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In a matter of 37 seconds, the OA crawls out and approaches a short-haired blonde woman. We insist on it. To be honest, guys who have aunts who are mediums are pretty common on Grindr. In episode five, we also get treated to an unsettling flashback where Emory Cohen is a stick collector? Roberts is having in Dimension 2 — though Homer and the OA did touch once back in Dimension 1 — and it seems like something the show will revisit. The skin store scene serves another purpose, too. Can you tell we just really want Zal to show up in season three?

Yes, agreed. If we take our own dimension as a model, The OA premiered in December and got renewed in February If not, it feels personal. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile.

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Just like she talked to Old Night, Prairie is now talking to a tree who at first addresses her as Nina. Meanwhile, Karim finds himself in an endless red room with a thousand mirrors and no way out. He smashes a mirror for both of them to escape. TBH, not really. Their car has broken down and they hitch a ride with a passing truck. Everyone seems to be enjoying the new ride, especially the one sin the back of the pickup, as the wind whips through their hair. Considering what we just learned about the wind, is it possibly talking to them?

Roberts in San Francisco.

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Not wanting to be traced, they all smash their phones. A hysterical Steve starts doing the motions in order to try and bring him back, with Buck and then BBA joining in.

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Amy hears the commotion from outside and the group flees. More than likely. Before the episode ends, it sure looks like the mirror behind Rahim vibrates and buzzes, while the light outside their motel room flickers on and off. Karim, now free from the house on Nob Hill, has brought the police back with him to investigate.

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What they find instead is a bunch of dead ends — literally. At the hospital, Karim goes to visit Fola. She is pissed. Karim thinks this explains everything, and that Pierre Ruskin is at fault for luring the kids into the house in the first place, and Fola will hear none of it. She gets up and staggers to a nearby water fountain where she takes a sip and splashes water on her face. Someone has ransacked her place looking for something, but what? This leads her to her keys on a silver tray in the foyer, where she picks up the keychain there. She takes it to Karim, where the two watch it together.

The video of Michelle is incredibly grainy and distorted, and parts of it are hard to make out and trust me, I tried! Prairie can no longer keep her knowledge about Buck and the other dimension a secret. He threatens to call the police and send her back to the Treasure Island clinic, so she storms out. He finds her sitting outside in the backyard, surrounded by crows with a gunshot wound to the head.

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If Prairie and Karim are having a bad days, Homer is having an even worse day. Before Scott can investigate this place anymore, a woman gives him the third movement. Oh, this is not at all what Hap wanted to hear today. Insead, she meets Elodie. So Elodie But Prairie does, and the two begin to talk about traveling.

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Are you ready for this? According to her, events echo in nearby dimensions, and this unfortunately means that Prairie, Hap, and Homer are cosmically connected — like a cosmic family. Elodie says that the only way that Prairie can free Homer now is to free Nina from her subsconscious. While this leaves Prairie slightly confused, across town Karim continues to be pissed. Oh yes, Pierre is a perfectly slimey and creepy role for Kartheiser. Also, Pierre has a surprise for Karim. Leading him into an upstairs bedroom, Pierre has been taking care of the bedridden Michelle.

Karim storms out of the house, but Pierre has more to share. He tells Karim about Dr. This fourth thing was the face of a man, so Pierre brought in a bunch of police sketch artists to try and visualize this man. As Pierre explains, they were all the same face, and whose face might that be? The house is calling him. Speaking of the house, Scott did not fare well inside of it.

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  4. It does, and we see the seed sprout into a flower. Of course Hap eats the flower. Of course the flower has some sort of dimensional power, and as Hap chews on it he hears voices from other dimensions crying out for help. It works. She speaks with a Russian accent and marches right back to the clinic on Treasure Island where she asks to see Hap. Episode 8, "Overview". We have finally arrived at the season finale of The OA Season 2.

    Are you ready for major questions to be answered? Are you ready for even more questions to be raised? Are you buckled in and ready for this? Because it is one hell of a journey with a lot of different moving pieces. Prairie has finally awoken Nina Azarova inside of her, and returns back to the Treasure Island clinic as the latter. The fact that she has returned on her own free will and is standing outside the building smoking worries both Hap and Homer, who are watching her on security cameras inside.

    What they see is a deserted, graffitied building. As this group heads inside, in her dimension, Nina can feel it. Once inside, the group starts searching for something, anything, to try and help Prairie back in her dimension. Steve then shows back up, with a freshly shaven head, and somehow this all clicks for BBA: All along she has been having dreams, thinking she was supposed to be helping her deceased brother, Theo.

    This seems to be all that Homer needs to have his original memories start coming back to him. Unfortunately, there has been a power outage and the backup generator kicks on. This locks Homer in the elevator, as he frantically screams after OA. He remembers! She suggests they drink vodka and discuss business, where Nina then quizzes Hap on their relationship together.

    Nina also explains how she came to work with Hap in the first place. While she and Pierre Ruskin were rebuilding the Nob Hill house, she came to Hap for help since the workers were going crazy inside. The rose window is a portal to seeing the truth, but not many people can actually access it in the first place. She now demands to see what he has been doing all this time with the money she and Ruskin have given him. Downstairs, Homer is still locked in his elevator until Renata comes along and finds him. She asks who he is — is he Homer, or Dr. Hap leads Nina into his other secret lab, the same one Rachel saw in episode 2.

    Back in their dimension, the kids and BBA reach this room at the same time. Outside the court room, Eve and Godwin happen to set eyes on Nyamoya as he is standing in a holding cage waiting to be driven away. The highway patrol officer is an assassin. Nyamoya is handcuffed, trapped - he is shot dead where he stands. The gunman kills Godwin also. And dead she is - we are not spared the brain parts nestling in the puddle of blood oozing from her head. Numb yet composed in her grief at the morgue, Kate reveals to the mortician that though her mother still wears her wedding ring, her father died a long time ago.

    A news item reveals the aftermath of the shooting, with the two would-be assassins and their driver now added to the bodycount, dispatched by the same man, Mr Plan B, who killed Eve and Nyamoya. Alone, they converse obliquely. Later, Alice and Kate meet and she hands him a copy of a photo of her, Michael, Even and her father Ed, who we learned died in a plane crash a week after rescuing Kate from the orphanage.

    Shortly afterwards, Alice is met by police and arrested. She has been expecting them. This is what had been set up.