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Fatigue – Not Doubt – Ended His Faith

Every believer has had a victory in an area or have had God bless them with an unexpected miracle at some point in their walk with God. Remembering and writing them down strengthens your faith reminds you of the numerous times God has come through even when we do not always understand. It is kinda like a pimple- the more you squeeze it the bigger it becomes.

No matter how angry, frustrated and fatigued you feel today, just know that it will not last forever 1 Corinthians because pain is only temporary and that you will have the last laugh. Do you know that you could be 72hrs from getting an answer to your prayer?

Pope addresses 'faith fatigue' | ziwopycaxa.tk

The battle is usually the toughest when you are closest to winning. Your email address will not be published. So, the answer to fatigue caused by anxiety and stress lives on the inside of us. We have been given the Spirit of God to lead us into all truth, and the truth is nothing will overtake us when we stand in our fortified refugee-- Jesus Christ.

Truth also says that greater is he who is within us than the forces of darkness fighting against us in the world. As for me, anxiety and insomnia were the dark forces taunting me as every task in my life screamed high priority. Everything we do must be unto the glory of God. Tapping into faith requires a glory perspective.


Tamika P. Send her encouragement for the moment.

The Coming of Fatigue and Faith

When you want to give up on that draining discipleship relationship, Jesus is praying for you. He understands the limitations of a fallen body, the sting of injustice, the loss of loved ones, the frustrations of discipleship, the abandonment and betrayal by friends, the fatigue of ministry, and the full weight of temptation though he never succumbed and sinned. Reminding yourself that Jesus took on the full weight of humanity so he could be an empathetic high priest is another way you persevere in the faith.

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The Son of God intimately understands your struggles and lives to help you in them. His sacrificial work on your behalf cleanses you of sin and enables you to approach God with boldness. Unlike Jesus, there will be times when you give into sin. You will fail. And when you do Jesus is right there ready to forgive you and lift you up out of that sin. He will do so again and again until the final day when you will perfectly submit to the Father just as Jesus did.

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That pastor was right. As time goes by, you see and experience things that weary you. You get tired.

You go through seasons where you sit behind the steering wheel of your car and dream of driving far, far away in a one-way direction. Checking out or giving in seem like the only plausible options.