid? What does the mysterious Darius Reid have to do with her arrival?

Oct 25, PM. Oct 31, AM. Cage of Lies novellas 0. Nov 06, AM. Between the seedy clubs and bars, in shady back alleys, and at the cigar and tattoo shops—something is for sale on every corner, and there is always trouble within stumbling distance. Where you end up is never where you started.

It is the perfect break or lunchtime read. Jack Barnett has had it with the private eye business. They took his license away in LA, and fearing criminal prosecution, he split town in the middle of the night for Las Vegas, where anyone can become anonymous. Set in the steaming underbelly of Las Vegas, these tales of a reluctant ex-private investigator drag the reader down the darkest streets of Sin City, USA.

Key West, Don Roy Doyle is back in town. In this tightly-knit town, who can be trusted? And how long can Doyle stay alive? Burned, bleeding and blinded by smoke, a maid stumbles from the flames. The sole witness to the most brutal crime Barcelona has ever seen, Maria Torres finds her life in danger.

Can the police keep her safe while they try to find the monster responsible for the massacre of two dozen people, or will professional and personal rivalries put her in even greater danger? Oh no. Absent father, absent-minded lover, unskilled and untrustworthy. None of them do his uselessness justice. Can he overcome his underdog status?

And can he beat the mighty NASA to the asteroid belt and return home with a life-changing cut of the loot? A plot to achieve world domination. A nuclear arms-seeking Iran. At the heart of this conspiracy is amnesiac Magus Crayle. Crayle becomes the subject in a classified memory-recovery project managed by an off-the-books government agent. The threat escalates. Nothing is what it seems.

Assassins chase Crayle and the P. Crayle is shocked by his ability to employ car racing and martial arts skills. The ante has been raised — more people will die. Crayle confronts his government handler. A call to Langley, Virginia provides direction. A jet is made available.

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Crayle and the P. His first target: Hong Kong stock mogul Chin Yao-wu, a charismatic, sexually deviant megalomaniac who reveals under duress details of their shared past. The Frenchman views Crayle as a threat — to his plans of conquest and to his life. Few truths emerge. Answers beget questions. Crayle remains confused by his dominant placement in foreign crosshairs. Magus Crayle must reclaim his life, his memories, and his identity even as he struggles to survive. Matthew J. To my reckoning … a 5-star achievement!

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She sees spirits and plays with magickal penis candles. The super smart standout Vandy tennis star is hell bent on getting her man. Dylan dreams of his red haired long legged witchy woman long before Rowan shows up and steals his heart. Chaos ensues when their worlds collide. Wrestlers are dropping dead. Secrets are revealed that threaten to destroy the already dysfunctional Dalton family. They say that if you go out looking for trouble, you will find it. Some marriages are made in heaven. Others are bound for nothing more than.

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Christmas approaches. A killer dressed as a clown haunts the streets of Manchester. This is the reckoning. The trail leads from the site of the old mass cholera graves, through Moss Side, the Gay Village, the penthouse opulence of canal-side apartment blocks, and the bustling Christmas Market, to the Victorian Gothic grandeur of the Town Hall. Time is running out. For Tom, for Kate and for the City. These are tales about breaking the rules and seeking retribution, especially when the law fails. Bad guys sometimes do the right thing. Desperate good guys cross the line.

He hiked up one canvas pant leg and inspected the three tiny pairs of puncture wounds on his calf. Almost delicate, the trio of red perforations marked the places where a determined cottonmouth had struck repeatedly. At seventy-three, the lady had been a real scrapper, a good fighter.

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Death would be swift at least. She supposed the end of life offered a resolution of sorts. The upside meant no more strain or deception. Bethany squeezed her eyelids shut and found comfort in knowing that Brian would mourn her passing. Her dumpy husband had wormed his way into her slate heart. That was something.

To her surprise, a tear spilled down her cheek. She was an orphan now. Well, as much as any daughter of the Russian District was allowed to be, since the community was family too. In this delightful and beautifully illustrated story Sun Wen tells us about an old woman and her daughter who live in a mountain village in China. They find a tiny magical boy who grows from the seed of a golden gourd and adopt him as one of their little family. He grows big and strong and is much loved by his mother and older sister — and when his sister disappears one day he asks a white butterfly for help in finding her.

