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Not all betting systems are too good to be true - check this out! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Craigie Start date May 15, Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 11 of 11 Go to page. Careca Well-Known Member May 15, I would like to thank the compliance officer for re confirming we are the same club.

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Cheers Anthony. As for possible repercussions, know this Peter, Neil and your murky gang of bloggers, journalists, MPs, MSPs, lawyers and Scottish football decision makers, we have come through the lower leagues, we have taken embarrassing defeats from all and sundry, downsized for over 15 years, we've had our dignity ripped to pieces by thieving bastards robbing us blind, and again finished 3rd after another car crash season but as of today we have STILL sold over season tickets.

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How's that for Glory hunters eh? Give us a fine.

Dock us points. Give us a transfer ban. It doesn't matter. Nothing you can do will stop us. We love our club and no matter how many more petty banana skins you have lined up as we make our climb back up we will keep on coming, and coming. We are the people. Ubik said:. So what are the repercussions of this? May 15, Calgacus Well-Known Member May 15, This might just be the straw that broke the camel's back as far as "building bridges" etc. This has also been announced less than a week before the season ends and Ian Maxwell takes the reins Goalie Host New Member May 15, The club should take these clowns to court for stalking and harassment.

C nts C ntos slags whores and Peados, feck them all. Kingging Well-Known Member May 15, Important to recognise who our enemy is. This is coming from the SFA driven by Liewell and his puppets. Boycotting matches will hurt individual clubs who may not be our friends but have little influence and is unlikely to be effective.

I'd prefer direct action against the SFA itself. Legal action against their corrupt activity for a start and challenging Liewell's influence. Reducing the away allocation of teams playing in green to a minimum should be a given though. Art Corvelay said:. I would honestly just withdraw from the Scottish cup. Cut allocations to a minimum. Reject away tickets. Put as little money in to Scottish football as we possibly can. Burn the f u cking bridges down.

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Gib Well-Known Member May 16, Henrywatson said:. Ahora no. British Music Hall Society.

Le Ruban Bleu Playa. OpDeatheaters Wales.

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Spotted - Child Predators in Barry". Spotted - Child Predator's of Cardiff. Paedotrial Blog The Paedo Trial.

Protected establishment paedophiles exposed in a new book. "The PaedoTrial".

Obviously looking at the big picture of what happened at GFH it was horrific in the extreme! Having said that children are such resilient beings they have the ability to bounce! But of course the long term psychological and mental health issues are where the real damage of child abuse is seen. My day for making the tea was Sunday. Prescott would stand outside the wash room, and make the odd boy touch him, if you were unlucky Prescott would take you into his office next to the washroom.

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  • There were twelve boys at GFH six would sit on one side of the table and six the other side whilst Prescott and his wife sat at either end. At some stage a boy or boys would disappear as would the men. One or two of the older boys would stay down and be raped by the men or by an older boy whilst Prescott Gilbart-Smith and the others watched.

    Did Gilbart-Smith tell his wife family or church friends that his first car was a bubble car? In Gilbart-Smiths diary it said that he was meeting Gwen in Reading. Gwen was the name of one of the female paedophiles. Gilbart-Smith told the court that this was his aunt Gwen. Did Gilbart-Smith have an aunt Gwen? Do either of the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a Consul car? Did their father own a Consul car? Gilbart-Smith told the court that he had never been to Bracklesham Bay where one of the rapes took place.

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    Bracklesham Bay was just a few miles from Elmer Sands where Gilbart-Smiths grandfather had a holiday home. Who owned the Bracklesham Bay holiday home? Did the Gilbart-Smith family go to Bracklesham Bay? Do the Gilbart-Smith brothers remember a connection in Bracklesham Bay? I was amazed when I read this. I was surprised how much research it contains to support allegations of corruption in the legal system plus blackmail and even murder. A fascinating book. The story takes you through his life from a young age to the trial and the things that happened to him.