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Moses blesses it and it is filled with the presence of God - a dwelling place and the dwelling of God. However, the concept certainly is and we see it first with Jesus, who the Apostle John says was the word made flesh and dwelt amongst us. The Word, God, lived in a tent of human skin and we beheld His glory. Jesus Christ is an incredible picture of shekinah glory - the dwelling place of Him who dwells! But there is more. Paul tells the Corinthians - and us - that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

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Temples that Jesus raised up. He washed, purified, sanctified us through his death and resurrection. He got us ready, so he could abide in us. We are the dwelling place of Him who dwells! We are an example of shekinah glory!

What is the Shekinah Glory of God described in the Bible?

We are the equivalent of a paradise garden that God lives in. Perhaps the Shekinah Glory entering the body of Christ at the moment of resurrection photographed his features on the burial shroud from head to toe, for you see, the image of the crucified man on the Shroud of Turin is a photographic negative and could have been produced by a radiant burst of energy.

With the development of medical science, men have been able to measure some type of energy produced by the human body. Life is in the blood, and it either sustains or produces some sort of energy. The liquid coursing through our veins may be like water in a radiator — there to keep us cooled down, for this fire or life source produces a heat of Let me suggest that the life source confined within our flesh is an eternal life source.

Though the flesh is temporal, our life is immortal. You will live somewhere forever. Long after the heavens have rolled up like a scroll, you will be alive. Long after the stars have fallen out of their orbits, you will still exist. Ten thousand years from today, you will be somewhere.

Ten million years from today, you will still exist, for you are made to live forever. Some years ago, a physician published an article on the immortality of the soul, and he gave his personal experience. He said that he was monitoring the brain waves of a dying man. The man was a Christian and was rejoicing about the glories of heaven. As the man died the instruments measuring the brain wave emissions indicated an extremely positive response.

In fact, the needle on the meter was pegged in the positive position. Sometime later the physician was monitoring the brain waves of a sinner as he died in agony on his way to hell.

What Is the Meaning of Shekinah Glory?

At death, the physician noted an extremely negative response from the brain wave emissions. In fact, the needle on the meter was pegged in the extreme negative position. Two life sources leaving two dying bodies, but one was positive and the other was negative.

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One appeared to have been given eternal life through the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit. Though scientists cannot define this radiant energy called the Shekinah Glory they have nevertheless been able to monitor it and to measure it. In recent years scientific studies have been made of this unusual radiant energy. Coins have a steady corona; we get the illusion that there is movement going around it, but the actual corona itself is static and its boundaries fixed, whereas human beings show a remarkably different effect.

Around the finger, one could see brilliant flares, and the corona kept changing its pattern. Yes, sparks of fire emanating from the fingertips , and scientists have even speculated on its healing qualities when used in the laying on of hands. Also, in another experiment, the scientific team took a leaf and measured its Kirlian effect. Then they cut the leaf in half and measured its Kirlian effect again. To their amazement, they found that though the top half of the leaf was gone, the Kirlian photograph outlined the entire leaf as if the top of the leaf were still there. This radiant energy which may be the real source of life is not bound by physical properties.

This may help to explain why Christians believe that life is not bound to the body. Though a man may lose a leg in Africa and an arm in South America, in heaven he will be whole. The Shekinah Glory is also described in the Bible as an aura, a radiance, or a glow emanating from believers. Artists, down through the centuries, have pictured the Shekinah Glory as a radiance drawn as a circle of light about the head or rays of light similar to the rays of the sun seen at sunset.

This radiance of glory has also been referred to as a charisma. In his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul challenged the believer not to be conformed to his world. In a similar way to the transfiguration of Christ, you can have a personal radiance — not so much seen as felt. With the presence of the Holy Spirit guiding and directing your life, you can have about you a sweetness, a loveliness, a countenance of happiness, a glow of joy.

Finally, in Revelation the New Jerusalem is described as a city of light: Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious….. And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it. And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.

On the other hand, Revelation speaks of another energy source. There, it is called a lake of fire. And it becomes a fire which consumes all men of guilt, even unto annihilation. According to ancient Jewish theology, the Shekinah Glory which gives light and life to the children of light also produces the eternal fire which will consume the foundations of the mountains. The heavens and the earth will one day be burned by fire, or perhaps we should say the Shekinah Glory.

Scientists have suggested the existence of black holes and white holes found in the universe. The white holes, they say, represent a source of positive energy emanating from the center of a galaxy. But, they surmise, this energy may explode to the point that it becomes a black hole so powerful in its gravitational pull that it confines all light allowing none to escape. Could hell be like that for the unregenerate souls of men? I often wondered why the Bible described hell as a lake of fire and at the same time as a place of outer darkness.

Perhaps it is both. According to scientific theory, it could be both without contradiction. The heavens declare the glory of God, but the ancient name for our modern Milky Way was the Lake of Fire. You are an eternal, immortal soul destined to live somewhere forever. Without the regenerating experience of the Holy Spirit, you cannot stand the presence of God.

Shekinah Glory – what is it?

If you are not a Christian and have not experienced the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit, let me urge you to be saved today. Salvation is only a prayer away. Pray and ask God to save you and forgive you for your sins. Jesus is willing right now to give you that regenerating power of the Holy Spirit — that Shekinah Glory. In an instant, He can make you ready for heaven. You ask me to explain it? I can no more explain it than a scientist can put a definition to fire. He can only observe its effects.

The Shekinah Glory! It is mysterious in its meaning; it defies definition, but it is glorious in its grandeur and magnificent in its majesty. Those Incredibly Cryptic Psalms. Enoch Package. Guardians of the Grail. Shekinah Glory — what is it? This is debug text. Previous Next. September 15 Written by: J. Paradoxical Power The Shekinah Glory contains at least two basic properties — One: the ability to destroy; and Two: the ability to preserve.

What is Fire? It all appears to be a part of this fantastic energy source God has called the Shekinah Glory. On the day of Pentecost tongues like as of fire set upon each of the believers. Kirlian Effect Though scientists cannot define this radiant energy called the Shekinah Glory they have nevertheless been able to monitor it and to measure it. Glory of Jerusalem Finally, in Revelation the New Jerusalem is described as a city of light: Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious…..

Regenerating Power You are an eternal, immortal soul destined to live somewhere forever. From the archives of Dr. Church Those Incredibly Cryptic Psalms.

Church , Prophecy News , Shekinah Glory. Share This Story! About the Author: J. Church set out with one main goal in life — to win others to Jesus Christ. He received a B. They have two children and five grandchildren.

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He has traveled across America many times lecturing on eschatology — the study of prophetic subjects. He has hosted several tours to Israel and the Middle East. Before he went to be with the Lord on March 22, , after a three year battle with cancer, J.