Then his adventure begins as he travels to distant places, discovers friends and enemies and overcomes many hardships in his search for her. Her darling damn! Not that Blake is exactly thrilled about the prospect, either. Blake and Ralph survived barely the seven year itch but she wonders why no one warned her about the twenty-seven year itch. The story is about the ups and downs of long-term relationships and addresses two of the most important questions of our time: 1 Is there sex after marriage? Even so, after twenty-six years of living together and sometimes driving each other crazy , they are still holding hands in the movies.

And they still have the hots for each other! The Chanel Caper takes place in the fall of when the global financial system faced collapse. From Ponzi-schemer Bernie Madoff to bankers in five thousand dollar suits flying their private jets to Washington to scrounge for money, the financial crisis of was a richly ironic background for my story of murder and suspense. I had fun writing it. I hope you have fun reading it! I blog at and love to get to know my readers—you can reach me at harris. The touch of his hands and the plunge of his needle make every fantasy come true.

No wonder his famous patients adore him. No wonder his name is their best-kept secret. No wonder his influence runs from the secluded private island of a power-mad billionaire with a savage secret to the crimson-draped bedroom of a mid-eastern Prince with depraved sexual tastes; from the private dressing rooms of world-famous artists to the heights of international jet set society and to the inner sanctums of the White House itself. No wonder Gavin Jenkins rises to the pinnacle of power and prestige. No wonder he becomes enmeshed in a deadly web he himself created.

All the sure elements of a big seller written by pros who know how to tell a story. Niehans claimed the treatment would retard the aging process and cure almost everything from homosexuality to heart disease. This information is adapted from an article published by the Alicia Patterson Foundation. Marlowe, struggling to resist his attraction to Jai Jai, is pulled into her quest despite his memories of trauma and abuse. Together they search for psychiatrist Victor Ressid, creator of the experiments that turned student volunteers into slaves.

Meanwhile, obsessed by his own bizarre sexual appetites and sudden, unexpected access to unimaginable wealth, Ressid is consumed by fantasies of revenge against Marlowe, the only volunteer to defy him. Against an ominous background of escalating global terrorism, Marlowe and Jai Jai uncover a deadly conspiracy at the heart of government. They must risk their lives to stop a nuclear threat that will destroy the security of the entire world even as they wonder if Marlowe, too, has been turned into a slave.

Ruth and Michael Harris have delivered another great read and sure bestseller. I dare you to put it down! MKUltra involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate mental states and alter brain function, including the surreptitious administration of drugs especially LSD and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture. Although the CIA insists that MKUltra-type experiments have been abandoned, some CIA observers say there is little reason to believe it does not continue today under a different set of acronyms.

This information is quoted from Wikipedia. Thelonious T. Bear, ursine photojournalist, leaves behind the big city life of London to take an assignment in the Norfolk countryside, where he hopes to find the real England. Instead he stumbles upon gastro-pubs, crazed Audi drivers and murder. Mitzi Szereto mitziszereto. A popular social media personality and frequent interviewee, she has pioneered erotic writing workshops in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe and lectured in creative writing at several British universities. She divides her time between England and the United States.

He lives and goes wherever Mitzi lives and goes. Normal for Norfolk is his first novel. Bear is a modern knight errant who plays it cool even as the light of suspicion shines on him. If you like your sleuths tough, cynical and cute as a button, Normal for Norfolk is the book for you. The hero of this novel, Thelonious T.

Bear, finds himself at the heart of a mystery. With her craft shop business going well, owner Jo McAllister takes off for the weekend, having snagged a spot at the prestigious Michicomi Craft Festival to show her wares. Linda aggravates Jo continually during the festival, eventually goading her into a public argument, which puts Jo in a very bad light after Linda drops dead — from candy unwittingly delivered by Jo.

With her reputation in doubt, Jo sees sales at the Craft Corner slump badly enough to put her business in serious jeopardy. As paper flowers are folded and collages layered, Jo works to track the twisted trail of a killer, before another life is ripped to shreds. Includes directions for a decorated gift box and a tasty recipe!

What would you do if a killer ended up trapped in your basement? Probably call the police! First, Linus has trouble convincing authorities that this diminutive individual is even a killer. Linus Hather is a maximum security prison guard by day, and spends time with his computer and his ring-tailed lemur at night. Finding this killer before he kills again becomes his mission.

He begins his search at the local library and ends up on three different continents looking for the stealthiest killer on Earth. Then the body of an elderly lady is found in her home, with a cause for suspicious death. A newly promoted Detective Sergeant arrives but she is not as much an asset as a distraction.

In different locations, two girls are brutally attacked and it is thought the events might be linked but how is not clear. One or two local rogues could be responsible and are prime suspects. Arrests are to be made when a brutal attack on the occupants of the flat is discovered. One person is dead with horrific injuries and another is fighting for life.

