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A degree from a university outside of Germany and a passion for research are mandatory. We give you the chance to gain knowledge in different aspects of current research. From Economics to Polymer Science, we allow you to broaden your academic and professional skills. Navigation Service navigation Deutsch English. Finding scholarships I am from Australia. I am from Germany. Further options. DAAD funding programmes only. Advanced search. Finding scholarship. July An eight-legged German designer roams about Australia DAAD-Australia Please find details below:. Professor Mukherjee is the son of Indian immigrants and born in the Rhineland.

Since and with a reappointment in , Prof. June Apply now for our Postdoctoral Researchers' Networking Tour! Funding is also available for travel allowance. More information available at www. Are you worried about how to obtain the necessary proof of German language proficiency?

Please email us on onset. See you in Brisbane! May The programme features rarely performed works for four strings by Albrechtsberger, Hoffmeister, Angerer and Haydn. It operates in partnership with Piano Project, a Melbourne charity that provides piano lessons for children from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

All of the profits from Tempo Rubato go to Piano Project. The festival is a fantastic celebration of German culture and filmmaking.

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The simplest electric car in the world The days of over-elaborate technology are past. Now it's all about minimalist tech that is frugal and straightforward — such as DIY cars that don't need air conditioning or heating. We look at the simplest electric car in the world. Expert Interview -- Rare diseases He speaks with In Good Shape's Dr.

Carsten Lekutat about the difficulties patients with rare diseases face, as well as new diagnostic techniques. Toxic caterpillar infestation plagues Germany Armed with flame torches and special vacuum cleaners, towns across Germany are trying to fight back against a plague of oak processionary caterpillars. Their hair can cause painful rashes and even trigger asthma attacks. German cockroach gaining rapid resistance to insecticides Researchers say the findings mean it will become impossible to exterminate the common cockroach with chemicals alone. Female cockroaches have dozens of offspring in a three-month reproductive cycle.

Should amateurs play sports in a heatwave? Incidences of professional athletes collapsing while performing seem to have become all too common of late. But in the wake of Europe's heatwave, how should the rest of us get our outdoor exercise? Germany records all-time hottest June temperature The last day of June has beaten all previous temperature highs for the month. Heat-related deaths have been reported in several European countries. Germany: Rare red panda cub born in Halle Zoo officials in the eastern German city of Halle Saale announced Sunday that a red panda cub was born in a protected litter box earlier this month.

The unnamed cub is being looked after by his mother Cherry. The energy of waves - can we use it? The oceans and their waves could be a huge source of energy. Many have tinkered with the technology needed to harness this power. Up to now, it has been difficult. What new ideas could help us capture the energy of waves? Calming noise — why the sound of waves is so relaxing They break day and night - and it's been that way for millions of years.

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The rigid disc has a valve hole fluidly communicated with the path. The soft disc is deposited on the rigid disc and is relatively softer than the rigid disc. The spring biases the discs in one direction so that the discs close the path. When the vehicle is driving at high speed, both the rigid disc and the soft disc are opened by fluid passed through the path, and when at low speed, only the soft disc is opened by the fluid. A vehicle suspension device includes the check valve.

PURPOSE: A drying method of a drum-type washing machine is provided to decrease the power consumption and to improve the reliability of the product by rotating the drum and drying the laundry in the condition that the blowing hole is opened without using blowing fan and heater. PURPOSE: An apparatus and a method for controlling light and darkness of an image display device are provided to discriminate the pixel ratio by constant areas and then control the effective brightness ratio.

When a user selects a brightness control command, a pixel ratio discriminating member divides the image signal by setting bands and discriminates the pixel ratio by regions. A control member performs the control of the brightness ratio according to the pixel distribution by regions discriminated through the pixel ratio discriminating member. A brightness control member controls the corresponding brightness according to the control command of the control member. PURPOSE: A sesame crusher is provided to easily crush sesame by using a cylindrical crushing roller and second crushing projections protruded on both ends of the crushing roller.

PURPOSE: A method and a system for controlling an incoming call according to the location of a destination terminal are provided to guarantee privacy of a user by controlling reception of the call, made by an originating terminal, according to the location of the destination terminal. The reception control server periodically receives and stores location information of the destination terminal , and when the destination terminal is currently located at home and a call setup request signal is transmitted from an originating terminal to a private phone number of the destination terminal , the termination control server generates a signal for informing that call has been successfully set up between the destination terminal and the origination terminal and transmits it.

When the current location information of the destination terminal is home location information and a call setup request signal is transmitted from an originating terminal to a company phone number of the destination terminal , the destination control server generates a signal for informing that call setup has been failed between the destination terminal and the originating terminal, and transmits it to a mobile communication network. PURPOSE: A compact haptic device is provided to cause no interference with a body of a user in case that the user wears the haptic device by being received compactly while having a wide working space, and enable the user to easily move in a state wearing the haptic device while reducing weight of the haptic device.

A rotational joint is pivotally connected to the wearing tool. An arm 10 is connected to the rotational joint, and selectively expanded or shrunk while performing linear movement. A handle 12 is installed to an end of the arm. A controller 80 has a function transmitting information for a position and a direction generated by operating the handle, and the function controlling the arm to make the user detect force by receiving a calculation result of the force and torque from the computer.

The arm includes multiple links, multiple pulleys, a cable for linking each link performing the linear movement, and a driver extending or shrinking the arm by making one link perform the linear movement. The insulating layer is planarized until the nitride layer is exposed to the outside. An etching process is performed on the nitride layer and the insulating layer. Then, the remaining nitride layer is removed therefrom.

