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Camille Flammarion's The Planet Mars

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Camille Flammarion began his career at 16 as a human computer under the great mathematician U. Le Verrier at the Paris Observatory.

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He soon tired of the drudgery; he was drawn to more romantic vistas, and at 19 wrote a book on an idea that he was to make his own—the habitability of other worlds. As a history of that era, it has never been surpassed, and remains one of a handful of indispensable books on the red planet.

Camille Flammarion: Making science popular - Making Science Public

Unfortunately, even he found the project too daunting for his publish. William Sheehan is an amateur astronomer and professionally, a neuroscientist and psychiatrist specializing in neurodevelopment and brain imaging. In , Sheehan was awarded the Gold Medal of the Oriental Astronomical Society for his Mars studies; he was the first Caucasian to receive this prestigious award. Historians might consider this discussion a good example of the scientific method of the period.

Summing Up: Recommended.

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He received an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of York in and a Ph. Before becoming a full-time writer in , he taught sociology at the University of Reading. He has published over books, including science fiction and fantasy works, non-fiction, translations, and learned articles.

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He has received numerous awards for both fiction and non-fiction including the British Science Fiction Award , the Distinguished Scholarship Award of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts , the J. Camille Flammarion.

La Pluralite Des Mondes Habites... (French Edition)

Lumen was first published by Camille Flammarion in as part of the Stories of Infinity collection. Flammarion was a well-known French astronomer, writer and highly successful popularizer of science during the late 19th century. This famous novel, written in the form of a philosophical dialogue, features a cosmic spirit named Lumen who reveals the scientific wonders of the celestial universe to Quaerens, a young seeker of knowledge.

Within its pages, the author mixes empirical observations about the nature and speed of light with vivid speculations about such diverse subjects as reincarnation, time travel, the reversibility of history and the ecospheres of alien planets.