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In the process, the program has given scientists a fresh perspective on the findings. In fact, amateur renderings of JunoCam images have been reproduced in scientific papers. Using computer simulations of the structure of the universe, Diemer and Facio build solid models using three-dimensional printing that show how filaments of gas and dark matter connect massive clusters of galaxies — what astronomers call the cosmic web. With the aid of a specialized loom, they have also created woven installations nearly the size of a van that visualize the interconnectivity of the cosmic web.

As datasets in astronomy become ever larger and combine measurements from many types of telescopes, new techniques are necessary to grapple with the immensity of information.

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Drawing on principles from art to create scientific visualizations, astronomers are able to see their work with a new perspective and, perhaps more crucially, share their discoveries with other scientists more clearly than with traditional techniques. It really does enhance discovery science.

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The items discussed in this article are so exciting! Nearly three decades ago when I was director of Hanson Planetarium in Salt Lake City, a group of us attempted to lead our planetarium into becoming an interactive science center type of facility with a science-art focus. With my departure the planetarium took a different route, but the science-art effort continued to become The Leonardo, located in the old public library building in Salt Lake City.

So now, in this article, we see how illuminating the connection of science and art can be toward human comprehension of the cosmos.

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Readers are invited to check out The Leonardo to see how well it is achieving its intended mission. Your email address will not be published. Previous Article. Next Article.

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He would have "seen" what astronomy is all about! But this is a diversion I really did complete Ken's challenge.

Star clusters are not my favourite objects to sketch, because many have WAY too many stars to plot. However, I almost always sketch the lesser-known clusters if they have fewer than stars. But again, sketching makes you look.

Star clusters are filled with interesting detail. Ken mentioned that I should look at the colours of the stars. Most of the colours I see in star clusters are the red giants.

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Most star clusters have these hanging around - these are generally the brightest stars, and if you look closely, they are indeed red! The double cluster in Perseus has an over-sprinkling of them, for example. The other stars are harder to see colours in, except for the brightest star clusters, such as the beautiful blue stars of the Pleiades, or the brilliant electric blue-white of the O-type stars in the alpha Persei cluster.

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Most of the red giants are also low amplitude variable stars! Star clusters are also full of double stars of all descriptions - close and wide. I almost always find interesting doubles, and if these are bright, they usually have some colour.

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Doubles and general star grouping patterns give every cluster its own character! That's the fun part about observing clusters - they all have different character. Use two or three pencils of varying softness to depict different objects. I find a sharp 2B is ideal for drawing on stars while a softer, slightly blunt, 3B is better suited to sketching diffuse nebulae, galaxies and clusters.

Sketches of Astronomical Objects

Always start by drawing a few of the brightest stars. With a gentle rub, use your little finger or a tortillion to create the smooth diffuse appearance of objects like galaxies or nebulae. Take your time. Be sure to constantly go back and forth, between the eyepiece and the sketchpad, to check your sketch with what you can see. Credit Will Gater A sketch of the globular cluster M One comment Wonderful sketches! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.