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But we are also citizens of the kingdom of God, that invisible kingdom of which Christ is the head. Everyone who truly believes in Jesus Christ is now your spiritual brother or sister. This is one reason why you are never alone if you know Christ. Some people are very focused, using all their energies to reach their goals. Others drift through life with little purpose or direction, living for the moment and never thinking about where they are headed. Most people probably live somewhere in between.

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But they all have this in common: They are living only for themselves and their own happiness. But when we come to Christ, God gives us a new purpose. Now we want to live for Christ and not just ourselves. God has provided His Spirit to help us. Once we were headed for hell; now we are headed for heaven. Once we were bound for eternal separation from God; now we live with Him forever.

Once we had no hope of eternal life; now we do.

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One day all our burdens will be cast aside, and we will be with Christ forever. Before us is a new destiny when we belong to Him. Remember: When we come to Christ, God gives us a whole new life: a new relationship, a new relationship, a new citizenship, a new family, a new purpose, a new power, a new destiny. The Christian life is a new journey — one that will take us the rest of our lives. Your email address will not be published but you will receive our next BGEA ministry update. You can opt out of future emails at any time. Praise God for a shepherd like the Rev.

Billy Graham, who like Moses for years has been toiling diligently to lead those who are broken and held in bondage and captivity to freedom. May God continue to strengthen and bless you in Jesus name. I like these 7 steps. It gives me an idea of where to go with my study. But, most of all is the love and the soldiers in Gods growing army persistently sharing their beliefs. It gives me strength along with the strength the lord provides. Thank you for sharing. God bless. A wonderful explanation about a new beginning,knowing our purpose in Christ Jesus.

This teaching will be used by me to be able to teach during the invocations of the government officials in our town.

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We are living our lives for Christ nothing else. Our well considered opinions should praise lift the name of God. As paul wrote various letters to Corinthians,phillipines and galasians, our actions and tendencies should be like a readable letter to those we minister to. The seven steps are vital for all person who want to turn from they way of life and lead and live a new life in Christ. I urge all person who does know the Lord Jesus Christ to take this opportunity to have a personal encounter with Jesus by way of the seven steps.

Greetings in Jesus name. I write to say a big thank you to God for your life and ministry. I want to say that you have been a great source of blessing to me and family spiritually. We pray that the good Lord to always be with you and encourage you himself,your labor of love will not go unrewarded.

God bless you. I backslid but now I want to start a new in Christ.

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The greatest to happen to one is his newness with Christ and his relationship with his God. I am a born-again Christian. My son gave his life to Christ yesterday. Please help me on how to help him live a holy life even if he will be going to a Bible believing church. Thank you. He is 17 yrs old. Wooowww awesome God , God who change lives, God who give new life, new hope and always gives us new. A new beginning a message that we all need to start the right. Thanks to Rev. The word of God is ever settled. We can sustain our faith when we acknowledge the seven steps to a New Beginning.

May The Almighty Bless our soul in Jesus name. Thanks to God the father, son and the Holy ghost for this message. I am truly blessed and refreshed by it. I have a new relationship with God, new citizenship, new family, new power, new purpose, new destiny, new journey. Father I thank you for this message. A relationship with a separated man who ended it left me hurt and depressed. This is a very beautiful message. I pray that God will continue to move you and your ministry one degree of glory to the other.

I was grew up in a Christian home and went to church every week, but the sermons were way over my head at the time.

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Now I know and understand the messages but I always like to go back to the beginning and make sure I am living a Godly life. This is how I came across this site. Thank you for breaking it down to understandable steps. All thanks to God and Christ Jesus for this new life which He has given to us without limit and boundaries, I am really blessed by this message. Thank you for the revelation for new beginning. The seven points are powerful and real to every genuinely born-again child of God.

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When it is new, it is new indeed. There should be no trace of old. I earnestly pray to God to make all things new in my own time and beyond. In Jesus name, amen. You will then receive monthly emails. Now I know that I have a new life, destiny and family. Thank you for my eternal life, even divine life. Great are you oh Lord. I am blessed with this word. Giving online is simple and secure. Signing up enables you to set up a recurring donation or tithe, view your history of contributions, print giving statements, and manage your giving.

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Text any amount to Your credit card, and not your phone bill, will be charged. Five during our Sunday offering time or mail a gift to our main offices. Mailed gifts can be sent to the following address:. Tithing is giving the first fruits of what you have to God. Tithing Is More Than Giving. Father, you are an abundant giver. There is nothing that I have that you have not given me.

The way of your kingdom is the way of generosity. Help me to honor you with my resources. Free me from the deceit of riches. Lead me on the path of generosity. For your glory, Lord, for the abundance of my own life and for the sake of others.

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