A gate oxide layer 23 and a floating gate conductive layer 24 are sequentially formed on the resultant structure and planarized. The insulating layer is partially removed to increase an effective area of the floating gate conductive layer. An ONO layer 25 and a capping conductive layer 26 are formed thereon. The ONO layer and the capping conductive layer are selectively removed from the resultant structure by using dry or wet etching. When the image sum obtained in the second range is greater than "0", the PDIC is turned on When the image sum obtained in the second range is subtracted from the image sum obtained in the first range and an absolute value of the subtracted image intensity value is "0", the PDIC captures an image , When the image sum obtained in the second range is less than "0", the PDIC is turned off , PURPOSE: A cooking apparatus and a heating cooking method are provided to bake a cake efficiently by forming two heating units in a cover and a bottom, and to prevent the cake from being dried, burned or half-cooked by controlling temperature with a temperature sensor, setting heating time and detecting dough.

The control unit stops heating by the bottom heating unit temporarily in case that temperature of food is the first predetermined temperature by heating food with the bottom heating unit, increases temperature by residual heat to the second predetermined temperature, and controls heating of the bottom heating unit and the cover heating unit according to temperature from the cooker sensor or the cover sensor, the second predetermined temperature and the third predetermined temperature. The control unit, a timer 9 , an alarm unit 11 and a decision unit are formed by combining electronic components such as a microcomputer and a piezoelectric element.

Said separation into states of polarisation is used in separation of QoS-classes. PURPOSE: A method for forming a wear-resistant coating layer of good quality at a low temperature so that damage due to thermal strain or thermal shock is not occurred on a matrix, and a method for forming a coating layer with high resistance to thermal fatigue cracking by providing a composite coating comprising metals and ceramics with high thermal conductivities are provided. Disclosed herein are cell cultures comprising definitive endoderm cells and methods of producing the same.

Also disclosed herein are cell populations comprising substantially purified definitive endoderm cells as well as methods for enriching, isolating and purifying definitive endoderm cells from other cell types. Some preferred compositions include a lubricating agent that contains water insoluble lubricating polymer particles and a blend of two or more water soluble polymers having different molecular weights. The invention is also directed to methods of shaving in which a shaving composition of the present invention is applied to an area of skin, then said area is shaved, preferably with a wet razor.

A system for repositioning teeth comprises a plurality of individual appliances. The appliances are configured to be placed successively on the patient's teeth and to incrementally reposition the teeth from an initial tooth arrangement, through a plurality of intermediate tooth arrangements, and to a final tooth arrangement. The system of appliances is usually configured at the outset of treatment so that the patient may progress through treatment without the need to have the treating professional perform each successive step in the procedure.

PURPOSE: An inductor is provided to reduce an overall volume of an electronic apparatus by reducing a size and a thickness of the inductor. The ferrite core has a side wall. The coil is wound around the ferrite core. The terminal structure is electrically connected to the coil. The terminal sustain has a setaceous structure, and includes a first surface 20 , a bonding surface, and a second surface Side portions of the first surface and the bonding surface are attached to each other.

The second surface is elongated along the side portion and electrically connected to a circuit board. A viscous structure is formed between the terminal structure and the ferrite core. A viscous agent is applied on the viscous structure. The viscous structure is a through-hole having a recess. PURPOSE: A semiconductor memory device having a bit line over driving scheme is provided to improve operation characteristics of the semiconductor memory device, by preventing power noise of a core voltage line. An over driver p2 transfers a power supply voltage to the normal driver in response to an over driving pulse.

A switching unit p1 controls the connection of the over driver and a core voltage port in response to the inversion signal of the over driving pulse. PURPOSE: A method for updating presence service information in a heterogeneous network environment by using a presence network agent is provided to provide a presence service without separate additional data by transmitting information by using an existing option field for an L2 extension setup message. The terminal receives an IP address from the access node of the previous air interface by using the established tunnel.

The present information of the terminal is transmitted to a PNA Presence Network Agent by using the established tunnel. PURPOSE: A method and a system for keeping a constant distribution quantity of digital contents, and a recording medium for realizing the same are provided to emboss a scarcity value of the digital contents, and make prevention of illegal copy and protection of a copyright more effective by endowing the scarcity value to the digital contents.

A content server sets a transfer frequency and a use term of the content file, transfers the content file to a user client by receiving a transfer request signal for the content file, and calculates the remaining transfer frequency by offsetting the frequency of performed transfer of the content file. In case that the file transfer frequency is reached to the transfer frequency set to the content file, the content server stops transfer of the content file. In the case that the expired content file is present among the transferred content files, the content server calculates the remaining transfer frequency by adding the number of expired content files.

PURPOSE: An edge light type backlight unit and a display device adopting the same are provided to eliminate the need of a space for mixing color lights, thereby reducing the thickness of the backlight unit, by mixing the color lights within a light emitting diode package having multiple light emitting diodes. The light guiding plate guides the light to a display panel for forming an image.

The light source unit is disposed on at least one surface of the light guiding plate. The light source unit is formed by mounting a plurality of multi-chip light emitting diode packages 70 on a printed circuit board Each of the multi-chip light emitting diodes packages light emitting diodes 70a,70b,70c , which emit the light having at least two wavelength regions. PURPOSE: An equipment for centering a drop sleeve of a charging car in a coke oven is provided to block exhaust of gas and flame by centering the drop sleeve correspondingly to position of a charging hole, thereby accurately and closely adhering the drop sleeve to a charging hole of the coke oven.