A young boy is stabbed and an elderly lady is taken hostage at knifepoint in a subway. Dylan is called to take charge. Whilst Dylan is confronted by a madman, Jen goes into labour alone and collapses unconscious. Both are life threatening situations that need a quick resolution, and once again Dylan is spinning numerous plates at once. Can he work with the big-city detective brought in to assist? Will he be able to solve the crime without revealing the secrets of his citizens?

Her writing is tight, fast, and highly entertaining. But I had no idea Libby was so versatile. The collection of stories — all previously published — offer a wide variety of styles, tones, and topics. And, of course, Noir. In the wake of a discovery that rocks the archaeological world, three strangers meet for the first time in the mountains of central Switzerland. Their mission soon finds them on the chase of a lifetime. From the Great Pyramids of Egypt through the wilds of Antarctica, they circle the globe on the heels of a mystery thousands of years in the making, pursued by forces intent on their destruction, proving once and for all that there are some mysteries in this world too dangerous to be solved… …for in the darkness waits a terrifying menace.

When former war photographer Jules Larson braves a panic attack to jog beyond her five-block safety zone in Central Park, she runs right into a murder scene. Eager to prove herself, Casey does whatever it takes to get answers, from pretending to be pregnant to fawning over a hairless cat. As she runs into one dead end after another, Casey wonders whether she should have left her retail job. Determined to show that she can do the PI thing, Casey refuses to give up, chases down every lead, and snags herself a girlfriend along the way. In a world where humans and paranormals exist, there are bound to be problems.

Tonight is no exception. Start with a dead woman in a bathtub drained of all her blood, toss in a fanatical father who hates paranormals and wants her off the case, no love life, and Stone has her hands full.

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Sam is an Ancient: gifted with longevity, acute senses, and fast reflexes. She will need all of that, as her investigation unearths clues that another Ancient may be responsible for the murder — a murder that could start a war between the races. When Jillian Keating is arrested for the murder of her missing boyfriend, Ryan Cornell, she has two immediate questions: Why did he frame her—-and where is he hiding?

Using her own ingenuity, plus the help of a resourceful lady lawyer and a dashing young private investigator, Jillian discovers the surprising—and disturbing—answers. Her boyfriend is not what he appears to be. The real Ryan, consumed with hate, has devised an ingenious scheme to destroy her while he escapes into the past via a hidden time travel portal.

But even knowing all this, Jillian is left with a more difficult question: How can she capture Ryan and bring him back? If they succeed, she will go free. But if they fail, Jillian will surely face murder charges for the death of Ryan Cornell. It begins with a sea lion committing sexual harassment and ends with the avenging spirit of Steve McQueen. In between, a nudist mascot, a Kansas hick with an eBay streak, and a beautiful marine biologist.

Is there any other kind? Refusing to give in to reality or climate, he buys his Hawaiian shirts at Goodwill and his cars topless. Always one sandal step ahead of his bills, his ex-girlfriend and the occasional cop looking to make a monthly ticket quota, Poe is living life just the way he likes it: roof rertracted and relaxed.

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But that all changes one morning when he discovers marine biologist Callista Walker being harassed by a sea lion in a way they never discussed in college. As a humor columnist, high school teacher, former newspaper reporter, hotel manager, aquarium diver, stand-up comedian, retired Disney On Ice performer and professional mascot, Barton Grover Howe has combined his experiences and skills from all of those environments to create a novel with a voice like no other. One that will leave you laughing and loving every wet minute on the Oregon coast. He only has to find her first.

Someone else does silence him, though — for good. With a dead clown in her storeroom and murdered with one of her craft items, Jo becomes the prime suspect. She works to clear her name, unaware that the crafty killer is ready to do anything it takes to stop her — including murder!

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Includes directions for a craft project! Parker Holt has started gobbling up properties housing small businesses in town, and Jo worries that her Craft Corner shop will be next. Anxious to clear him and his workers, Jo and her beading crafters set to work. Motives are dissected as necklaces are created, and Jo follows a chain of clues back into the past, hoping to unknot the current crime — and catch a murderer before he pulls any more deadly strings.

Originally published by Berkley Prime Crime. Beirut, Eccentric American billionaire Zane Smith is quite entranced by tattooed dancer known only as the Dark Lily.

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In fact, he is so entranced that he takes her back to his hotel room for a private performance. But why would an exotic dancer attempt to snatch an invitation to an embassy party for herself?