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It is infuriating. That will not happen. This person is ratings gold and going nowhere.

We'll always have the sticky notes

There will always be a date where a musical act serenades the couple, who pretend to be big fans and awkwardly dance. But it also shows those competing to be fully bought-in to this strange endeavor, having internalized its procedures. They are students of the game and — make no mistake — they are playing to win. But that chain might be about to break: About half the 31 men competing for Ms. Their crumpled, mascara-stained faces provided a canny meditation on the pressure that American culture places on women to prove their worthiness for marriage and, ultimately, love.

Hannah is eager to share her feelings with Jed, but she's having trouble opening up. But her metaphorical walls come down with him at dinner. She tells Jed she's falling in love with him.

Bachelorette Hannah Cried at Art Before Sending Mike Home

But how does she know?! Hannah says that earlier in the day when they were dancing, he kicked up his heels and she tried to follow but screwed up.

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He told her they'd do it again, and in that moment she was laughing and everything around her was spinning. Ugh, this is adorable, controversy be damned.

Who Is Tyler Cameron, Vying for Hannah Brown's Heart on The Bachelorette?

Do we even have to say it? Of course he gets the rose. What you missed last week: Naked bungee-jumping, Luke offers to forgive 'boneheaded mistake'. Hannah's second one-on-one date of the episode is with Tyler. Calm down. I went horseback riding one time. They have trouble getting their horses to move how they want. Hannah tells Tyler he needs to man up after he starts gagging on pickled herring they get from a food stand.

Hannah encourages him to open up and he delivers vulnerability on a silver platter at dinner: They talk about his parents' divorce and how his dad lost everything when the market crashed. Tyler's biggest fear is failing at marriage. Hannah tells him she can relate. Her parents are still together but they don't communicate the way she wants to in her own marriage. This is definitely awkward if they're watching at home.

Meet the Man Who’s Been Spoiling ‘The Bachelor’ for Four Years

As we've seen before, vulnerability is rewarded: Tyler receives a rose. Mike is getting the last one-on-one and Connor remember the sticky notes? He goes to see Hannah and tells her he was disappointed to see his name wasn't on that final date card. You know what, Connor? So are we. Ugh: Hannah goes to the emergency room; Luke P.

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They try their hands at drawing each other. Seems suspicious but perhaps, he saved up his last to years of athletic eligibility for a rainy day. Call it what it is Tyler! There is no shame in holding a job. Also, he lists representation from three different modeling agencies. How on earth does he have the time to do it all? Musica Zoolander Zoolander2. The profile also shows a number of his modeling shots. In most of the photos, he is topless and making a vacant expression that makes him appear as though he just passed gas.


Even if he does look silly in his pictures, there is no denying that he is hot. Fear not dear reader; Tyler is not a heathen. It is also just a generally lovely message. This also bodes well for Hannah who claims Jesus is her everything.

It would not work for her with someone who did not have the same beliefs, at least not in the long term. Perhaps their faith will give this relationship a bit of real gravity.