PURPOSE: A door of a refrigerator is provided to mount one side periphery of a front panel on a mounting channel of a display case fixed in an adiabatic layer to securely install the front panel. The front panel forms a front surface. The case has a mounting channel exposed to a front surface of the front panel and on which a periphery of the front panel is mounted. The first and second side ornament bars are installed along both end peripheries of the front panel. The upper and lower ornament caps are installed along upper and lower end peripheries of the front panel to form upper and lower surfaces.

The door liner is installed opposite to the front panel to form a rear surface. Described is a mechanism for enabling an application operating as a web application to transition to a client-side application without impacting a user' interaction with the application. The progressive installation transitions through three states: a start-up state, a demand state, and an install state.

During the s art-up state, a subset of components associated with the application is downloaded a d stored in a local data store. The subset is sufficient to allow execution of the application in a manner similar to a web application. During the demand state, additional resources associated with the application are downloaded. Transitioning from the demand state to the installed state occurs without impacting a user's interaction with the application. The transition may occur autonomously bas d on the number of additional resources stored in the local data store or upon an external trigger.

The present systems and methods disclose a system for personalizing computer functionality. End-users are provided with tools to easily write rich and complex preferences, for example, by using a plurality simple IF-THEN propositional logic. The preferences are then transformed into queries and executed efficiently on structured data. Preferences that are satisfied then execute actions such as providing notification or storing data in a particular folder.

Furthermore, according to an aspect of the invention, data, logic, events, inter alia, are all schematized, thereby enabling sharing of data between application components and across applications. The invention relates to a cleaning device that is designed to clean the external surfaces of a motor vehicle.

Said device comprises a nozzle with an outlet opening that is directed towards the surface to be cleaned. The cleaning medium is supplied via a feed line and reaches the surface to be cleaned in the form of a jet. In certain cases, the cleaning action is not sufficient, especially in the case of deep-seated dirt. To guarantee a reliable cleaning action, the outlet opening of the nozzle is configured as a slot and forms part of a channel that is provided on the outlet end of the nozzle.

The cleaning medium emerges as a flat film of liquid, which covers the surface to be cleaned as soon as it emerges from the outlet opening. The channel allows the cleaning medium to be supplied uniformly to the slot-shaped outlet opening. Even stubborn, deep-seated dirt can thus be removed without difficulty. The cleaning device can be used to clean the glass of external rear-view mirrors, side windows of the motor vehicle, headlights, tail lights, camera lenses or similar. There is provided a 3-dimensional image display device or the like capable of reducing lengthy calculations and rapidly acquiring an optimal control image to be recorded in an optical wave front control unit.

The 3-dimensional image display device displays a 3-dimensional image by applying illumination light to an optical wave front control unit recording a control image. The 3-dimensional image display device includes a control image optimization unit for calculating 3-dimensional images corresponding to control images according to a constraint condition unique to the optical wave front control unit, selecting a control image corresponding to a 3-dimensional image satisfying a predetermined condition from the control images, and recording the selected control image in the optical wave front control device.

PURPOSE: A system and a method for using game contents are provided to convert game content information selected from the game contents executed in a mobile terminal into a format executable in the mobile terminal of other mobile terminals and offer the converted game content information to the mobile terminal of other users. The content manager converts the game content information into the mobile contents usable in the receiver mobile terminal by linking with a mobile terminal information inquirer 50 and a content converter 30 , and transmits a content download message to the receiver mobile terminal by linking with a content message transmitter A content storing part stores and manages the converted contents by linking with the content manager.

PURPOSE: A tape with an honest article confirming function and a manufacturing method thereof are provided to prevent forgery by attaching the tape on the mails, bank bills, securities, and identification cards. PURPOSE: A composite type portable terminal is provided to properly place a hinge so that a combined shape of existing slide type and folder type main bodies can be possible, thereby enabling a customer to have a huge selection by accepting desires by design and taste of the customer. The hinge unit is installed in the outer surface of an upper end of the lower main body The hinge unit includes a guide part which is combined in the outer side of the upper main body so as to be guided by the hinge unit In case that the receiver side image forming device is able to forward and send an email, at least one of a forwarding or email sending request bit is set to a request signal S At least one of a phone number and an email address of the target image forming device is set to a forward frame S The request signal, the forward frame, and facsimile data are transmitted to the receiver side image forming device S The receiver side image forming device forwards the facsimile data to at least one of the phone number and the email address of the target image forming device set to the forward frame according to the forward and email transmission request bit set to the request signal S PURPOSE: A method and a system for offering a go-stop game service switching a game money distribution mode are provided to offer a game money obtaining rule capable of inducing interest and tension of a gamer joined in a go-stop game.

A mode switching module switches the game money distributing mode in case that the mode switching gauge is over a predetermined threshold. A game advancing module sets a bet and a target score, and provides the game including at least two rounds to the gamer according to the mode switching of the mode switching module.

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In the case that the accumulated score of a winner attains the target score by calculating the score and the accumulated score of the winner for each round, the game advancing module gives the bet to the winner. PURPOSE: A hot water cock for water purifier, comprising a rotary knob structure connected to a vertical structure and a horizontal rod structure to maintain the pressurized state even after releasing of an opening-and-closing lever by pressurizing and rotating a rotatable rotation knob at the same time, is provided.

PURPOSE: A method for manufacturing a thin film transistor substrate is provided to reduce the leakage of current, thereby suppressing afterimage on a display screen, by removing the lower metal layer of a data wiring through dry etching. The third and second data metal layers are selectively etched using a photoresist pattern formed on the third data metal layer.

