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Sparrow's chest tightened. A distraction! Dust Moon must have told him that. Tall Blue would never think of something so ridiculous by himself. For the Earth Thunderer Clan, nothing was more important than seeking guidance from the Spirit World. Including impending warfare Sparrow closed his eyes, grumbled something unpleasant, then gestured to the log. What is it? Tall Blue sat down beside Sparrow, and his young face turned grim.

For five winters, Jumping Badger, the war leader of Walksalong Village, had been terrorizing people for a moon's walk. Curse them and pray they turn on each other instead of us? Earth Thunderer Clan was part of the Turtle Nation. Peaceful hunters and gatherers, the Turtle clans moved their small villages often, following the game, or visiting different root grounds or nut groves.

Their distant relatives, the Bear Nation, saw this as a weakness. They'd started openly attacking Turtle villages, pushing the people farther and farther away from the animals and plants they needed to survive, taking the land for themselves. The Turtle clans had to fight back.

People of the Morning Star: A Novel of North America’s Forgotten Past

And Sparrow had to give them his best advice. He couldn't do that until he'd spoken to his Spirit Helper.

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This was not a matter for human beings. They had done all they could. Only the Spirits could resolve this problem.

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Tall Blue's moccasins crunched the frozen snow at the base of the log. Has your Spirit Helper appeared? The truth had been eating at him. Ordinarily his Helper came to him on the second day of questing. This was the beginning of the fourth day, and he hadn't even—. Idly, Sparrow wondered what would happen if he marched into Earth Thunderer Village and bashed Dust in the head with a war club.

Matron Dust Moon said that right after you've given words in council you can return to your quest.

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Dust had never undertaken a vision quest. She did not know the bitter cold that settled in the soul, or the effect that going without food or water for days had on the body. She could not even imagine the wrenching despair that consumed a Dreamer who feared he might fail. Sparrow wet his chapped lips. They tasted of dried blood and salty tears.

North America's Forgotten Past Series by W. Michael Gear

I know the twisted paths her thoughts take. Wind Mother whistled above Sparrow, and a shower of snowflakes fell from the trees, glittering, onto his white hair and cape. He feebly brushed at them. Not before. Tall Blue nodded dejectedly. I just hope she doesn't come looking for you herself. Blue shrugged out of his pack and pulled it onto the log between them.

As he loosened the laces and began to dig around inside, the sweet scent of roasted corn rose. I'll leave as soon as I've eaten. I've been searching for you since early yesterday. Sparrow's belly groaned at the sweet aroma of corn cakes filled with roasted hickory nuts. It occurred to him that the scent was achingly familiar. He lifted a brow. Tall Blue finished his first cake, and started on a second. Crumbs fell down the front of his cape. Only five nights before she had arrived at his house, and announced that she'd just spoken to a runner who'd told her he'd seen Bear Nation warriors massing—as if preparing for a major attack.

Dust had informed Sparrow that, in this time of uncertainty, he ought to strive to be useful: "Go seek a vision. Your people need good advice. Not the sort of pathetic drivel you usually give. Sparrow slitted one eye and studied Tall Blue.

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First she orders me to seek a vision, then she sends you to interrupt my efforts. What's next? Water hemlock in my food? I have so often heard you speak of the difficulties of the quest: the hunger, the thirst and loneliness. Author tour.

I always love their books. The only thing I wish is a book strictly about Poor Singer and his endeavors. Overall a great read. Something about these books calms my spirit so.

People of the Silence

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