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Lovely Suburban House Goes On The Market With A Wild Sex Dungeon

This Upper Dublin residence, described by its listing agent as a one-of-a-kind suburban home, includes a sex room. The home, which just went on the market, also includes a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and a large granite island. The listing went live around 9 p. She graciously agreed to show off the Norristown Road home that doubles as an uber-profitable AirBNB property much to the chagrin of neighbors who were none too pleased with TV news trucks showing up on a private residential lane offering access to just three homes.

The current owner — with whom PhillyVoice was unable to speak prior to publication — lives there with his two children — one attending high school and the other in college.

How To Make Sure Your Neighbors Notice Your Secret Sex Dungeon

A cleaning crew comes in and scrubs the place down weekly, she noted, and the door to the basement locks from both outside and inside the stairwell. By the time it went viral, Leonard had been proven not only right, but a marketing genius of sorts for a listing that became hers within the past week. People are asking me how I kept a straight face when I got the listing, but it was easy.

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I thought it was really exciting. It's a beautiful house, but the basement decor really sets it apart and grabs most of the attention.

Hello Neighbor Episode 3 - *Sex Dungeon?*

OK, my friend and I will be right over. While the story was quirky enough to go viral on Friday, the neighbors were none too pleased seeing the attention drawn to their quaint block. Barry Katz walked out of his home, talking on his mobile phone with another neighbor.

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Both wanted to know what the heck was going on and offer their take on the situation, as did Katz's wife who said she'd prefer this situation got no attention at all. When that issue arose, Katz said the owner invited him and the other neighbor into the house, where they saw for the first time the prurient layout of the basement. This is the last thing we want here.


Are you kidding me? Almost immediately after opening the club in its new location, Tallior claims she started receiving harassment from religious neighbors. In a statement to the press, the religious neighbor in question, Laurie Miller, expressed her disgust with the dungeon. They have no vested interest in the quality of life in this community.

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  • The owner of this establishment sounds like a real nut. I guess it all adds up to getting free money to move.

    Armed police swoop on suburban sex dungeon after noise complaints - Telegraph

    It really would depend on the scale of and type, is it a social or pay for play, club, and if it was a residential or mix use area of the neighborhood. I live a block away from a high school. I like teenagers just fine.

    I absolutely hate having their school that close to me and having to deal with all that entails.