The first data metal layer and the semiconductor layer are selectively etched using the photoresist pattern. Herein, a portion of the photoresist pattern, which corresponds to a channel region of the semiconductor layer, is removed. The third and second data metal layers are etched selectively using the remaining photoresist pattern.

The first data metal layer is selectively removed using the remaining photoresist pattern, thereby exposing the channel region of the semiconductor layer. PURPOSE: A key input recognizing apparatus and method are provided to allow a user to input keys in a short time by using a multi-function in order to quickly execute each function corresponding to the key input.

When the arbitrary key input is checked, a multi-function corresponding to the key input and the arbitrary key is performed , An AS transcodes different codecs between the origination and destination terminals , The electrode is made of nano-silver material. The apparatus includes a protective film formed by pallet coating. The electrode has a thickness below 0. The protective film has a thickness of 0. The electrode is formed by a silk screen method.

An electrode circuit is formed on an upper surface of the substrate. A heat release body is formed on a lower surface of the substrate. An LED is directly attached to an upper surface of the heat release body in each through-hole of the substrate. A wire connects the electrode circuit to the LED. A lens is formed on the upper portion of the substrate.

A transmission layer is applied to each through-hole of the substrate as enclosing it and made of a transmission resin including a phosphor inside. PURPOSE: A dish for sliced raw fish is provided to maintain freshness of the sliced raw fish for a long time by ice or drinks received in a primary and secondary space part formed in the dish, and to improve the beauty of the dish by a radiating layer covered in the dish. In the primary space part, water is received to be frozen. PURPOSE: A system for offering order processing information and a computer terminal for executing an email received from the same are provided to enable a customer to check the order processing information such as settlement, delivery, and return of ordered goods in real-time by using the email.

An order processing information receiver receives the order processing information inputted from an order processing information input terminal An order processing information processor generates and stores the order processing information to the database based on the received order processing information, or updates the stored order processing information. An email processor generates the email including an execution code for displaying the order processing information to a screen by synchronizing with the corresponding order processing information, and transmits the email to an orderer terminal PURPOSE: An ink-jet image forming apparatus and a method for compensating a missing nozzle are provided to improve compensating effect by regulating the arrangement of a compensating nozzle spraying ink of low brightness and chroma.

The ink used for compensating has lower brightness and chroma than the ink sprayed from the missing nozzle. PURPOSE: A solder reflow apparatus capable of preventing generation of dendrites and intermetallic compounds in cooling process after melting lead-free solder balls, improving adhesion of the lead-free solder balls, preventing deformation and electrical sort-circuit of the lead-free solder balls and improving reliability of a semiconductor package to which the lead-free solder balls are applied is provided.

The cooling part further comprises: openings formed on both sidewalls of the cooling water tank such that the transfer belt and the semiconductor product passes through the openings; a pump installed under the cooling water tank to supply cooling water into the cooling water tank; a cooling water inlet formed on an outer portion of the cooling water tank adjacently to the opening; and a cooling water inflow pipe for connecting the cooling water inlet and the pump.

PURPOSE: A selectively receiving method using an ARS Automatic Response System and a communication device for supporting the same are provided to allow a user to selectively receive a call without increasing a load on a communication network. The callee activates a selective reception function.

When a call connection request is inputted by a caller, a terminal or an MSC Mobile Switching Center automatically initiates a call, transmits a voice announcement signal and requests the caller to input the particular key. Transmission data of the caller is analyzed, and when the caller has inputted the particular key, the callee is informed of the call reception, whereas if there is no response from the caller or an erroneous key is inputted, the terminal or MSC automatically transmits a call termination announcement signal and terminates the call. When a call of the callee is not initiated for a certain time after the caller has inputted the particular key and a call reception signal is transmitted to the terminal of the callee, the terminal or MSC automatically transmits a re-call request announcement signal and terminates the call.

A storing part stores the additional information to the searched area. An additional information manager locates the additional information by using signature and a checksum of the stored additional information. If it is determined that the checked entry is an empty area by checking whether the directory entry before or after the directory entry in a used state is empty, the additional information manager checks whether the signature for the additional information exists in the empty area, and checks a changed state of the checksum of the information if the signature exists.

If the checksum is not changed, the additional information manager determines that the added information is found. PURPOSE: Provided is a foldable coat hanger having a body, two supporting bars, and a rotating loop, thereby hanging clothes without drooping the clothes by unfolding two supporting bars in a twisted spring. First and second supporting bars 20,20' are engaged to the body in foldable and unfoldable manners, and are connected to each other by a twisted spring for supporting a coat.

A rotating loop 14 is engaged to the supporting bars for fixedly hanging on a hanger bar. A pair of holders 16,16' protrude from both end portions of the body. A pair of velcro tapes are mounted on both surfaces of the supporting bars. Adjuvant having an adjuvant capacity superior to those of conventional adjuvants and capable of effecting protective reactions over strains. This adjuvant has been developed on the basis of the finding that a double stranded RNA for example, Poly I:C when used in combination with a subunit antigen unexpectedly has the above capability.

Thus, there is provided a vaccine for mucosal administration, comprising a double stranded RNA A and, as a pathogen, a subunit antigen or inactivated antigen B. The communication system according to the present invention is made up of: a connected communication terminal 1 to which communication is requested; a connecting communication terminal 3 that requests a communication with the connected communication terminal 1 ; a session management server 4 that manages sessions between the communication terminals; a trigger server 5 that transmits, to the connected communication server 1 , the request made by the session management server 4 ; and routers 6 and 7 that relay between the connecting communication terminal 3 and the connected communication terminal 1 , and a network 2.

In the system, the connected communication terminal 1 holds a permission list L that is a list of communication terminals to which connection is permitted, and the session management server 4 judges, with reference to the permission list L , whether or not the communication between the connected communication terminal 1 and the connecting communication terminal 3 is permitted.

PURPOSE: A method for regenerating waste paper by means of a collector is provided to add collecting agents containing the fatty acid into the existing de-inking agent.

A collector is projected into a flotation cell. A reject discharged from the flotation cell is removed. The remaining waste paper within the flotation cell is dispersed so that the paper is manufactured. The de-inking agent of 0. The collector of 0. PURPOSE: Catalytic nanoparticles of a composite layer capable of finally accomplishing coloring of such articles as polymers while maintaining catalytic activity, which are prepared by coating a white porous layer on the active catalytic particles after preparing active catalytic particles from active metal oxides, additives comprising the catalytic nanoparticles, and polymers comprising the additives are provided.

The FeOx constituent is supported onto nano-sized TiO2. PURPOSE: Provided is a bulk mold compound composition, which has excellent dispersibility, surface roughness, dimensional stability, thermal stability and flame resistance, and is useful for producing electric materials and building materials.

The shaft 15 includes an outer surface, a proximal end part at which the handle 19 is positioned, a distal end part having more than two inflatable units in contact with the outer surface, and more than one conduit to connect a pressurized medium to at least one of more than two inflatable units. At least one of the more than two inflatable units is positioned at a first side of an anastomosis and the other one is positioned at a second side. PURPOSE: Provided are a method for preparing a functional barley bud pill by using a barley bud, a green tea water and a her medicine material, and a functional barley bud pill prepared by the method which is improved in taste and functionality.

The functional barley bud pill is mixed with L of a green tea water per 10 kg of the mixture. PURPOSE: An output control system for a multi grid connected generation device is provided to prevent deterioration of power generation efficiency and disorder of the power generation device due to output suppression as protection function operation by preventing generation of over voltage through the output control of the individual power generation device. An output control unit 24 is connected to the power converter 22 and controls output. A power generation unit communication part 25 is connected to the output control unit 24 and has a communication function.

A power generation load unit 20 includes the AC load 23 connected to the power converter A measuring circuit 31 measures voltage, current, power, power-factor, and harmonic wave of a system for controlling the output of the power converter A command controller 33 provides a command to the output control unit 24 to control total output voltage. A time synchronizing unit 35 generates and provides synchronizing time to the command controller A command control unit 30 has a command unit communication unit 34 to transmit and receive signals with the power generation unit communication part A concentric ring ESD structure 10 includes a first p-type region 16 and a second p-type region 19 formed in a layer of semiconductor material The two p-type regions 16, 19 are coupled together with a floating n-type buried layer The first and second p-type regions 16, 19 form a back-to-back diode structure with the floating n-type buried layer A pair of shorted n- type , and p-type , contact regions is formed in each of the first and second regions 16, An isolation region 17, 32 is formed between the first and second p-type regions 16, PURPOSE: A semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method are provided to simplify manufacturing processes by connecting a gate electrode with an active region using a silicide layer.

A first gate electrode is formed from the first active region to the third active region on the resultant structure. A second gate electrode is formed from the second active region to the fourth active region on the resultant structure. A silicide layer a,b,c is then formed on the resultant structure to connect electrically the first gate electrode with the second and the fourth active regions. PURPOSE: A cold air supply mechanism of a refrigerator vegetable box is provided to uniformly cool foods stored in a drawer type storage box by supplying uniform temperature and amount of cold air.

The cover covers an opened upper surface of a drawer type storage box. The inlet port has an opening formed at one side of the upper surface of the cover. The discharge port has an opening formed at a lower surface of the cover. The flow rate adjustment device has a handle formed at an outer side of the cover, and a blocking plate for blocking the inlet port. The duct has one end in communication with a communication hole of a barrier, and the other end in communication with the inlet port. PURPOSE: A head portion of a head massager for health is provided to massage a user's head by using plural massage bosses, while a medicinal liquid is discharged from a medicinal liquid discharge hole.

A cap receiving stepped portion 26 has plural massage bosses 24 having a medicinal liquid discharge hole 25 formed on a front of the head portion. A cap 30 is engaged to the cap receiving stepped portion. The present invention relates to a cutting tool arrangement and a tool 10 for chip removing machining. The cutting tool arrangement comprises a tool 10 , fastening means as well as a shank The tool is a one-piece unit. The axial channel 34 is of non-circular cross-section to provide a key grip. An end of the axial channel 34 comprises material at least partly blocking the axial channel.

The present invention provides dynamic pool sharing to allow subnets , with DHCP servers to borrow IP addresses when subnet capacity requirements reach preexisting limits and assign the IP addresses to DHCP clients , , Specifically, the network relies on adjacent subnets to share IP addresses so DHCP clients , , coupled to mobile devices remain coupled to a wireless network. A home subnet subnets , requests pool sharing with adjacent subnets subnets , and selects a candidate among the adjacent subnets subnets , The home subnet subnets , then negotiates the selected candidate with the DHCP client , , The composition achieves high-efficiency removal of such material s in the manufacture of integrated circuitry without adverse effect on metal species on the substrate, such as copper, and without damage to SiOC-based dielectric materials employed in the semiconductor architecture.

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  • A substrate processing system 10 includes a processing chamber 14 and a plasma source 68 located external to the chamber. A conduit 77 connects the plasma source to an interior region of the chamber to provide a reactive species to the chamber interior for cleaning interior surfaces of the chamber. A shower head 17 , disposed between the plasma source and an interior region of the chamber, can serve as an electrode and also can serve as a gas distribution mechanism.

    The shower head includes a surface treatment, such as a non-anodized aluminum outer layer, an electro-polished surface of bare aluminum, or a fluorine-based protective outer layer. The surface-treated shower head improves the rate of removal of materials deposited on the interior surfaces of the chamber during cleaning, reduces contamination of substrates during processing, and provides more efficient use of the power source used for heating the substrate during processing.

    PURPOSE: An apparatus and a method for inputting the Korean alphabet by means of a direction key are provided to produce vowels and consonants of the Korean alphabet corresponding to the input of the direction key. A key pulse generator 11 generates pulses in response to the input of the direction key.

    A microcomputer 12 generates vowels and consonants of the Korean alphabet according to the generated key pulses. A memory 13 stores data required for generating the vowels and consonants of the Korean alphabet. PURPOSE: A vehicle including a bicycle and a scooter is provided to travel through a force of a user and a drive force of a motor by improving the power transmission structure.

    A power transmission section includes a clutch adapter, a sprocket 32 , and a pulley. The clutch adapter is installed in the axle shaft connected to the pedal by the medium of a one-directional clutch. The sprocket is installed in the clutch adapter to transfer power to the front wheel and the rear wheel. The pulley is installed in the clutch adapter by the medium of a one-directional clutch to be rotated. A drive section is installed on one side of the frame and is connected to the pulley to transfer power.

    PURPOSE: An apparatus for supplying air in a flat tire and a method thereof are provided to improve the installation performance by supplying the air according as the compressor is mounted at the wheel. A case part of the compressor has rotary motion and generates power. A vane 3 is arranged to use the wind power in the method of receiving the opposite power of the rotary direction of the tire.

    Check and safety valves are connected to the air injection port of the wheel to supply the lacking air to the wheel under the tire specific pressure. The process for programming a set of memory cells is improved by adapting the programming process based on behavior of the memory cells. For example, a set of program pulses is applied to the word line for a set of flash memory cells. A determination is made as to which memory cells are easier to program and which memory cells are harder to program.

    Bit line voltages or other parameters can be adjusted based on the determination of which memory cells are easier to program and which memory cells are harder to program. The programming process will then continue with the adjusted bit line voltages or other parameters. There is disclosed a piezoelectric thin film having less non-uniform portion and holding satisfactory piezoelectric characteristics, a method of manufacturing the film, a piezoelectric element using the piezoelectric thin film, and an ink jet system recording head using the piezoelectric element. In the piezoelectric thin film of perovskite crystals formed on a substrate by a sol-gel process and represented by a general formula Pb 1-x La x Zr y Ti 1-y O 3 where 0 PURPOSE: A projection TV having a double reflective plate is provided to be more slimmed by improving a reflective structure of an image beam in the projection TV.

    The first double reflective plate 20 expands the image beam from the image generating device 1 in the first direction, doubly reflects the expanded image beam, and emits the reflected image beam in the second direction. The second double reflective plate expands the image beam emitted from the first double reflective plate 20 in the second direction, doubly reflects the expanded image beam, and emits the reflected image beam in a normal direction of a screen 4.

    PURPOSE: An apparatus for adjusting the horizontality of a form is provided to control the horizontality of a form easily by rotating a leveling bolt simply and to cut down on installation expenses by simplifying installation structure and applying to the existing form connector as it is.

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    PURPOSE: A system and a method for maintaining the security of facsimile data are provided to offer a password transmitted from a transmitting-side imaging apparatus to a receiving-side terminal device to only a real user of the receiving-side terminal device by allowing a recipient to be authenticated from a communication company server through the receiving-side terminal device.

    A receiving-side terminal device transmits authentication information, and requests the password. When the authentication information received from the receiving-side terminal device is identical to user registration information previously registered, a communication company server transmits the password received from the first imaging apparatus to the receiving-side terminal device When the password received from the receiving-side terminal device is identical to a password inputted by a recipient, the second imaging apparatus outputs the facsimile data received from the first imaging apparatus PURPOSE: A cylinder apparatus detecting the operation position of a cylinder and a system including the apparatus are provided to precisely detect the operation position of the cylinder by minimizing the number of input lines of a monitoring unit.

    The cylinder body includes a piston and a piston rod. The plurality of sensors detect the operation position of the piston rod. The encoder converts the outputs of the sensors to binary information, with the outputs of the sensors being input. The binary information is transferred to an input of a monitoring unit for detecting the operation position of the piston rod through a data line. PURPOSE: A substrate heating apparatus and a method, and a coating and developing system are provided to reduce remarkably the size of the substrate heating apparatus itself without the degradation of a cooling efficiency by using an improved suction structure including a first suction path.

    The pin structure 35 is connected to the cooling plate. The pin structure has a cooling pin thermally connected to a second end portion of the heat pipe. The first suction path is used for cooling the cooling plate through the heat pipe by using a gas flow. PURPOSE: An Internet phone product for an earphone having a built-in USB cable is provided to be used as an accessory which can be utilized as an earphone for a necklace by being connected to all multimedia products, and to perform transceiving of data in a public place where a PC is installed, used as a headset in the PC in which Internet is installed, thereby providing VoIP earphone accessory for multimedia which can be easily used anytime and anywhere.

    A portable device 10 comprising a casing 16 with at least one function key 12 , a recess 20 in a wall of the casing 16 for accommodating a connector 22 when the connector 22 is not in use, a connector cable 36 for permanently connecting the connector to an internal circuitry of the portable device 10 ; the recess being sized, shaped and located as to not interfere with operation of the plurality of function keys 12 ; the connector 22 , when in the recess 20 , having a side surface 62 substantially coplanar with the wall The connector 22 and the connector cable 36 are for enabling: data transfer both ways between the portable device 10 and another device 58 , and one-way power from the another device 58 to the portable device 10 when the another device 58 is a host for the portable device 10 ; and data transfer both ways between the potable device 10 and the another device 58 , when the portable device 10 is the host for the another device A packet is transmitted by adding: a first identifier uniquely indicating each flow belonging to a first flow group associated with the sequence control; a first sequence number unique in each flow of the first flow group; a second identifier uniquely indicating a flow associated with the retransmission control; and a second sequence number for unique indication within each flow belonging to a second flow group.

    The reception nod requests a retransmission according to the second identifier and the second sequence number, and the transmission node retransmits the packet. Moreover, in the packet sequence control, the reception node performs the packet sequence control according to the first identifier and the first sequence number. Provided are novel polymorphs and pseudopolymorphs of valacyclovir hydrochloride and pharmaceutical compositions containing these. Also provided are methods for making the novel polymorphs and pseudopolymorphs, which include valacyclovir hydrochloride monohydrate and valacyclovir hydrochloride dihydrate.

    In a particular configuration, changes of the indication of the location of the portable device are used to update positional information, such as positional information obtained from a GPS receiver. PURPOSE: A packing cover for display module is provided to prevent a flat display panel module from being damaged by minimizing a contact between the display panel modules caused by external vibration in carrying several modules.

    Upper and lower portions of a front packing cover are respectively contacted with upper and lower surfaces of a backward packing cover ' when plural packing covers stacking up the flat display panel modules are arranged in forward and backward directions. Left and right lateral surfaces are integrally formed with the upper, rear, and lower surfaces of the packing cover. The packing cover is equipped with upper and lower protecting surfaces ,' at an inner portion thereof. PURPOSE: An electric wire separating unit inside a pipe is provided to prevent a conflagration occurrence in advance by easily circulating heat generated from the wire.

    The electric wire separating unit consists of a helical spring having a bigger diameter than the wire and surrounds an outer circumference of the wire PURPOSE: Provided is a running machine belt support guide device supporting both sides of the belt that runs through the press part by guide rollers, to thereby maintain an adequate tension and prevent the belt from leaving its track.

    In this way, the bearings are capable of pressing inclinedly both sides of the belt 22 running through the press part.

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    PURPOSE: A system for optical transmission of a broadcast signal and a transmission method thereof are provided to multiplex a plurality of optical wavelengths by using the WDM Wavelength Division Multiplex and increase optical power through one amplifier, thereby securing a plurality of optical transport networks by using a few optical amplifier. PURPOSE: A sensor for detecting microorganisms and a water cleaning apparatus therewith are provided to improve accuracy of the sensor, to prevent corrosion of an electrode, and to lengthen the life span of the sensor by precisely detecting microorganisms in a liquid sample.

    Gold, silver, platinum, iridium, zirconium or titanium restricts attachment of the microorganisms. The present invention relates to compounds of formula I useful as inhibitors of voltage-gated sodium channels. The invention also provides pharmaceutically acceptable compositions comprising the compounds of the invention and methods of using the compositions in the treatment of various disorders.

    A method and apparatus is provided for idling a clock synchronizing circuit during at least a portion of time during execution of a refresh operation in a memory device. In a memory device receiving an external clock signal, a method and apparatus for executing a refresh operation is provided that includes initiating at least one refresh operation in the memory device, and ceasing generation of an internal clock signal timed with respect to the external clock signal for at least a portion of the time in which at least one refresh operation takes to complete.

    An architecture for a hardware database management system is described. A data flow engine is connected to memory storing the information making up a database or databases. The data flow engine is formed by a parser, an execution tree engine and a graph engine. The parser takes standardized database statements and converts those statements into a set of executable instructions and associated data objects. The executable instructions and data objects are then sent to the execution tree engine where an execution tree is created, the execution tree forming the order of execution for the executable instructions.

    The graph engine receives those executable instructions from the execution tree engine that require access to the database in memory and manipulates the information in the database as required by the executable instructions for implementing the standardized database statement. A silicon-on-insulator wafer The SOI wafer 10 comprises a top silicon layer 6 , a silicon substrate 4 , and an oxide insulator layer 2 disposed across the wafer 10 and between the silicon substrate 4 and the top silicon layer 6.

    The oxide insulator layer 2 has at least one of a contoured top surface 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 8e and a contoured bottom surface 12e. Also provided are processes for manufacturing such a SOI wafer Disclosed is a package board wherein a malfunction or error occurs even when a high-frequency IC chip, in particular an IC chip of more than 3 GHz is mounted. By forming the conductor layer 34P thick, the volume of the conductor itself is increased, thereby reducing the resistance.

    In addition, by using the conductor layer 34 as a power supply layer, there can be improved the supply capacity of the power source to the IC chip. PURPOSE: A microwave oven is provided to protect a hand of a user against a heated door by mounting a burning preventive member between the door and a handle of the microwave oven. A transparent glass window 7 is installed in the door to check cooking state of food in the microwave oven, and a handle 10 is formed in the front of the door to open the door easily.

    A grip part 11 is formed in the handle and gripped by a hand. A burning preventive member 30 is formed between the grip part and the door to prevent the user from getting burned in the hand due to the heated door in opening the door. The burning preventive member is composed of an air pocket 31 containing air and plural discharge ports 32 formed at both sides of the burning preventive member to discharge hot air, and made of thermal insulation material such as plastic. PURPOSE: Provided is a coating method of a two-component type urethane paint containing nano silver, which imparts the advantages of urethane paint and antibacterial and sterilizing power of nano silver to an adherend.

    PURPOSE: A structure of a shutter and an iris for a mobile phone is provided to cut down expenses by adjusting the shutter and the iris with a single actuator, and to precisely take a picture of a subject by regulating the position of the iris according to luminosity. A fitting projection 20a of an arm lever 20 is fitted to elongated holes , of the first and second shutters. A rotor shaft 28a is combined with a lower part of the base plate to turn the arm lever clockwise or counterclockwise. A bobbin is mounted in an inner periphery of a ring yoke 24 , and a 6-pole permanent magnet is turned and inserted to the bobbin.

    The 6-pole permanent magnet is rotated and inserted to a first drive coil and a second drive coil. The rotor shaft is pressed and fitted to the middle of the permanent magnet and combined with an end of the arm lever. PURPOSE: A multi-layer dipole intenna for a mobile communication terminal is provided to minimize the influence of electromagnetic interference on a human body, by connecting each antenna pattern to a via hole pattern formed on each PCB board.

    A via hole pattern 22 constitutes a dipole type antenna by connecting antenna patterns formed on each PCB board. A feeding point 25 is formed on a bottom part of the via hole pattern. The processor captures a first flag of the received broadcasting signal when recording is started as a still image corresponding to the first flag.

    The processor compresses it after the first flag is captured as a still image. The second memory stores the captured still image. The moving picture decoder decodes the bit stream stored in the first memory. The picture output unit displays the still image stored in the second memory and the broadcasting signal decoded by the moving picture decoder. The controller controls the components.

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    PURPOSE: A method of expressing special effect in video data is provided to insert animation data into video data and display an image corresponding to the video data including the animation data to edit the video data in various manners. When an animation effect is selected, the types of animation data units are displayed. The type of selected animation data is displayed. When animation data insertion is selected , The selected animation data is superposed on the selected video data units and displayed When storage is selected , the video data units on which the animation data is superposed are stored as an animation file PURPOSE: An organic light emitting diode is provided to improve the quality the organic light emitting diode and every kind of display devices using the same, by displaying round type characters or figures clearly.

    An insulation film is formed on the transparent substrate and the plurality of first electrodes in a hexagonal honey comb shape, and defines a hexagonal pixel on the plurality of first electrodes. An organic thin film layer and a second electrode are formed on the first electrode in sequence. A barrier rib is formed on the insulation film in order to prevent short-circuit of the second electrode among adjacent pixels along one direction of the arrangement of the first electrode.

    PURPOSE: A system and a method for compensating in-service invention of retired employees are provided to integrally analyze, offer, and manage compensation for the in-service invention of the retired employees. A data storing part stores the data for calculating the in-service invention compensation result. PURPOSE: Provided is a liquid vitamin C composition containing CO2 gas, which improves stability of vitamin C that is otherwise decomposed easily in an aqueous solution phase, inhibits the oxidation of vitamin C, and prevents the decomposition of vitamin C.

    The liquid vitamin C composition comprises vitamin C in an amount of 0. The CO2 gas has a pressure of 1. The aqueous vitamin C solution has a pH level of The liquid vitamin C composition is provided in the form of health-aid drink. PURPOSE: A method for manufacturing a plasma display panel is provided to stably apply phosphor paste in a discharge space by applying a voltage to an address electrode at a polarity opposite to that of the phosphor paste.

    A dielectric layer is formed on the address electrode. A partition is formed on the dielectric layer. The address electrode is applied with a voltage to form a phosphor layer in a discharge space defined by the partition.

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    Phosphor paste contains any one of surfactant and polymer. The polymer is polyester resin. If not, the receiving MSC sends a receiving signal to a receiving terminal through an assigned traffic channel, and sends the caller information through a short message S,S The short message where the caller information is displayed is shown on a display screen of the receiving terminal to provide the caller information.

    PURPOSE: A fabricated breakwater is provided to prevent marine pollution by enabling the seawater to flow more smoothly, and additionally, improve the connection structure by omitting a dedicatedly used connection member for more convenient construction. The laminated assembling block is structured as an erected plate, and includes connection grooves and seawater communication holes 5 at upper and lower parts thereof at constant intervals.

    The sofa block includes connection grooves 3 at upper and lower parts thereof at constant intervals, and has a plane plate form without a hole. The plurality of laminated assembling blocks are uniformly arranged, crossing each other in each layer, and constructed to a cubic form by connection with each other using the connection grooves. The assembly-type breakwater is constituted by connecting a plurality of the cubic forms. PURPOSE: A heating apparatus for high temperature and pressure, and a container received therein are provided to be able to smoothly regenerate weakened antigen by constituting an antigen regeneration system capable of maintaining high temperature and pressure.

    At the main body, an outer case for receiving a regenerative container for regenerating antigen received inside thereof, a heat-insulating case formed at the outside of the outer case with regular intervals, a heater equipped with a heater plate formed at the bottom side of a receiving portion of the outer case, a center sensor detecting the temperature of a regenerative container, a controller for controlling heater by the temperature detected by the center sensor, and other electric devices are installed.

    At the lid , a cover is installed to prevent heat and pressure from being emitted to the outside and a pressure discharging tool is installed at the cover and lid to discharge the pressure to the outside. PURPOSE: A dual supply apparatus for electric power is provided to perform stable operation of a set by installing a smoothing capacitor in a power supply path for a speaker and a power supply path for a set respectively.